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LOGIK LHDAB17 Portable DAB/FM Pocket Radio - Black £24.99 @ Currys
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Product features Mains & battery powered Up to 10 hours battery life 20 presets DISCOUNT CODE - Save 10% off the marked price. Enter code RADIO10 at checkout. Must end Tu… Read more

Pure was my first and best..... dropped it.......and paid for a cheaper brand....buy PURE


The Pure Move R3 is best for anyone who only needs to travel in a strong signal area. If you move around or live in an area where the signal is less than stellar, the Pure Move 2520 is the best and the one I use. As the signal gets weaker, the Move 2520 starts to noticeably be more sensitive than the Move R3. If you're struggling to be able to afford either of those, then the next best one price wise is the VQ Blighty and the original Majority Petersfield (not the newly released Petersfield Go). The Roberts Sports DAB radios are also on par with the Blighty and Petersfield but is more expensive and surprisingly, the cheap Exmax (sold under many brands at cheap prices) can also stand up to them but its clear that it is built to a price. Before purchase, I would check Digital Radio UK's station checking tool and I would suggest that if it says you can get good reception for the station you want to listen to, a digital radio will work fine with very few, if any, dropouts for the aforementioned radios. If it says you can get fair reception, you'll get the odd dropout or two with the Move 2520 and a few more dropouts with the Blighty and Petersfield. But from my testing, not all radios are equal. Generally, radios with Frontier Silicon chipsets (all the radios mentioned above) do best but even then and even within brands, radios can perform differently. With Pure, the Move 2520 is better at medium and weaker signals than the R3 and both are better than the T4 when used as a pocket radio. The Pure radios perform better than the aforementioned radios even though they all use various Frontier Silicon chipsets. Dedicated pocket radios tend to work better than the personal pocket/tabletop hybrid ones when used as a pocket radio. But some pocket radios - namely the lesser known brand ones - perform very poorly in medium to weak signal areas to the point of being completely unusuable and they also tend to be (but not exclusively) on the cheaper side. It may be the reason why people have a negative view of DAB, for something that is vital - tuner sensitivity - this information is not easily available until I tested a variety of DAB+ pocket radios and publishing them online.


Which ones were the best of the ones you tested?


I've tested numerous pocket DAB radios for their sensitivity and reception for a project I have done as this information is not available to the public and reviews can be subjective to that individuals circumstances and location. The LHDAB17 seemed pretty good for the short time I had it compared to other radios I have tested. There was one showstopper that stopped me from keeping it - it does not support DAB+.


Wow mains powered going to need a heck of a cable especially if going out? Don't like the the ones with onboard battery as once they run out have to recharge and inevitably the battery gets weaker and weaker till the whole thing has to be dumped. Have a Roberts Sports DAB5 used daily for 2 years and with a pair of 2500Mah AA rechargeable's lasts over 16 hours full volume on a DAB station. Love it and reception is very good and sound excellent , costs twice the price of this one but worth every penny. Listening to LBC in house at the mo and getting 2bars signal out of 5 and perfectly clear all over the house..

DeWalt DCR020-GB Compact Jobsite DAB Radio £69.90 @ Amazon (Prime Exclusive)
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
This Dewalt Dab Radio has been posted on here before for £89, and £79 but is now £69.90 (prime) It does work off mains power without battery Compact and robust DAB(+)/FM job… Read more

Free postage as order over £50


Free next daydelivery when you spend over £50


Plus £6 for postage.


Nice, good price for a DAB (y)


You can get it here for £68.50 https://www.ukplanettools.co.uk/Products/Dewalt-Radios/DCR020-GB?gclid=CjwKCAjw4sLVBRAlEiwASblR-0jVVys2XoQIsJlQnW8ibPBNiUWxNZnR_K_pAv6iF3EMwn-Gv-U28BoCXGYQAvD_BwE

Baun DAB radio FM transmitter £20.99 @ aldi gateshead metrocentre
LocalLocalFound 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Dab radio fm transmitter With aerial and mounting kit, I paid £35 on the day the deal came out. If these are fitted correctly they are perfect, cant compla8n about signal. The clo… Read more
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Do these have hands free calls as well?



They told me individual stores can put things on sale. I bought it for 29.99 in the end as it’s still cheaper than ebay/amazon etc. Will fit it at the weekend :)


£29.99 in my 4 local Aldis


DAB reception can still be very variable, it would be no use for me as DAB signal quality is abysmal around me.

Alba LCD Bluetooth DAB Radio Headphone Socket - Blue - £12.99 Argos eBay
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Alba LCD Bluetooth DAB Radio Headphone Socket - Blue - Argos eBayBrand New With a 12 Month Argos GuaranteeFun, vibrant colours for a really great little DAB/FM radio with wireless … Read more
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anyone having problems with DAB and Bluetooth turning off after a few minutes? I've turned off sleep timer.


