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Pioneer DJ HRM-6 Studio Headphones - £126.16 @ Amazon
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
Good set, one of the cheapest they've been I recall :) (y) Pioneer DJ HRM-6 professional studio headphone has a newly designed 40 mm driver unit, which accurately reproduces… Read more

They want that hi-res sticker!


Started to notice this 'reproduces frequencies up to 40 KHz' lark in publicity bumf for headphones and speakers recently - what a pointless thing to push! You can engineer it to as high a frequency you like but don't expect me to care if it's anything over 20KHz - most audio files aren't going to replicate it beyond this and I'm certainly not going to be able to hear it!


Cheap for Pioneer Heat Added

PIONEER DJ DM-40BT 2.0 Bluetooth DJ Monitor Speakers - Black £129 free c+c @ Currys / PCWorld
259° Expired
Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Practice makes perfect. Prepare for your next show with the Pioneer DM-40BT 2.0 Bluetooth DJ Monitor Speakers. With frequencies channelled in every direction, you can listen to yo… Read more

£169 now


Did anyone find anywhere stocking these? Doesn't give a delivery option and couldn't see a way of doing click and collect to any stores which don't already hold stock..?


4" and bass oomph...


It's not great.


Take it that's pretty poor for monitor speakers?

Pioneer DJ HDJ-X5-K DJ Headphones Black £64.60 @ Amazon
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
These usually retail for more so hopefull helping out fellow djs and music lovers alike

Now £64.60


Now £63.75


seem to be a little cheaper now


Always be prepared, you never know if I'm listening in 👂


I wasn't prepared for that. I need to be prepared!

Pioneer HDJ-X5 Dj Headphone £68.85 @ Amazon
217° Expired
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Pioneer HDJ-X5 Dj Headphone £68.85 @ Amazon
£68.85£7913%Amazon Deals
I've been looking for a decent pair of DJ / monitoring headphones and very nearly went for the HD25's but have been struggling to find them at £87 in stock. After a bit of reading… Read more

Mine arrived yesterday and I'll be keeping them. Very neutral sound and comfortable. I've not used the HD25s so can't compare. I've got a pair of the Sony 1000xm3s and I appreciate not comparing like for like but I do like the sound and the isolation of the Pioneer cans. Cheers


get the 25's if it aint broke dont break it


Thanks so much for the comments - all constructive /entertaining (y) 🏻 I'm going to let these arrive and if not happy with them back they'll go. I'm so tempted by the 25's but.......


A lot of it is down to personal preference, but having tried a few of Pioneers offerings, AI AI AI TMA 1s, V Modas and more, I just prefer my HD25s. You don't have to take my word, heck you may not even like them yourself, but theres a reason they're almost industry standard and can be found on the heads of a good number of the world's 'top' DJs.


ive got some lovely pioneer hdj 1500 hd 25 are miles better hdj are just too heavy and uncomfortable the hd 25 can be worn all over your head

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Sennheiser HD25 Headphone - Anniversary Edition - £99 at DJ Kit
192° Expired
Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Sennheiser HD25 Headphone - Anniversary Edition - £99 at DJ Kit
All Sennheiser HD25s are only £99 throughout June, including the new 75th anniversary editions. They will be this price everywhere but this is my go to place for dj equipment. Li… Read more

Sennheisers site has them for £ 87.00 and they say what you said . Lottery if you get the yellow pads . Maybe this site is picking out the ones with the pads and charging a premium for it ..


As much as I like getting stuff from DJ Kit, you can get them for under £90 from other retailers if you Google


Do you still need some kind of headphone amp for these .?


Superb headphones if your a DJ, I’ve had mine for 18 years (mk 1’s, these are the new version) and they still sound superb today, had to replace the leads a few times but they are easy enough to find online, bargain at that price


They're certainly not ideal for general listening and comfort if that's what you mean. But yes amazing for sound monitoring/djing etc

Pioneer Dj DDJ-400 £224 delivered @ Musiker
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Pioneer Dj DDJ-400 £224 delivered @ Musiker
Should come with a rekordbox dj license too. Out of stock or more expensive everywhere else!!
Get deal*Get deal*



Status Postponed delivery. Estimated delivery date 2020-07-20.😩😩


Ha I had one of these, were bang on for playing about with


My delivery has been postponed to 15-7 So hopefully soon


Gutted. I'm looking at transfering my playlists over to Tidal and try their service via Djay. Think I seen a '"3 months free "offer on here recently.

