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Free Driving Lesson with SKY Magazine
Found 9th Dec 2008Found 9th Dec 2008
Free Driving Lesson with SKY Magazine
looks like a new offer to bag a free driving lesson. They're going to arrange the first free driving lesson for tens of thousands of people of all ages and you are invited to parti… Read more
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good for me, i don't have the driving license.....cheers!


[COLOR=red]clicked on provisional license and this is the info[/COLOR] WELCOME TO THE HOMEPAGE OF THE UK'S BIGGEST-EVER DRIVING PROMOTION BROUGHT TO YOU BY skymag skymag is the most widely-read magazine in the UK and we have teamed-up with fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors throughout the UK to offer you a FREE one-hour, no obligation driving lesson. It's completely FREE, with "no strings attached" and is a great way of meeting up with a local instructor. What's more, if you want to continue training with your instructor after the FREE lesson, you can get up to 15 per cent discount off future lessons when making a block booking. We're doing this as part of our campaign to encourage professional instruction with fully qualified driving instructors in order to get your driving career off to the best possible start and minimise your chances of an accident in the first two years of driving - which is when you're most at risk. Learning with parents or friends has its limits and let's face it, if you had toothache, wanted legal advice for any reason of felt like taking-up mountaineering, you may talk first with friends/family, but you'd go to a professional dentist, lawyer or mountaineer - so why not use the professionals for driving? We're going to arrange the first FREE driving lesson for tens of thousands of people of all ages and you are invited to participate in this exciting promotion. So please take a look around this website and make sure you look carefully at the: "Am I eligible?" and "What happens next?" pages to make sure you can take part in this offer and know exactly what's involved. skymag and our partners for this campaign to encourage professional driving instruction wish you the best of luck in your driving career. With the proper instruction, you'll soon lose those L plates - but not until your instructor tells you you're ready for the practical test. Tempting as it is to rush through your training ASAP, make the most of the advice from the professionals and go for the test when your instructor says you're ready. It'll work out much better.


please explain more, I didn't see any promotion in my sky mag or is this the next one?

AA DRIVING LESSONS £10.50 Per hour for first 4 hours of tuition.
LocalLocalFound 8th Oct 2008Found 8th Oct 2008
Call AA Driving lessons on 0800 975 6034 and quote the above. Offer for 1st lesson must be booked by 17th October 08. After 4 hrs of tution price reverts to normal price, no requir… Read more

I agree with all of the above posts (adamrwood, moob, etc) and would personally steer clear of these deals with a very large bargepole............ My partner is also an independent driving instructor who used to work for BSM followed by Safedrive and I would like to stick my two penneth in!!!! These deals are just a very large hook to real you in - Think very carefully about how many lessons you will realistically need to pass your driving test. The average is around 45 hours according to the DSA. (Some people need much less than this but some people also need much more!!!). Sticking with the DSA quoted average, if you go with the AA then 4 hours @ £10.50ph followed by 41 hours @ £24ph = a grand total of £1026. Compare this to an independent instructor charging around £18ph = £810 (not including any further discounts of up to 20% for block booking etc). I know which I think is the better deal :thumbsup: Is it worth taking up the offer of 4 hours @ £10.50 and then moving to a different instructor? Well think about what you need when you start to learn to drive. At a minimum, you need time to get used to the car (the Ford Focus is a BIG, HEAVY car) and you start to build a relationship with your instructor. Do you really want to spend £42 and then have to start all over again with a different car and a different instructor...... Don't take the bait :roll:


My wife could help - but I doubt I'm allowed to on here.


A driving course that teaches you how to crash...awesome! :thumbsup::-D


Please help I am trying to find the best pass rate for a driving school in hornchurch essex area. I am thinking of buying a crash intensive course any one got any information on either a great driving school or a crash intensive course in my area. Thanks


Thanks for the info, people. My son has his provisional and I have his birthday money in the bank to book lessons. We have £200 to start him off. I was going to book one of the BSM or this AA special offer to get him started, but my sister put me off the BSM one saying that they drag the lessons out forever. And to be honest I would much rather give the money to an independant instructor . Does anyone have a personal recommendation of a good instructor around Glasgow west end to Clydebank area? Thanks!

5 driving lessons for £49 with surepass
Found 5th Oct 2008Found 5th Oct 2008
5 driving lessons for £49 with surepass
title says it all. 5 lessons applys to people who have no driving experience so great for your first driving lessons! im going to start learning with these soon. after the 5 lesson… Read more
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Thanks for the tip - i rang today and requested a green badge holder and the guy said no green badge holder would be running this deal in my area - without even checking!! Obviously you only get trainee instructors on this deal - not good, cold for me im afraid.