Presumably no DAB+ on this radio?


not sure but free postage


can I not collect from Argos????


Thanks ordered one

Sony CMT-S20B DAB Radio CD Micro Hi-Fi System with Bluetooth (Refurbished) £44.99 With Code @ Argos Ebay
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
Use PAYDAY10 code, Expires midnight. Very good price for Grade A refurbished, £99.99 New. 12 Month Guarantee. Your favourite tunes will be crisp and clear with this Sony DAB Radio… Read more



Mines just arrived. I ordered it on Sunday night when three came into stock. So I paid £49.99.I will test it later on. It’s replacing a very old similar Sony minidisc unit that the volume knob broke on.


One of the speakers doesnt work.. :'-(


That's a bargain price.


No mini disc either. (party)

VQ Retro Mk II Portable DAB+/FM Bluetooth Clock Radio - Black - £95 @ Currys
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Top features: - Easy connectivity with docking or wireless streaming - DAB+ and FM radio stations - Premium design which is engineered in the UK Easy connectivity Featurin… Read more

Got this for £30 few months ago from amazon


It charges which most Apple phones need


Looks like a handbag.


People still dock phones? What is this 2005 or something


Have a view quest (VQ) DAB radio and wouldn't recommend them.

DeWalt DCR020-GB Compact Jobsite DAB Radio £79.99 @ Amazon
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
This went hot 5 months ago at £89 but now 10 quid cheaper. Works off mains power without battery just incase anyone was wondering. According to Amazon you're saving £219 at this … Read more

Excellent price for a good job site radio


every time I see "cheaper on eBay" I add another person to my ignored-list.


Rather buy from Amazon,ordered thanks.


Probably true for many deals posted on this site but given the choice people tend to prefer the tried and tested Amazon service vs random Ebay seller even if it means an extra few quid or so... (Especially if you have Prime)


Brand new cheaper on eBay

Pure Siesta Mi series 2 bedside DAB radio alarm clock £30 reduced in Sainsbury's Calne.
LocalLocalFound 17th JanFound 17th Jan
I didn't buy one so have little to add here, so blurb stolen from other place. The Siesta Mi is the second generation of this dedicated digital clock radio with an improved larger… Read more

So one person with one bad experience means the entire company is rubbish eh ?


Pure are pure sh!te ! My £350 Pure Legato broke soon as did the replacement. RUBBISH !


These are great - I had the original pure siesta that I picked up for a fiver in my local cash converters because someone mispriced it and thought it was just a regular clock radio :)


£35 online, so assume the £30 offer is instore only. Heres a working link to the online one: https://www.sainsburys.co.uk/shop/gb/groceries/pure-siesta-mi-ii-dab-alarm-clock-black I've got an older version (had it a good 5 years or more I recon) and still going strong!


I got the earlier version a few years ago and it cost about the same back then. That was/is still a cracking little clock radio with good sound, so any improved model at this price is definitely worth serious consideration.

Blaupunkt DAB radio reduced £30 @ Sainsburys
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Blaupunkt DAB+ radio down to £30 from £40 but I got one at my local Sainsbury store today for £25 saying reduced to clear. It is definitely DAB+ as I picked up Jazz Radio & to … Read more
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I have had many DAB's like Pure etc and they sound perfectly fine with music even in mono. Stop stressing about it,if you don't like a mono speaker than don't buy one :/


That's why shouldn't be considered at all Mono radio (single speaker) is only good for speech, but not music at all.


It still sounds fine,most radios have single speakers


Ironically enough, often it's not even a case of superior audio quality! Several DAB stations use a very low bitrate (you can see this scrolling the info screens) on their stream, to save money on bandwidth. The end result is that they sound horribly compressed, and clearly worse than FM.


Can someone explain to me what's the point of buying digital radio (superior sound quality to FM) With single speaker. It's like buying super fast horse with all four legs broken.

Emma Bridgewater DAB radio/Bluetooth speaker £40 (with code) @sainsburys
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Been after one of these for a while, normally around £90, however Sainsbury’s have reduced them to £60 but if you use code EALDSAVE20 (first time shop on £60 or more) you can get i… Read more

Same here. Twice now. 1 order cancelled due to stock, second time they brought out something else fs!


Unlucky me. Sainsburys tried to send out their own make. :-( They wouldnt honour it even though I showed them there is stock.


Picked mine up today through click and collect. The guy thought I was crazy as that is all I had ordered. It looks great in my kitchen, I'm really pleased - thanks OP.


