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20% off All Fragrances! @ Thefragranceshop - For Example: Dior Sauvage EDP 200ml £101.60
23/08/2019Expires on 23/08/2019Posted 16 h, 8 m agoPosted 16 h, 8 m ago
20% off all fragrances with code preview20 End tomorrow at 9am

I prefer the opening from the edt but on a 30 Min dry down the edp is the winner hands down and lasts twice as long. Also forget public spaces as the edp will drop knickers from 20 meters


Bought the 200ml @ Debenhams 92 with 3.68 cash backEDT is this EDP any better or worse???



Not really. You spend £43 on 60ml. You like the fragrance so then run out and buy another at £43, you then use that and buy another for £43 and now £129 in, you were better off buying the 200ml. So it all depends. If I love a fragrance, I will always get the biggest I can afford. 99% of the time it works out much cheaper if I know I will use 100ml, 150ml or 200ml for example. Personal even though I love the smell, I won't buy Sauvage as its the new 1 Million and is too nice for its own good.


I dont care how nice it smells over £100 for a smelly is crazy!!

2 for £15 offer on genuine Gilette Fusion5 razor blades (4 pack) with complimentary samples of Dior Sauvage perfume at Boots
Posted 21st AugPosted 21st Aug
really good price for Gilette Blades. Compatible with all models of fusion five razor
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Gillette sales have plummeted by $8billion worldwide since their ‘toxic masculinity’ ads. I wonder if they regret it yet ? (excited) I swapped to Dorco, best thing I ever did.


An advert that portrayed their customers as morons. I doubt they would have treated their female customers the same way. If men are abandoning their overpriced products they only have themselves to blame. Not a reflection on the post, by the way, which is always appreciated. (y)


It's not "only an advert", it's an advertising campaign developed by a man-hating team of degenerates. P&G have lost billions of dollars of profit because of this nonsense, it seems that ex-Gilette users are getting over it in droves! (y)


Yes, of course they are going to hate the group of consumers that give them the majority of their sales. It was only an advert, get over it!!!


link only giving me a single pixel in the center of the screen. any way of fixing it?

Dior Sauvage 60ml EDT - £44.55 delivered @ The Perfume Shop
365° Expired
Posted 18th AugPosted 18th Aug
DIOR SAUVAGE - 60ml EDT Thanks to @millarcat for the code !! A radically fresh composition, dictated by a name that has the ring of a manifesto. That was the way Francois Demac… Read more

;( ;( ;( ;( ;( the thought of that has ended me


Get lost in the sauce


Just checked, its a washbag


It's an actual sausage. Just one mind.


It's normally a leather bracelet if I recall correctly....

Free Dior Sauvage Men’s Fragrance Sample 1.5ml @ Boots
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Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
The House of Dior is pleased to offer you an exclusive sample of its new Sauvage. A fragrance with a high concentration of fierce charm. Its powerful aromatic freshness lights up … Read more
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Thanks for the clarification



Damn you straight to hell, is that supposed to help me get it?


If you want a good copy of this, FM 457 is spot on. I cant tell the difference and its a good strong parfam

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Dior Sauvage 200ml Eau De Toilette - £95 @ Boots (potentially £85.50) w/free C&C
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Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Discount applied automatically in basket! Just noticed that boots have discount on certain tiers of spend meaning that Sauvage 200ml is down to £95. Offer stacks with student di… Read more

Second call for a kind student to DM me a discount code. It would be most appreciated.


Anyone else have a students discount code please DM me. Thanks in lieu


Anyone have a student card discount pls Pm me much appreciated thanks


I’m onto Mont Blanc Explorer now but it’s hard to beat Sauvage (lol)


Huh Sauvage is so yesterday, go old school with Fahrenheit! 😜

DIOR Sauvage Eau de Toilette 60ml @ Boots - £45
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Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
A radically fresh composition, dictated by a name that has the ring of a manifesto. That was the way Francois Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, wanted it: raw and noble all at once.… Read more
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£44.19 @ The Fragrance Shop code OMG19


Another? BDC was the original blue woody aromatic.


It's one of the most popular scents used by guys that spend more than £40 on a cologne.


I don't know of anyone besides myself that wears it. It doesn't last anywhere near as much as it did when it first came out.


Is this a joke? Chanel Bleu is just another sheep scent too!

Dior Sauvage 100ml EDT for £65 delivered with code SAUVAGE free sample @ Fragrance Shop
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Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Dior Sauvage 100ml EDT for £65 delivered with code SAUVAGE with free try it firstsample

I will never post a Dior sauvage deal again, ive tried twice and failed.


This is a good price and an amazing fragrance. Why has it been voted cold?


