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Advice for 'Christmas' at Disneyland Paris
Hi guys, Would appreciate some advice or any tips you have for securing the best deal for Disneyland Paris. I've said Christmas but anytime in December is fine (before Christmas)… Read more

Agree with what the majority have said here and postpone this trip for now. As for UK based alternatives while nothing is going to live up to the magic of Disney their are nice Winter / Christmas themed attractions. No idea where your based but in Yorkshire there's Stockeld Park which has Nordic Skiing, Ice Skating, Woodland Walk, Maze Illuminations, usually a Grotto. It can be quite pricey http://www.stockeldpark.co.uk/activities/season/christmas/ If you were doing an overnight stay and the kids are into Harry Potter you could also go to York were the Shambles Street is very much like Harry Potter's Diagon Alley with shops selling potions and merch. https://www.visityork.org/explore/shambles-p799721 York also has a new wizard golf course Hole in Wand https://theholeinwand.com/


I was at disneyland paris two christmas' ago, it was so cold and slippy. It wasnt as big as disneyland near LA, like two rides broke in a row after getting to the very front of the queue. If i had gone to paris first it would have totally put me off disneyland forever but i had gone to the LA one a few months before it and i literally cried it was that magical (lol) ive seen florida is supposed to be even bigger (cheeky)


There are definitely things OP will need to know before hand (if you don't know about boarding passes for Rise of the Resistance, you won't be able to ride it) and other things like Memory Maker (free ride photos that you can download when you get home). Be careful not to spoil yourself by watching PoV ride videos though. They're never as impressive recorded on a GoPro and you'll spoil the surprise. Only use them if you're unsure if someone will be able to handle the ride.


We went to Florida 10 years ago for our Honeymoon and have been to Paris twice with our three kids since, once a couple of years ago over Christmas. To be completely honest Paris is nothing compared to Florida. Broad generalisations but the American customer service is generally top notch, even better at Disney. The French are not renowned for their customer service and this is what we experienced at Disney. Some of the cast members were nice don’t get me wrong, but not a patch on Florida. Christmas in Paris was completely manic (we went Christmas Eve for 3 nights and stayed at Davy Crockett), it was absolutely exhausting but the kids loved it and we have loads of great memories. We liked Davy Crockett as it’s away from the hustle and bustle (a short drive to the park) but as it’s still a Disney hotel you still get the extra magic time in the morning and don’t have to pay for parking. Obviously it’s all a bit different now but we found the visitors in Paris generally extremely rude and out for themselves. They will physically push you out the way if you’re in their path and trying to get a decent view for the fireworks was like a wrestling match. We queued for 2 hours to meet Mickey on Christmas Day and I swear I’m not exaggerating when I say there was an actual fist fight between two French families when one accused the other of pushing in front of them in the queue! To summarise our thoughts- Disneyland Paris is good, Disneyworld Florida is ‘magical’.


If you save for Florida you will NOT regret it. It's amazing! However I will say do your research first, watch vlogs on Youtube, learn how to use the fastpass system when it's put back in to place etc. It will save a LOT of time/money when you get there.

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Disneyland Paris Coral Spirit jersey
I am looking for the spirit jersey above any advice for this Thanks

If anyone is in the area this would be a great help, as to how long they are in stock etc

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Disneyland Paris
I am looking for 3 days in Disneyland paris around march april for family of 4, any help with discounts appreciated .

This thread might be of use to you. Double check the Disneyland Paris French website as it’s often cheaper than the ‘.co.uk’ one.


Have you consider going by coach they often have some fantastic value package trips if you can put up with the journey. I went with Gold Crest and had an amazing trip, bonus with coach travel is more luggage allows you to take drinks/foods/snacks and save further which you can’t do if you fly. National holidays do trips or just google Disney coach trips


thank you all


Also we had topcashback track at 6% which for us will pay for the Eurotunnel when confirmed


As above. I’ve looked a few times over the last couple of years and the cheapest deals have always been on the Disneyland site. We just booked for the summer with the ‘free’ half board and €100 offer which is the best deal going at the moment. Not sure if there’s anything around for April though, if you’re booking through someone else just be very careful it’s all legit.

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Disneyland Paris French website
I booked my stay in Disneyland using French website. All went fine and I paid. I got the reservation number and I can also see it in my account. However, I have not got confirmatio… Read more

Amazing still works, saved me £300


And Halifax clarity card.


I had used my UK address only.


I’ve been trying all night to book via the French site, I have a French address I can use but payment kept on getting blocked. What did you pay with / address use ? Please


Thanks. They sent me sometime in the night.

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Disneyland Paris Help
Hi, I am planning on taking the family (2 adults, 4 children aged 9, 7, 4 and 2) to Disneyland Paris this year. I have done a fair bit of readin on line, and just wanted some gener… Read more

Oh and putting it out there carers get in free. I think the disabled annual passes are 10%off or they were few years back. You can get a green or orange pass with the relevant documentation, which enable you to access the disabled access line or give a return time depending on pass and situation.


Going from London you be going from St Pancras train station. The other Eurostsr stations are Ebbsfleet and Ashford, both in Kent. Some folk take an indirect train and change at Lille for cheaper fare but sometimes it don't work that way. I had annual passes one year, we did 5 trips... I'll only stay self catering though. Annual passes give out discount in Disney hotels too... If you do want a Disney meal plan then you only get that if staying in Disney hotel. Food is expensive out there in the parks. The longest I've stayed in the area was for 2 weeks, did a few days going into the parks and then we took 5 days off travelling into Paris then after that the rest in the parks. We spent time obviously getting groceries and looking around locally some odd day we may not gone into parks or had half day. I rented an Airbnb that time. If you never been before well say 4 days be good 1st trip.


Disney Paris ask for proof, Dr's letters, dla, pop, blue badge that kind of thing. The Americans however don't.


So essentially you just lied to jump the queue. Nice one.


We went for 2 days, that was plenty. Of you want to see the princesses and have a picture taken make sure you go there as soon as it opens otherwise the queues are hours long. There's a train station with decent food outside, don't buy food in Disneyland itself. Its much cheaper outside. We managed to spend £100 as a family of 5 in 2 days including souvenirs! The themed hotels outside are great and literally a 10 min walk away or a quick free bus ride

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DIY Disneyland Paris
So I’m hoping to book a long weekend for the family to Disneyland Paris in October. After doing some research I’ve decided to book everything separately myself and for three nights… Read more

Great tips thanks :)


Park operating hours will be greatly different in October for Halloween party nights. You may find that whilst the parks operates until late this is for an additional ticket cost too! Parks look amazing at that time of year but often leads to some necessary downtime for some rides as they prep for Christmas installations.


Transfers from airport to hotel, also to and from the hotel to the park everyday. We’ve been twice and stayed in the Disney hotels which was great as you just walk back and forth to the park.