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[Steam] DiRT 4 - £11.24 - Gamesplanet
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Cheapest price yet for DiRT 4 on PC. Definitely worth a go at this price. It's good, it's just not DiRT 3 good (y) The world’s leading off-road racing series is back! DiR… Read more
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Brexit. That and publisher discounts for some regions are lower when compared between the two :o


Why are we pricing GBP prices higher than the EURO? (skeptical)


This is a rally good deal!


Thanks for posting Buzz, you can also get DiRT Rally for 81% off :) Both games are daily deals.


Good price but way too many racers on the backlog right now!!!

Dirt 4 xbox one digital download - £8.96 @ Turkish xbox store
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Dirt 4 xbox one digital download, under £10 for codemasters latest dirt release is a great price! The world leader land race series is back! While DiRT 4 confronts the toughest ra… Read more
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Yeah you need to verify your mobile number before they send the code sorry forgot to include this in my comment


Glad you got it sorted...


Mine didnt give me a code. Got it sorted in the end, had to go through customer services and they ending up just emailing me it after agruging the point with them for about 30 minutes.


Yeah I had that too it gives you a code not sure if it's needed to verify the account but I did it..


still havent had mine,in fact I have had an email off someone saying I have to verify my phone number

DiRT Rally XBOX ONE Microsoft Store £11 with Gold
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Doesn't seem to come down in price on console. Good price for a digital copy
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Thanks. I'll pass then. Project cars 1 was not optimized for a controller and it really wasn't enjoyable to struggle with every race. They fixed that in 2 and it's an amazing game. That's why I asked, if it's anything like what you mentioned my backlog is too large to spend being frustrated.


I just gone for dirt 4. Was tempted to go for dirt rally but just think the difficulty would put me off out of frustration. As a casual gamer, hopefully I've made the right choice, downloading now.


Dirt Rally is a simulator and alot harder (too hard imo) to keep the car on the track...good if you like that sort of thing. Dirt 4 gives you a choice of Sim mode (not as hard as Dirt Rally) or Gamer mode (more arcade like and much easier to control the cars and more fun)....I would pick Dirt 4 for having a choice of modes.


Sorry don't have a wheel so no idea


FWIW, I love racing games and this is pretty unforgiving with a controller - a lot of getting used to. Not tried it on the wheel, but maybe this is what people are getting at!

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DiRT 4 (Xbox One) - £16.50 with Gold (70% off) - Microsoft Store
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
I know this will be part of the complete lists, but thought the price warranted its own post! Cracking price for a solid rally game. Quite repetitive but I really enjoyed it noneth… Read more
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U need to put the hours in to appreciate it..... Dirt Rally ;)


Yeah it's strange they don't have gift cards, would definitely be the go to store if they did. Brazilian and Russian stores are popular because of how easy it is to gain a code but Argentina beats them on price by a good margin 90% of the time.


Thanks, noticed Argentina had a lot of the cheapest prices but couldn’t find gift cards :D


It is a great price, noticed that after posting this, but it's a totally different game, too tough for me!


No gift cards for Argentina, you have to share a VPN to the Xbox one and buy it off the console, you can still use revolut doing this too. All info can be found here https://www.hotukdeals.com/discussions/xbox-one-buying-from-other-regions-with-a-vpn-virtual-private-network-2609231

Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Couldn"t see this listed anywhere at this price, seems great price for the complete bundle including vr The DiRT Rally® + PLAYSTATION®VR BUNDLE includes the full DiRT Rally game, … Read more
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I'm guessing it's gone back to full price?


Awesome game, get it whilst it's this price. I already had it on xbox but once it became VR I had to buy it again! It's actually easier in VR as you ability to see the corners properly seems improved. Judging the old 'don't cut' is a lot easier. The only downside is if you get a bit VR sick it can be a rollercoaster ride!