My partner is an independent driving instructor, and I would like to stick my two penneth in :roll: He has recently taken on several pupils who have come from Surepass having taken up the 5 for £49 offer and all have had bad experiences. After 5 hours, none were able to do a "cockpit drill" on their own, move the car off on their own and hadn't retained any knowledge of anything they had been taught after 5 hours. They spent most of their time sat at the side of the road being shown diagrams and having things like the dashboard, door handles and air vents explained!!! One pupil didn't even sit in the driving seat for the first 2 hours - it was spent with the instructor driving her around demonstrating how to drive........ I'm not saying that everyone will have a bad experience (my partner only gets the unhappy ones) and there may be plenty who have had a great experience and stuck with their Surepass instructor, but it really is a luck of the draw. Personally, I feel that this is a giant hook to reel you in. Surepass instructors have to pay a franchise fee (usually expensive) and they also employ trainee instructors. If you are with Surepass, check whether your instructor has a pink badge or a green badge. If it is pink, then they are a trainee. Trainee's with a school are allowed to work just the same as fully qualified instructors, however they may not even have had a weeks experience teaching real pupils. They are not obliged to tell you that they are a trainee and the only way of knowing is the colour of the badge in the window!!!! This is why instructors will pay large franchise fees to schools such as BSM, Surepass etc. Once they are qualified, if they are decent instructors, they will move away from the schools and go independent and should be able to survive through recommendations alone. Why would they stay with a school and pay a franchise fee?? As I said previously, you may be lucky and get a decent instructor or a decent trainee but you are paying out £49 for the risk.


Just tried to book this for my son.Person on other end of phone said instructer had resigned that very day in my area.Could only offer lessons at £19.50 Its a con I am afraid


Drving lesson prices vary depending on where abouts you live, and who you learn with. BSM advertise their prices online if you input your postcode ]here. The AA offer their prices online ]here. Obviously they charge more than private instructors in general, but are a good basis to start. When you start with an instructor, you aren't contractually tied to them unless you buy a block of lessons, meaning that if you don't like them or don't feel you're progressing, you can simply leave and move on. Obviously if you've pre-paid for lessons, you may as well finish them or you will simply lose them. Also, because driving instructors need to be registered, it can sometimes be worth calling your local test centre and asking if they are able to reccomend an instructor in your area. They should also be able to advise on the instructors pass rate too. Handy if you ask me :thumbsup:


I HAVE surepass IN MY AREA.(PORTSMOUTH). SINGLE HOUR RATE IS 19.50 AND BLOCK OF 10 LESSONS IS 180. ANYBODY HAS ANY IDEA WHAT THE NORMAL RATE NOW IS, FOR THE driving LESSONS. Apart from that once we start with one driving institution,can we change later on to another one?. And if we are changing shud v start from scratch?Anybody pls let me know

BSM Driving Lessons 5 for £75 is back.
Found 5th Oct 2008Found 5th Oct 2008
Saw this online...yet to be confirmed. Call 0845 494 0358 or fill online form at bsm5for75.co.uk Lines open MondayFriday 8am8pm, Saturday 9am5pm and Sunday 10am4pm. Calls may be r… Read more

23.75/hour i guess


47.50 a lesson where they teach you afghanistan? danger money


i was with BSM. i chose them because i had a independent instructor before and he came up with rubbish like he was goin on holiday and that his car broke down and he would let me know when his car was fixed. i then found out my friend was having lessons with him and a few weeks later on my BSM lesson i saw the guy on his lesson with another pupil. the cheeeky mudda.:x My instructor i had with BSM is friendly, he had those badges on his window. he would show them off to me aswel. he had a green one and a orange one i think. but it just depends on the instructor your given. if you dont like the instructor your given your always allowed to ask for a different instructor, just depends wether your bothered or not. this deal sucks by the way. lol cause ive passed now and its no use to me.. i paid 47.50 per lesson. angry angry. :x


They never charged me for the time to get to me etc, what I meant is that if he was driving from a village, then Cambridge, then back out to a village it wasn't really worth it for short lessons as he'd lose 40 minutes of an hour just getting about and not earning. The 2 hour thing was very true in the Cambridge branch office when I used them. I did have a couple of hour lessons when that was the only time available but yes I didn't get as much from them either. I was going to go with a private instructor but got 10 2hr lesson vouchers for Christmas so had to use them. I would definately go on personal reccommendation for private instructors if you're thinking about learning to drive.


