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Royal Canin Club Sp Adult Trad Dog Food, 15 kg @ Amazon £13.60 Prime £18.09 Non Prime
Updated 18th FebLast updated 18th Feb by Rapata
this is temporarily out of stock but can still be may never get shipped but there is no risk.this is a brilliant price for royal canin.Pet food ROYAL CANIN CLUB SP Adult… Read more
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This food and brand is absolute crap, it is certainly not an A1 brand and does not command a RRP £44.83 for the trash that is listed as its ingredients. The OP is doing themselves a disservice by recommending that this is a good brand regardless of HUKD reviews. If you were remotely interested in your pets health you would read up about what is good for them and what you should feed them. I have taken in rescue dogs and some of the best dog food for a decent price is Purizon. My latest boy was received when he was 22kg, after 2 years he is upto 47kg using Purizon food and his coat, eyes, nails and fur is in a fantastic condition. Link below for anyone who is interested:




:( :(


Cancelled too, seemed to miss the email, but it was from Tuesday. Bah!


:( :( :(

Bottom Sniffer - Beer For Dogs Only 99p @ Aldi (instore)
Updated 15th FebLast updated 15th Feb by britboy28
Found this at Aldi Glenrothes today. Cheapest I've found it as it's usually £2.99! (y)
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49p now!


My dog drinks 7-8 of these on weeknights and probably more at the weekend, I think he's a border alcollieholic.


This is funnier than that advent calendar for cats story in the run up to Christmas. Can't wait for the drunks to taste it and weeks later see that it is for dogs.


Apparently this is some kind of herbal tea... hmm


Our dog eats and drinks virtually everything. As a treat, I bought him a bottle of Bottom Sniffer for Christmas: After a smell he ignored it: very unusual.

Free Trial - 2 week Supply of Dog Food @ (£2 Delivery)
Updated 12th FebLast updated 12th Feb by Delightful123
Tails are giving away 2 week Supply of Dog Food, - just pay £2 P&P. Tell them about your dog and they will create a unique recipe your pet will love.

I have a code for a month also. If anyone wants it.


Sent it through let me know if u haven’t received it x


Could You send that month code ? ;)


My dog liked the wet food but not the biscuit.


I have and months free trial if anyone would like a code my dog loves this food even at puppy age x

Bakers Weight Control 2.85kg dog food reduced to 50p a bag instore @ Sainsburys
LocalLocalUpdated 6th FebLast updated 6th Feb by madmurd
Instore Only... £6 online 50p instore.
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called in store today and it was only £0.50p off not 50p a bag


Good price but haven't voted either way as when my dog was a pup the dried food we were told to feed her upset her stomach so have avoided since. Thanks for the link, not seen that site before and reassuring that the raw food I now use gets a very good rating. (y)


Do you think foxes would eat it


It still is awful but they have improved it a lot. It used to be that just 1 of the 3 types of chunk had any meat in it and that was just 4% derivatives. It's got a 1 out of 5 rating on All about dog food now, the rating was 0.1. High carb, low protein and the meat is all derivatives. Still a big no for me but you could add some as biscuits to wet food that would be ok, I just wouldn't use it as sole food. Great price though I'd grab some and take to local shelters.


Barking mad deal, hope they’ve changed recipe as Bakers was awful food at one point for your dog.

Harringtons 15kg dog food Turkey and vegetables - £18.00 @ Pets At Home (+£2.95 P&P)
Updated 5th FebLast updated 5th Feb by Waterboy8535
Best price I have seen for harringtons dog food. Also lamb and rice flavour available at same price. Free delivery if spending over £35.

I'm not an idiot, of course it was done gradually, as was the change to James Wellbeloved that solved the issue


If you dont introduce new foods gradually it will always happen.


Code no longer valid please take down the offer very annoying.


Thanks Adam. 3 bags ordered which will keep us happy for the next 3 months.. (y) Regards, Ella & Twiggy


Site is working again now, code still works and food is back in stock

Pawsecco - Wine For Pets Only 99p @ Aldi (instore)
Updated 2nd FebLast updated 2nd Feb by joepbailey
Found this instore at Aldi Glenrothes today, cheapest I've ever seen it! (y)
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Pretty sure it's for people who don't like to drink alone so have their dog drink with them while they cry.


We’ve got wine for dogs here in’s called Buckfast and you should see some of the mutts that drink it.barking


The discerning dog drinks only Moet & Chandon. :{


Our dog wouldn’t touch the stuff! (embarrassed)


What the hell is it? Because as a responsible owner I would not risk this on any of mine

Butcher's Tripe Mix Dog Food 1200g - £1 instore @ Morrisons
LocalLocalUpdated 26th JanLast updated 26th Jan by Norseg
Butcher's Tripe Mix 1200g Scanning at £1.00

Looters will be looting Pedigree factory (y) It's perfectly safe for humans to eat by law, I've had a nibble on a few dog treats and dry food to see why he won't eat it, it's not inedible it's just bland, not rancid not tried wet dog food yet (y)


What a load of tripe!


