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Dirt 5 PS5 £19.99 via boss_deals / eBay
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Dirt 5 is currently £19.99 on eBay with discount code

Sony would be fairly silly releasing any PS5 exclusive games anytime soon, barely anyone can get hold of a console and by the time any new releases can reach mass audiences they'll be heavily reduced. Afterall it's going to be 3rd maybe 4th quarter until they can meet demand and make scalpers moot


Good friend of mine was raving over this, apparently the dualsense haptics is worth playing for that alone, to be honest if it's even half as impressive as the rain haptics in Astroboy then I can't wait, take my heat


Won't be seeing that until 2022/23 as per Polyphony's previous form. They might pull the old 'prologue' in between game again.


Great game. I paid about 40 for it back when I got the PS5 at launch and it's great to just pick up and play a couple of races. Also, even though I've got it on PC via gamepass so I could play it at even prettier settings, I'd miss the amazing haptics it has on the PS5 pad.


Grid. Most all rounded ps4 racer and looks arguably better in some aspects to dirt 5. Plays really well too.

[Steam] Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle (PC) Inc DiRT Rally 2.0 GOTY, Prey, Wolfenstein - £8.99 @ Fanatical
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
3 for £8.99 5 for £13.99 7 for £17.99 DiRT Rally 2.0 GOTY This bundle includes: DiRT Rally 2.0 DiRT Rally 2.0 - Year One Pass (S1-4) + Colin McRae FLAT OUT PACK NOTE: This gam… Read more

I just played <most> of Titanfall single player campaign on free weekend and really enjoyed it! Which (if any?) Wolfenstein games are similarly good? I haven't played any. Some say best to play in a certain order?


I opted for Verdun, Prey, and Horizon Chase Turbo. Only played Verdun so far. It's pretty good! Crucially, it has enough people playing it online.


Wow. prey was an awesome game. Reminds me I wanted to complete it a different way. so many games to play though...


I'd recommend: Prey, Wolfenstein New Order + Old Blood, Tomb Raider, Metro Last Light (played all these ones and were all fantastic).

[Steam] DiRT Rally 2.0 (PC) - £1.99 @ Fanatical
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Get ready to carve your way through a selection of iconic rally locations from across the globe with your DiRT Rally 2.0 Steam PC key. Enjoy exhilarating races and trials in the mo… Read more

Link shows £14.34 :(


Oh nice I've just been trying original dirt on my new build so I'll have some of this.


How will this run on my Ryzen 3 3200g with vega graphics & 8gb ram. I don't have a gpu


For anyone unsure, this is a driving simulation game which tries to be as realistic as possible. It's an absolute outstanding game, but it's brutal, so be prepared to spend a lot of time upside down and sideways to begin with. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast is a much better philosophy than the old "in if doubt, flat out" in my opinion when it comes to this game!


Cracking price but ai prefer the original Dirt Rally. Still looks amazing and better than Dirt Rally 2

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DIRT 5 (PS4) (Free PS5 Upgrade) - £19.99 delivered @ Monster Shop
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Good offer. All DIRT 5 players on PlayStation 4 are entitled to a FREE upgrade to PS5. Whilst respecting the heritage and retaining the DNA of the franchise, DIRT 5 writes a… Read more

What is the best racing simulation game for Ps4 anyone?


Theres absolutely no reason to play this other than for the achievements/trophies. It's so badly cobbled together and everything about it is forgettable. It works and the cars move is the best thing I can say about it.


Most likely it's the track design. The tracks are really soulless and forgettable which isn't what you want from a racing game. It did remind me of pole position in the arcades, which for a game to come out 30odd years later and emulate the feel of it should be seen as an embarrassment really!


Grid trying to be Forza Horizon. The racing is ok , nice looking , but the voice overs are so annoying as is the unknown light metal soundtrack. Luckily it's on Game Pass on Xbox


Picked this up on PS5 having not played a racing game in nearly a decade. Maybe i've just gotten older but it just isn't that fun. Not in a simulator sense or an arcade sense.

Dirt Rally £1 @ Eneba / Sold by e-commerce
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Here is a site with a huge list of steam games all for under £1. Some gems here like Dirt Rally. I had my key delivered pretty much straight away. Worth taking a look. They also … Read more

Er...it's been 76p on this and other websites for the past year. I've see it drop to 53p. This is now the normal price, it's not a Hot Deal.