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Dualit Classic Kettle & Toaster Set Shadow Grey £199.99 @ Costco
Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Great Price

Ditto, get one of the original Toasters and they'll last forever, had mine 15+ years and it toasts as good as the day we bought it... It's the chrome version and gets brasso'd every couple of years and it looks like new !


Some cheaper Dualit products I believe are manufactured in China, but the toaster in this deal looks like the original version which was made in the UK. I have had their 2 slice toaster for longer than I care to remember and paid around £100 for it back then but it has been worth it.(y)


How is this cold? Lifetime items.


Bought the toaster 8 years ago from John Lewis, still going strong now. If cleaned and looked after these are well worth the money. *just looked again, our toaster is a different model. But the above still applies, great quality products.


Great products and will last for years and easy to replace elements when needed. More importantly it toasts perfectly every time

60% off NX Intense 60 pack capsules for £4.80 at Dualit Ltd
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Posted 12th FebPosted 12th Feb
60% off NX Intense 60 pack capsules for £4.80 at Dualit Ltd
£4.80£1260%Dualit Ltd Deals
Dualit coffee capsules short best before date end of march 2020 60 for £4.80

Got them too. Well not the worst I ever tried, lol, but far not the best unfortunately...


Just got them, worst ever!


Just read almost identical review on Amazon, was it you or someone else with same experience?


Because I'd bought 120 I thought I'll have to use them so tried using 2 capsules to one cup of coffee but even that was too weak and unpleasent, so I've just decided to write them off, life's too short :) Actually my son has used some of them but he doesn't really like coffee so in his case the fact that they are weak is a benefit I hope you like them anyway, sorry to put a damper on it


Ohh nooo. I'm always buying Aldi Columbian one, and just love it! I hope I'll not be to disappointed with 240 capsules.. (embarrassed) (embarrassed) (embarrassed)

Dualit Cafe Cino Coffee Machine Used, Acceptable - £52.29 @ Amazon Warehouse
Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Dualit Cafe Cino Coffee Machine Used, Acceptable - £52.29 @ Amazon Warehouse
Big savings from new worth a try i think Precise, automatic dose control Dedicated espresso, lungo, cappuccino and latte settings Built in milk frother with jug, cold, frothed… Read more

Poor reviews

Dualit red 4 Slot Lite toaster £57.99+ £8.10 delivery Dualit Ltd
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Posted 30th JanPosted 30th Jan
Dualit red 4 Slot Lite toaster £57.99+ £8.10 delivery Dualit Ltd
£66.09£83.9521%Dualit Ltd Deals
Good price for this 4 slot toaster. The 4 slice Lite toaster combines Dualit's classic toaster styling with a contemporary high gloss finish. Patented Perfect Toast Technology ens… Read more
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I've had this 4 years and it still works. I'm quite pleased with it personally..


i've had one for years and it is better than the £30 (half price) ones i used to get, but i think i paid about £45 for it in a sale


Bear in mind this is the non-serviceable cheap Dualit model. Don't buy this on the expectation of the Dualit lifetime guarantee and easily serviced parts. If these break the best Dualit will offer is a discount voucher off their online store. That said I've had one of these in Black (from Costco) for about 6 years and it's still mostly working (one element has failed).


This is the cheaper version, without the replaceable parts. I don't think it's even worth £66. Once it breaks, it's in the bin.


do these fit warburtons?

Dualit NX Nespresso capsules 120 pack - £14.99 instore @ Costco
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Posted 25th JanPosted 25th JanLocalLocal
Dualit NX Nespresso capsules 120 pack - £14.99 instore @ Costco
Aluminium Capsules 120 pack Available as Intense or Lungo Now £5 off

27th - 16th Feb. It was on the description.


They probably put "add car" to a petrol offer, or "add bowl and milk" to a cereals offer...


Good price although I tried the intense a couple of years ago, certainly weren’t to my taste. One of the few things I’ve had to return to Costco


Why add membership...it's not like you are going to sign up for membership to just buy the pods.


+ membership

Dualit Cafe Cino Coffee Machine used £50.99 @ Amazon warehouse
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Posted 27th Dec 2019Posted 27th Dec 2019
Dualit Cafe Cino Coffee Machine used £50.99 @ Amazon warehouse
Big savings from new worth a try i think

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Dualit Classic 2-Slot Toaster - Copper £67.49 @ Amazon
429° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2019Posted 15th Dec 2019
Dualit Classic 2-Slot Toaster - Copper £67.49 @ Amazon
New low Amazon price on this toaster in copper. The Classic Vario AWS toaster is a design icon, first designed in 1947 and hand-built in England, as identified by the individual a… Read more

What about someone who's used a used Dualit toaster? It's £67.49 because it isn't new. These things do go wrong. What you're paying for is for two vastly over-engineered alloy sides and the ability to change the elements yourself and to hear the tick-tick-tick countdown of the manual timer which will drive you nuts if you're a secret lemonade drinker midnight toaster You'd be surprised how often the elements burn out and at >£10 a pop, they're not cheap. Not particularly wide openings, so you can forget toasted chunky doorsteps, muffins, bagels, crumpets unless you fancy fighting the toaster. This is what you want https://www.amazon.co.uk/Winware-Dualit-Conveyor-Turbo-Toaster/dp/B0055Z0XY8/ref=sr_1_9?keywords=Toaster&qid=1576517949&s=kitchen&sr=1-9 or this beauty https://www.amazon.co.uk/Winware-Regent-Toaster/dp/B0055YZWVI/ref=sr_1_38?keywords=Toaster&qid=1576518198&s=kitchen&sr=1-38


