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Denon AVRX3500H (Black) Atmos AV Receiver - £479 with code @ Richer Sounds
Updated 17th JulLast updated 17th Jul by WalterSmith
The AVR-X3500H 7.2 channel AV Surround Receiver offers the ultimate home theatre experience with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, plus unparalleled music playback options, thanks to built-in… Read more

Code no longer valid - Expired


bought, not a mindblowing price in terms of a deal, (peter tyson is the same price) but I was going to spend nearly double on the RX-A1080. This is replacing a nearly decade old RX-V1067 - i'm sorry to see it go it's been a fine amp... wonderful for music actually but need more current hdmi




Have a regular Chromecast in the bedroom I could try first actually. Might save me a fortune over the other route I was contemplating - replacement! Yea mine has glass doors too. Keeps the dust away as well as the toddler but didn't want my stuff dying early with heat. Easy enough as the middle of a Besta is just cardboard. I have a glass top so I put it on the side. I used a 120mm hole saw on my drill but it would be easy cut with a keyhole saw if you draw around a CD.


I have a Betsa unit too, and I've left the middle panel off on the back, but it has a glass front, which is warm to the touch in use. Looks like I'm unhooking it all at weekend and doing a bit of DIY.

Tibo Edge 450 Black Floorstanding Speakers (Pair) - £99 @ Richer Sounds with code FLASH50
Updated 17th JulLast updated 17th Jul by jumpinoffthbedLocalLocal
Same price at Amazon as well. Brand: Tibo Colour: Black Sensitivity (dB): 92 Impedance (ohms): 4-8 Power Rating… Read more

Anyone bought them then?


No worries chief.


Admit what chief? I never made any statement.


So you admit it then?


Denon AVRX250BT AV Receiver £154 @ Richer Sounds
Updated 16th JulLast updated 16th Jul by MaxStorm7678
A great entry level receiver with £25 off.

so many speaker sets and it wont recommend on the site i even emailed them and they said i was better going into the store. all i want is a set of speakers LOL :(


Assume it has pass through, so can watch sources without having surround on?


Wifi, earc, dual zone, atmos.... But good enough for me


What is it lacking?


Thanks op. Just need a set of speakers now to go with it. Any recommendations please

Denon Heos Wireless Sound Bar + Free Next Working Day Delivery with code £499 @ Electric Shop
Refreshed 15th JulRefreshed 15th Jul09/08/2019Expires on 09/08/2019Updated 15th JulLast updated 15th Jul by Zalsar
Update 1
Now has another £50 off - 15th July
Lowest i've seen this model at in a long time. For the free next working day delivery (order before 2:30pm) Add item to basket, add your details, select the next day options and t… Read more

No sorry that is a rookie mistake (which I made when looking at these originally) This is the HEOS BAR not the HS2 bar confusing yes!? Basically the HS2 can only operate in 2:1 the bar and the sub! And costs far less about £550 The HEOS bar can operate in 5:1 with a subwoofer and 2 mini HEOS speakers all in looking at £1250 to £1500 and sounds far superior to the HS2 even with just the bar! How do you know what bar your buying!? The HEOS bar has 4 HDMI at back the HS2 only has 1.


With subwoofer for £50 extra here is a much better buy: Same at electricshop:

Denon AVRX3500H Dolby Atmos AV Receiver - £499 (With Code) @ Richer Sounds
Updated 12th JulLast updated 12th Jul by WalterSmith
”This Denon 2018 AV receiver is seriously impressive.”– ‘What Hi-Fi’ 2018 award winner. I think this one might be my bank holiday treat :) £549 with voucher code an impressive … Read more

Now for £479 with a voucher on the Richer Sounds Website!


This is now available at Richer Sounds for £499 (no voucher required and also available at lots of other retailers at the same price) so I'll expire this deal (y)


Shame. There's always the Dali Alteco C-1s, they're very highly regarded at £199.


