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Evening, we have a 7 month old french bulldog and have been trailing wet food via he loves the taste and wolfs it down, but invariably seems to have a dicky tummy, so we… Read more

We use wainwright’s dry and crave then add wet, it does take time to find a food they are ok with. The dogs trust recommend wainwright’s so carried on with that. If his tummy gets bad give him chicken and rice to help! Hopefully you’ll find a good food soon, I know it took us ages to find a wet food that suited.


We have been, building him up gradually- sadly doesn’t make any difference.


We use Purina pro plan dry food as it was what the breeder recommended. We tried others, but it gave him really stinky wind. Seems to be good for him as he is very fit and healthy and has the shiniest coat I've ever seen.


Give him a mix of wet and dry!


Thanks all, some good ideas here :)

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Free dog food bag with cancel any time only £2 P&P
Tell us about your dog We’ll create their unique recipe. Try it free for 1 month (+p&p) Get tailored nutrition deliver… Read more

Just had a voicemail saying I've won a free months worth of food with them? I dont ever remember signing up..

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Updated 2nd FebLast updated 2nd Feb by Imogen1991
Best dry dog food
We've recently adopted a rescue dog and at the moment she eats Wagg worker(she isn't actually a working dog) however, we'd like to try her on something else as it seems to make her… Read more

Stay away from iams, pedigree, wagg, royal Canin. I’ve just changed my border collie from royal Canin to vitalin I believe it’s called. Harrington’s is really good as well and also Lilly’s kitchen


Paleo Ridge


I usually manage to get it on sale :) plus they have wet too so it lasts.


Thanks everyone that's super helpful


↑↑↑This, its top quality stuff, but unfortunately at a top price also.

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Most nutritious dog food for puppies?
Morning All, we have a puppy and she loves eating: lilys kitchen puppy food - puppy recipe with chicken , salmon and peas IAMS for vitality - puppy 1-12 months with fresh chicken… Read more

I buy 6kg bags from either Amazon or Usually around £40 but lasts us ages. This is for the adult variety.


Royal Canin Dachshund mix


I get our dog mcadams dog food It’s not cheap but it wipes the floor with all other dog foods. My dog has been eating it since he was a puppy and we’ve had no issues with him health wise (joints, etc) and believe the food as well as regular exercise contributes massively to that.


What website do you all usually order it for? I ordered 2KG and it cost just under 30 quid with postage from petplanet


We have a 7 year old miniature poodle. Having done research before bringing her home we have always fed her on Orijen, so good choice. Our girl is 6.6kg and we feed her 15g 3 times a day. Still to this day it looks so little but it's good rich stuff.

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Updated 5th Nov 2020Last updated 5th Nov 2020 by Albert12
Harringtons 7x150g Duck Dog food Trays 25% code Amazon s&s offer stack
Just noticed the 25% discount can be applied multiple times on Harrington Items on Amazon. Ordered 5 lots of this food separately.… Read more

Yeah i'm just waiting on this months S&S to arrive before i change it to an earlier date. Find yourself ordering things you didnt know u needed (excited)


So it's 25% discount on each product and then 15% on all via subscribe & save bonus? Not sure how it went from £19.90 to £11.93 as 25% discount and then 15% doesn't add up to that. I wish amazon broke down the numbers properly! By the way you can change your delivery date to something sooner via





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Updated 21st Sep 2020Last updated 21st Sep 2020 by J1240
Maize in dog food
Should I be looking to avoid puppy food that includes maize or should I be looking at food with rice in instead? I would like to know people's thoughts please on this

He’s gorgeous <3 <3 <3


Yup I made the mistake and introduce the millieswolfheart too quickly and I'm now feeding him rice and fish to make his stools firm again I'll add the millieswolfheart again very slowly over the next 2 wks and if he doesn't take to it I'll look elsewhere Thinking of going raw when he's 6 months old


My dog didn’t like Millie’s Wolfheart ;( Dont be too quick to change foods, do it gradually and only thenafter they’ve settled in a bit.


I would ask what food the breeder is using & keep using that for a while as it’s going to be stressful for the pup moving house and any change of food can upset their stomach. If/when you change the food, do it gradually. Use the all about dog food website linked to above to gauge quality of food.


I can highly recommend Eden food. I feed my Labrador Eden dry food, Forthglade wet food and also make fresh rice every day and she is doing very well on it. Excellent quality foods.