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£64.99 Roberts Ortus 1 DAB/DAB+/FM Radio  + £67.50 Radio Times inc double Xmas edition (26 issues - cover price £67.50) for £49.99 in total @ BuySubscriptions (£5 Quidco possible too)
Found 2nd Nov 2017Found 2nd Nov 2017
Roberts Ortus 1 DAB/DAB+/FM Radio (£64.99 ish): Sleek and practical radio with built-in DAB/DAB+/FM Pre-set up to 6 stations Radio/buzzer alarm with snooze function Li… Read more

Which? Gave this 62 per cent and said the sound quality was bad, and plastic on unit made buzzing sound at some frequencies eg guitars. Roberts build quality really seems to have dropped over the years.


Use code RTP4517 if necessary.

Fix Radio is Free Again!
Found 28th Oct 2017Found 28th Oct 2017
The Fix Radio app has gone back to being FREE! Available in all app stores via your Smartphone, also on TuneIn, Online and you can listen via DAB Radio in London. Just search 'Fix… Read more
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No...why should it? Not everyone have to care about this. Like you, either def or you just don't care if you listen whole song or just a part of it stripped out of guitars or drums. That's is fine. But I think it's should be mentioned for people who might care, that this radio music quality sucks. There are better ones out there.


You are the only one moaning, nobody else has made an issue about sound quality...Doesn't that cause any worry to you?


What are you 5 dude? Oo


Yes it's a super crap deal to you as it's clear you have a hearing problem. Go get your ears checked at the doctors and come back when you are in a better mood.


Seems like you should examine your IQ. Read it again, focus and maybe then you will understand what I moaning about. Do I have to call them? Based on your reaction you work for them, so just let them know ;) you posted this as a super deal, I just wrote my humble opinion about this as a super crap!

Acoustic Solutions DAB Radio - Teal - Argos £14.99
Found 26th Oct 2017Found 26th Oct 2017
Now £5 cheaper than last month Tune into the charts with this stylish Teal Acoustic Solutions DAB Radio. Plug into the mains for all day listening or pop in some batteries to take… Read more

Same problem as everyone else. Drove to Argos to pick it up and told to come back the next day, whicn I did. The next day, I was informed the order had cancelled, no email, nothing. They found another store, which was 10 miles away with just one in stock. However it was priced at £19.99. The other store agreed to honour the £14.99 price. Taking into account three trips to Argos, I guess it stood me in £20 with the diesel I used. However, for £15 this is a great bit of kit and was well worth the journey. Anyone who bleats about the battery life at this price, really needs to get a life. Run it on FM, it'll last longer. With both DAB/FM and built in battery, at under £15, an absolute bargain. Thanks OP, seems there's no pleasing some folk.


I ordered one and paid for it via PayPal on 26th Oct. By Nov 4th I hadn't received a collection ready email so phoned their 'ahem' customer services to be told it was still in transfer and should be there by the 6th. I got an email from PayPal last night to say it had been refunded, absolutely nothing from Argos. I contacted them earlier and they said it was an end of line item. I asked why three other colours of same model were reduced to £19.99 and still available now for £54.99 if it was end of line - nothing. I asked why the colour I ordered was still available on the Argos ebay site at full price - nothing. The store won't let me have another colour at the price I paid, but are offering a whole 10% off. I know sarcasm is supposed to be the lowest form of wit, but Argos customer service is the lowest form of standard.


I ordered one - got it - A terrible product, it was worth the punt but be warned.


If the store has one of the other identical (apart from colour) models in stock, and it may well have, the manager should be quite happy, with a little gentle persuasion, to let you have one of the others for the same price. It took a little while to sort out the paperwork, but it didn't involve a major row.


ordered over a week ago....having been in to store at weekend and told this product would arrive by the 7th, I have now had to contact them because it has not arrived, only to find out that the product is out of stock and they can only refund. Im not a happy biker! BAD BAD ARGOS!!

Fix Radio App is Now Free
Found 25th Sep 2017Found 25th Sep 2017
Just noticed the brilliant Fix Radio app is now free in all app stores for a limited time, it's a great station and well happy the app is now available for free. The UK's first … Read more
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If you aren't listening to 6Music yet you shouldn't be allowed to use power tools.


Rubbish. Magic fm all day and that's free as well, in fact most radio apps and stations are free, so what's special Bout this one? Cold


I find that they don't repeat during the day, but the following days I can hear the same songs repeated. And with each decade producing so much music, they must work with a limited playlist. 6/10 rating for me, still enough to stay tuned.


I suggest contacting Android about this or calling Fix Radio, I downloaded via Apple and I gave permission for my location to be disclosed which is normal for any radio station or 90% of apps. I think you need to be a little more concerned about the government monitoring calls or your every move rather than a little radio station in London.


