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Dirt 5 Xbox One - £1 Instore @ Asda (Coventry)
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Seen Dirt 5 for £1 on Xbox one. Couldn't see a os4 version. Might be a wild goose chase but if your near one worth a look. You will get more for it if you trade it into to cex. But… Read more

also at asda barrow in furness


Got it really cheap off here for the Xbox and that translates over to the PC version too for some reason and got it free on PS Plus, so got it installed on all 3 This game is a bit wet unless you turn all of the assists off and then it becomes a lot better, the races where you go around in a speedway type loop are annoying though


For someone who uses IMO you are very keen on insinuating other peoples opinions are wrong.


Why do you buy it on all platforms? Please help me understand.


It is? WOW! No game has ever got this cheap this fast. And you think that's because its so good? It's shockingly bad IMO and seemingly most others. Hence the price! Lol the worst game on the worst platform. The perfect partnership (:I

[PC] DiRT 5 - £5.29 with code @ Gamivo
Made hot 6th JanMade hot 6th Jan
Choose seller 'Game_Garden', untick Customer Protection rubbish and enter discount '3AKS3' to get this price. Steam. DIRT 5 is the boldest off-road racing experience created by … Read more

Thank you for your contribution on this PC deal (y)


Free on PS5


It's a terrific game on Stadia, been having a lot of fun with.




Also available on stadia subscription

PS Plus Games (January 2022) - Deep Rock Galactic, DiRT 5 (PS5 / PS4), Persona 5 Strikers (PS4)
01/02/2022Expires on 01/02/2022Made hot 22nd Dec 2021Made hot 22nd Dec 2021
Update 1
Now live
The next games which will be offered with the PS Plus subscription for the month of January will include Deep Rock Galactic (PS5 / PS4) , DiRT 5 (PS5 / PS4) and Persona 5 Strike… Read more

Persona 5 Royal is superb. Start there. Persona 3 and 4 are popular, but I don't think you can play them on modern consoles. You could try the AetherSX2 PS2 emulator for both of those, but you would likely need a decent-ish android phone.


I could not get on with P5 Strikers and dropped it. I wanted to like it and thought I would. Never played a Persona game before and always wanted to, I don't think P5 Strikers was a good place to start. I thought the combat was too repetitive and button mash style. I pretended I liked it for a week or so and just faced it I wasn't enjoying it and stopped and find I don't miss it. I did like the characters a lot so might try one of the other Persona games at one point.


Agreed. I was expecting to be quite angry at the change from turned based, but it's okay. Not my usual cuppa tea, but I'll try and complete it once I'm finished with the Mass Effect Legendary trilogy.


Strikers is a sequel. Set six months after P5. Different combat system, but nice way to continue the story. Nowhere near as good as P5, but still a great game


i LOVE split/second!! memories back at uni, it’s a real shame they don’t do it anymore

Dirt 5 on PS4 - £14.95 @ The Game Collection
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Made hot 22nd Dec 2021Made hot 22nd Dec 2021
Dirt 5 on PS4

Also free on PS+ next month if you can wait


And includes free PS5 upgrade..from playstation store..."Not only that, but purchase DIRT 5 on PlayStation®4 and receive the enhanced, optimised PlayStation®5 version for free! The PlayStation®5 Digital Edition requires a digital version of DIRT 5 for the upgrade."

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Ps5 Dirt 5 £14.99 at Argos click and collect
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Made hot 20th Dec 2021Made hot 20th Dec 2021
Dirt 5 on ps5 only available at a few stores

Will be free with PS plus in January


Isnt it funny how quite a lot of these type of deals only have stock in Wick?


Amazon has this for PS4 for around £13. I believe you can upgrade the PS4 version to PS5 for free. This may suit a lot of people.


Can see xbox but not ps5 anywhere (y)


Asda (lol) Instore if stocked.

Dirt 5 - PS4 (and Xbox one) £5 @ Asda Aberdeen
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Made hot 17th Dec 2021Made hot 17th Dec 2021LocalLocal
Was in my local ASDA a few days ago and they have Dirt 5 PS4 for £5. It's also instore for Xbox one at £10.00. The picture shows you my receipt where I also got Call of Duty Mode… Read more

Is this not on psn next month?


It’s Asda all over if they have stock mate


Terrible game, don’t waste your money


I found dirt 5 to be quite boring with no memorable races. Just start to finish, mostly finishing first. You can up the difficulty but no point since you can get every trophy on easy.


Picked up earlier for xbox from another asda. Think it was labelled up wrong but they honoured it.