Adam Ant - Sausage. Something a little different (y)


£61.91 code PERFUME18


Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette 100ml with £10 worth of Boots Advantage Card vouchers £66 @ Boots
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Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
DIOR Sauvage Eau de Toilette 100ml Price was £76 with £10 off making it £66. John Lewis are price matching but Boots are offering an additional £10 worth of Advantage Card vouche… Read more

God that'll never stop being funny (lol)


Nice smell 🤪


You put a picture of the EDP up. Got me excited and then I see it's for the EDT (flirt)


There is also free engraving at Westfield Stratford, just outside Bootsif you buy this.


Eau de sausage

Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum 200ml for £105.60 @ Boots
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Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
UK #1 BESTSELLING FRAGRANCE. * Please don't shot the messenger :) Depending upon your choice, as I know there are more than a few haters, It is cheapest online price that I ca… Read more

I love this, great price but 60ml has lasted me a year so far and it 30% through it, would never get through 200ml Heat from me!!!!!!


200ml £90.91 @ Allbeauty code AFTAKE7 / £87.98 with Vouchercodes Student


Johnny Depp Allegedly Tried to Get Amber Heard Fired From Aquaman


This doesn't even smell that great, plus it dropped to about 86 I think at Christmas last year!



Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum 60ml £56 and £49.40 with Student Beans @ Boots
-47° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Probably the best price at the moment. With boots current offer of £10 off with every £50 spend. Even better if you’ve got Student Beans as you get 10% on the price before £10 savi… Read more
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£52.40 @ The Fragrance Shop code PREVIEW20


Very handy to know, just Hope I Remember (lol) Thanx


It's been posted before, there is a monthly fee as essentially it's like topcashback but it pays a higher percentage. First month is free and afterwards it's 15 pounds per month for the membership. However, if you buy at least something once a month you can claim a monthly bonus of 15 pounds so effectively you aren't paying anything.


Thanx, I've Never heard of Complete savings before, maybe you should post this up.


Didn't work in Chrome, worked fine in Firefox.

Dior Sauvage EDP 100ml £61.70 The Perfume Shop
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Good price for EDP and TCB and Quidco on top of it making around ~57.00 for 100ml and free standarddelivery too.

Just checked the offer was available till 9AM :(


It only takes 10% off for me, how do you get 20% off?


EDP has ~10% to 20% fragrance oil content compared to EDT with only ~5% to 15% fragrance oil. So technically EDP should last longer than EDT and has bit more vivid fragrance notes.


OK, topcashback for tcb!


What is edt?!

Bleu De Chanel 100ml Eau De Parfum £72 / Dior Sauvage 100ml EDT £56 @ Boots (+ 10% student discount)
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Discount applies at checkout. A further 10% off with student beans

Any students happy to send me a code too.. Not sure if still deal valid though


It's just my opinion having tried and compared. They don't last long on me at all so I wouldn't invest. Original Vetiver however (not Aventus) lasts all day and even faintly after a shower, and I only need to use a tiny amount. It can be had for £150 and represents better value on all fronts. Again, my opinion.


Thinking sauvage doesn't last and has poor longevity is pure nonsense. BDC has decent longevity too. Aventus is also more than just a wee bit extra. Not to mention the batch variations and the the current formulation being much poorer than the past (still an amazing scent however)


Don't see the fuss about this at all - nothing distinctive about either of these in my opinion, they also don't project much and there's poor logevity. I'd spend a wee bit more and get Creed.


How you get £10 off?

Dior Sauvage EDT 200ml Spray
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Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Received an email with 20% off full price using code PREVIEW20. Code ends Friday 9am so be quick. One of my favourite smells. Usual free standard delivery over £40 spend, fre… Read more

Will do mate, thanks


Try Amouage Reflection or Jubilation XXV. Better order a 5-10ml sample, plenty of places over the internet, at least to know if you like it rather than spending £120+.


Amouage on list for next time. Tom Ford I already have. Creed - one day (y)


I've got Oud 24h too and I really like it, great for £10. I've mentioned, Amouage as an example. If I pay £100 for a perfume, I rather go with the proper ones such as Amouage, Tom Ford, Creed, etc. Dior is nice, but is in a different league.


I'll try Amouage EDP - where did you get it from? I got Oud 24 Hrs 100ml from ebay last time for about £10.50, very nice for the price and it lasts for a few hours but do need a few squirts imo.

