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Insurgency (PC) - £1.05 @ Gamesplanet [Steam Key]
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
Buy Insurgency as a Steam Key. Take to the streets for intense close quarters combat, where a team's survival depends upon securing crucial strongholds and destroying enemy supply… Read more

Great game,hot from me


Yep, totally agree. Does my head in when players worry more about their stupid K/D ratios.


Insurgency is a great game but PTFO.


Posted a couple of deals for Insurgency myself in the last year. A great game and my 'go to' FPS multiplayer game of choice.


Going down...Nelly,....thanks for the deal.

[Steam] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - £5.50/£5.79 - CDKeys
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
£5.69 with Facebook code or Apple Pay :) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launche… Read more
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Maybe he's talking about console numbers? :D


Absolute nonsense you're spouting here. Rainbow six taken majority of players XD ? Csgo has 380k average players 30days steam rainbow six has 66k.


Is this project IGI's next version? I used to play project IGI in 2003 on my PC


Despite what the mods in the Steam / CSGO discussion board will have you believe, the CSGO game / community has taken a very steep dive. Rainbow Six Siege seems to have taken the majority of players. Valve just released a case and capsule not long ago which saw a very slight upsurge, which is now tailing off. I hope they've been working on something major, because if it's just another operation pass, I don't think csgo will recover, I'm doubtful it will even with. Not to be grumbled at at this price, even if you buy solely for bots, of community modes



Half Life @ Steam - 69p (Half-Life 1 Anthology £1.67) / Counter Strike + Condition Zero - 69p / Half Life Complete Bundle £3.26
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Bargain price, personally I would get the anthology which includes: Half Life, Opposing Force, Blue Shift + Team Fortress Classic or you could get Complete bundle includes: Te… Read more

If you haven't played half-life, buy this NOW. Half-life is possibly the best fps ever made


Tf2 is job done. Bit bonkers with all the new items. But still a good crack after all these years.


I’m guessing you’ll have to install them first (lol) if you see black mesa on sale I recommend it


Good deal and heat from me, but if you're a PC gamer, seriously, who doesn't already have these classics!?!


I'm gonna go upstairs, boot up my PC and do a half life marathon now

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144hz Freesync ViewSonic XG2401 Gaming Monitor
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
This is a magnificent monitor, 144hz and freesync for £189.99 is amazing. Lightning deal ending soon.
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Yeah, unfortunately it was a lightning deal, and before the prime 30 minutes exclusive time even finished it was already 55% Went for £189.99


awesome, I was looking for a new gaming screen




Wow.. I was keeping my fingers crossed for a deal and boom!



[Steam] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - £5.69 - CDKeys (5% Discount)
Found 17th Nov 2016Found 17th Nov 2016
I've just been browsing the CDKeys website before I start throwing money into the Xbox Black Friday sale which is due to kick off next Friday (gulp) and found CS:GO for just £5.99 … Read more
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You'll never Just Buy Csgo you'll eventually get skin Insanity and you'll burn 50 quid in a day X)


me - got 300 in the library but not this one. Too busy playing Gears 4. Sick and tired of FPS but i know this is supposed to be pretty good. Also started playing from sofa with pad so no more kbm


Hiya, nice to meet you! :) I think I was to busy playing COD4 around that time. Good deal though.


Might install this again lol :) if anyone plays let me know


I've mentioned it in the description. There's a link in the description.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) 50% on Steam Summer Sale, £5.99 @ Steam
Found 26th Jun 2016Found 26th Jun 2016
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gameplay that it pioneered when it was launched 14 years ago. CS: GO features new maps, characters… Read more
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silver 4 sorry for late reply :P


I just want a RX 480 :)


Me too man :'( first thing I buy when I move out is a 144Hz, thinking about the budget ASUS one that sells for like £170 ish


Meanwhile i'm here on my awesome 60Hz monitor :(

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC - £6.17 @ CDKeys
Found 24th Apr 2016Found 24th Apr 2016
Use 5% Facebook discount code to get price to £6.17 Get 2% cashback using Quidco

Sure! Should work


Thanks Do you think that I can like the page, use the code and dislike it later?