They were a no-go, not sure these are worthwhile @£400 for my setup. Shame they didn't have an ebay listing


Yep, they've been discounting since the new R came out last year and as I understand it PT bought all of Kef's outstanding stock of the old versions. The prices keep dropping on what you'd consider main speakers, ie bookshelfs and floorstanders, the R300s drooped another £100 a couple of weeks ago. PT know what they're doing though and juggle prices according to stock and sales potential. For example, someone who already has a pair of R300s isn't likely to want another pair but many existing owners of them and other makes could be well be interested in the R50s, particularly as absolute matching with your mains is of even less importance than basic rears. Just contact them, mentioning you've just bought the amp from them too, and see what they can do. Otherwise used ones seem to be continually coming up on ebay at the moment so you'll have less competition each time.

Marantz NR1609 Black Slim 7.2 Channel AV Receiver with HEOS £399.95 Delivered at ElectricalShop
Updated 20th JunLast updated 20th Jun by rev6
Nice looking receiver this, with HEOS and Amazon Alexa built in! Cheapest current price that I can see :) AV Receiver with HEOS With a slim profile that doesn’t sacrifice… Read more

How many speakers are you using at halfway volume?


I have the slightly less-specified NR1508 which I picked up off ebay for under £250 lightly used and I must say it's a very impressive AV Amp. 50W is certainly more than sufficient for us in a room around 150sq feet, even at halfway volume our neighbours can hear hence we don't go high. What I find quite surprising about this amp is how musical it is, it really sings with my QAcoustics speakers - in fact I found it a step up from a Cambridge Audio stereo amp it replaced. Spotify Connect works flawlessly, so does bluetooth and internet radio. I don't think I'd need to upgrade for a while.


It's an amplifier though, with streaming functionality?


I personally can’t see any reason why to get one, as nowadays all digital and get streamed via internet


50W is rated like this Power Output (8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.08% 2ch Drive) The Denon AVRX2500H a much better buy (if you don't need a slim AV).

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Denon AVR-X2500H AV Receiver w/ Onkyo SKS-HT588 Speaker Package 5.1.2 + Free cable bundle worth £142.99 - £699 @ Exceptional AV
Updated 7th JunLast updated 7th Jun by azual
The AVR-X2500H features Dolby Atmos and DTS:X — plus, the latest video technologies and full 4K video upscaling. An advanced HDMI section with 8 inputs and 2 outputs features HDCP … Read more

Anyone tried this upfiring Atmos Vs speakers place on side ceiling, can you tell the difference


Worth noting that they are also selling this bundle with the Wharfedale DX-2s for the same price, given those speakers seem to be £50 more than the Onkyo everywhere, that looks like a better deal on paper, provided you’re happy to go without or add Atmos separately.


If you are dead set against getting either standmount or floorstanding speakers/don't have the room for anything better then reviews suggest you wouldn't do better sub £500.


Stop looking and do it, you'll be staggered at what you've been missing especially if you have room for one of their 12” ones. BK are as cheap as you can get a sub worth buying and for most you'll never need anything more... unless you get the bug of course and then it's multiple subs and much bigger money.


I can't comment on them directly, and wouldn't like to as I haven't heard them. I only had the Q Acoustics to compare and I'm no expert, just a geek who did his homework and demoed before spending what is fair amount of money for me on a surround system! I'd imagine they would be a step up, certainly in build. A friend has a Wharfedale Diamond 5.1 setup and it sounds fantastic, though they're more pricey than the DX-2. You'd need to add Atmos obviously. If you get the bug you'll probably upgrade anything you buy anyway! I'm buying a new house next year and will be installing ceiling speakers and will certainly install wiring for an extra two Atmos speakers while I'm at it and that will be an AVR upgrade!

Denon AVR X2500H AV Receiver £349 @ Richer Sounds
Refreshed 19th AprRefreshed 19th AprUpdated 3rd JunLast updated 3rd Jun by rev6
Denon AVR X2500H AV Receiver £349 @ Richer Sounds
Denon AVR X2500h now £364, this does fluctuate in price a bit, best it’s been for awhile

No. 4500 supports the most of the 3 mentioned.


So I can use the same number of speakers with each one?


More power, amps, inputs/outputs. Better DAC and components.