I was going to try this out and can see that the Android App needs to have access to your location, your device Id, and whether you have a telephone call (fair enough). But why does the App need access to your phone number and the remote number connected by a phone call? Its a radio app so why is it monitoring who you are calling or who's calling you?

Acoustic Solutions DAB Radio (Denim) - now £19.99 (RRP £69.99) @ Argos
Found 24th Sep 2017Found 24th Sep 2017
Tune into the charts with this stylish Denim Acoustic Solutions DAB Radio. Plug into the mains for all day listening or pop in some batteries to take your music with you. Store 20 … Read more

Best tell where your 'here' is. It looks a very very very minor 'here'.


I respectfully disagree. Radios tend to be an item which are not replaced for a long time (years, decades even). Stations are already transitioning from DAB to DAB+ (Jack FM Surrey and Radio Newark to name two examples) and the only way I can listen to Jazz FM here free-to-air without data caps is via DAB+. DAB+ will only grow. Better to future proof your purchase than to pay twice.


Planet Rock, like other DAB stations inc Absolute 80's, didn't move to DAB+..... they just moved to the D2 mux. My non DAB+ radios still gets these stations fine. The problem is that many people are not in the reception area for D2, about 20% of uk coverage are out of reception. It means having to wait until more transmitters get built or use internet radio for these stations. How strong the receiver is in your dab radio will also make a difference whether you receive these stations or not. The 4 national DAB+ stations we currently have are also on this D2 mux.


Some great Comedy on BBC Extra. Just heard season 12 of Ed Reardon's Week is on soon.


Planet rock is on DAB+, a year ago they telling everyone to switch to DAB+ because they wouldn't be on DAB anymore. When it changed over, for a while there was an automated repeated message, I think that has stopped now. It wasn't just Planet Rock that changed over, if you have DAB the airwaves are pretty much empty. DAB+ has been in the UK for over a year now, maybe longer. I used to like Alice Cooper around 10pm but now he's on at 4am. I did get sick of the same old ads. every 15 minutes. I'm more into Prog. Rock. Pendragon and Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson. Look on youtube, it'll change your taste in music forever.

Bush Wooden DAB Radio £19.99 (free c+c) @ Argos
Found 14th Sep 2017Found 14th Sep 2017
Decent price for this wooden DAB radio, and seems to be available at most places at time of posting. Reviews look good too with 712 reviews scoring an average of 4.6 out of 5. … Read more
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Picked one up today, quickly found stations and am really happy with it. Ideal kitchen radio...


Looks like a clone of the best selling Pure Evoke 2. Minus the quality and high price.


You listen to radios


I bought one of these to use in the kitchen - it's receiver sensitivity is terrible. In the same location, a cheap Lidl/Aldi DAB radio(I forget which) works fine. As does a Pure Sonus DAB radio. Now this is in a city centre 2nd floor flat, not out in the sticks somewhere. So, if you don't have really good reception where you are - keep the packaging and be prepared to take it back. Probably not a good idea as a present for someone, unless you are pretty sure that there won't be a reception problem.


I'm still at a loss why no DAB+ on these. I got one 3 years ago that has it, despite no mention on the box or manual . There must be a way of making them compatible. The DAB+ stations are on the same multiplex as the DAB stations Absolute 80s, Planet Rock & Kisstory amongst others. Can anyone check if they have these but no DAB+. Why remove a feature that was there 3 years ago? It doesn't make sense.

Bush Stereo DAB Radio (Red) £19.99 @ Argos
Found 30th Aug 2017Found 30th Aug 2017
Was £59.99 with excellent reviews. -- Use this Bush DAB radio to play music out loud and dance around the kitchen. Easily keep the noise down by plugging headphones in. Make use o… Read more
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I was beginning to get bored of the usual radio stations in this country, until a radio station called Fix Radio came on air across the South East, UK. It's a feel good radio station with great music you simply don't hear on many of the other stations.


Certainly cheap!


Can the alarm be set for week days only?


... I'll let you down slowly ... I didn't get round to going into town - I cut the grass instead. :-)


The tension's unbearable.

Roberts Revival Mini £79.99 @ Very
Found 29th Aug 2017Found 29th Aug 2017
Roberts Mini Revival DAB/DAB+/FM Digital Radio Pretty decent savings if you are a Roberts Revival fan. Bought one myself when it was full price a few months back. love the retro l… Read more

I bought this a couple of years ago for my girl at the time. Definitely one of the best presents I have ever got anyone. Try to get one!


Thanks, been after one for years but refused to pay full whack. Anniversary present sorted!


Cheers ordered


I haven't used my as a football and it's still as new as the day I got it 3 years ago. :)


Wouldn't buy anything from VERY if you have a problem they keep your money for weeks!!!! Even when it's not in stock they still take your money then hang on to it.