BSM keep going because they are paid by the instructors and not by the pupils. The franchise fee a couple of years ago was in excess of £325 (god know what it is now) and instructors HAVE to pay this regardless of how many hours they do. One xmas, for over 2 weeks, my partner didn't even earn enough to pay the franchise fee - he made a loss and still had to work (for free) and borrow some money off me to cover it. How many times have you watched the tv or seen in the paper - "become a driving instructor and earn over £30,000 a year". There are far more adverts for this than there are offering driving lessons because this is how BSM and the like make their money. Plenty of people take the bait and think they can ditch their day job, work for themselves and earn a decent income. Well you can earn over £30k a year, but these adverts don't advertise the franchise fee costs of over £17k a year, add in to that the cost of fuel, insurance etc and by the time you have paid all of this out, you are lucky if you are earning minimum wage. And there is no such thing as minimum wage when you are a franchisee as you are classed as running your own business - you could make a loss week after week and no-one would care). This is why the majority of decent instructors ditch the likes of BSM as soon as they become fully qualified and can work on their own. Their are plenty of new trainees to fill their place. And as long as this is the case, BSM will continue to have a poor reputation. Now I'm not saying that all BSM instructors are bad or are trainee's. Everyone has to start somewhere, and you may be lucky and get an experienced instructor or a decent trainee, but you are taking a risk. Not to mention that this is just another hook to reel you in - according to the DSA website, the average time taken to pass a driving test is 45 hours. So take up BSM's offer of 5 hours for £75 or 4 for £79 followed by the standard price of £24ph and you will end up paying over £1030. Compare that to an independent school charging around £18ph x 45 hours = £810 (and this doesn't incl discounts of up to 20% for block bookings etc). Now which is the better deal? Sorry for the huge rant, but I dislike BSM with a passion. I like good value for money. And I also want everyone on the road to be safe drivers so I'm on a crusade to educate the public :) On another note, my brother went with BSM years ago and passed 1st time after about 15 hours. The reason he only had 15 hours was because his lessons were on a Saturday and his instructor was always cancelling because it clashed with the football (the guy didn't actually admit this, but after 5 times it was too coincidental), plus the fact that he was one of the lucky few "naturally good" drivers, so he just booked his test in spite of the instructor and passed. I must say though, that although he can drive, his technique was pretty appalling for the first few years until he started to get better with experience, and even now, I don't feel 100% safe being in the car with him..........................

BSM Driving Lessons 5 for £75
Found 2nd Sep 2008Found 2nd Sep 2008
BSM Driving Lessons 5 for £75
BSM are currently doing an offer of 5 1-hour driving lessons for £75, which I think is good. I've been meaning to start driving for a couple of years so this might be a good time t… Read more

yeah......same with me......just booked 6 lessons. Its gud ...... if they really provide 2 hrs. per lesson..... lets see......:thumbsup:


Not Bad^^


The Institute of Advanced Motorists is nationwide and their teachings are now DSA recognised. Roadcraft is the method of driving used by Police pursuit drivers and forms quite a lot of what the IAM teach, but the IAM focus more on safety than out'n'out speed. There are books on Roadcraft to DIY, but I was taught it by an off-duty pursuit officer which was brilliant both educationally, and in the fun sense. For track driving contact any of the racing tracks around the country, even the major ones like Silverstone and they almost all have tutors available where you can be taught either in your own car or one of their vehicles on high speed cornering and vehicle balance to make your driving safer both at speed and at normal speeds. I always tell people I teach that although I am teching them the very basics of driving, what I am really teaching them is how to pass a driving test. If you are interested in driving well then every time you turn the key is a learning experience which will continue your whole life. Any additional tuition will keep you safer, possibly make you faster and bring more joy to what many see as a mundane means to an end, but what can be a very entertaining part of modern life.


Nice find. I rang to book 5 lessons and the lady i spoke to said we do 2 hours per lesson. So then i manageD to book another hour to make up 6 hours and was quoted with £96 for all 6 hours working out £16 per hour. I might as well stick to them if their that good in price :D


im learning to drive now my first 5 lessons were 60 then 17 pound each i cant believe how much some people are paying. this seems very expensive to me! voted cold

£2 Off every 1 hour driving  lesson w/UCAS Card  BSM
Found 11th Aug 2008Found 11th Aug 2008
£2 Off every 1 hour driving lesson w/UCAS Card BSM
Get £2 Off every 1 hour lesson for Students with ucas card
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Does depend on the individual instructor though, doesn't it?


