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Earth Rated Dog Poo Bags, 900 Extra Thick and Strong Biodegradable Poo Bags for Dogs £27.94 @ Amazon
-189° Expired
Posted 21 h, 9 m agoPosted 21 h, 9 m ago
Box Contains 900 lavender-scented bags (60 rolls of 15 bags per roll) Two (2) convenient green dispensers included
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To be fair, these are EPI plastic, which degrades much quicker than normal biodegradable. A compostable bag is one which degrades within 3-6 months. There is no time frame quoted, but I believe these are compostable. The issue is that they are still made from similar petrochemical-based materials to conventional plastic, only with compounds added that cause them to disintegrate gradually in the presence of light or oxygen. They often then degrade into a sludge of toxic chemicals. Bioplastics made of cornstarch and other plant-based materials are a better bet. They give off CO2 as they decompose, but they’re merely expelling carbon locked in by the plant matter that originally formed them. The net effect on the environment is therefore close to zero. Here are some on Amazon: They work out at 8p each, rather than the 3p each in the deal posted, but I haven’t looked for the cheapest, just showing that they are out there. EDIT: Here you go, less than 3p each:


Better to get some properly compostable ones with tie handles IMHO.


Where was this deal during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020!


Nice, so when they pick it up and tie it to the tree it will eventually biodegrade

15kg Chappie dog food - £19 instore & online @ Pets at Home
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Pets at home have 15kg dog food for £19 in-store usual price is 25 Chappie Complete Dry Dog Food is a 100% complete and balanced dog food developed with vets. As well as conta… Read more
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I second this. My dog has diabetes and needed to switch food. This was advised by a vet "newly qualified" that this is one of the best foods for a diabetic dog (along with the wet food). She said a senior vet would never tell you this as they try to push expensive food from there stock onto you to make more money. I did check this out though on a return visit a week later. The senior vet was trying to push wet food at £30 for 6 cans onto me and I had took pictures of the ingredients/nutrients etc and asked him why I should choose the expensive option. After 2 mins of trying to come up with an answer he conceded that there is very little difference between the two. Just something to think about and definitely worth looking in to


One of the worst things you can do to your dog. and that's cheap food like Pedigree, Chappie etc.


No you’re just here to knock the deal without any alternative suggestions. We thank you for your recommendation.


I’m not here to do your research for you, although for £3 more you can get 15kg of Skinners duck and rice which has substantially better ingredients. Google is your friend... ;)

Nutro Dog & Cat Food, Various Prices From 3 For £1, £1, £3, £4 *£30 Minimum Spend* @ Poundshop + £4.95 P&P
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Unfortunately it's £30 Minimum Spend , not sure if this is a temporary measure, not shopped on there for ages. Didn't see this till after scouring the site, gah. I'll add more th… Read more
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Rose & Co Patisserie de Bain Rhubarb Tartlets Duo, £1 Wella Shockwaves Indie Wax Hold 3 75ml, £1 Trevor Sorbie Big Hair Mousse 200ml, £2 Toni & Guy Intense Softness Shampoo 250ml, £2 Tommee Tippee Anti Colic Silicone Teats 2 Pack (0m+), £1 Pampers Wipes, Nappies, £1-5


A year or two ago you used to get this for £1, but £2 isn't bad) Dove Visible Glow Lotion Fair 250ml, £2 Escenti Cool Feet Tea Tree and Peppermint Foot Mask, £1 Fisher Price Baby Bath Foam Pump 200ml, Baby Shampoo And Conditioner, both £1 Also Fisher Price Colouring And Activity Placemats, £2 Herbal Essence Daily Detox Clean Conditioner 400ml, £1 L'Oreal Preference Dyes (Permanent Platinum Blonde 6L or Highlights Glam Blonde N5), £3'Oreal+Preference Also Clairol Nice N Easy for £3 L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss Golden Henna 543 Hair Colour, £3 Might need these this summer! Masterplast 5 Hydrocolloid Blister Plasters, £1 Medipure Medicated Body Powder 200g, £1 Migra Cool 3 Pack, £1 Professional Make Up Sponges 12 Pack, £1


Poundshop dot com used to have loads of cosmetics, what happened?! Hardly anything on there at the moment. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Polish Grapefruit 10ml, £1 Arnica Cream 50ml, £2 Aveeno Daily Moisturing Lotion Tube 200ml, £4 Derma V10 Roll On Lavender 10ml, £1 Derma V10 Innovations Hydrating Cream with SPF 15 50ml, £1 Dermasil Labs 250ML Advanced Skin Lotion, £1 Dr PawPaw Lip Balms (Original and Peach Pink), Hair & Body Wash, Hair & Body Conditioner, £4


Elnett Hairsprays, £3 (Extra Strength or Volume Excess) Vaseline Intensive Care Mature Hand Cream 75ml, £1 More Vaseline items, here Olivella Lip Roll On Limoncello 10ml, £2 (also in Chamomile and Mint Feed Me Fish Flakes 50g, £1 Various Plant Feeds, Patio Cleaner, Weedkiller, £1 Olivella - The Olive Conditioner 250ml, £3 Bod Bake items, £2-3 (There are actually more Bod items, like body scrub, body wash, glitter, etc, but the search term doesn't work, eg, here and here and here - though there are others!) Elbow Grease Degreaser Original 500ml, £1 Olivella Body Cream 150ml, £2


