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Christmas Cesar Gift Tin with Dog Food & Treats (11 items) & Sheba Gift Tin Cat Food & Treats (20 items) - in-store £4.79 each  @ JTF
Found 9th Dec 2018Found 9th Dec 2018
2 different Xmas gift sets for the little members of the family. Dog selection of tasty CESAR© dog treats & meals in a Christmas Edition Tin. A perfect gift or treat this sea… Read more

Ordered 2x tins and 2x stocking. Thanks op


Also this for £1.79 @ JTF:


thanks @Gozer :)

Harringtons Complete Turkey and Vegetables Dry Mix Dog Food, 2 kg, Pack of 4 @ Amazon Add On £4
Found 4th Dec 2018Found 4th Dec 2018
part of the amazon add on program.minimum £20 spend required.these can also be added to subscribe and save for as little as £ quick here a real bargain. No artificial colou… Read more
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(shock) (shock) (shock)


dammit I misread and thought it was just one bag I only have a big bag left as well!




If you value your dog, not a particularly good food. Mostly maize I believe, low meat. So much better foods out there.


sorry about that @kirstie2806 :(

Wagg Chicken and Veg Kennel Complete Dog Food, 15 kg RRP £13.50 now £8.59 delivered with code FREEDELIVERY
Found 30th Nov 2018Found 30th Nov 2018
Contains prebiotic MOS to support the population of healthy bacteria within the gut Healthy teeth and bones: Contains calcium and vitamin D3 to help maintain healthy teeth and bon… Read more
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I spend a bit more on better stuff, I know it's better because when I feed them cheap stuff one of ours stops eating her own excrement. So I spend even more in the long run buying the cheap stuff because they only eat it once so I have to feed them more often :)


My kids like McDonald's and they'll wolf it down when we go. Would I let them eat it every single day for breakfast and tea? No I wouldn't.


This is very poor quality,I wouldn't give this to my dog or anyones dog for that matter..Thanks for the post but my dog deserves the best.


Tried my border collie on all the premium brands of dog food and he turns his nose up at them all the time. Buy this and he eats it as soon as it's down. He's 11 years old now and still going strong. He has decided what he likes so I'll keep buying it.

Lily's Kitchen Adult Chicken and Duck Complete Dry Food for Dogs, 12 kg @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £39.99 Prime £44.48 Non Prime
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
there is a 20% voucher on these and they can be added to subscribe for a final price of £25.99 Product Description Our grain-free, delicious, complete dry food is bursting with nat… Read more
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Yes once you have your delivery just cancel.if you want just the 20% just add that and buy how :)


Thanks :)


Bakers for my dog he loves it


So after get 20% discount I can cancel s&s?


Great price

Christmas Munchy Mince Pies for Dogs 2pk
50p @ Wilko
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Treat your pooch this Christmas with our pack of two festive mince pies. These chewy, delicious treats are specially formulated for dogs and help promote clean and healthy teeth. F… Read more

Hmmm B and M sell a lot of pet products especially toys manufactured in China from materials that contain carcinogenic items ,being a big company doesn’t guarantee standards,there have been lots of incidents where animals were made often seriously ill after having treats with dubious origins that’s all I’m saying




lol! or mince meat or chocloate!!!


Very good point, Info from back of box added to description.


I wouldn’t think a company as large as Wilkos would risk that!

Forthglade 100% Natural Dog Food Complete Wet Dog Food with Brown Rice Variety Pack 395g (12 Pack) @ Amazon £11.04 Prime £15.53 Non Prime
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
this post is mainly geared towards subscribe and save customers.there is a 20% voucher on these.that can only be applied to s&s.the 20% and the possible further 15% for having … Read more
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thanks :)


My dog loves this stuff. JRT 15 years plus. He's doing grand on it,!


indeed (embarrassed)


Warning not suitable for children under 36 Months. This must be good stuff if you can also feed you kids on it.


thanks @LambChop123 :)

Harrington’s dog food 15kg Lamb and Rice £21 Amazon
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
This is a great price for such a large bag! It gets good reviews and is decent quality too compared to your Bakers type brands. It’s even cheaper if you go for subscribe and save o… Read more

I'm waiting until tomorrow. This was £14.99 a bag last time they had a deal day.


Standard price range for this is £20-22, this isnt a deal.


