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Updated 9th SepLast updated 9th Sep by Raptorman
Clearance camping chair at B&M reduced from £8 to £0.50. Only had 1 left in my local store https://www.bmstores.co.uk/products/folding-camping-chair-with-cup-holder-red-366… Read more

Impossible to say, you will need to check your local store.


Will this be all stores or just 1 store.

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Updated 7th SepLast updated 7th Sep by MrOccasionallySavvy
I am wondering if anyone can recommend some places that sell high seat chairs ? My wife is disabled and would like something that is easier to get in and out of.

In case you haven't already considered it there are a variety of products which you could use to adapt any chairs you currently have. See these sites for examples: https://www.nrshealthcare.co.uk/bedroom-seating-aids/seating/standing-from-chair-aids or https://www.completecareshop.co.uk/bedroom-aids/chairs?sort=MasterPrice%3Aasc Alternatively this chair on Amazon may meet your requirements: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07SQX9ZQB Or this chair: https://www.amazon.co.uk/NRS-Healthcare-High-Chair-H86810/dp/B006B8CIY6 Lots of other choices on Amazon as well: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/bestsellers/drugstore/2826371031/


https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/treasuretreeforvocalcarers The above is a link to an organisation that helps people carers (especially unpaid/volunteer carers) - they may know of similar organisations in your area - might be worth getting in touch with them.


Don't be afraid to buy second-hand. I know of one chair that cost well over 1K but went on ebay for £450 - it was four weeks old and hardly used as the lady it was bought for passed away shortly after her kids bought it for her. There are lots of these types of chairs on sale on gumtree etc that are in perfectly good condition - certainly worth a look (having transport also helps). There may also be some help groups in your area that could advise on any assistance. Hope things work out for you, God bless.


I should add the Shackletons are out of our price range, we are looking at around £350 as a budget.

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Updated 3rd SepLast updated 3rd Sep by Xippi
is there any recommendations? I'd like a espresso size and also a full sized one if possible please.

I've used these for a couple of years for cortado. Coffee & streamed milk produced by an espresso machine - wouldn't use for hot water from a kettle which would be nearer boiling. Not idea if they're intended for this but they've worked perfectly well for me https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/reko-glass-clear-glass-80094014/


Saw some in poundland recently


Have you tried in store at ASDA? I got a large glass mug,for just over a pound,recently(it may have been cheaper,can't remember,but was very cheap). Not on their site,but found it in store. Granted,it might be a bit large,it says tea mug on the sticker,but I use it for coffee. (y)


are these glass cups microwaveable?


All 3 sizes on this page https://www.roov.co.uk/kitchen

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Updated 3rd AugLast updated 3rd Aug by mas99
My partner is looking to get this chair, probably from John Lewis... Just wondering if anyone has experience with it, and knows of anywhere else selling it cheaper/any codes etc. … Read more

They are excellent - buy used at a fraction of the new price. The humanscales are great because of the dynamic balance on the tilt.




Which IKEA one do you have?


Great chairs, sat on one for 2 years in a previous job. That said the Ikea one i've been sat on for the last 18 months that is a quarter of the price is just as comfy.....

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Updated 22nd JulLast updated 22nd Jul by MynameisM
Just to clarify I don't mean the adult kind of swinging (embarrassed) We had a massive Costco play area that including some swings but my kids had outgrown the majority of it so … Read more

What about making your own. With big chains and a old tyre make a frame from thick wood or a steel frame.


Back door action (lol)


When I was a kid in the 80s, one of our neighbours had pampas grass but only at the rear. I'm not sure what that could have meant.


My daughter is approaching her 18th birthday, and she still uses her swing on a daily basis. It's a plum swing set that is rated above her current weight, but it still needs new brackets or a swing seat every year or so as they wear out. Here's an example that would suit; https://www.caledoniaplay.com/product/single-wooden-swing-frame/ It looks like the seat itself comes separately so make sure that is also rated for adults.


It must be a Scottish thing. If you had pampas grass in your front garden it was code u were a swinger (lol) (y)

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Updated 24th JunLast updated 24th Jun by damianscotland
Hey Guys! I am working from home for over a year now and starting to have serious pain in the back and on my bottom as well ;) currently using IKEA Markus, which was a great chair… Read more

They do cost £1200! (lol)


Herman Miller are the best for comfort imo


Recently bought the GT Omega Pro XL - I am 6 6" and it's absolutely spot on for £270 notes,




How tall are you?