When the apocalypse comes, this dog food will be priceless


My dog loves this. Clears his bowl everytime.

Tesco Dog Food Reductions 12XTesco £1.25, Pedigree 12x cans £1.64, Butchers 6 cans 99p, 12 Winalot £1.50. Milton Keynes
LocalLocalUpdated 18th JanLast updated 18th Jan by r40
Apparently they are changing packaging on the Tesco own brand and im not sure about the others but i was told this will be most Tesco stores. These were found in Milton Keynes and … Read more

is that what you call a dogs dinner?


Where’s the receipt for proof


Not reduced in mine either :(


No reduced in my store


They only changed the packaging on tesco own make last summer cos my dog eats the gravy ones with harringtons on top so if £1.25 the price nationally im stocking up!!

Barking Heads Pooched Salmon Wet Dog Food, 300 g, Pack of 10 @ Amazon £14.99 Prime £19.48 Non Prime + 20% voucher available
Updated 16th JanLast updated 16th Jan by SomebodE
amazon are matching zooplus with there price.however there is a 20% voucher that can be added to subscribe and will also get a further 5-15% off depending on how many item… Read more
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It’s true - my dog is spoilt 😁


yes indeed thanks @SomebodE your pets get well spoilt. (angel)




I’ve added to S&S - will use it as a dry food add on like I do with tinned sardines/mackerel


Wish my cat was like that. Sarah-Jane has to have a different type (posh, only) at every meal or I get ‘the look’ 👀. Spoilt cats - I blame the parents..........😹 she likes Barking Heads cat food if you see any deals 🤙🏾

Sheba Cat Food / Cesar Dog Food - Pets at home - £3.24
Updated 14th JanLast updated 14th Jan by dalipsinghno1
Christmas Tins reduced to £3.24 which is a better price than buying separately. I know other stores such as Tesco & b&m have had them cheaper in their sales but I couldn’t … Read more
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They had 5 so i got them. Will use the empty tins to store from one raider cat who can shred the pouches like paper.


down to about £1.24 today still marked at £3.24 on the shelf pets at home( Suffolk)


Tesco Beckton have loads


It's only £2.00 in Tesc


Harrington's Dog Food Complete Turkey and Vegetables Dry Mix 15kg £21 @ Amazon - Prime Exclusive
Updated 13th JanLast updated 13th Jan by brocher
Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids Citrus antioxidants Nutrient rich kelp. Healthy digestion Reduces flatulent odours Blended with botanical herbs, L-carnitine which may help support … Read more
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Yeh I just ordered this morning was going to use the S&S discount but wasn’t getting delivered until Saturday using ghat option. Purchasing a one of at £21 gets it delivered Tuesday??? Should have planned a bit better :D


Get the voucher and then subscribe and save!




shoulda been posted up at its £15.75 S&S price with the 20% off showing (and even less if 5 items)


Normal price.

Arkwrights Beef Dry Dog Food 15 Kg £9.99 (Prime) / £14.48 (non Prime) at Amazon
Updated 11th JanLast updated 11th Jan by toddy888
Vat free! Complete food for working dogs Contains protein for your dog Contains nutrition for your dog
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It’s good quality, this is the price it always is though


Ark k k k karkkkwrights bare bare bare b b beef der der der dry oh forget it i can't even say it let alone buy it. Ger ger granville fer fer ter fetch a cloth.


do these come with fork handles?


My dog has had this for the past couple of months. Enjoy's eating it & no wind or poop problems. We dog sat a springer recently & she left her own food, could not get enough of this stuff.


Gonna try this one purely based on the very good reviews. thanks

Autarky 2kg dog food £2.25 +£2.99 delivery @ Viovet
Updated 7th JanLast updated 7th Jan by Susie-69
Autarky 2kg dry dog food £2.25 a bag. Free delivery on orders over £29. So stock up! My dog loves the salmon. Plus get an extra 10% off using VVUKAUTARKY10

Fab thank you - code doesn't work but you can get 6.3% TCB - ordered 10 bags of the mature lite


Pets at home 6kg is £15.99 so still a good deal if you buy a few bags.


Sorry free delivery over £29 if purchase is under 2kg. Over 2kg you need to spend £39 for free delivery. Code is not working for me as well. It did when I ordered last week. 5 bags arrived today and was wolfed down.


Free delivery over £29 as long as your parcel is less than 2KG!


Won't let me use the 10% code or let me have the free delivery!

