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Updated 14th Nov 2020Last updated 14th Nov 2020 by HXCMARC
Not a massive deal or anything better than you can get online, but may be helpful to those who want to grab a game whilst shopping or who have club card points. Use voucher codes:… Read more

What are you asking exactly? Console will launch on the 19th. All retailers are sold out currently. You'll have to enquire with each individually regarding further availability. Game have said they will have more soon. Not seen anything from anyone else. The voucher cannot be used on consoles or accessories. Games only.


What you mean?


OK if you want to stare at it for a week I suppose

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Updated 27th Sep 2020Last updated 27th Sep 2020 by JamesP._Smith
Demon's Souls (PS5) £69.99 @ Symths
Welcome to next gen. We hope you enjoy the substantial increase in pricing.’s-… Read more

£69.99 forget it. Wouldn't pay more than £50-55 for any game. Will wait for sales.


I’ve been absolutely slamming Nintendo and their fanbase for most of this gen and their game prices is one of the issues I kept ripping them on, no way should their first party still be priced at full price for years after launch. Then I saw the game pricing from Sony last night. Unless they’re selling two versions of the game within that price, there will be no chance of myself buying these games at the ridiculous prices they’re trying to flog, and I’m someone who usually bought £60-70 special editions of their first party games this generation (and also I bought the Final Fantasy VII Remake Deluxe Edition which was £80). £69.99 for a standard copy is madness, but people will fall for the hype and accept it up the wazoo.


The Americans pay 70 dollars, the piece of land to the right of us pay 80 Euro. Why do the US get special treatment?


It is sad that it is not the games on offer but the price of them that has made my decision on which console to buy; Game Pass all the way.


Yeah good for you! these jokers seem to think they can charge more than Nintendo. I think the prices might lower nearer to release though?