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Updated 3rd Mar 2021Last updated 3rd Mar 2021 by andymagic
Help with 40 odd year old Bosch drill.
My Bosch drill I was using the other day blew on me, a small white flash came out the side. it's lasted 40 odd years, is it saveable? cheers.
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Updated 8th Feb 2021Last updated 8th Feb 2021 by wibbleboy
Makita drill comparison
Can anyone tell me the difference between Makita WZ DHP482 Makita DHP482Z Thanks
Avatar JohnApple76
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Updated 6th May 2020Last updated 6th May 2020 by montyburns56
Looking for a cordless drill for home DIY
Hi, I'm in the market for a new drill. I've currently got a very cheap corded one. It's been ok for a number of years but really struggles when drilling into brick and regularly frustrates …
Avatar PotatoSalad11
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Updated 26th Apr 2020Last updated 26th Apr 2020 by rimalpatel007
Cordless Drill recommendations
Hi Looking for a cordless drill and screwdriver This is really going to be used to be put indoor shelves up and also outdoor tasks. We don’t have an outdoor plug so cordless is best. Al…
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Updated 21st Apr 2020Last updated 21st Apr 2020 by Phsycronix
Recommendations for a cordless drill and screwdriver
Looking to do some DIY during the lockdown period and I'm in need of a combined cordless drill / screwdriver for light domestic work around the house (drill bits mainly consist of masonry bi…
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Updated 14th Apr 2019Last updated 14th Apr 2019 by stevo6105
Bosch drill set Does this come with …
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