Could somebody explain the difference between 2500, 3500 and 4500 please. Audio noob here, what do I get for the extra £?


Although reading into this further zone 2 only supports USB and analogue as inputs which is pretty useless :(

Denon AVRX2500 Network AV Receiver AVRX2500H Black Dolby Atmos Heos £299 @ HyperFi (B-stock customer return)
Updated 28th MayLast updated 28th May by jewelie
Seems like an amazing price for the amp by itself. Denon AVR-X2500H AV Receiver 7.2ch 4k AV Receiver with Voice Control. AVR-X2500H features Dolby Atmos and DTS:X - plus, the la… Read more

We haven't the space to do the whole 5.1 or 7.1 thing, so we just have 4 decent quality full sized speakers (2 front, 2 back) and it works a treat! We need to get a new amp though, we're using one from the 90s and it's beyond its last legs (plus not HDMI etc.)


The multi room is just another set of outputs you wire into speakers in a other room. I've not tried it yet - don't have the money for the extra speakers or ability to out them in the house I am currently in!


I did not realise I needed one till I found this deal and noticed how much ahead the world is of my 15 years old Yamaha amp seriously considering.. please convince me I really do need it to buy it... Also, how does multi-room stuff works?


App on Android is working all good with the amp


I have one of these and I was using spotify this morning, no problems whatsoever?

Denon AVR-X2500H with Q Acoustics 7000i Slim speaker bundle, plus free Atmos upgrade at Peter Tyson for £999.95
Updated 15th MayLast updated 15th May by kaptin_d
As the title. I have been watching this for a while but not sure if I want the plus model with the bigger subwoofer. Just add the 5.1 package to basket, once you go to checkout it… Read more
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I went into store. I went for the slim in the end but they would’ve done the plus


Did you email or call them?


Thanks. I’ll give them a try.


If you want the plus speak to richer sounds. They’ll price match this and will do it for the plus (at least they did for me)

Denon AVRX3500H 7.2 channel AV Receiver / Atmos + Free Express Delivery £549 @ electricshop - [2 Years Manufacturers Warranty]
Updated 22nd AprLast updated 22nd Apr by b1g1an
Denon AVRX3500H 7.2 channel AV Receiver / Atmos + Free Express Delivery £549 @ electricshop - [2 Years Manufacturers Warranty]
£549£599.998%Electric shop Deals
Best price on this at the moment. Reviews on it are great and spec wise it's pretty hefty. As Atmos, which I know a lot of folks are looking for at the moment (not had the pleasure… Read more

Try bumping the rears by 1dB and the sub by 3dB, then turn Dynamic EQ off.


I just wanted to update my previous comments, the latest firmware has resolved the lip sync issues. I also re-ran the Audyssey tuning using my iPad and it sounds a lot better with Dynamic EQ on. I really recommend this AVR now.


Depends on the speakers but I hear a difference between 1xxx 2xxx 3xxx in Stereo.


The base entry Denon is the 250bt at £150 so a £300 difference. No it's unlikely you'd notice much difference for 2.0 music. If you want something that is good at both then you'll need to spend on something from Marantz.


Compared to the base entry Denon that's £200 Think il notice much difference between the two for stereo music ?

Denon HEOS AVR 5.1 AV Receiver, 4K Ultra HDR, HDCP 2.2, ARC, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital & DTS-HD £189.59 delivered @ Amazon Germany
Updated 16th AprLast updated 16th Apr by mikefrom82
Denon HEOS AVR 5.1 AV Receiver, 4K Ultra HDR, HDCP 2.2, ARC, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital & DTS-HD £189.59 delivered @ Amazon Germany
£189.59£49962%Amazon Germany Deals
Good Price for this AV receiver next best price in UK £499 at Peter Tyson £549 Denon HEOS AVR 5.1 AV Receiver, Bluetooth, HDR, HDCP 2.2, ARC, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital & DT… Read more

So after a month they cancelled my order ! What a joke !


Same here! Why did it take them 7 weeks to figure that out???!! Very annoyed


Order cancelled via email!


