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nPower £130 cashback for Dual Fuel Plus FREE Energy Monitor
Found 23rd Feb 2010Found 23rd Feb 2010
Topcashback and Quidco (not sure on others) are offering £130 when you change both your Electric and Gas to nPower (£65 for just one of them). They are also offering a free Energy … Read more

Cashbach declined (Quidco) hope I can sort this out...


Worst company out there, plenty of info on the mse forums about these cowboys. If your on the no standing charge tariff they weight your units so you pay the most per kwh in the winter months, others energy companies just spread it throughout the 12mths. Would not go near them again, took me 9months after cancelling to claim back my money as they charged me more higher units in 12mths tham the contract stated.


I to do the same as Capitalist, and have been for a few years now, I virtually always go for the company's offering the most cash-back, changed every month and I have managed to play the con-artists at their own game!!! They actually ended up paying me for gas and electricity this year.


A new meter is available now, SmartMeter, also for existing customers. http://www.npower.com/web/wgsmartpower/index.htm


I like it! What a crazy system................... :thumbsup:

Electrolux 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker in Stainless Steel £799.99 @ co-op was £1614.95
Found 1st Feb 2010Found 1st Feb 2010
SAVE £814.96 Colour STAINLESS STEEL Height (mm) 900 Width (mm) 899 Depth (mm) 599 Energy Efficiency B Additional Info Automatic Electric Ignition of Burners Multi Function Co… Read more

Addendum to my previous, this does appear to be the cheapest out there for this model, so heat from me :thumbsup: http://www.whiteboxdeals.co.uk/p-27428-Electrolux-EKM90750X-Range-Cookers.aspx


The problem with 900mm duals is that the oven/grill space in the secondary cavity is tiny. A friend of mine has one and his gripe with his is that it is not wide enough to use as a plate warmer. Ofcourse it all depends on the space that you have available. We finally went for a Grade A Cannon Pro 110 which we managed to pick up locally at 50% off the rrp for £995. I'm inclined to agree with you on the deal itself, although I would say that it is still a few £100 or so below the average RRP....so hot from me. Also worth watching out for discount codes for appliances at this level. I've been using 'White Box deals', and saved myself £25 off the price of a matching Cannon cooker hood at Sainsburys.


I am after a 90cm range cooker. Not convinced by the RRP here though as it is similar price at other retailers: http://www.jualdomestics.com/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=1903&utm_source=pricerunnerCPC Let me know if you find any dual cavity 90cm models!!


It's a lot of cooker for the money but I'd be wary of buying a cooker with one massive, single oven. Neighbours who had one found it took a long time to heat up which put them off using it - they resorted to the microwave much more often before finally replacing it with a cooker with 2 separate ovens. Energy efficiency ratings are calculated per unit volume so a smaller oven with a similar rating will use proportionately less electricity - not an issue in the winter when you're heating the house anyway but a waste in the summer. Not voting - the price is good for what it is but I wouldn't choose it.

Electrolux Dual Fuel Cooker Model: EKM6044WN White £366.44 delivered @ Bargain Crazy
Found 7th Jan 2010Found 7th Jan 2010
Electrolux Dual Fuel Cooker Model: EKM6044WN cheapest i can see it is Applia for £653.94 delivered # Ultra Fast Variable Grill In Top 36 Litre Oven # Main Oven - 56 Litre Ultra F… Read more
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edited due to new discount code


just noticed that looks like that option had sold out so will remove it from the post


I think this is an excellent price, and am very tempted, as it is almost a direct replacement for my Electrolux gas cooker, although it is still relatively new and I can't honestly justify replacing it. I wish I had got this model at the time as I even have the gas & electric points handy. Electric fan ovens beat Gas any day especially for even-ness of heat distribution, and Gas hobs beat electric hobs any day too (maybe not so much Induction hobs!). I am under the impression the gas hob is the same as my current model, it is fine, although often wish it had another large burner instead of two medium. I can't get the stainless steel one to come up though, the option doesn't appear for me :-(

Indesit 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker (KP9508EXG) - £455.60 Delivered (£419 with Quidco) @ Additions Direct
Found 18th Oct 2009Found 18th Oct 2009
Indesit 90cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker (KP9508EXG) - £455.60 Delivered (£419 with Quidco) Already the cheapest in the UK, but add the 15% off voucher it brings the price down to 455.… Read more

Good sized cooker but only has one shelf which is a real inconvenience when trying to cook large family roast meals as you cannot get oven hot enough to roast potatoes without taking everything else out of the oven or risk it burning or drying out.