Papermate Candy Pop Ballpoint Pens 15 Pack, £3 Sanremo Votive Holder Terracotta, £1 5 Pack of Lighters, £1 EDGO H2Go Drinking Bottle 500ml, £1 Jelly Belly Air Fresheners 300ml (Pina Colada, Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri, Peach Bellini, Very Cherry), £1 (Assume this is trying to copy VIPoo) Lu-Mist Towel Bowl Spray 60ml (Coastal Breeze, Rose Bowl, Citrus Fresh), £1 Microfibre Cloths 4 Pack, £1 Stardrops sprays and disinfectant range, £1 Bar Keepers Friend Stain Remover 250g, £2

10 x Dog toys. Variety for puppies and dogs to play with - £10 @ Yankee Bundles
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
10 x Assorted Mystery Dog Puppy Training Toys. Because dogs and puppies love tennis balls and rope tugs, this mystery pack of dog toys aims to deliver hours of fun for them. You … Read more



My dog chews throughs poundland items as they are so thin plastic squeaky. This pack includes rope toys, and if you cannot leave the house and 'pop to pound land' thought this was a good option for others.


Or go you Poundland and pick your own (nerd)

Dog harness, perfect for Lurchers £8.99 instore / + £2.95 delivery online at Aldi
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Important . This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsi… Read more
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If your child barks you're good to go (y)


Please share the brand name & model of the one that you mention. I think it would help many other members of the HUKD community.


I've two dogs, they never pull on the lead. The reason is they can't (angel) I have harnesses a bit like this one and I attach an extendible lead to a connection on the breastplate. This means that when they pull, the lead and the harness turn them round so they are facing back towards you! If it has been correctly designed. End of problem :) There are special harnesses which are designed to work this way. This one appears to have a connection in the right place but it's difficult to see, it needs to be in the middle of their breastplate (see arrow)


Will it fit my wife?


Didn't get on with a harness on our lurcher, since I bought a proper greyhound type collar, she walks much better and can gallop easier when in the field. Good buy though and heat added

Pedigree Dentastix Medium Dog Treats (10-25 kg), 1 box (112 Sticks) - £18.99 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime / £13.25 s&s @ Amazon
66° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Pedigree Dentastix - Daily Dental Care Chews, Medium Dog Treats from 10-25 kg, 1 box (1 x 2.88 kg/Total of 112 Sticks) at Amazon (20% off first S&S along with standard 5-15% of… Read more

My Missus loves these lol


£13.29 for me still great deal


WOW £12.34 for me with 20 per cent voucher and 15 per cent S&S thanks op (y)

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This stuff is amazing as have a 11yr old Mini Schnauzer that was on medication for arthritis in back leg but kept upsetting his stomach. Started on Yu Move tablets only 4 years ago and he is so energetic and no stiffness whatsoever. I have recommended this to loads of people when out walking with the dog and they have tried this and all said the same, it’s amazing and how much There dog has improved after a couple of months. this is not a replacement for prescribed medicine but in my dogs case it works a treat. Not a brilliant price s the 300 packs work out cheaper but great deal as thIs stuff Is great.


I give my nearly 14 year old dog Vetzyme High Strength Flexible Joint Tablets for Dogs £10.99 for 90 on amazon. She has half a tablet daily She weighs 13kg. One tub lasts 6 months for her size and it made a big difference as she was getting a bit stiff. I've been giving her them for several years now.


My order history shows 3 orders of this in the last few months and have all been cheaper than this price.


Thank you from a former owner of a beagle which are an amazing breed!


Good stuff , was recommended this , takes a month or so to take effect but definitely works on my 11 year old beagle !

Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs, unlimited Range, Activity Monitor, Waterproof (newest model) - £35 @ Amazon
295° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
LIVE TRACKING & LOCATION HISTORY - Pinpoint the real-time location of your furry friend when it matters most and see the history of places your dog has visited. VIRTUAL FENCE … Read more
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Agree - perhaps we need a review of reviewers who review reviews. I have just looked at a couple items I purchased on Amazon over the last 6 months that I was happy with and Fakespot is quite damning in their review of the reviews. A lot of sellers not happy about it (perhaps a good thing) but a lot of buyers also very sceptical. Ah well, back to sticking one finger in the wind and judging for myself!


I use fakespot myself on occasion, but I’m starting to wonder how accurate it really is. I often get almost identical data results on two completely different items.


Can your dog do texts?

Oh and I had the smaller white one

I've had one of these for my puppies - TBH I used it for a month and then it's at the back of a drawer as I'e not had to worry about mine running off Once you work it out - it's a great bit of kit and can track exactly where your dog has been as it plots their path on a map - I bought 3 years sub a year ago I think, which I'll never use now!


What suit? It’s just a picture of a guys head...


In America Donald Trump will tell you the camo makes you invisible... actually invisible like you can't be seen!