Nice one


It's even better on PC... nice price though :) you will enjoy this . I'm 750+ hours in and still loving it


Good choices. Both similar games. I expect you to die is still sadly too short even with the extra level they added for free a little while ago. I powered through them, so I did. Statik is a good length though and stumped me (in a good way) a couple of times!

Huge Crate: Dirt Rally - £9.99 Delivered from GAME
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Available in Medium / Large. Lots in the box. T Shirt, Cap, Top Trumps Set, Bag, Wallet, Poster, Badge.
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Ordered a couple and collected from store Really disappointed with the quality - also one was a clear customer return (contents were all scrunched up in a game bag in the box).


Out of pride too (lol)




Load of tat but... actually not bad price for whats in it... t-shirt, bag, wallet and cap...£2.50 each and a few bits of free crap... 8)


So they're just essentially selling off all the promotion tat they got sent from the publishers? Classy stuff. Although it is GAME so I cant say I'm surprised.

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DIRT Rally £5.99 & EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone £5.99 @ oculus
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
DiRT Rally is the most authentic and thrilling rally game ever made. It perfectly captures the white-knuckle feeling of racing on the edge as you hurtle along dangerous roads, know… Read more
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Can anyone install games - I keep getting errors


I'm partnered up with hurk and his mam. Lethal them two but if it's missions you need to save something ie. A helicopter, you've had it. I've had to get rid of them both on some missions. Far cry 5 is going down legendary for me along with creed origins. Ubisoft has come out of nowhere to become my favourite devs/Publishers. I don't even mind Uplay :D


I am currently addicted to Far Cry 5 and in love with Boomer. I want a Boomer game now.


Nice one, thanks for that


Get that rift back out of that box! 8) There's been some amazing games released over the last year. Mines been tied up for a few weeks mind, due to creed origins and far cry 5, but can't wait to get stuck back in :D

Dirt 4 Xbox One Steelbook £16  Tesco Long Eaton
LocalLocalFound 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Seems a good price
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Hmmm there's a ps4 deal at same price but the xbox ones are either expired or were dearer buying from Tesco direct


Probably cold cause it's been posted a lot at this price from Tesco in the last week or more


Cheaper elsewhere? :/

Dirt Rally [STEAM] £6.79 @ IndieGala
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
DiRT Rally Publisher: Codemasters Developer: Codemasters Racing Studio About This Game Built by Codemasters and road tested over 60 million miles by the DiRT community, DiRT … Read more

I better get 3 in case they run out


Just noticed 498 currently in stock so there is a limited number of keys.

[Steam] DiRT Rally - £6.83 - Fanatical
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Cheapest around and currently a smidge cheaper than Instant Gaming . I'd love to tell you it's a great game, as the reviews on Steam suggest, but it's really hard and I've n… Read more
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If you don't like normal driving games you certainly won't like this! This is the Dark Souls of the genre, it's hard and can get harder if you damage your car (which is very easy) Amazing level of satisfaction from completing a stage cleanly and fast. Even when you get good (or better!) at it, it can still throw you a curveball sometimes.


IndieGala 83% off - £6.79 if you fancy saving a few pence (y) here :)


Its very realistic simulation game, you are always fighting for control not like the normal rally games. Tweaking setting can help a little though


affordable price and heat added (y)

Dirt 4 steelbook edition PS4 £16 @ Tesco instore
LocalLocalFound 24th MarFound 24th Mar

I saw these in Tesco Brockworth yesterday.


You'll be lucky to find any in store. Been out of stock at my store for ages!


Why is this listed under Tesco Direct but it's in-store only?


Oh boo, oos online! Can't be bothered going to my nearest Tesco, the staff buy everything worth having up

Dirt 4 £13.49 (PC / Steam) @ HumbleStore 10% extra off for Monthly Subscribers
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
DiRT 4 is provided via Steam key for Windows. For key redemption, a free Steam account is required. Also on sale. DIRT 4 - TEAM BOOSTER PACK £0.74 https://www.humblebundle.com/… Read more
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I will pass. As already got stung on release for this.




