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2 Pairs For £5.69 - (Black) Cubot Rainbowstylish Quality Aluminium In Ear Earbud/Earphones @ Amazon / Dispatched from and sold by i-Tronixs
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
Use the promotion available tab for this price. Got some decent reviews. For just under £3 a pair. Good basic pair, with a choice of colours, mix and match with the 15% off optio… Read more

Ah no, sorry bud


Just received mine, really poor quality and very tinny unfortunately.


The link goes to a 404 already. Does anyone have a link to their shop as I can't find that either


I use this site for cheap earphone reviews


"Got some decent reviews. For just under £3 a pair." I need a couple of pairs but can anyone point me to the decent reviews? I see three on Amazon but can't find the product sold elsewhere under this name.

Cubot P20 4G(Iphone X similar looks)  6.18 inch  4000mah mobile phone Gearbest £100.49
Refreshed 11th AugRefreshed 11th Aug
CUBOT P20 4G Phablet CUBOT P20 is a cost-effective phone that comes with fingerprint sensor and is equipped with Android 8.0 OS. It comes with most of the features we've come to ex… Read more
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You’re basically just buying a phone from a website, it comes unlocked to any network. It’s shipped from China, so any problems, you’re better of buying through a credit card. I’ve had a few phones from China and never paid import tax. Best getting normal slow delivery as you seem to avoid it more. Had a cubot phone and did have malware built into the android system, you can get that with some Chinese phones. It’s more a pot luck sometimes for that.


Hi. Sorry. Bit of a newb here. Can someone explain how this website works? What are you buying? Is the phone British? Will you get stung by import tax? How much would you get stung? Would you be able to stick any sim in this. Why are people saying the phone would have malware installed from unboxing? The reason “newbs” like me end up going with carphone warehouse each time is because they don’t really understand these things. Plus I’ve been with iPhones since 2007 and I’m a bit lost in this world. Thanks all for not picking on me too much!(highfive)


Sadly mine was also directly from cubot. Don't get me wrong it was a good phone but after a scan on two different malware detector programs i decided I would only use it for non important use. Edit I will add when used as a work phone the build quality was impressive, took a good beating.


It must depend on the seller then. I've had 3 cubot phones a max, mix and a second max for the m-i-l but I got from Cubot Direct on Amazon and I always install Sophos on my phones and they were clean. I'll have to try Virus Total as in the news articles. I've also got a Ulefone S9 Pro and Oukitel K3 which I haven't used yet so I best check them! :)


Range: Depending on the materials of the building, 5Ghz can penetrate better. Where it doesn't penetrate, you get more reflections which can increase the range over 2.4 (although admittedly, 2.4 normally has the longer range) Bandwidth: Much faster streaming. Assuming you have a decent internet connection, you will download a lot faster over 5. This might not matter if your phone is the only device in the house. But connect to a busy access point and it will matter. It would certainly matter at a big business, public wifi hotspots or a college for example. Think about home broadband: Mine is 200mb. If my phone and my wife and kids phones were all on 2.4GHz, not only would my maximum download be only a quarter of what I could acheive via a LAN connection, but with contention (the sharing of the access point with other devices) I get nowhere near that. Wifi operates on a "collision avoidance" protocol rather than the "collision detection" of wired devices. So when a device tries to talk to the access point and the access point misses the packet because it clashed with another device, the access point tells them both to back off for a random amount before they try again. The more congestion, the higher this random amount, so the lower the throughput for all devices. Interference: 2.4GHz is crowded with interference from microwaves, video senders, baby monitors, radio controlled drones, cars etc, Lots and lots of things share the 2.4GHz. 5GHz is reserved for wifi devices and suffers much less. Bluetooth uses 2.4GHz and usually even uses the same antenna. Have a bluetooth device connected to your phone and it will impact wifi performance. Commercial wifi controllers will operate fast lanes and slow lanes and 2.4GHz devices will be given a lower priority over 5GHz devices. Furthermore, if there are old 2.4GHz devices that might only support 11mbs, the controller will drop its speed to the lowest common denominator so that it talks to your 54mps phone only at 11mps - it has to do this otherwise if it talked at 54mbs, the older devices wouldn't be able to respond. The joys of backwards compatibility. Even home access points do that if you have old devices around. So 5GHz all the way if you can! You asked! :)

Cubot Power 4G, 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM, Helio P23 Octa Core 2.5GHz,  6000mAh, 6P Lens, Android 8.1 Oreo. £168.08 at Gearbest
Found 26th JunFound 26th Jun
This is the latest feature laden, flagship offering from Cubot, who have now gone into the higher end of the mobile phone market. The Cubot Power, sports the latest version of Andr… Read more
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Thats a long time time, by modern standards


6000 mAh or 6Ah Battery...2Ah fast charge rate... From totally flat would only take 3 hours...