I believe the chicken version is normally cheaper. Depends if desperate for lamb

Arden Grange 12kg dry dog food from £20.12 at Amazon
Found 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
Some really good prices available on Arden Grange dry dog foods at Amazon. If you need the large breed variety the search shows it at £38.70 but if you follow the link there is an… Read more

Great deal, the camels hadn't picked it up for me because of missing the voucher.

corderz Usually this is the cheapest you can get at £53.50 for 2 bags so this is scorching


Brilliant deal! Thank you! Just had a bag delivered from fetch at a higher price, but ordered this.. Too good to miss!

howbord looks like the voucher works for everyone not just Prime


Thank you! Awesome HOT offer!

Tesco Dog Food 4 Pack Pouches 25p instore
LocalLocalFound 15th Nov 2018Found 15th Nov 2018
Tesco one brand adult dog food chunks in gravy 4 pouch pack. Beef and veg and chicken and veg flavours. Found in various stores, including Express, so definitely nationwide.
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Thankfully my cat can't read. Have some heat OP.


Heat just because i thought you had bought a dog in a bag.

Royal Canin Dog Food Mini Light 8kg @ Amazon £14.99 Prime £19.48 Non Prime
Found 13th Nov 2018Found 13th Nov 2018
had a request to try and find some pet food deals.stumbled across this.looks a steal Product Description Has a higher level of L-Carnitine which stimulates the metabolism of fat re… Read more
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all gone :(thanks for alerting me @ROCHJA :)


Missed it already. Now over £35 :(




The trouble with a number of dried foods is that they contain high carbs due to cost effectiveness. Dog's don't really require carbs apparently so it's not an ideal food source. Worth doing your own research to find out what you are happy to feed your pet. Also dogs will happily eat crap (literally) but that doesn't mean they should eat it. Humans could happily eat Pizza and chocolate every day but that doesn't qualify it as nutritious.


Let me put it this way, switching food improved coat, health and the semi-solid stools!

Aldi Halloween dog treats 29p
LocalLocalFound 12th Nov 2018Found 12th Nov 2018
Reduced on the shelf to 99p, but when scanned they go through at 29p. BBE march 2019. Gormet style dog burger treats Cardiff culverhouse cross Aldi. Not sure if it's national.
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Saw them in Chatteris store for 29p


if you wrap them up for your dog and they open them and give you a weird look then you'll get your answer


Marked up at 29p in our local store. Lots at the Portishead branch. Edit to add they are with the promotional stuff and not the dog treats.


Is it cheating to give them for Christmas?

Burns Dog Food Sensitive with Pork Adult 15 kg £25.99 (minimum spend £30 + £5.99 P&P) @ Approved food
Found 22nd Oct 2018Found 22nd Oct 2018
Burns Dog Food Sensitive with Pork Adult 15 kg £25.99 (minimum spend £30 + £5.99 P&P) @ Approved food
Seems like a good deal for Burns. Selling at £45.00 + everywhere else I have seen. Approved Food usually sells products that have gone past their best before date but the date on t… Read more

Sensitive dog food with maize as the second ingredient. And only 17% meat. Wow. That's terrible quality food. Burns has always been over priced. But voted hot for the price


Exactly - Precisely the type of food my dog (with Autoimmune Bowel Disorder) must avoid! :-(


The mod added the min. spend details. As far as I can see, it's only £22.50 min. spend but maybe I missed something? "There is a £22.50 minimum order value on any grocery order. All orders are charged a minimum delivery fee of £5.99 for your first 25kg box (dependent upon location). For more information about our grocery delivery services, please visit our 'delivery' section." It also says "limited to 25 per customer" on the Burns product details.


Excellent price. Shame it's only one per customer, could have got two to beat the £30 minimum spend. :(


Not sure pork will help dodgy guts.

Harrington's Dog Food Complete Lamb and Rice Dry Mix, 15 kg £21 amazon s&s
Found 17th Oct 2018Found 17th Oct 2018
Harrington's Dog Food Complete Lamb and Rice Dry Mix, 15 kg £21 amazon s&s
£21£28.9928%Amazon Deals
so a massive 40% of this taking the price down to a possible 12.60 with 15% s&s. From the manufacturer Great Grandfather Harrington Harringtons HistoryIn the late 19th Cent… Read more
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Can somebody explain this to me? The first bag is costing me £14.70 as I don’t have any other subscribe and saves. So I’ve subscribed for 1 bag and one month delivery so the next bag will cost £14.70 as well? If price increase I just cancel? As once I hit subscribe and save a page came up which says it’s £19.95 per bag.


Sorry i didnt put in my message that i was wondering if the grain free was also 15% off not if that one had grain free, my bad. I always use this web page before i buy, i normaly buy Acana or fish4dogs.


no price is fixed for first one


What if the price goes up by 25% before it’s dispatched? Or can that not happen with s&s?