DIOR SAUVAGE Eau de Parfum 100ml for him code gets you 15% off - now £65.45 at The Perfume Shop
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Refreshed 16th MayRefreshed 16th May
Dior sauvage Eau de Perfum100ml for £77.....cheapest found on any website. RRP is £92 MAY1516 gets you 15% off which brings it down to £65.45

This guy seems to reckon the EDT is slightly better, or at least more versatile. either way, they are definitely DIFFERENT. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYnJWmDow6U


Thanks OP, nice little treat for the hubby


Comparing Apples and Oranges there mate. Sausage is £65is and while TF is 3 times the price. Find something comparable. (confused)


That's an awful comparison because Noir de Noir is a dark truffle rose and Sauvauge is Ambroxan based. There isn't really a comparative TF fragrance. I agree Noir de Noir is much better but they're very far from being the same.


I've never heard that comparison until now. Are you suggesting they smell similar?

Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette 60ml - £45 @ Boots (Free C&C)
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette 60ml - £45 @ Boots (Free C&C)
£45£5518%Boots Shop Deals
£10 off Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette 60ml

They’ve done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time.


Purely here for the comments


great....now just need to find that time machine


Today's equivalent of One Million. Glad everyone uses it though. Leaves me chance to smell unique.


I got a sample of this last week, it's fine but to me it's not worth £45 for 60ml :p

DIOR SAUVAGE - Eau de parfum - £132 down to £105.60 (200ml) The Perfume Shop
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
DIOR SAUVAGE - Eau de parfum - £132 down to £105.60 (200ml) The Perfume Shop
I've always heard great things about this fragrance so today I had to bite the bullet. I saw another deal with this fragrance but I wanted the big 200ml bottle but it was £112 so … Read more

Coz people see over £100 in title and you can’t see the 200ml until you open it.


Ordered 200ml, used quidco, and 2 free samples on top of that


Currently using this..smells nice. And all the middle aged women I work with say it's nice too, for what that's worth (embarrassed)


Good price for 200ml. Don't know why cold, this is EDP and a good brand. I personally prefer to have a few smaller different perfumes rather than 200ml, but the price for this one is not bad. Voted hot!


60ml £50.49 @ FeelUnique. Sign up to Myfeelunique Platinum extra 10% off Brand 60ml £52.07 @ The Fragrance Shop Code PERFUME18 100ml £69.60 / 200ml £105.60 @ The Perfume Shop. 10% Quidco 60ml £51.10 / 100ml £68.95 @ Allbeauty Code BANKHOL5, £5 plus Amazon voucher @ Vouchercodes vouchercodes.co.uk/all…346

Dior Sauvage EDP - £56.10 (69ml) - £73.95 (100ml) - £112.20 (200ml) @ Debenhams
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Cheapest I could find. Item description - The juicy and spicy freshness of ‘Sauvage’ exudes new sensual and enveloping facets of vanilla absolute. The powerful freshness of ‘Sau… Read more
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Ordered 200ml and 2 free samples on top


Correct, best bang for bucks atm for EDP


Just checked, all prices/sizes were for EDP, I mentioned 200ml from The Perfume Shop for £105.60 in my commemts & 10% Quidco


Please read my comments above "


£105.60 for 200ml Sauvage Edp at the perfume shop

Spend & Save on Fragrance & Premium Beauty - Stacks with other Offers @ Boots eg Dior Sauvage EDT 60ml was £55 now £40.50 or 2 for £72
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Refreshed 29th AprRefreshed 29th Apr
Spend & Save on Fragrance & Premium Beauty - Stacks with other Offers @ Boots eg Dior Sauvage EDT 60ml was £55 now £40.50 or 2 for £72
Boots have started a fab Spend & Save on Fragrance & Premium Beauty - the more you spend, the more you save :) Spend £40 and you will save 10% in your basket automatica… Read more

Code is not working :(




Save Codes no longer working. Expired


Can you share studentbean code plze?


Can anyone share the studentbean code please?

DIOR SAUVAGE Eau de Toilette 100 ml £64.60 delivered at The Perfume Shop
226° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
DIOR SAUVAGE Eau de Toilette 100 ml £64.60 delivered at The Perfume Shop
£64.60£68.406%The Perfume Shop Deals
Easter weekend price with 15% off on all sizes Ends 23rd April FREE POSTAGE More perfume offers
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It was posted Feb 2018


No thanks. Smells like Toilet Duck.


Where is this deal please


Its out of stock

Dior Sauvage EDT 100ml - £59.45 @ The Fragrace Shop
-104° Expired
Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
Dior Sauvage EDT 100ml - £59.45 @ The Fragrace Shop
Using code PERFUME18 get 18% off all perfumes on site. 60ml/200ml also available.

or add £11.48 and go for EDP same size instead :-)


Worth trying the EDP if you sort of like the EDT. Not so harsh.


I am finally begining to like this Synthethic quagmire but others have yet to be persuaded. Reviews here :- https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Christian-Dior/Sauvage-31861.html A bit pricey too.

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