Hasbro DropMix DJ Music Mixing System - £9.99 - eBay/StockMustGo
167° Expired
Refreshed 16th JunRefreshed 16th Jun
Hasbro DropMix DJ Music Mixing System - £9.99 - eBay/StockMustGo
Update 1
Back in stock - 9 available.
Last posted at £14.99, now £9.99 delivered and new :) DropMix by Harmonix lets you create your own incredible tracks from a huge range of sample cards! Place the cards down… Read more
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Missed out again, was really looking forward to never using it, and letting it live on my shelf (lol)


Think I got the last one. Thanks OP. Anywhere selling cheap cards?


Out of stock Anywhere else I can pick one up from at this price?


Not bad for a beginner, but don't expect to be playing in nightclubs/bars with this


Yeah we noticed that. Fun for what it is. But shame about the extras

Mixars Primo DJ Controller for Serato £359 @ Thomann
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Posted 28th MayPosted 28th MayShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Mixars Primo DJ Controller for Serato £359 @ Thomann
£359£42916% Free P&P FreeThomann Deals
2-Channel Mixer & Controller for Serato DJ Cheapest I can find this, good reviews and in stock. Delivers from Germany but charges you in £. Might have a Euro plug but they in… Read more

I got this from a deal on here last week for £47. I was the same as you, just wanted to have a bash, and although its small, it gives you the general idea if you'd like to invest more. Have a gander around if there's more offers for it. But you will need a laptop/pc to plug into it too for your music library. This is a similar thing but slightly cheaper...


I bought a Numark Mixtrack Plantinum last year. Amazing bit of kit for the money, then just grab yourself a copy of Serato and your away. Hoping to upgrade this year to something that allows a bit more control of other features in Serato from the controller rather than playing Monkey Island trying to get to the settings I need.


Always wanted to know how to use these. Can anyone recommend anything I could get just to plug into a couple of speakers and pretend i’m some Ibiza DJ in my back garden?


Tempted with the denon mc7000 on there but not sure worth the money


i got 1 of these great controller for the money, you can change the cross fader for an innofader as well

Evolution RZ15A V3 1200W Two Way Active DJ Disco PA House Party Speaker - £113.99 with code @ / eBay
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Evolution RZ15A V3 1200W Two Way Active DJ Disco PA House Party Speaker - £113.99 with code @ / eBay
£113.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Features: 1200w peak two-way injection moulded active Speaker with stereo line and mic inputs Power handling: 300w continuous/RMS 15 inch woofer / 40oz / 2 inch voice coil 2… Read more

Perfect for those street Bingo party's everyone seem's to be at


Cheap PA , won’t sound as good as RCF or electrovoice...then again, a speaker costs less than an SM58 Beta....Horses for enough for spare..

Hercules DJ Starlight Controller - £46.75 (+£3.95 Postage) @ Argos
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Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Hercules DJ Starlight Controller - £46.75 (+£3.95 Postage) @ Argos
£50.70£69.9928%Argos Deals
A great price for a starter DJ controller, also comes with Serato DJ Lite. Reduced from £69.99 to £46.75. Amazon have also price matched this.
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If you're serious about djing, then sure there are a myriad of different controllers you can checkout, however, the 400 is a large piece of kit and costs iro £250. Ultimately, this is 50quid, has some pretty decent features for some house party action, comes with class leading brilliantly supported software and can be stuffed in hand luggage! You can buy this, get serato, and some hd25s for half the price of a 400 (y)


Excellent bit of kit


The Denon kit looks cool as well though...


That's exactly why I got a 1000. I wanted CDJ-900 Nexus, but couldn't justify the cost difference


Yep. Started with a 400 and am now in love with my 1000 like proper full on man crush lol pioneer make by far the best DJ controllers and the step up from the 1000 to the nexus 2’s is minimal. I learnt the hard way buy Hercules / numark garbage. Just save money and time by going straight to the ddj-400

Hercules DJControl Starlight – Portable USB DJ Controller  £46.75 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
214° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Hercules DJControl Starlight – Portable USB DJ Controller  £46.75 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
£46.75£69.9933% Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
The perfect DJ controller to start DJing with SERATO

I actually legitimately watched a "dj'ing for beginners" video on youtube earlier in an effort to try and persuade myself to buy this :)


So tempted, I've been playing with the pro version of the software as it's free on another thread and have been getting "okay" mixes without any headphone monitoring. I used to DJ in clubs in the eartly 90's... I think I'm going to have to digitise all my records. Sod it, I've ordered one.


Tempting to buy this to replace my aging 1210 setup. :D Joking!!!!