What speakers?


Will these speakers be ok with this amp I ordered a few days agoäuse-Dunkel-silbernes-Gehäuse-Schwarze-Seitenwände/dp/B06X6FY6CG?ref_=mw_olp_product_details

Denon AVR-X4500H AV Receiver SILVER ONLY - £338 Delivered @ Sevenoaks Sound
Updated 13th AprLast updated 13th Apr by Mrepg
This is the price for the SILVER one only. Black one is £999! Denon AVR-X4500H AV Receiver Premium 9.2 channel AV Surround Receiver offering the most advanced 3D audio suite with … Read more
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Great bit of free marketing for sevenoaks - well played


Sevenoaks did


I was poised to buy it at £338 but just knew it would not be honoured so didn't bother


People ruined this !


Likewise, then would've happily used that to buy a 3500 from them, would've been a win for both teams.

Denon AVRX-4500H Dolby Atmos Reciever only £999 @ RicherSounds
Updated 10th AprLast updated 10th Apr by yorkie12
Denon AVRX-4500H Dolby Atmos Reciever only £999 @ RicherSounds
Best price I've seen. Stonking 9.2 avr upgradeable to 11.2 with an external power amp. 9-channel flexibility With 9.2 channels of generous power, the AVR-X4500H opens up a whole… Read more

Have you seen the price of the 'Silver' one at Seven Oaks -£338 !!


Overkill haha


Crazy price!

Denon RC-DM41DAB Micro Hi-Fi CD Receiver - Bluetooth / DAB / DAB+ / FM + Mission QX-1 Bookshelf Speakers £379 + free del @ electricshop
Updated 7th AprLast updated 7th Apr by joinedup
Denon RC-DM41DAB Micro Hi-Fi CD Receiver - Bluetooth / DAB / DAB+ / FM + Mission QX-1 Bookshelf Speakers £379 + free del @ electricshop
£379£59837%Electric shop Deals
Looking good on this, a change from the bundles that are on offer including the SC-M41 speakers. The mission QX-1 bookshelf ones are showing at around the £240 mark on their own,… Read more

I’ve got the previous iteration of the hifi and it’s great - works well with a pair of good bookshelf speakers & subwoofer in my kitchen diner to pump up the volume, connected to an echo input.


Is the Denon CEOL RCD-N10 worth the extra £100 over this unit?

Denon AVR-X2500H 7.2ch 4k AV Receiver + Q Acoustics 3050i Speaker Package - £1248.88 with  Peter Tyson price match @ Richer Sounds instore
Updated 4th AprLast updated 4th Apr by rev6LocalLocal
Denon AVR-X2500H 7.2ch 4k AV Receiver + Q Acoustics 3050i Speaker Package - £1248.88 with Peter Tyson price match @ Richer Sounds instore
£1,248.88£1,299.904%Richer Sounds Deals
This is a bundle which has saved me about £500 in discounts! It's not an "official" bundle but Peter Tyson are offering a deal where they bundle the 2500H with a Q Acoustics 5.1 sp… Read more
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Yes certainly, from what I've experienced anyway. The sub isn't a monster for sure but it'll put out some decent low end.


So larger soundstage then? I see people complaining about the size of the subwoofer on this setup. I only have a 4m x 4m living room so don't see that a massive subwoofer would bring me great benefits.


Floorstanders sound larger. Bigger cabinets Usually more/larger drivers.


Looking at buying this package with either the denon or Sony 1080 receiver. Trying to work out if it's worth the 360 extra for the tall boy speakers as opposed to the 3010i set front and rear from the 3010i cinema package. What are the advantages of the floor standing speakers other than looks? I am big into high res audio and movies hence looking for a system that will do both instead of having a seperate hi-fi.


What I meant is have you Actually got it home and unboxed etc?