Gearbest are good with shopping and I have yet to see any customs on phones in have had from them.


10 watt charger on a 6000 mAh battery equals an all night charge, thats kind retro. Future support is the thing with these type of oem's, they tend to build and abandon.


Well, if it gets through without any customs or VAT charges, it makes this a very sweet deal. As Dirty Harry would say, "are you feeling lucky" XD Anyhow, the clock is ticking and unless they extend the offer, it's make your mind up time ;)

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Cubot H3 Gold 5" 32GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free CUB-H3-GOLD £89 @ Debenhams
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
Android 7, 32 gigs of storage and 3 gigs of ram plus a 6000 mAh battery. All for £89 from a UK retailer. Only negative I can see is the 720p screen but at this price you can't comp… Read more
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WOW!!! Great value phone it really is - good size and easy to use.... Have some heat! I had a Cubot before and absolutely loved it. This one is even better - very tempted! LOL!


Buy-it-Direct T/A DebenhamsPlus 2.6/10 rating (shock)

winchman Another option, looks a bit more upto date


Got my Mrs the H1 a while back, and she loved!....She's now on the a motoG5, who she also loves.....for the price, these Cubots offer great value. Heated up and thanks is for posting (y)


Yep all cubot phones come with that, I've had mine a year and had zero issues with it, a brilliant value for money phone

Daily Deals - Alfawise Smart Bracelet / Alfawise Sonic Toothbrush / Sticky Cell Pad for Car @ Gearbest
Refreshed 24th JulRefreshed 24th JulShipping from CNShipping from China
Some decent offers to be had at Gearbest today, rather than flood you with a load of separate posts, I thought "wouldn't it be nice to put it all in one place all organised like" s… Read more

I couldn't get the deal posted last week for the Xiaomi strip LED lights to work ... are there any deals for them about?


4x5 watt soundbar I'd have to have it low to avoid upsetting the neighbours (lol)




If you want to buy cheap quality Chinese phones then you get what you pay for. No point crying about it. Save up and by premium quality mobile phones.


If you want to buy cheap quality Chinese phones then you get what you pay for. No point crying about it. Save up and by premium quality mobile phones.


It was built in the system as the system updates. So even forcing stop it would start up again. Malware apps picked it up. Tried rooting the phone so I could remove the system app. But no root would work, done that before on other phones.


I was wary so installed Malwarebytes. It picked it up but couldn't remove it as it was a system file, The Rom on also had it built in but once it has activated itself there is no way to remove it. I don't know what it was doing, I read somewhere it was sending data to a google server. Here I think


How did you know you had malware? Did another app report that it found some?


I had a cubot once and sent it back. Had malware that tracked login details for apps etc. like Facebook, email, online banking. It’s what’s put me off buying a Chinese brand that’s not regularly sold in the uk.


What was the malware? Or what did it do, just out of curiosity?

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Cubot Note Plus 4G Smartphone - BLACK - £88.06 @ GearBest
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
3GB RAM 32GB ROM 13.0MP Rear Camera

Might be uk ones on eBay now and again


My mate had a Cubot and its very good so I been thinking about gettibng one for my daughter something like this. However in the last few days his has developed a frozen screen problem which nothign will shift including a reset. So he inquires about a repalcement screen and is told he can get one from China - shipped anytime between April and June! Not exactly practical then. I assume you cant get screen replacements in UK.


You can add oreo so makes a good deal


Spare batteries now available again on eBay.


They might be on the play store, but it doesn't make them any less useless.

