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Counter-Strike Complete bundle (includes CS, CS: Condition Zero and CS: Source) for £0.92 @ Steam
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Posted 26th Jun 2019Posted 26th Jun 2019
Counter-Strike Complete bundle (includes CS, CS: Condition Zero and CS: Source) for £0.92 @ Steam£0.92Steam Store Deals
Both games available separately for 71p - lowest ever price.

Condition Zero is a great game and deleted scenes is amazing!


I think most people know that. At 92p people aren't going to buy this for the latest and greatest experience, they will most likely be checking out what CS looked like in years gone by, and who can really argue at that price? I played a hell of a lot of 1.6 and Source, and a bit of GO before I just lot interest in the whole CS thing. GO is great, I would recommend any player go and see what CS went through to get to where it is today. I still see some friends occasionally load up 1.6 so I know you can get a game on it.


You mean prime. MM is a joke anyway, so just go f2p and faceit.


its 92p. Servers arent dead lol


do not buy this servers are dead are dead i had get refund for both games best play cs go if you like it

Valve Complete Pack - Half-Life, Portal , Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead (PC) - £8.04 @ Steam
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Posted 25th Jun 2019Posted 25th Jun 2019
Valve Complete Pack - Half-Life, Portal , Counter-Strike, Left 4 Dead (PC) - £8.04 @ Steam£8.04£13.9542% offSteam Store Deals
The Valve Complete Pack is an online bundle that contains every game released by Valve Corporation . The bundle contains the following games: Counter-Strike Counter-Stri… Read more

It was 999 heat and I could have been the heat to make it 1000 and I misclicked to make it 998 ;(


After buying chunks of this collection when they went on sale, I finally picked up the lot via this deal for 1.50 (7 paid games not in my library). One nice thing is that almost all of them are Linux native (and Left 4 Dead will run under Proton) - you can't really say that of any other AAA game publisher w.r.t. to their entire catalogue (OK, maybe Feral Interactive, but they tend to be ports only and they come out much later than the Windows version).


What you talking about. Never mentioned Black Mesa.


It's not valve making Black Mesa so stop complaining. You can get it for 6£ will not break the bank I think.


Cold. No Half Life 3.

Pandemic Express £7.52 on Steam (basically zombie escape from counter strike)
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Posted 6th May 2019Posted 6th May 2019
Pandemic Express £7.52 on Steam (basically zombie escape from counter strike)£7.52£11.3934% offSteam Store Deals
does capture the fun of the classic counter strike mod, it's early access and quite buggy, then again steam has a 2 hour refund policy

It's also buy one get one free I believe? Was the other day atleast


Counter Strike: Global Offensive now Free to Play @ Steam
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Refreshed 13th Dec 2018Refreshed 13th Dec 2018
Counter Strike: Global Offensive now Free to Play @ SteamSteam Store Deals
Out of nowhere this game is now free to play, and looks to be jumping on the Battle Royale train. Hope this helps the 3 people out there that haven't had this in a bundle at some … Read more

I used to be excellent at CS waaaaayyy back in the day. Is there much cheating on the game these days because I seem to get headshot from the most unlikely angles...


I can't be the only one that liked source a lot better than GO?


linux version - heat added


Personally I think it fits nicely with the rest of the game. The map's smaller than pubg but big enough to explore and thanks to your map that shows roughly where other players are you spend more time hunting than wandering aimlessly. Ammo is scarce which makes gunfights close range and tense, unlike pubg where it's about who has the biggest scope.


Hopefully cheaters will only be using free accounts now. I'm loving the battle royale mode!

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Counter Strike Complete Bundle on Steam
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Counter Strike Complete Bundle on Steam£5.32Steam Store Deals
Very positive reviews. Free OFFLINE version available against bots. Game description below: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) will expand upon the team-based action gamep… Read more

Yeah I presumed you were but I thought it might confuse some people


The valve collection includes all the counters strikes,both left4deads and all half life games for 5er more..and portal games as well..crazy deal


Im jesting! Got nearly 4k hours in the game and love the pro scene.


Updated the deal. Thanks (y)


Great way to learn Russian

[PC][STEAM] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition free @ STEAM
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Posted 31st Aug 2018Posted 31st Aug 2018
[PC][STEAM] Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition free @ STEAMSteam Store Deals
Free for offline play against bots and spectating matches through GOTV.

Did you come to the hub in Hull with mangiacapra and that lot?


i remember the team, played with mangiacapra a bit towards the end, dont remember your name though ha. my memory is poor!


I think TF2 is really good for multiplayer. If you get a decent team, that works together, it's excellent fun.


Yes, open the console and get one person to start a round, then as long as the others have enabled developer console in the settings type: connect Where the IP is the internal IP of the host We did this on Friday night at a LAN party


I was to be ranked #2 on darkhour back in quake 2 days. Good to see we are all still alive