Denon AVRX2500H [ Dolby Atmos] 7.2 Ch. 4K AV Receiver + Wharfedale Diamond DX-2 Black Speaker £699.99 @ electricshop
Updated 3rd AprLast updated 3rd Apr by gatlanda
Fantastic bit of kit if you're in the market for a new set up. The specifications on the receiver is bigger than the moon, so I'll pop the basic specs in. It's all on the 'Get Deal… Read more

Where did you find the N950 for 799 thats crazy cheap


Awesome. Now if only I didn't live on the streets.


All the hassle is worth it.


Every year I say I am going to upgrade the AV set up. I am still running a technics Amp. I don’t see the point replacing it unless I go Dolby ATMOS route. What is putting me off taking the plunge, is the messing about setting up a 5.1/7.1 system, hiding all the cabling etc. For a true Dolby ATMOS experience speakers have to be specifically placed around the living room. Behind you etc. Why so many people just go for the soundbars. Heat added, good price for that set up. (PS. Don’t forget to buy a mile worth of speaker cabling :D )


Thanks guys dually noted all comments (y)

Denon AVRX3500H AV Receiver + Wharfedale DX-2 Speakers + 25m Cable & FREE Echo Dot when paying via Amazon Pay £869.00 @ electricshop
Updated 2nd AprLast updated 2nd Apr by Cheep_Like_The_Budgey
Another bundle here, this time on the AVR-X3500H and Wharfedale Diamond DX-2 speaker set. With this you get 25m of speaker cable and if you pay via Amazon pay, you can get a 2nd Ge… Read more

Let's understand the manufacturing cost - if it's 50p then I also agree (y)


They've matured a lot XD


Yeah, any company that makes scams like this: Doesn't deserve a penny. Snake oil.


How much did you spend and which speakers?


I highly rate Denon receivers, however at that price range you should be looking for a 7 speaker solution and personally a receiver with 9ch output for Atmos, either 7.1.2 or 5.1.4. I was able to get a X4300h a year ago for £749 + speakers, so it can be done and previous year Denon receivers do get discounted very well

Denon AVR-X1500H 7.2 Ch. AV Receiver £249 @ Hughes
Updated 31st MarLast updated 31st Mar by Thoughtful
Denon AVR-X1500H 7.2 Ch. AV Receiver £249 @ Hughes
£249£34929%Hughes Deals
POWERFUL 7.2 CHANNEL AMPLIFIER WITH THE LATEST HOME CINEMA SPECS Featuring discrete high-current amplifiers on all channels, the AVR-X1500H delivers high-power performance at 80 Wa… Read more

Or in other words it probably breaks trade descriptions when it describes it as 'powerful' because it's weedy !


Cheers will be getting an E9 when available so want to future proof a bit but my current Onkyo seems to be developing a relay issue :(


Yeah I noticed a couple of comments on avforums saying the 3500 was a decent step up, music-wise. Tho as I only have a couple of Harmon Kardon sound sticks at the mo I imagine anything tho price (with decent speakers) would be a decent step up!


I haven't demo'd this range of Denon AV's, more so the previous ones. I noticed quite a substantial difference between the 2xxx and 3xxx AV's in stereo (Pure Direct). But I guess it depends on the speakers as well.


Haha maybe just when they’re up late making on their own sweet music. Hmm sounds decent then. Am in 2 minds between getting a cheaper AVR like this or just going all in and treating myself or an x3500h! Would the x1500 sound ‘good enough’ for music along with home cinema?

Denon AVR-X2500H AV Receiver with Monitor Audio Mass AV Speakers - Price match Richer Sounds - £769.90 @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual
Updated 15th MarLast updated 15th Mar by porky232
Denon AVR-X2500H AV Receiver with Monitor Audio Mass AV Speakers - Price match Richer Sounds - £769.90 @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual
This set is currently being sold at for £829 at richer sounds. They will match and beat this price. Denon AVR-X2500H AV Receiver Key Features 7.2 channel AV receiver with 15… Read more

Would this sound better than my Onkyo 605?


Just think how much better to theme will sound!


Great AV system. I bought the speakers with a 2300 a few years back. Love it.


Oooh want! Not sure if I need so much tech for a 40 inch tv and watching a couple of episodes of coronation street a week!


This sofa comes with too many chairs !!

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