CUBOT X18 Plus 4G Phablet (5.99in / 4GB RAM / 64GB Storage / 4000mAh Battery)for £96.37 Delivered @ Gearbest
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Granted, I've not heard much about this handset, and it seems to be the first time it's been on offer at Gearbest, but i really like the look of this, quite similar to a certain ph… Read more

Well all know who pays extra for a audio and its not sheep! 😋


Is the Cubot X18 Plus compatible to use with a Virgin contract Sim?

sammybo22 Cubot Echo


Flashing these ROMs was pretty straightforward with a bit of trial and error. Both phones came completely sealed in their boxes and were bought from well known UK suppliers. The reason they get away with selling them is the three week delay which allows reasonable doubt that the user has actually installed some malware accidentally, when the Malware is in fact built in to the Operating system before being shipped from China. My Cubot has just offered me an update which apparently deals with all previous malware related problems. I've just installed the new update so we'll see....


if the box looks like it has been tampered with, a vendor has most likely flashed an adware ROM. if you aren't competent at flashing ROMs, i'd avoid chinese phones to be honest. it's a small price to pay for great hardware at a low cost.

CUBOT X18 Unlocked 4G Smartphone with 5.7 Inch Lightning deal - Sold by EKEYUK / Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
CUBOT X18 Unlocked 4G Smartphone with 5.7 Inch 18:9 Large Screen Android 7.0 MTK6737 Quad Core 2.5D Arc Screen 3GB RAM+32GB ROM 8MP+13MP Dual Cameras 3200mAh Removable Battery Dual… Read more

Well i used it for about 5 hours a night watching movies. The battery did not last long and had to be constantly on charge whilst in use. I would also suggest the lack of cpu cores also made it struggle when playing basic games.


What kind of usage was yours? Just so someone with the same type of usage knows this is not the right phone.


I own this phone. It just died after a couple of months use. It always struggled as it was under powered. AVOID


Well it's also 90 quid. Can't expect top specs and a 4K screen at this price. It's clearly a budget phone for people with no demands. There are many people like that, who have no idea what a chip even is... let alone the difference between a Mediatek or Snapdragon and what the latest chips are.


I have this phone and can't fault it. Very quick and responsive.

EU Warehouse CUBOT X18 3 GB Ram 32 GB Rom Beautifully Blue Unlocked 4G 5.7 Inch 18:9 Screen Dual Sim Fingerprint 0.01s Unlock # - £84.72 @ GearBest
Found 23rd Dec 2017Found 23rd Dec 2017
Just noticed ((21 feb)) they now have stock from European WH Cubot X18 Smooth&Sexy Flagship Spex! Android 7 [pure no junk added!] 3GB ram 32GB rom 5.7" 18:9 IPS Screen Band… Read more

Just edited this to reflect that they have stock in the EU warehouse, so 4-5 days instead of 30-45 days. Price is £2-3 difference, but struggling to get the price to change in the deal up top (nerd)


Heck. 720p on anything bigger than 5"5 is unusable. And, although decent for the money, this does not have any flagship specs.


please show us a link to whatever story you read about gearbest. is it the story about the reddit posting that was responsed to by gearbest the next day, ie poor passwords from other account used for gearbest accounts, not necessarily that gearbest was hacked? interested to know, as i use GB from a pc, not by mobile app.


There was supposed to have been a plus model of this phone, I'm still waiting for its appearance


That is the point that price you can't get much better thing if you willing to pay a bit more you can get decent phone which can survive few year there is a one example below have a look.. just pay 20 quit more which %25 ish . Antutu score is over 160k, 4x faster only 1/4 more expensive than this one just use your brain ;)

Cubot NOTE Plus Black 5.2" 32GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £99.97 FREE DELIVERY @ Laptops Direct
Found 13th Dec 2017Found 13th Dec 2017
THIS IS MY FIRST POST SO GO EASY GUYS Decent phone for under £100 with free delivery!! (was £129.99) and includes REMOVABLE BATTERY which is important to me on a mobile phone oh … Read more

Replacement batteries available from AliExpress from £10.24.


It’s removable so you can purchase and carry a spare for a few quid more, meaning you can potentially have 5600mAh worth of power. It takes 30seconds to change a battery and reboot my phone and I’m back to 100% battery life without searching for a plug or carry a bulky power pack.....


That battery could have been better. You can buy other budget phones with better battery life.