Wagg Chicken and Veg Kennel Complete Dog Food, 15 kg RRP £13.50 now £8.59 delivered with code FREEDELIVERY
Updated 7th JanLast updated 7th Jan by retrend
Contains prebiotic MOS to support the population of healthy bacteria within the gut Healthy teeth and bones: Contains calcium and vitamin D3 to help maintain healthy teeth and bon… Read more
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I spend a bit more on better stuff, I know it's better because when I feed them cheap stuff one of ours stops eating her own excrement. So I spend even more in the long run buying the cheap stuff because they only eat it once so I have to feed them more often :)


My kids like McDonald's and they'll wolf it down when we go. Would I let them eat it every single day for breakfast and tea? No I wouldn't.


This is very poor quality,I wouldn't give this to my dog or anyones dog for that matter..Thanks for the post but my dog deserves the best.


Tried my border collie on all the premium brands of dog food and he turns his nose up at them all the time. Buy this and he eats it as soon as it's down. He's 11 years old now and still going strong. He has decided what he likes so I'll keep buying it.

Pedigree Pet Dog Food Gifts Treats Box 472G includes 5 packs of treats & Free Selfiestix inc a  50p off voucher inside Now only £2 @ Tesco
Updated 1st JanLast updated 1st Jan by DelboyDave
Pedigree Pet Dog Food Gifts Treats Box 472G includes 5 packs of treats & Free Selfiestix Now Better than Half Price only £2 @ Tesco Also inside the box is a 50p off Dentastix v… Read more
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Got paid to take them away? Wut? :{


Just got paid to take these away, SEL says 2.90 now, but scanning at £5 in my local.


Thanks for letting me know I have expired the deal (y)


Price is £2.90 to clear on these - Not £2 anymore.


Yes on the leaflet

Sainsburys Festive dog food reduced - 25p & 50p
LocalLocalUpdated 27th Dec 2018Last updated 27th Dec 2018 by mrsscarey
Trays of Sainsburys dog food reduced. 400g trays turkey dinner 50p or 150g trays of three bird feast for 25p! Bought a load of these Boxing day in our local Newport store but they … Read more

In our store they were on an end of an aisle and not with the dog food so worth having a look around :)


Been in a couple Sainsbury's today and they didn't have them


Can make a batch load of shepherd pies. (y)


[quote=brett95]I bought one of these for my dog for Christmas, she seemed to love it. May get some more if I can get to Sainsbury’s.happy[/quote] You know for sure, you'll get loads more in and she'll refuse to eat any!


Our dog loves it too :) 🐶

2 for £6 Pedigree Pet Dog Food Christmas Gifts Treats Box 472G includes  5 packs of treats & Free Selfiestix from 19th Dec @ Tesco
Updated 18th Dec 2018Last updated 18th Dec 2018 by pinkcamelia
2 for £6 Pedigree Pet Dog Food Christmas Gifts Treats Box 472G from 19th Dec @ Tesco The Pedigree Christmas Gift Box contains a selection of dog treats and a SELFIESTIX™ clip to k… Read more
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Thats £7.49 ie £2.50 plus £4.99 Postage :/


Can confirm online £5 each or 2 for £6


Oh, was posted on here as reduced to clear (skeptical)


That offer ends today if you buy 1 from tomorrow it will be £5


Bought yesterday instore for £3 each :)

Free Dog Food Samples from Happy Dog UK
Updated 18th Dec 2018Last updated 18th Dec 2018 by Beetlemama
Request a Sample Happy Dog UK is giving away free samples of their dog food products. You need to fill up the sample request form along with your and your dog's details so that the… Read more
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Had to sign up to the website to join and then had to fill it all in again for the sample? Still not sure if I've done this right.


I wouldn’t use this food for any of my dogs even if the samples are free, it’s full of crap. Dogs do not need Maize in foods, sadly another company who uses cheap fillers to bulk out their foods.


That dog looks like he’s pondering all his life choices that led to his failing modelling career


Sorry, but that dog does NOT look happy! Have some heat though!


the dogs round where i live are always depositing free samples

Earls Ghoulish mini burgers with superfoods Aldi Dog Treats
LocalLocalUpdated 17th Dec 2018Last updated 17th Dec 2018 by Happy14ever
These are priced at 29p from £1.99 had loads in store at Aldi. 2 flavours, healthy treats for dogs. Obviously from the Halloween clearance but they don't expire until 2020. Grain … Read more

Which store


They might scan at 19p, I bought a few of each flavour the other week and the sign was red with the 29p crossed out Dog loves them, which is surprising given his usual reaction to healthy food lol

Pedigree Christmas Gift Box £3 Tesco
Updated 17th Dec 2018Last updated 17th Dec 2018 by smallsteve
Now reduced to £3 in Tesco’s (Ocado also matching offer) The Pedigree Christmas Gift Box contains a selection of dog treats and a SELFIESTIX™ clip to keep you and your dog busy th… Read more
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Heat: cheaper than a Christmas roast!

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