I learned with BSM a couple of years ago and got a really good service. To be honest they gave me the student rate without ever seeing my NUS card (even though I had one). I think they always did student discount. Good info for anyone who didn't know


yes i agree BSM are very expensive. so you are not really saving any money. plenty of cheaper deals around if you care to shop about. :oops:


BSM are one of the most expensive driving schools though... search around first guys...

Found 9th Aug 2008Found 9th Aug 2008
WELCOME TO THE HOMEPAGE OF THE UKS MOST POPULAR FREE DRIVING LESSON PROMOTION Having commenced in September 2006, the aim of the promotion is to impact upon the unacceptably high n… Read more
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I applied for this when the deal was posted 2 weeks ago and just got a phone call earlier this evening, have my first lesson a week on friday (only due to work commitments or I could have had it booked sooner). I am getting the 1st 2 hours for free, then its £23 per lesson after that, or block booking saves you a quid per lesson. Happy days :-D Many thanks pinkmelonmr2 :thumbsup:


Cheers :thumbsup:


I hope not but they might ask 'so when do you want your next lesson?' after the free lesson.


are you obliged to take more lessons out with them as some ave seen in the past you geta free lesson but you have to take a block of 10 out after wards


Yikes thats alot of money. I think the total for me to learn was about £550 for 32 hours of driving lessons + my test. I also got put on my parents insurance for about 3 months for £60, way under your amount, but it still is an expensive skill to learn

Driving Lesson for 90p!
Found 25th Jun 2008Found 25th Jun 2008
Driving Lesson for 90p!
oneGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Read More

excellent been meaning to start this year - was new years resolution but think I may take this up and get on the go finally!! The petrol prices have well put me off as well as the driving cost and all the cots for cars to keep em on the road!


This is quite a handy post. Just the thing to get the missus started on her long overdue lessons.


Great find. I was looking for a deal like this.


Had a look at the article and there is an option for a free lesson, Buy 2 get 2 free and various other offers also..


Rather silly question. You need your counterpart and provisional driving licence to drive.

Buy 2 get 1 free driving lessons with the AA - with attached voucher
Found 13th May 2008Found 13th May 2008
Buy 2 get 1 free driving lessons with the AA - with attached voucher
APGet code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
All you need to do is call 0800 294 9912 quoting AP then when you have your lesson give the voucher to the instructor simple as that.
Read More

Thanks guys!! used it right away. Got 13 lessons for 300


Thanks a lot for that.. great deal I was looking for this.


only if you choose to go back after your free lesson.


Thanks asandwhen :) Should be in vouchers .. moved there.


Note you can only do this once. For lesson 4 onwards U pay full wack!

5 Driving Lessons for £25
Found 4th Sep 2007Found 4th Sep 2007
Surepass are a national driving school and are currently offering your first 5 lessons for just £25.00!! Much better than the BSM/Skins 3 lessons for the price of 2 offer that is … Read more

Made me laugh :giggle:


Site now says Due to unprecedented demand this offer is now only available in the postcodes listed below and subject to availability of instructors. FY WA SR NR PL DE DL TF TR ME


My son has had his double second lesson on Friday. It went really well and he has another booked for tomorrow. He was told that he will be starting 3 point turns, so to me it is progressing well. The instructor is telling him to sort out his theory test, and was telling me about pass plus which they do as well. Lessons here are £17.50 an hour or £160 for 10 when the vouchers run out. We are happy with that, and I will pay for 10 when he gets back tomorrow.


aahhh I thought the offer had been taken off the website.... and it mentions the vouchers being sent recorded AND got a recorded item waiting for me at the sorting office ...yippee! PS; in manchester so not officially available to me,,,so been lucky or not far from cheshire so maybe thats the case


registered pretty late for this,,,,no refund and received a message from an instructor on saturday.... looking good? read someone got vouchers.... should these come then arrange the lessons? I will call the instructor tomorrow and get more info and advise

Free driving lesson when you buy two @ TheAA !
Found 25th Jul 2007Found 25th Jul 2007
Free driving lesson when you buy two @ TheAA !
Get voucher

Hey the link is wrong! Should be theaa.com instead of aa.com


i havent actually looked at this, but as with most 'free' driving lessons you have to be a complete learner and pretty much never ever have sat in the driving seat, plus first lesson is just talking.


Guess im sticking to cycling and public transport then...


Good spot fizzylogic :) Happy days ahead for Driving instructors :roll: 200 x £25 = £5000 !!!!!


Not much use if the government manages to pass their ruling next year that learner drivers have to complete 200hrs driving time before they even think about taking their test.:x Thank god I've passed mine!