What is this site like. BOUGHT! Thanks didn’t know I needed it. Good review here Also same price at argos and decent reviews again. Btw switch delivery for no rush for £1 back on another purchase.


And the flashing lights ! And the buttons that make noises !

Sennheiser hd25 limited edition headphones - DJ £86 @ Bax Shop
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Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Sennheiser hd25 limited edition headphones - DJ £86 @ Bax Shop
£86£11022% Free P&P Freebax-shop Deals
This is a good price for the full version hd25 headphones (not the light sp version) Usually around £110-140 elsewhere If you don't like the yellow then I think black ear pads ar… Read more
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Not sure about £120/130.. most places are £89/90


Yeah unfortunately the same here, still a decent price but I'm returning and purchasing from Juno at £90.25 for ltd edition, happy to pay the extra fiver or so for the spare pads :)


Ordered these, sales listing & purchase invoice said ‘Ltd Edition’, but just opened the box and found they’d simply sent the basic version


Did anyone get a standard pair with just black pads?


Yeah I'd buy UK now. At the time they were £110 minimum, Bax has slow customer service but long warranties etc

Sony Mdv V150 Dj On Ear Headphones Black - £15 @ Tesco (Min basket £40 + up to £4 delivery)
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Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Sony Mdv V150 Dj On Ear Headphones Black - £15 @ Tesco (Min basket £40 + up to £4 delivery)
Cheaper than most places for these in black

Had a couple of these back in the day surprised their still around must have been the mid 90's


Lol i had a pair of soud labs


My first ever cans, these with my sound lab belt drives 8) 8)


The hinge's are the main fault with they crack way to easily.


I have these and bought them at this price in the past, they're clear but absolutely flat to listen to, and the cushioning is a gesture at best, personally wouldn't spend more than a tenner on them at a push, honestly spending an extra tenner on some off brand Amazon cans would be my recommendation

Superlux Studio Headphones HD681EVO - Professional DJ Recording - Black - £32.60 - Sold and Despatched by 1to1music @ Amazon
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Superlux Studio Headphones HD681EVO - Professional DJ Recording - Black - £32.60 - Sold and Despatched by 1to1music @ Amazon
£32.60 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Was looking to purchase a cheapish pair of studio headphones. Was a vast selection to choose from! I saw the post for the Samson SR850 at just under £20. Now they've bumped the p… Read more
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These have just arrived. Swapped the pads out for the velour ones. Very comfortable! The bass is so good and hearing sounds in songs I've never heard before!


got the samson and superlux 669 they are very decent for the price would suggest to change earpads for something better


I've had these a few years. I think they're excellent - the best earphones I've had.


I found them very uncomfortable myself!


I have an older pair of these (Black and Red), infact, I bought a 2nd pair about ten minutes after I'd seen how good the first pair were.Had them over ten years now, still going strong.

Free virtual festival for the NHS top Dj's - 24 Hour NHS Blue Ski Charity Fundraiser starts now - Stream on Facebook, you tube and Twitch
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Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Free virtual festival for the NHS top Dj's - 24 Hour NHS Blue Ski Charity Fundraiser starts now - Stream on Facebook, you tube and Twitch
Free virtual festival for the NHS Paul Oakenfold Danny Howard Judge Jules Dave Pearce Sash Sonique Donate Here… … Read more

Then there's the Streetrave one from lunchtime onwards tomorrow! That's the weekend sorted


Sad news. Unfortunately it highlights the fact that nothing will change once we're out of this pandemic, and selfish greed will continue to prosper.


whilst this is great,shouldn't it be on freebies? heat anyways


Stick to the YouTube version. Last week's rave had Facebook stream taken down due to copyright during the event.


I am loving this! Some top names! Not even my thing, but...where's my glowsticks?

PIONEER DJ DM-40BT 2.0 Active Monitor Speakers - Black for £109 delivered @ Currys PC World
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
PIONEER DJ DM-40BT 2.0 Active Monitor Speakers - Black for £109 delivered @ Currys PC World
Decent offer for these budget speakers. :) £109 (Was £189) with free delivery and 3 years guarantee. 3D stereo sound Whether you're an aspiring DJ or simply want to hea… Read more
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Spent over an hour on the phone trying to get through and nothing... will try again tomorrow... I can see this ending up in a chargeback


I'm the same received them today non Bluetooth aswell (annoyed) (annoyed) (annoyed)


Got mine delivered this morning and they sent the wrong ones! Sent me then on Bluetooth versions. Not happy at all! Been on phone for 30 mins trying to get through to CS.