Added heat .... But the line about the dual sims made me laugh out loud! "This will enrich your life" .... (popcorn)


Most of us on here order chinese phones like this from a few different sites like these:¤cy=GBP&vip=1006721&gclid=CjwKCAiAmb7RBRATEiwA7kS8VAyK54btK7ZNWqqKfDg_CHH8ISSjulfCbhdXuWucPa3DLmnvOjHNshoCXy4QAvD_BwE


I've just downloaded some kids games (my little pony) on my Cubot and they are playing with absolutely no problem so what are you torking about.


The first CUBOT Rainbow and the Note S are superb phones, you get 1GB Ram and 16GB Rom which is great for the price. The screens give-out gorgeous clear vivid colours, smooth performance (no lag). Good build quality with a stylish sleek design, even the retail box is well designed. These phones even come with a screen protector attached and a clear gel case. 8) The only negative would be the Rainbow 1 & 2 and the Note are 3G phones, no 4G. Word of warning, don't try and remove the battery on the Rainbow 2, its non removable. I'm not sure why... as you can still remove the rear back cover.


Battery drains if you're using internet in a couple of hours. As for 1 GB being puny for apps I don't see that at all. You been reading too many articles chum.


The 1GB is the deal killer. If anything kids max out smartphones more than 'oldies'


how's battery life on these?

Cubot R9 £63.74 Sold by EKEYUK and Fulfilled by Amazon - Lightning deal
Found 12th Nov 2017Found 12th Nov 2017
Came across this while looking for a present. My mobile is a Doro with big keyboard so my knowledge of smart phones is somewhat limited, so rip it to bits for all I care. think it … Read more
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If you don't want 4G this Cubot Echo is a better deal. Battery life is good, and so is the rest of the phone. Had one for a year now and well happy with it.


Showing as £80 for me.


Boo! I thought this would be a guitar deal!


3G only and smallish battery would rule this out for me. At this price level, this one looks a little better value; or this which has a bigger battery capacity;

Cubot Max 4g 6inch 3gb smartphone
Found 11th Nov 2017Found 11th Nov 2017
Cubot Max 4G FDD-LTE Smartphone 6.0inch IPS HD Screen 720*1280px MTK6753A 64-bit 1.3GHz Octa-core Phone 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Android 6.0 OS 13.0MP Camera 4100mAh Large Battery OTG WiFi… Read more
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Thanks pxh !..... placed it on the Amazon Wishlist.


It was the same price about three weeks ago. Just put it on your Amazon wish list and you should get a notification when the price drops again.


I don't think the Trustlook app is accurate. I use the Chinese Backdoor Malware App (downloadable from which indicates that the Adups vulnerability is present but unfortunately, DeBloater is unable to access and disable it. Apart from rooting, the only option seems to be going into settings/apps and disabling Wireless Updates (although this seems to be a necessary action every time you reboot the phone). As for the battery, I get about 8-9 hours from it, which is more than twice the amount I've gotten from any previous phone batteries. The charge time from 0-100 is about 6h 40m. I've also purchased 2 spare batteries from Ali Express which only cost $10.93 each.


Appears it was a lightning deal that has now expired. Still has 20% off though.


just been to the website and the price quoted is now £125.99 ! .... any idea where to find the £85.99 price ?


Despite the relatively unknown brand I have to say I've had a few cubot phones and they do seem to be well built. When compared to more popular models with higher price tags then of course they fall short but if we are talking about 'more bang for your buck' then it's a winner. Negatives on this model are a poor camera in low light and no 4G. Get past those points and you've got a lot of phone for your money. Got my umax from UK eBay seller for £75.00.


I think it only has 3G, so be aware if you need 4g.


I have purchased a different phone from this seller and I have to say their customer service is superb. I had a problem with my phone after two months and they offered me a number of options. I opted for a full refund, so I sent the phone back and they gave me a refund, there was no problem with the service at all.


Hi all was thinking that if Amazon state this ( You Save:£19,909.01 (100%) ) surly must be free you do your math!!!


First phone I've seen that I'd consider swapping my Lumia 1320 for, because it has the 6inch screen. I know a few folks who have Cubots and highly rated them.

Cubot Manito 4G 5"HD 3/16gb Smartphone A6.0 cam 8.0/1.3MP OTG - £54.99 (with code) - Sold by EKEYUK / Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 23rd Oct 2017Found 23rd Oct 2017
Free UK delivery /Edit: Only gold available / fulfilled by Amazon / to reduce even further remember about Top-Up -5£ & GiftCard -6£ offers Cubot Manito Unlocked 4G Smartphone,… Read more
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Do you mean the factory-applied screen protector film has worn through, or the the actual screen has become pitted, or something else? Mine still has the factory protector film in place and is not showing any issues at all. Cheap yes, but excellent value. If my device has not been through any quality control then it clearly indicates superb base manufacturing and finishing processes.