I'm not sure if Additions is part of the Littlewood group? If yes, I'd stay away from any vouchers which are not issued personally to you (e.g. via email).

EDF Online Tariff Version 5 is Cheapest Dual Fuel by £200 with £60 cashback!
Found 15th Aug 2009Found 15th Aug 2009
As tipped in MSE, this tariff showed in Energyhelpline comparison for my area, and it is said to normally save you around £200 more than the next cheapest tariff around. What also … Read more

I would run a check though an energy supplier comparison site before changing.There standard rate is higher than anybody else (so I believe/ allegedly) ,I can't wait to leave them. Thought I was going to save money when I moved from British gas but bills increased.but according to the figures my bill should of decreased.


It did for me the next day.


Did cashback track straight away Will cancel if I am not getting the £60 cashback, as otherwise its a hassle


each to their own. every company has their own share of customer horror stories. Sky being no 1 and BT 2nd followed closely by EDF


I live in a 4 bed detached with the two of us and with BG (cheapest) we pay £40 pcm electric £50 pcm gas this is about right. Water meter saved us loads (now £28 pcm as opposed to non-metered £56 pcm as non-metered heavily subsidise low usage metred at the mo) not sure if a condensed combi boiler is suitable for a 4 bed detached.

Switch to Scottish Power and get £101 for a successful dual fuel sale or £50.50 for a successful single fuel sale
Found 7th May 2009Found 7th May 2009
You can currently get £101 or £50.50 for switching your supplier. Just go to www.quidco.com and click on the merchant Scotich Power Scottish Power offers consumers throughout t… Read more
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Same here for the last 4 months


depends where you live. Uswitch consistently have had BG as the cheapest for the last 6-8 months in my area


Checked this, the exit penalties are £30 to £40 if you leave early, make your own mind up whether its worth it. Also, all the energy companies will reduce their prices now British Gas have. So not worth comparing till the rest have followed suit, BG usually more expensive when its a 'level playing field'


£45 a year more expensive than BG (who are putting their prices down again from the 1st June) EXIT PENALTIES MAY APPLY (cannot find details of this on their site) wont bother with this as not worth the hassle or even potential loss should quidco fail.


is every1 else having this problem.... on quidco is says that u only get cashback if u complete the switch application online however when i click on enquire it say that u need to ring an 0800 number as online its not available. It happened to me last night too and i thought probably at night their systems are down... but its happened again now....help please

Indesit KP9508EXG Stainless Steel 90cm Dual Fuel Rangestyle Cooker - £364.43 Delivered @ Dixons
Found 8th Feb 2009Found 8th Feb 2009
Use the following 3 vouchers for this price - RANGE5, FEB2 and FREEDEL149. Great price, same model around £430+ elsewhere, as much as £640 @ John Lewis! 90cm dual fuel cooker in … Read more

This is a great price for a range, but would maybe give it a miss? - There is no fan. - Small oven capacity. - Only 1 cavity (can't oven & grill) - No digital timer + Safety Flame Cutout + B Rated Energy We went through the search for our new kitchen 6 months ago, and after looking at all of the ones in the local Curry's and kitchen shops, went for a Belling Kensington 90DF in Satin Steel for £880 from Appliances Online - always good prices. I know this is loads more than the price in this post, but we thought that the oven is the heart of the kitchen, and we use it everyday, so it was worth paying the extra for the quality and extra features that you need. So neutral from me, but we did not buy this cooker, for the reasons above.


I Considered this once until i realised it only has 68 Litre oven capacity:oops:, which is smaller than a normal 60cm double oven would have and its Not a fan Assisted Oven!. I went for a Baumatic 90cm Range for about £500 in the end that has the 108 Litre Capacity you would expect from a Large Cooker.:thumbsup:


too bad its not a Gas one, we're after just gas and they seem to start from £550


Does anyone know if you can get extra racks for the oven (its supplied with just one), and how much they cost? Thanks


We also have this cooker and it's excellent, especially the central burner.