That’s terrible that they sent you substitute when they were in stock 😡 glad you got one in the end x


same happened to me, I decided to accept it and went to my nearest store who had them in stock. Strangely the store they pick from had them in stock, make of that what you wish. Anyway after a bit of effort they agreed I could return it and they would honour the coupon, so bought it for £40

Now £11.45! Alba LCD Bluetooth DAB Radio (Blue) £12.45 @ Argos eBay Store
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
Brand new. Can be used as a Bluetooth speaker for your phone/tablet/laptop. It's just dropped from £16.99 to £14.99, which was already a good price. The same model in grey is cur… Read more

Thanks for the info obwan2014 (highfive) Also for the very handy link above! :3


I think the bluetooth feature is just to use this radio as a speaker for another device, not the other way around. I.e. you could play music on your phone, connect your phone via bluetooth to this radio and use the bigger / louder speaker in the radio. I think your Soundlink is the speaker already. Also, you would need to check out the coverage of DAB in the area you're visiting: This is such a site for the UK: http://www.ukdigitalradio.com/coverage/postcodesearch/ Just because you can get FM / AM signal, I don't think it automatically means you can get a DAB signal, though not 100% sure.


Agreed. Nice bit of kit, very simple to use. Thanks, OP.


Me too got one for my sons bedroom from Argos for £20, half price (was £40). He barely uses it... The signal isn't good, spend most the time adjusting the aerial trying to get a signal, not clear sound distorts a lot. Speakers are tiny and tinny sounding. Display is on the top not ideal position. The mode buttons are tiny, had to read. Looks and sounds cheap (skeptical) . OK for £11... You can get much better. Typical Argos non quality stuff


Received mine the other day and have been using it as a DIY companion radio listening to DAB and tunes streamed from my phone. As expected, sound volume and quality is not going to blow anyone away but for £12.45 with DAB and bluetooth I'm extremely pleased with it. Absolute bargain.

Aldi DAB Radio for £39.99
Found 28th Nov 2017Found 28th Nov 2017
Looks like this may be a good deal for a DAB radio with stereo speakers and Bluetooth

arrived yesterday - looks good


shipping tomorrow - looking forward to reviewing this


the bluetooth will be handy. i will also connect chromecast audio to this - so its like a cheap sonos ;)


Dab+ is NOT mentioned. The DAB signal has not improved since the damn thing came out and theres several stations LESS than there was FIVE YEARS ago


Looks good but I'll wait for reviews and £20 after Chris!

sony dab radio £29.99 black only / amazon prime customers only
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
bought this for my mum a while back and she loves it ---sturdy, good sound reduced for prime customers in black only

It was the 'Public warnings' about 'not driving over the railway crossing when the lights are Red' that made me think 'What is actually going on here' Resist.


More like an unashamed mouthpiece for The Sun. Podcasts eliminate the unbearable ads for white van man, The Army, Builders merchants & DIY sores;!


This is a terrible Sony product, mono sound, tinny speaker, mine regularly goes from 100% signal to 0% signal for no apparent reason (must be faulty now). Only worth it to listen to speech based services like Radio 5 Live, but generally avoid.


Stopped listening to DAB when Talksport turned into a Government brainwashing channel. Podcasts only now.


This radio has very tinny sound for a Sony not good at all

Sony XDRS60DBPB XDRS60 DAB Radio - £59.99 Amazon  sold by Maplin_Webdeals
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Have been watching this DAB radio for a while, very good review, but rarely discounted, now £59.99.
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Anyone know what the DAB reception is like in the Newbury Berks area? Was thinking of something like this for my mum, can it returned if no reception?


Yes thanks cheaper, but It doesn't look as though the speaker is very big


Great radio, good sound from it, not too bad on batteries compared to PURE POP Maxi (a few hours) which I don't use without power lead.


try this only available at this price in black--and for prime customers -my mum has it and loves it https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00BXR01XU/ref=ox_sc_mini_detail?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE


I don't know why this is called a 'retro' design! Personally, I'd prefer a stereo set of speakers, but voted hot

£64.99 Roberts Ortus 1 DAB/DAB+/FM Radio  + £67.50 Radio Times inc double Xmas edition (26 issues - cover price £67.50) for £49.99 in total @ BuySubscriptions (£5 Quidco possible too)
Found 2nd Nov 2017Found 2nd Nov 2017
Roberts Ortus 1 DAB/DAB+/FM Radio (£64.99 ish): Sleek and practical radio with built-in DAB/DAB+/FM Pre-set up to 6 stations Radio/buzzer alarm with snooze function Li… Read more

Which? Gave this 62 per cent and said the sound quality was bad, and plastic on unit made buzzing sound at some frequencies eg guitars. Roberts build quality really seems to have dropped over the years.


Use code RTP4517 if necessary.

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