Buy One Get One Free Driving Lesson Voucher with The AA
Found 12th Jun 2007Found 12th Jun 2007
Buy One Get One Free Driving Lesson Voucher with The AA

£8 quidco aswell


not working for me as well:roll:


hi link dont work 4 me. does it 4 u???

Free Driving Lesson
Found 1st Jun 2007Found 1st Jun 2007
Free Driving Lesson
Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but just taken a look through the June issue of Asda magazine and found the following: Asda Magazine has teamed up with a range of full… Read more

For those who miss out by just a few days or so, try booking the appointment as close to the end of offer deadline, then ring up to say you are "ill" or something similar - has to be something worthwhile like this. Then, re-arrange for when you are better........even if they don't honour it by saying the deadline will have passed, nothing lost.....


Do it anyway, when they call explain and it should be fine - friend of mine did that on a similar offer


so is it a fiver to take up this offer or 30p?


unlucky. I turn 17 at the end of August so this is a good deal for me.:-D


Good find :)

Free Driving Lesson from Daily Star !
Found 23rd Apr 2007Found 23rd Apr 2007
Free Driving Lesson from Daily Star !
The Daily Star newspaper are giving away a free driving lesson for all its Readers. To get a FREE lesson by email, pls send the following details to: enquiries@l-driving.biz with s… Read more

Any news from them? Sent an e-mail last week, but have not yet got any reply.:-(


Lets hope this work's my ambition in life was not to be a taxi driver grrr grumble grumble moan moan. Voted HOT HOT HOT :)


Just applied for my boyfriend might just give him the kick he needs to learn! Let us know if anyone hears anything.


Thanks, hopefully I'll get one for my 17 year old daughter (who has a non-driving boyfriend 14 miles away!) Voted HOT.:thumbsup:


Thanks for that - Just applied for one for the wife (Better than letting her near my car!!) :-D

Voucher for Free Driving Lesson with BSM
Found 18th Jan 2007Found 18th Jan 2007
Voucher for Free Driving Lesson with BSM
Need to purchase this weeks (dated until 25th January) 'Chat' (womens weekly magazine)magazine and just complete the voucher for a free 1 hour driving lesson with BSM Note: No tok… Read more
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No the voucher has to be sent off by the end of march, and you have to have a provisional drivers licence by the 31st may (So the lesson probably isnt before then...) Sorry for not saying earlier - didnt think


Damm, my plan foiled then:w00t:


Any idea if the lesson has to be taken by the 25th as well or does the expiry date just relate to the publication date on the mag? Good spot either way.


Lol - One per person! (Could probably get around it by using different BSM driving schools though...just a thought)


Do you know if you are allowed to claim more than 1 free drving lesson or is their a clause for 1 per person as I would buy a load of them and save myself some money on driving

Free AA driving lesson: 3 for the price of 2  !!
Found 2nd Oct 2006Found 2nd Oct 2006
Free AA driving lesson: 3 for the price of 2 !!
Want to learn to drive? Get off to a great start with 3 driving lessons for the price of 2 from the AA Driving School. Heres what to do: Download your 3 for 2 voucher and print it… Read more
Free Driving Lesson
Found 16th Sep 2006Found 16th Sep 2006
Free Driving Lesson
Enter four of the passwords printed in the sun and you will receive email conformation of entering which you send off with £1 for your free lesson (well nearly free). Todays Passw… Read more

WTF? Talk about bumping a topic...


posted b4!


You just send. Mine is sitting in front of me, need to attach a pound coin i think and then send off. I dont know who to make cheques payable too!? Anyone else any more clear instructions?


Thanks glitzy and MattC :pirate: CJ :pirate:


RAC I believe

One free AA driving lesson
Found 23rd Jul 2006Found 23rd Jul 2006
One free AA driving lesson
Print of this voucher and fill it in. Book lessons over the phone and then hand it to the instructor. http://www.aadrivingschooloffers.co.uk/voucherbogof.pdf :D



Oops a year old thread! Sorry! But, this offer IS still on....although they have obviously changed the voucher probably.


Not sure why this one is expired, it is valid until the end of this year...


If you haven't got it already, you need a PDF reader. ][COLOR=blue]Adobe[/COLOR][COLOR=blue] Acrobat Reader Here[/COLOR]


Thanks for this jai47 :)

Free driving lesson with BSM - Offline offer and open to students only.
Found 17th Sep 2005Found 17th Sep 2005
Free driving lesson with BSM - Offline offer and open to students only.

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