Electrolux 110cm Dual Fuel Range Cooker in Black or Cream - Save £1,025.00!
Found 17th Oct 2008Found 17th Oct 2008
This is NOT a web error!! This is the real deal as my husband works in the electrical distribution industry and he personally emailed them this morning to confirm. Electrolux EK… Read more
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I bet it cooks, like their cookers!:-D


Thanks my link expired I have now changed it


I bet it sucks unlike their vacuum cleaners.


Nice find. Rep added


This range oven is sold under several different names with different trim and colours we have the new world version here is another version that sells at £480 inc delivery https://www.dixons.co.uk/martprd/product/seo/Cooking/Range+Style+Cookers/FLAVEL/MILANO+1OFRS+SILVER/008721

Indesit KD3G11XG - Cooker Dual Fuel Double Cavity 50cm - £149.98 delivered
Found 16th Oct 2008Found 16th Oct 2008
Cashback available 50cm Dual Fuel Twin Cavity Cooker Electric oven and Grill Gas hob Conventional electric oven with fully variable grill in top compartment 4 fully controllab… Read more

I'm waiting to hear..... is there anything we can do ?


i just got an email off them asking me to contact them and they said it's a miss print and should be £349... i'm sure they can't just change the price like that and get away with it.... glad i didn't advertise my old cooker


Me too, gutted. Now I have no oven coming.


same me


Empire have just called me and cancelled the order it's a misprice:x:x:x:x:x

Dual Fuel 90cm Range Cooker (DELONGHI DFS090DO) WAS £600 - yours for just £431.99 (using 10% Discount Code) (even less with Quidco - 3%)
Found 5th Apr 2008Found 5th Apr 2008
This is a very good deal in my opinion for a decent brand range cooker. As for all the best range cookers, it has a gas hob, but electric ovens (it has two separate compartments.… Read more
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I tried the code but its not working making it was only was a limited time.


Lofra have goen bust as far as im aware, might ahve been taken over though, but Lofra ones are the same as this one they are made by the same people in the same factories its just a badged Elba machine like this one as well as the Kenwood one this is the same machine just different badge as Kenwood is owned by Delonghi and Elba previously owned Delonghi. End of the day its a budget range cooker and thats what it is and needs to be taken that way, its not meant to or going to compare to £1000 Rangemaster but some people think it should ??? for this price and it isnt that bad a machine for the price and is pretty simple to repair and there is a good stock holding in the UK as well so I would recommend it for those who have large families on a budget that do a lot of 'heating; rather than 'cooking'.


Lofra are an excellent make and are good value for money. This one sounds like a really cheap one, better off getting a Kenwood instead of this one from Currys or Dixons which is priced similar to this.


...........because decent range cookers aren't sub £500.


Lots of criticism for this thread, I see. However, I don't see many better offers for sub £500 range cookers being posted....

Sign over to ScotishPower and get two months free Setanta
Found 22nd Nov 2007Found 22nd Nov 2007
ScottishPower are offering two months free Setanta Sport if you purchase online energy only (EXCLUDING energy saver 4). This can be either Electricity, Gas OR Dual Fuel, and is ava… Read more

Still showing as £61 today.


It was only £61 until the 31st October wasn't it? It should be possible to combine both offers, but I'm stumped if I know how. Probably would work by clicking on the link from quidco then going to the link in my post.


I wouldn't trust Scottish power either! A few years back a door-to-door canvasser called and we said no thanks to switching electricity and thought nothing of it. Next thing we know is our current supplier has sent us the final bill and we get welcome letters from Scottish power! It turns out the canvasser signed a signature on our behalf to switch over! We complained bitterly and got the ombudsmen involved but they could do little or nothing and the person who did it had left anyway so they couldn't even sack someone, it was a total nightmare!


I don't know how much setanta costs but if you do a dual switch go via quidco as you get £61 back. This must be better than 2 months free? Good if you dont trust quidco tracking.


Any ideas re the quidco thing?

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