DeWalt DCR020-GB Compact Jobsite DAB Radio - was £299.11 now £89@ Amazon
Found 13th Aug 2017Found 13th Aug 2017
Compact and robust DAB(+)/FM jobsite radio Accepts 10.8V, 14.4V and 18V XR Li-Ion batteries (not included) Tech Box on-board storage protects portable audio devices 3.5mm auxili… Read more

Do amazon do codes?


was £299? dont be daft!


if Audi could get away with it they would.


Looks big and daft , going to hold out for the makit


No presets either!

Alba Mono DAB Radio - Blue Catalogue Number 483/0458 or Pink 498/8427 (link in post) 14.99 Argos
Found 2nd Aug 2017Found 2nd Aug 2017
Pink http://www.argos.co.uk/product/4988427 With a beautiful design and lovely clean finish, this DAB radio from Alba offers great sound and a clear dot matrix display. You can … Read more
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Heat added ordered and picking up in a few days. At this price can't really go wrong!!! On the Argos site there was another one, looked a little bigger but more cost.


Perfect for kitchen or bathroom ?


Mono??? Might just about be ok for the smallest room.


Bought one yesterday. A little plasticky and maybe not the loudest sound in the world but I am very happy with purchase. Looks good and sound is as good as my more expensive Philips DAB. Works off 4 AA batteries as a bonus too.



Philips Portable Vintage FM and DAB Radio - Wood £39 (with code)@ Tesco
Found 23rd Jul 2017Found 23rd Jul 2017
You need code TDX-MVPW at checkout to get it to £39 it's £59.99 elsewhere. A classic-looking Philips radio featuring the latest DAB+ radio stations. Three preset DAB and FM radio … Read more

We all know how power hungry DAB radios are, and my DAB+ radios dont seem any better in efficiency than the plain DAB radios i've had. They still use up batteries, or rechargeables at a high rate. The manufacturers have made small improvements in what power they use, by using different displays etc, but it isnt much. I simply dont believe that a DAB+ receiver in a radio will make any notable difference from a plain DAB receiver in how much power that radio uses.... If it did, the manufacturers would be making a big deal of DAB+ receivers being more efficient in battery use than ordinary DAB.


With modern consumer electronics newer versions are often more power efficient when they start using newer components that are more power efficient. So it may be that more recent DAB radios are benefiting from this more than anything. At first glance it seems unlikely that the new CODEC itself will make the difference but that the newer chips that support it are inherently more efficient regardless of CODEC. In fact newer CODECs tend to consume more power as they tend to be more computationally demanding which is how they manage to offer better compression rates. But once a chip is designed purely to handle a new CODEC the efficiency improves. You see this with CPUs on PCs when they add dedicated on-chip circuits for new CODECs rather than using the CPU's main cores that power consumption drops dramatically.


Sounds like you're just making assumptions. I'm not buying it, unless you can give me some proof that DAB+ radios use less power than plain old DAB radios.


Well DAB+ has more efficient codecs so it should use less power.


No, Horsey was not being serious about the £299 headphones. Happy to help.

ONN MINI DAB + RADIO - £1 instore @ Asda (Ruislip)
LocalLocalFound 12th Jul 2017Found 12th Jul 2017
Dab Radio Dropped from £15 to £1 at Asda Superstore, South Ruislip.
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You're in the wrong place then mate


There's an old saying for buying stuff like this. You get what you pay for.


It's in store only.


links for Asda or Tesco never take you to the product being sold and you have to search on the site. If I see an Asda or Tesco item I don't bother with them anymore. anyone know where I'm going wrong (seriously genuine responses if any, please)


that deal makes the £1 fish deal man look shrewd!

Argos; Bush DAB Radio - Walnut 572/2211 Half Price was £49.99 now £24.99
Found 5th Jul 2017Found 5th Jul 2017
Posted before but has since expired. PDF http://documents.4rgos.it/v1/static/5722211_R_D001 Music mixed with style! This wooden DAB radio from Bush is finished in sleek walnut … Read more
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Just bought one - seems good to me. Plenty of DAB stations and the sound is much better than I thought it would be.



I bought one 2 weeks ago, no problems. Bargain at £25 and works good with batteries also.


Picked up one of these today, it will be going back. Very cheap build quality and poor tuning tuning capability. I cannot even pick up TalkSport, where my Pure and Roberts DAB radios do with ease. Not even worth £25, more like a £9.99 purchase with 10 gallons of petrol.


Ive never seen the Christian station or Premier Praise (not that i've looked) but the rest are on this radio.

Bush Wooden DAB Radio £24.99 Argos
Found 3rd Jul 2017Found 3rd Jul 2017
Was looking for a nice DAB radio and came across this. £36.47 on Amazon.