Main ingredient is maize, which is a grain

Free Autarky Dog Food
Found 17th Oct 2018Found 17th Oct 2018
Free Autarky Dog Food
Seen this on freebie site, thought I would share. Not sure how much they have or how long it will last x
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Thanks op


Thank you


Thank you :D


cheers bud, ordered. (highfive)


Thanks ok, not tried this brand. :)

Pedigree dentastix 56 rtc £5 Asda Downpatrick
LocalLocalFound 2nd Oct 2018Found 2nd Oct 2018
Pedigree dentastix 56 rtc £5 Asda Downpatrick
£5£1464%Asda Deals
Loads in stock Good dates All manually reduced

Debra stickers ?


Vet always said to avoid these as they’re high in sugar. Good price though




Ideal for the mother-in-law to keep here fangs clean (devil)


So what’s the deal on the “good dates”? Could do with a couple of packs for Christmas.

Happy Dog Wet Dog Food Pure Tinned Duck, 400 g, Pack of 12 - £5.66 (Prime) £10.15 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 2nd Oct 2018Found 2nd Oct 2018
Happy Dog Wet Dog Food Pure Tinned Duck, 400 g, Pack of 12 - £5.66 (Prime) £10.15 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Temporarily out of stock. Order now and we'll deliver when available. We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. Your account will only … Read more
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Thank you for your reply. I'm not in a rush so will just wait. I did wonder if they were hoping I might cancel but I have no intention of doing so as if it comes it's a bargain and nothing lost if it doesn't lol. Hopefully it will arrive soon then if yours has. Thanks again.


I was first told january but I got my last delivery yesterday, just dont cancel it... Maybe they are hoping you will give up.


Anybody actually get their order of this delivered ? My delivery keeps getting moved and is now expected January next year.....if u can believe anything they say as this is the third time delivery has been delayed...


How can you promise me? It says on the label not for human consumption


I can promise you it is all completely edible by humans.

IAMS 3kg senior dog food £3.69 (Waitrose & Partners Barbican)
LocalLocalFound 30th Sep 2018Found 30th Sep 2018
IAMS 3kg senior dog food £3.69 (Waitrose & Partners Barbican)
About eight bags left.
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Sorry since the renaming my head just paid attention to "Waitrose &" and ignored all after it, so didn't pay attention to location 👋


Oops! As I wrote that I realised it's BARBICAN not Clerkenwell!! Thank you for the prompt (strong)


Ah I thought I did mention the store? (Waitrose Clerkenwell)


Mention the's probably store specific, great deal tho. Hurry dog owners! Oops just saw you did...great deal, I'm a cat owner but still well cool

Wagg Treat Pouches 3 for £2.50 @ Jollyes
LocalLocalFound 17th Sep 2018Found 17th Sep 2018
Wagg Treat Pouches 3 for £2.50 @ Jollyes
3 Wagg Treat Pouches for £2.50 or £1.09 individually. Found at Jollyes High Wycombe
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24 X 400g Morrisons Complete Dog food - Beef & vegetable, Chicken & gravy, Chicken & jelly, Lamb & jelly for £8
Found 10th Sep 2018Found 10th Sep 2018
24 X 400g Morrisons Complete Dog food - Beef & vegetable, Chicken & gravy, Chicken & jelly, Lamb & jelly for £8
Apologies if already posted. 24 cans of 4 flavours of dog food for only £8. Works out at just over 33p each. They have been selling this for a while, but they seem to be much cheap… Read more
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Interesting. I get the b&m rufus stuff at 12 for £4. Worth a look at Morris now although, I have never seen It in my local.


if yer really hungry you will eat to survive...


I think ur barking up the wrong tree lol


Hahahaha (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)


(horror) (horror) (horror) 2 weeks dog food free, £2 delivery
Found 7th Sep 2018Found 7th Sep 2018 2 weeks dog food free, £2 delivery offering 2 weeks free dog food when you pay postage. This is for a subscription which you can cancel once you get your free two weeks worth. The food is tailored to yo… Read more

1 month free (£1 delivery) codes HARSYRVTN HAR9PGE8Y HAR6UWDXZ HAR42XE76


Step up dog food


Genius (y)


If you go for this offer, make sure that you say you've got a 20 stone Great Dane. You'll get more free food that way.


Terrible quality food, full of carbs and can guarantee you will get chicken as the main meat... its cheap and very poor quality.

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