Story based fps then lol


You need to like their fb page and it will generate a code for you...;)


What is the Facebook discount code?

Green Man Gaming SALE - Valkyria Chronicles £3, Deus Ex Human Revolution £2.60, Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition £3 etc. @ GMG
Found 1st Apr 2016Found 1st Apr 2016
24 Hour Encore Sale on @ GreenManGaming for 24 Hours Only Additional 20% Code - STORML-ESS20S-VEGAME -oUkTuRkEyIII -ABSOLUTE STEALS- Valkyria Chronicles - £3.00 Deus Ex Human Rev… Read more
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Has the sale finished? I can't seem to find any of the prices which are stated in this post however 24 hours hasn't passed yet?


wolfenstein old blood says £14.99?? now


Is this steam key? Steam key good. Me like Steam key. Likey Likey Steam Steam


injustice seems cheap as well


Valkyria Chronicles is in the Humble Bundle Sega Strategy tier 2. Works out at about £5

Counter Strike Complete Bundle including CS GO, CS 1.6, CS Source, CS Condition Zero £5.74 @ Steam
Found 6th Feb 2016Found 6th Feb 2016
More than 75% off on this bundle. Counter Strike Complete Bundle includes: Counter Strike Global Offensive Counter Strike Counter Strike Source Counter Strike Condition Zero

Awh man, I feel your frustration, but I only actually bother playing solo on my smurf so you'll never see me about anyway!




Awesome, haven't played CS since about 8 years ago, this will be the first game on my new build after installing windows tonight I think!


Aye, but you can't headshot all the time


Once you have learnt how to headshiot p90s aren't a problem

Counter Strike Global Offensive £4.74  @ Gamesdeal
Found 30th Dec 2015Found 30th Dec 2015
156 keys
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Hi, has this price gone up? It's showing as $7.52


I do need a few more smurf accounts. but I believe it can be cheaper than this...


You'll never see G2A deals posted here, so I assume gamedeals is maybe more legit similar to GMG since they are an authorised seller?


This is pretty much this price all the time over on G2A


I thought valve never went lower than £5.99 due to hacker increases? How can they offer this price then?

(Steam) Half Life Complete - £4.50 / Counter-Strike: Complete - £3.50 / Valve Complete Pack - £12.50 / Portal Bundle - £3.00 - Game
Found 16th Nov 2015Found 16th Nov 2015
Game are doing a few Steam/Valve specials for the Steam hardware launch. This was £6.74 on Steam earlier this week, cracking price at £4.50 Half Life Complete includes the follow… Read more
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HL2 first. I've been away from PC gaming for years and just rediscovering the games I've missed. Max Payne 3 was first on the list which I've now completed and really enjoyed. Friends won't shut-up about the last Dues Ex or Skyrim. It's a shame Last of Us wasn't released for PC


play witcher 3


I added CS complete to my basket, went away from my pc and when I came back I was gutted to see some mention it had gone back to full price :(. However, since it was already in my basket, went through to checkout and still paid £3.50 8) Got my key yesterday. Now do I start HL2 or go straight multiplayer :{


On console this would be called a "remaster" and it would sell for £30 lol. Heat.


Half Life complete? Where is Half Life 2 Episode 3/4/5 ( all episodes were mothballed) or 3 :p (_;).

Valve Complete Pack *PC £14.60 *Using voucher code* @ GMG
Found 23rd Jul 2015Found 23rd Jul 2015
Loads of games for 14 quid :-) Original price is £72.99 discounted to £18.24 but if you add the voucher code ENCORE-ENCORE-ENCORE you will get a further 20% off bringing price dow… Read more
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I was too late :(


This for anyone that is not a nerd


Expired :(


Anyone selling a neca gravity gun/zero point energy field manipulator replica?


