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Updated 18th Jun 2017Last updated 18th Jun 2017 by Claydon94
Dishonored 2 Xbox One Issues?
The FPS seems very low at times - The textures are very blurry - The render distance is laughable & just to add insult to injury there seems to be a glitch where the game just … Read more

​Since I've sold and bought on ps4... a little bit better but still no where near normal. really like no.1 - doubt if I'll ever play another game in the franchise now.


Happens to me all the time. Whenever i first launch the game and continue a mission itll kick to main menu after a few min. Then if i continue mission again its fine. My xbox one s even shut down by itself once to prevent overheating while trying to play dishonoured 2. Any other game ive played (which is allot) has never cause overheating. Ive played multiple games for extended times after the random shutdown and the console has been running perfect. Im not even gonna bother to play it anymore till theres an update. Might even sell the game.


Thank you... Thought I was going mad lol


keeps happening to me as well. randomly sends me back to the main menu.


Tried that... I've looked on other forums and other people are having problems too. Seems to be the Xbox version, going to sell it and get it on ps4 instead.