I bought one of these when it was on sale last year similar if not same price and it's a good quality sounding radio use it often it's well worth the money


Can't believe someone hasn't said "Nice Bush" yet (_;)


Not sure if we understand each other. This kit is an Argos brand and only available from an Argos channel. When it appears on Amazon, it is via a reseller who has puchased from an Argos channel (including retail channel) and added a margin. This is not a valid price comparison. You could personally buy this item at £24.99 from Argos and throw it on Amazon as a direct or fulfilled-Amazon sale at say £45. This does not mean that the item is worthy of the £45 pricetag nor does it indicate that the direct-from-Argos price is bargainous or realistic. The Amazon price comparison is not just irelevant but also actively misleading in such circumstances.


Every since I got an Amazon Echo Dot my Pure Elan DAB radio hasn't been used. I just ask Alexa to play the radio station I want and she does it.


Just a heads-up, this radio does not support DAB+

The Only Android Phone With DAB+ Radio... LG Stylus 2...(Grade B, unlocked) from £135...CEX
Found 28th Jun 2017Found 28th Jun 2017
I would not usually post CEX deals, but I think this is a very unusual option at a good price and just ordered one myself earlier. The only android phone with DAB+ radio built in,… Read more
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I think your crazy but it's your decision.


I am actually going to trade in my p9 lite. It's a great phone, have had it for six months, and yes it is better in most usual ways than this phone, but the DAB has really impressed me, as well as the battery life and nice big screen on this LG Stylus2. LG Stylus 2 is a great secondary device for media


DAB radio? Dude we have apps now this is not 2006 or something. You'd be crazy to pick this over say a 2nd hand P9 Lite. The specs are awful.


Thanks for the info, interesting stuff


The TV bit went years ago, but mine is still going strong for DAB functionality. The only other bit that was removed/stolen by Virgin Mobile was the remaining £7 credit I had on it, as I forgot to keep it active.

MEDION DAB+ RADIO LIFE E66312    Art.Nr. 50049600A1 £24.94 delivered @ Medion
Found 21st Jun 2017Found 21st Jun 2017
£6.95 delivery charge MEDION® DAB+ RADIO LIFE® E66312 (MD 84950) The Medion DAB+Radio is a modern radio with alarm clock in retro wooden design. Great musical experience music fr… Read more
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Sam, serious question, are you a Medion rep? I only ask because this is the 3rd Medion post in........ how long? I've never had any of their products so I don't know how good (or bad) they are. That said, the people will speak up if the quality is pants.


Why and why would I want this when you can get all the dab and radio stations on your phone or tablet??? Very 19th century IMO!


Spend another £2.01 for free delivery


​Only on prime


£17.99 from Amazon. Cold.

Bush DAB Radio £24.99 @ Argos C&C
Found 9th Jun 2017Found 9th Jun 2017
As above Was £49.99 allegedly Reserved for pick up tomorrow, good reviews and looks good :) Might be useful for others Music mixed with style! This wooden DAB radio from Bu… Read more
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Expired now


useful post to inform people but I do believe it's been at this reduced price for several months now. good little radio


Bush (lol)


Bought one of these yesterday for the kitchen, sounds OK so far but turned it up past about half way and the sound quality was pretty bad. Fine for me as I won't need it that loud.


Cheapest I can see this model on ebay for is £24.99. There's another similar looking model that's a little cheaper. Are you sure you bought the same one?

highway pure dab radio and hands free adapter £130 @ Halfords
Found 4th Jun 2017Found 4th Jun 2017
Pure highway 600 £130 online deal

Why cold?


I got one of these from Ebay and fitted it myself. It's not too difficult if you are comfortable dismantling your interior trim. Dab reception near me (travelling daily between Chorley and Warrington) is excellent and I get no drop outs. Bluetooth is clear and works well. I have an android phone and I can even tell my phone to play a particular band via ok Google. All in all one of the best improvements I've made to my car.

Intempo DAB radio £19.99 reduced from £ 29.99 B& M instore
LocalLocalFound 21st May 2017Found 21st May 2017
B& M instore
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you'd be wanting dab+ if you want to future proof it (and listen to jazz FM)


No B20


oh I am looking for a cheap too one for kitchen thanks :D

Blue Retro DAB Radio £20 instore @ Sainsbury's Purley Way, Croydon
Found 19th May 2017Found 19th May 2017
£20 Blue DAB Radio, with clock and alarm functions, in Sainsbury's Purley Way, Croydon. One left on shelf plus a couple of mini floral Dab radios reduced to £20. Have no idea i… Read more

Is this radio any good? I saw them for sale in Hendon as well at £20


It's it any good as this is more £15 in my local


Cheers OP, popped into our local because of this post. Seems most of their radios are half-price or so at the moment. Went in for this one, ended up getting the "floral" one because the wife came with me.


​It's unbranded, Sainsbury's own make.


Is this a viewquest Hebburn? Or unbranded. Looks the same as a viewquest I once owned

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