Heat for description


You wrap a padded sleeve around the bare arm which the dog can bite onto but can also slide off quickly if you need it to. I don't have a dog but have a really aggressive budgie so might buy one of these to train it! The principle is the same... Hot!


Picture has been taken after first exercise...

Bonio The Original Biscuits Dog Food 650g - £1.50 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Please shop responsibly. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been seeing a lot of community demand for basic household items. Please consider others and don’t stockpile - we all… Read more

Named after the U2 front man?


Ordered for the neighbours doggos.. Jeez I need to get back to work!


Woofly Deal



Forthglade 100% Natural Dog Food Grain Free Complementary Wet Dog Food Just 90% Chicken with Tripe 395g 77p + £4.49 NP @ Amazon
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Temporarily out of stock. We are working hard to be back in stock. Place your order and we’ll email you when we have an estimated delivery date. You won’t be charged until the ite… Read more

Why does title say 90% chicken and description paints a very different story?


Just chicken with tripe and added vitamins. Not just chicken then. :D


Can only buy four at a time, sent some on to my best doggy friend (y)


Both my dogs hated this stuff. Even the cat turned his nose up! Decent price compared to usual though.


The deal is you buy it now and they send when it's in stock. A small wait for an excellent price

Free Platinum Dog Food Sample
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Ask now for a free food sample for your dog PLATINUM natural dog food is made of at least 70 % fresh meat, it is cooked in its own meat juices, gently dried and totally gluten-f… Read more

Yep, my dog loves it too but I can't afford to feed her on this :(


Dog loves it, shame it's so expensive


It arrived, 4 50g bags for the doggie <3


Arrived today...fantastic...pooch loves it


I received mine today.... 4 x 50g bags

Lily's Kitchen Dog Treats Scrumptious Duck & Venison Sausage (8 x 70 g) £10.99 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Good deal if you have Prime £19 from the official website, even cheaper with Subscribe & Save (£9.89)

Yes they have a 20% off code for new customers atm but still not as cheap as this :D


They’ve dropped, I paid £16 a few weeks ago ;


I would be wary of salt content doing that.


Quite a few of their things on offer


£10.99 for 570g is almost £20/kg. It would be cheaper to grill gourmet sausages and freeze them in handy quantities.

Free Udemy & Eduonix Courses (Best Sellers & Highest Rated): Raspberry Pi, Python, ML, Excel ,Home Business, C, Dog Care, Linux, R, SQL etc
437° Expired
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Only Selected Highest Rated & Best Sellers Courses for Free. Have fun learning & Stay Safe Home Business: The Complete CPA Marketing Course Code=52450CE2CA7EA36A79F8 (0… Read more

Cheers. The "C Programming for beginners on Windows" is coming up as £9.99. Says code is not valid. Otherwise good stuff. Thanks.


Thanks! 8)


Thanks for sharing - some really good courses and fir FREE which is a bonus (y)


Thank you


Harmless and Humane Dog Collar No Shock Pet Training Anti Bark Collar - £13.94 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
-414° Expired
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Pet Martop Dog Collar Anti Bark Collar No Bark Collar Harmless and Humane Dog Collar No Shock Pet Training Collar Dog Bark Control Collar Anti Barking Device 7 Progressive/Adjustab… Read more

It's the not the police's job to punish......but thank you for your contribution


Spot on..... it would drive any dog to distraction! An electronic buzz round your neck that went off any time you wanted to talk...... distraction/punishment? Same thing really,


Wow what a device, some prefer to use a size 11 and give the dog a swift kick. The rest of us dog LOVERS will actually take time to educate and train the dog. The buzz / vibration itsef would drive my dog scared ssshht.


It is not a punishment it is a distraction!!


You cant shock punish a dog for being a dog, you can however punish a person for being a total antisocial t**t

Wagg Working Dog Wet Variety Bundle - £30 delivered @ Wagg Foods
-42° Expired
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Please shop responsibly. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have been seeing a lot of community demand for basic household items. Please consider others and don’t stockpile - we all… Read more
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Hey, it's still good if your dog likes the brand and you can't venture out. I was going to buy it for my niece's dog but he usually gets fed Harringtons.


Learnt something there. Thanks for taking the time. It's my first deal !


OneBelow are the rebranded Poundworld, stores here I usually post about my £1 shop excursions/bargains but at the moment in store Deals are not allowed on HUKD, and get quickly deleted. I do post on MSE about Poundland and OneBelow, though, if that's what you meant (the post I linked to and the pictures are mine).


Just checked,none by me that's why.thankyou


That's great ,did you post it ? It used to go on special in Morrison's at 50p but that seems to have changed to 70p special now. Must admit not heard of one below.

flexi New Classic Leash, Black, Medium, 25 kg £9.99 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
New Classic – the classic, perfect retractable lead from flexi, featuring a stylish design and an ergonomic grip. The New Classic M with a tape length of 5 m offers plenty of free… Read more

2.99 mins was from there


£6.99 in B&M


Man I hate these things.... the amount of people who walk along busy pavements with their dog 15ft in front of them, and the opposite side of the pavement, makes for a pretty dangerous trip hazard.


Got excited, thought it was a face mask


Is it unisex?

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