You can still return it. I've done it. This is cheap Chinese build with no quality control. Just good is not good enough!


Oh no!!! Really worried about giving this to my daughter for Xmas now


I've had it for less than 3 weeks and the screen is already worn out. I'm returning it.


No, that one is really too thick, unless you just want to use the phone... as a phone only. Yes, I could have bought an aftermarket thin screen protector but now the damage is done. I'd still keep this phone, though, because at this price it's a bargain. And who care if this will ever have a resale value. I'd be happy if it lasted two full years. Technology is disposable nowadays. There's no point spending £500 on a bloody phone!

32% off on Cubot Phone - £85.99 at Amazon Sold by Coravo and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 23rd Oct 2017Found 23rd Oct 2017
32% off on phone, Click on promotional message to redeem the discount.
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Have a read of this website of people that have found Malware deeply hidden in the system applications.


I would read this as the Malware is well hidden and lots of Anti Virus app can't detect it.


I would read this about how Cubot hide the Malware.


So this confirms :)


I had a Cubot H1 a couple of years ago and that was clean.

Cubot Magic - 5" quadcore, dual sim, android 7.0 handset
Found 14th Oct 2017Found 14th Oct 2017
Seems like a cracking deal for the features... almost 10 times less than a samsung note 8! Have ordered one for my mum... even has dual cameras Anyone got any experience with cub… Read more

It comes with a screen protector fitted


I turned vibration off completely as I didn't like the sound it made. It has stayed off.


2600 mah battery and a dated CPU Rather spend an extra £15 - £20 and buy a Xiaomi from Gearbest etc. Brought the Xiaomi note 4 for my son, he loves it


I've set this phone up for my mum & she's very happy with it. One small bug I've discovered is if you adjust the settings to disable vibration when tapping the virtual buttons at the bottom of the screen it doesn't seem to save the settings and the vibration on tap continues. Anyone else tried this?


Got mine yesterday working great so far, well happy.


The malware emerged just after Christmas and re flashing the firmware just doesn't clear the vulnerabilities for once @Sam_of_London was correct. Amazon have agreed a return for full marketplace refund which surprised me. I tried everything to remedy this but couldn't fix the phone


That's not a Custom ROM it's just a custom recovery TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) a lot of mobiles running a Mediatek chips don't have a lot of choice of custom ROMs compared to Snapdragon chips. Try this website. But from what I've seen there's not a lot if any Custom ROMs for this phone, sometimes it's just not worth the time for developers to make a ROM for a phone like this.


Got a link for a good rom for this? Is this one okay?


Only twelve left. I have just bought one for my 10 year old. Should be an improvement on his Lenovo B and only £20 more. Cheers OP I've been looking for something like this for a while. Now I just need to find something with B28 under £200. By the way it has now expired and back up to £74.99


1gb ram. Big Negative. Memory problems all the way

Cubot X18. 3GB RAM 32GB ROM Fingerprint Scanner. £89.00 @ GearBest
Found 30th Sep 2017Found 30th Sep 2017
CPU MT6737T , 1.5GHz Quad-Core Mali-720 MP2 Operation System Android 7.0 Nougat Memory 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM Micro SD card slot, support up to 128GB Card Micro SIM card + Micro… Read more
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I have a cubot rainbow 2 with dual sim and a Lumia 950 dual sim, on both you can opt for one sim slot or the other for 4g, the remaining slot will only by 2g. Still no sign of any malware


Can any one please tell me if this phone is 4g+2g/2g+4g? I hear that some dual SIM phone only have 4g available on sim1, and sim2 is purely only on 2g. Is this the case? I need to use two 3 SIM on a phone, would this work? Thanks


It's down to £87.87 now if anyone is still interested


Anyone recieved their phone yet? I certainly havent, neither have Yodel apparently. Gearbest tracking information is obscure at best


Does data repeat the same phrases repeatedly in a random way, usually meaningless to anyone but himself? I'm not familiar with the programme.

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