#DillyDilly (highfive)


Heat .., Dilly Dilly


(y) great one (y)

Rez Infinite £12, Sprint Vector £14, Dirt Rally VR upgrade £5.79, Megaton Rainfall £7.39, Battlezone £9.49 + other PS VR highlights @ PSN
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
These are the cheapest they've ever been. The other highlights are listed in the comments. Rez Infinite : £11.99 / 52% off 89 critic / 77 user https://psprices.com/region-gb/gam… Read more
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It's meant to be a blast with mates. You don't even need to be a Trekkie really.


Different strokes I guess, but <£8 for interstellar travel and the level of destruction couldn't possibly be a huge let-down for me :).


This deal is primarily for the games in the title. I just added the others separately as I'd already made a full list for them.


Star Trek any good?


Looks amazing thanks but I can see that one being a spew fest. (skeptical)

Dirt 4 (PS4) £15.99 Delivered (Prime) £17.98 (Non-prime) Delivered @ Amazon
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Edit: Nier is gone now, but Dirt is still available. Swapped the links. Nier Automata (PS4) £18.49

Well I think you’ve sold it to me just need to wait for another good deal on it haha


It is highly recommended. I have played it only for a few hours and that was not the main story at all. Spent all my hours wondering around only! It is beautiful. I really should get back to it, if I get a chance to spend sometime playing.


Yeah I am into RPG’s love them, just never heard of this game much till I got my PS4 recently and I feel it’s a really popular game since it’s mentioned a lot and bought a lot from deals on here


showing as £32 for me


Nier is a creative game. They mixed and matched many gaming styles in one game. Even unique in terms of trophies and how to achieve them (won't spoil it for you). It is a must, but only mabye if you are into RPGs. Also, story is very well written.

DiRT 4 [PS4/XO] £15.99 @ Argos
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
DiRT 4 PS4/XBox £15.99 @ Argos. Price will show at checkout.

Thanks for merging the deal with nihir's, sorry I didn't see it before hand! :)


Posted here mate : https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/dirt-4-ps4xo-1599-argos-2905343


Already posted


Cheers Mr Wilson XD


Thanks @FloatingWilson (highfive)

PC :- DiRT Rally £7.99 Reduced from £39.99 ( Rally Racing Simulator ) ** Direct With Steam **
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
REVIEWS “Dirt Rally is a brilliant looking and incredible sounding racing sim that feels absolutely outstanding” 8.9 – IGN “Codemasters has delivered what's quite simply its fi… Read more
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It looks as though it has expired now, back up to £39.99.....


No problems here with VR. You just need to get used to it. Play 30 mins every day for a week and you should find things improve considerably. The first time I fired up Minecraft in VR I literally couldn't leave my base I was so nauseous. Now I can play it 6 hours straight. Never noticed any problems with the pace notes.


Aswell as Rally Cross ..


It is all against the clock.


Does it have a lot of racing vs AI or is it mostly vs the clock?

Dirt 4 for the PC £7.95 - jpsurfshop ebay
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
HSG1's deal was expired for some reason, still a few in stock now
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Most pointless comment ever???


If apple was added to the title it would be super coole


This thread literally just proves nobody really clicks most deals and just go off the misleading title


Get some real dirt coasters here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Angeles-Angels-Coasters-Certified-Authentic/dp/B003HCN0ZK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1520184223&sr=8-3&keywords=dirt+coasters


Why would anyone buy this?

Dirt 4 Day One Edition PS4 £14.99 @ Smyths (free c+c)
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Dropped in price to £14.99 - stock looks ok at time of posting (free c+c) Dirt 4 recreates the mix of adrenalin and fear that comes from powering around a blind bend and the rush… Read more
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Thanks. Ordered.


Both, you can choose if you want casual or sim like DIRT Rally when you first start it.


More arcade than sim. If you want sim, try Dirt Rally which is savage.


Is this an arcade racer or simulation?


Nice one, 14.99 on Xbox too, just ordered to store!

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