Not sure on stand, I bought these: but probably not for a sitting down set-up. If it's sound isolation you want Adam Hall make good products. You can go RCA to jack or jack to RCA. To answer your other question, they're powered so no amp required.


Can anyone recommend stands for these to sit by a PC monitor and would a RCA to headphone jack be ok?

Ableton Live Suite Free download for 90 days (Normally £250+)
344° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Ableton Live Suite Free download for 90 days (Normally £250+)
FREE£250 Free P&P Free
If you’ve been waiting for a sign to start your production career, this is it. Ableton has announced that the critically acclaimed Ableton Live Suite 10 will be free to download an… Read more

Check your emails this had been extended an extra 90 days


Cheers had a little play around on it yesterday.good to have more instruments, effects a d more than 8 tracks but I don't know if it'd be worth £250 for me. Maybe it's just because I'm starting out but the little minute songs I've been making I'm always getting by with 8 layers so far! Maybe in 90 days of I keep at it I'll realise I need more! Can you just buy extra instruments for lite btw ? Or do you need to get this upgrade


Thank you for replying, feel much better about having 3 now


Yes, I did this yesterday. Used the same Ableton login I used for Lite. (y)


Can you get this trial if you already have lite ?

Kingavon Stereo Headphones, wired (detachable cable) 3.5mm, DJ-style Foldable On-Ear with Mic - £4.49 del incl with code @ 7dayshop
64° Expired
Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Kingavon Stereo Headphones, wired (detachable cable) 3.5mm, DJ-style Foldable On-Ear with Mic - £4.49 del incl with code @ 7dayshop
Foldable and adjustable headband with rubberized inside. Larger 40 mm drivers for great sound quality and nice solid bass. Power Handling Capacity 50mW, Sensitivity 108dB/mW, Frequ… Read more

Review here by jyonda, who bought them:


Bought and arrived the other day. They look a bit plasticy and I wouldn't think they'll stand up to much punishment but for £4.49 delivered they actually are a steal. Overall sound quality is OK, bass is pretty well defined but not a lot of detail in the high end so don't expect much. I tested them out listening to Dead Prez - Hiphop, FUSE -Substance abuse and Age of love-Age of love and compared with AKG K72's. If you want to spend a bit more then I would recommend the AKG K72 or K52 for under £30 as the detail is much better but it's not a fair comparison. If I was buying for a kid, going on holiday or to a festival where I could break or lose them and it didn't matter then these are definitely a good choice.


Buy them, use them and give us a review (y)


Anybody used the headphones who can give us a review surly for £4.49 you can’t go wrong? And dont one call me Shirley :D


Heat added 🔥

TROLLS B9528EU40 "Kreo Dreamworks Dj Suki's Wooferbug" Toy £1 instore @ Poundland
168° Expired
Posted 24th JanPosted 24th JanLocalLocal
TROLLS B9528EU40 "Kreo Dreamworks Dj Suki's Wooferbug" Toy £1 instore @ Poundland
£1£8.9589%Poundland Deals
£8.95 Amazon £1 Poundland Kingston Upon Thames. TROLLS B9528EU40 "Kreo Dreamworks Dj Suki's Wooferbug" Toy

Thanks for the post while in town me and little one picked one up well worth a pound and doesn't look that bad little one seems happy with it :)


and i thought the LEGO Trolls sets looked awful pfff, compared to this tat the LEGO Troll sets looks like gold.


Got one last week in London Camden. Glad to see it's elsewhere. My daughter really enjoyed putting this together. Just don't do like i did and chuck the little pink drumsticks away. Yep she made me go through the bin. (lol)

Robert Hood ‎– DJ Kicks Double LP Vinyl £11.28 Amazon Prime / £14.27 Non Prime
187° Expired
Posted 13th JanPosted 13th Jan
Robert Hood ‎– DJ Kicks Double LP Vinyl £11.28 Amazon Prime / £14.27 Non Prime
£10.84£25.3257%Amazon Deals
Amazing reviews for this electronic / techno double LP. A bit niche but a great buy for someone out there. I will definitely purchase. Enjoy.
Get deal*Get deal*

I should probably wake up fully before commenting...


Straight outta Nottingham! Robert Hood Robert Hood, riding through the Glen.... 🐎


Just an FYI. You get a download card in this for the whole CD album in all the formats Bandcamp offers, so win-win. Cheers OP


I was also impressed with that £3 Man from Mo’Wax Documentary soundtrack CD too. Snapped that up. Wish I had seen the cheap vinyl of it post at the time though as would’ve bought that instead of the C


I never thought I'd see Detroit Techno on here.

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