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Demon’s Souls (PS5) - £35.99 Delivered with Code @ eBay / Currys
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Posted 23 h, 10 m agoPosted 23 h, 10 m ago
Game information: Demon's Souls is back, and it looks better than ever. With plenty of focus on graphics, this game offers brutally challenging combat. The precursor to Dark So… Read more

Back up to £37.99 for collection only at Smyths unfortunately now -


Sad was £30




Ordered and heat up please!


I’ll take it! (:I

Demon's Souls (PS5) £35.69 + 0.99p Postage @ Zatu Games
Posted 27th NovPosted 27th Nov
This is now the cheapest I can find this since the recent Game Collection copy is now OOS. Haven't personally used this site before but there seems to be a lot of great reviews for… Read more

Anyone received their order or a dispatch email yet?


Note though that easiest of the bunch does not equate to easy regardless of your experience imo, unless this type of game is the only type you play. For most gamers the initial difficulty can put them off, but persevere and you will find a pretty deep and immersive experience with an interesting way of making the world feel populated by other players. Mistakes though can easily be punished by the game, but rarely is it "unfair" (unless you ignore the myriad of other player generated messages). Plus, when the game looks this good the frustration can be easily forgiven! The only misstep in the whole game is probably its best looking boss - the dragon god, though I guess the size of it kinda forced them to do something different to beat it.


Agree, not made for the causal gamer but my god it is stunning to look at


Don't say that. That's on my list!


If you think this is hard try Returnal.

Demon's Souls [PS5] Like New / Damaged Packaging / French Import, Game Plays in English £29.78 delivered @ Amazon Warehouse
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Posted 25th NovPosted 25th Nov
Item will come in original packaging, the packaging will be damaged. Note that 20% discount deduced at checkout, credit to @Mark for the heads up.

Does the "damage packaging" means the game case is broken? also does the french version have English options? Thx in advance!


I got a copy for £28.26 then Alan Wake PS4 for £14.10 (Same price PS5) and even cheaper just Xbox One. and I got randomly Sackboy Special Edition PS4 for £33.34, comes with a plush or something. Appears to be £70-80 on eBay new, so took a punt on it.

Demon's Souls (PS5) £36.95 @ The Game Collection
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Posted 24th NovPosted 24th Nov
This was £30 the other day on Smyths but has unfortunately gone up to £37.99. Seems to be that or higher everywhere but here. This is currently the cheapest price available for thi… Read more




Incredible game. The best thing by far I have played on the ps5. Don’t let the difficulty put you off, it really isn’t that bad, you just need to keep at it.


Yeah that's kind of what I was thinking with the difficulty. The difficulty is what makes these games what they are. It's what gives people the satisfaction once they actually beat it, or even just a boss or a tough area. If these were easy, I don't think these would appeal to me as much or others. It's like when you die and drop your XP. You have to try and pick it back up. If there was an easy mode, you'd never have that issue and therefore wouldn't ever worry about risking losing it. I think without the difficulty, the game would be pretty average, and that's coming from someone who has never beat one of these! :) I remember thinking the same with past Souls games years ago. These are not for every person, especially if you don't know what you're getting yourself into beforehand. I'm warming up to these games and am going to really try to beat this one. For first timers, especially if you don't like hard games, I can definitely relate to not liking these at first XD


Yeh I guess I didn’t look into sales. I guess I just don’t understand what the harm having settings in a game would do Yeh I get that. I know they want it to be hard, but i don’t think an easy mode would affect that. Yet again maybe it would make a difference as if there was an easy mode, or may be seen as more soft, and they I guess stand out for being that tough game that you can’t walk through

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Black Friday @ PlayStation PSN Turkey - Demon's Souls £23.82 Marvel's GOTG £20.13 Deathloop £18.59 Far Cry 6 £24.72 Sackboy £19.07 + More
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Posted 19th NovPosted 19th Nov
NOTE - Post updated 24/11/21, Turkish Lira conversion changed in favour of GBP, you will get more for your money, prices of games IN TITLE updated to reflect the change. Prices b… Read more



card expired error i agree is to do with not having funds on card, had same error, topped up and all ok


I had to top up my card a couple of quid to cover fees. That's purchasing via console. Sorted now.


anyone find mafia trilogy on console, cant find it anywhere


i managed to use card once in browser, went to buy 2 more items but card expired looked in guardians and deathloop, just dont seem like my type of game

Demon's Souls (PS5) £29.99 @ Smyths
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Posted 19th NovPosted 19th Nov
From Bluepoint Games comes a remake of the PlayStation classic, Demon’s Souls™.Entirely rebuilt from the ground up and masterfully enhanced, this remake introduces the horrors of a… Read more

Just went downstairs and seen it was delivered today. Guess I was just too lazy to check earlier (lol) (lol) (lol)


I got mine on the 22nd delivered by Royal Mail. You should have gotten a tracking number by email to check delivery status


Has everyone received their copy? The site says complete but I haven't even received a dispatch email yet. First time ordering from smyths, is this normal?


Thanks. I've received the game now but haven't got around to playing it yet. I'll look into that. I think I need to start looking more into guides or tips for these games as I normally try to play them blind. Probably is why I get so frustrated as I know with these games they don't tell you much. I don't hate them really, I just give up easily then don't go back to them. I think these games sometimes can look more enjoyable to me when I watch gameplay vs when I try to play them. I've always wanted to beat one though. The overall look graphically of this game, and the character and level designs make me want to play it more. Even though the games annoy me, it still looks interesting and fun.


Smyths have upped the price to £37.99 overnight so this might want expiring now.