Shame I bought CS:GO during the summer sales. Was the only high value game I didn't have in the pack - its like Civ 5 Complete all over again X) Nice for those who don't own many of those games though.

Counter Strike: Complete Bundle (Steam) £6.80 @ Greenman Gaming (Using Code)
Found 17th Jul 2015Found 17th Jul 2015
This pack contains: Counter-Strike Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Counter-Strike: Source Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CODE: GMGSUM-MERSAL-E20OFF
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Yeah don't buy the skins in global offensive


Do you mean the worst out of the four?


Can you put these into gifts or do they give them in separate keys?


Hot, I would pay that for csgo alone




Yes, there's something amiss with my account. Having been batting e-mails back and forth with GMG Support I'm still no further forward. Too bad as I've missed out on TESO, Lords of the Fallen and some other games I was after too :(


Offer seems to have expired :-(


CS GO is enough game for me, so hard to master! Just jumped back in last month since playing early source days! Wow how I've missed it XD


are you logged in? If yes, is your profile updated? Especially the address?

Counterstrike Global offensive £5.99 @ steam
Found 16th Jun 2015Found 16th Jun 2015
I'm going to start off by asking you have you ever wanted to learn Russian? If you answered Yes this game is 100% the game for you! Sit back and relax as you get called a hacker … Read more
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Yeah, I've been wondering the same thing if it'll drop more. Can't see it as it's a valve title and this is its historic low. Checked it on steamdb, therefore it's fact.


To be honest, your probably right. When I bought it I was looking for a fps multiplayer I could pick up and play in the style of COD and I never had the intention to invest time into it. I feel theres a lot wrong with the game and can't see where skill and strategy comes from but due to the disappointment I never was going to get into it. I would recommend checking videos online before purchasing so you don't make the same assumption I made.


Source used to be better, but I think now with all the updates and balancing, it's finally a more polished game. It takes elements from run and gun shooters (you can run and gun in this game, but it won't do you much good for long) If your coming from sourcee it may take you a little while to adjust and accept it, but do t give uop it's a hugely rewarding game despite its few flaws.


Most likely because you were expecting a COD style run and gun game which this is not. This game is about patience and skill, it requires a significant investment of time as there is so much strategy to learn. If you play this the wrong way, it won't be fun at all as the chances are everyone else will be better than you.


I agree. I hated this game.

CS:GO 50% off for the weekend (Steam) - £5.99
Found 14th Mar 2015Found 14th Mar 2015
I have absolutely no intention of buying this game and getting pooped on, but I'm sure one of you guys do, so enjoy.
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rfjfgdlfghdfgdflkgfd been wanting to get this in the sale for ages and i manage to miss it, annoying!




The longevity of this game is staggering, it's deceptively simple to get to grips with but quite a challenge to master. It's great fun, though. Absolutely recommended to anyone that enjoys online fps games.


I have played it and enjoyed it enough. I don't like the movement in this game, but killing people is quite satisfying when you get the hang of it. Maps are good too, plenty to choose from, and the maps don't tend to block off areas to access either. Personally though, i prefer to see the server and lobbies so that i can pick an individual map instead of a cluster of maps. There is over half a million players playing CS GO as we speak, so it's a very popular game.


Someone said this game is the most hardcore FPS they have played. I said surely it can't be more difficult than Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. I then bought the game to see what the hype was about and now i know its nowhere near as hardcore as HoS. Never mind, at least i enjoy playing the game. £5.99 well spent.

Counter Strike 1 Anthology (PC) £1.85 Delivered @ Shopto
Found 27th Feb 2015Found 27th Feb 2015
£10.99 on Steam Counter-Strike is the 1 online action game in the world. Engage in a realistic brand of counter-terrorist warfare in this popular team-based game. Take out enemy s… Read more

this is only 1.6 & condition zero it does not include css or the latest incarnation of cs global offensive


Thought there was more than one online action game in the world. Shows what I know! Hot!

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