I have an old Kenwood toaster, probably cost no more than £30 when new. It’s perhaps 20 years old and still works, but some of the filament appears to be thinning/not working, the spring to eject the toast has nowhere near the enthusiasm it once had etc. It’s not made to be repaired, so even if it has some other value to me (passed down, I’m just irrationally fond of it etc.) it will need to be replaced if I am to once again have a fully functioning toaster. I replaced it with a Breville unit that was posted on here for around £15 a few months back. For some reason the temperature control knob is already starting to deform. Assuming heat buildup or something. Doesn’t appear to affect function, but it shouldn’t have happened, looks unsightly and I notice it every time I use the thing. As a toaster is a relatively simple device, if you pride yourself on being able to buy the cheapest possible or a similar value deal, this is not likely to be a logical purchase for you. There are plenty available, mostly clones of other/previous units, with all parts made mainly in China, by the cheapest bidder, with a questionable quality assurance process (or not, but the point is you’ll never know). Some of these toasters will last a lifetime, some no more than a few months and, yes you can then replace it with a similar unit (perhaps several times) for still less than this costs. If however your intention when making a purchase is to buy once and for that purchase to be guaranteed to last as long as you have need of it, then this makes more sense. Some people still prefer the idea of repairing rather than replacing (the carbon cost is almost certainly lower) and a Dualit allows you to do this. The manufacturing brief has almost certainly been to create a well made toaster that becomes a maintainable household appliance, rather than a cheap throwaway unit. For some this will be of absolutely no interest and this is therefore an inconceivable purchase; however for some the thought of having a £15 plastic unit as something that becomes part of their daily routine and that they will use every morning for the rest of their lives, is simply not a consideration. Regardless of this, every single Dualit post on here will still undoubtedly contain the question “How is this any better than a £10-15 unit at making toast”.


We have had the 4-slot version for a few years, and I'd advise anybody thinking of getting one to think again. - The toast it produces is very uneven - On two occasions the timer has stuck (which is a safety issue, as the toaster stays on). One was replaced under warranty, the other we had to pay for - I've replaced a few elements over the years, but I could have bought a whole new toaster for less than the cost of one element - Usability is not great


I’ll contact you in eleven years to update you about mine.


I have the older version of this, while it’s still going after 10 years one slot toasts more than the other and it’s not wide enough for most crumpets. No auto pop up either but I guess that’s less to go wrong. Looks good but you do have to maintain it with a decent metal polish.

Dualit Architect Kettle and 4 slice Toaster £109.89 with code at Costco
166° Expired
Posted 30th Nov 2019Posted 30th Nov 2019
Dualit Architect Kettle and 4 slice Toaster £109.89 with code at Costco
£109.89Costco Deals
Dark Grey in colour. A bargain compared to John Lewis price for them individually. Use code for £10 off

Great deal, but not a member


Got both of these, look fantastic on the worktop. Expensive, but I paid more and don't regret it.


Am I right in thinking this toaster isn’t made in the UK?


Wow that's a lot of bread for a toaster.

Dualit 403782 toaster in store at Costco £83.99
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019LocalLocal
Dualit 403782 toaster in store at Costco £83.99
Dualit 4 slice toaster. tomorrow only in store only. Costco. £50 reduction down to £83.99

That's a completely different toaster, it's Chinese with a Dualit badge, though yours toasts better than the one in this deal.


It's Mica not plastic.


The metal heat wires are covered in plastic. The last time I used a toaster (admittedly a cheap one from Wilkinson when I was a student) it smelled of plastic. So I chucked it out. Have used a sandwich toaster since for 0 exposure to plastic.


We've got an expensive Dualit toaster. To look at it's great. As a toaster it's absolutely rubbish.


I haven't noticed any issue with bread fitting in ours. Hovis, Kingsmill, own brand, sandwich, seeded, farmhouse all fit fine. Maybe there are taller sliced loaves that I haven't noticed, but surely they can't be that common?

New Dualit Two Sandwich Toaster in White £135 @ Catering Parts UK via ebay store
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Posted 28th Nov 2019Posted 28th Nov 2019
New Dualit Two Sandwich Toaster in White £135 @ Catering Parts UK via ebay store
£135£21638%eBay Deals
Was shopping around for this toaster last week, ended up paying over £200.00 from Dualit for the same model, Just had an email from ebay and a shop on the site has listed it for £1… Read more

I bit the bullet quite a few years ago and got a 4 slice Dualit. Never regretted it. Built like a tank, evenly toasted toast user-replaceable parts (not that I've ever had to). Definitely a good investment. Don't be misled by their cheaper line though, they're not the same quality at all. There's a reason most cafes, hotels etc. use these.


Our 4 slice is 14 years old and still great - reliable, durable and not throw away so much better economy in reality


We have had ours for over 20 years now. Still makes fantastic toast.


My folks had a Dualit for over 15 years and it's still going strong, had one or two elements fitted, like that they are an appliance you can repair after a few years rather than throw away. Most other toasters are disposable as you cant buy spare parts for them.


Cheaper than usual. Here some heat

Dualit Architect 2-Slot Toaster at Amazon for £56.24
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Posted 20th Oct 2019Posted 20th Oct 2019
Dualit Architect 2-Slot Toaster at Amazon for £56.24
Hey folks good deal going on Dualit Architect 2-Slot Toaster with Amazon Prime @ £56.24. Grey colour only available at this price. I had the camel tracking this and it’s dropped f… Read more
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Dualit 4-Slot Vario Toaster 40352 - Silver https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00008BQZC/


That’s the Classic - sometimes called the Vario or Vario New Gen.


I am tempted to ask folks simply to comment on the fact as to whether this was, you know, a deal or not, or indeed could anyone find this cheaper however? Clearly however, I have stumbled into a secret world of toaster fetish rivalled only by Apple v Android. Hope someone gets value out of it. :p


Like almost everything in life, there are budget and premium items Wine £4 a bottle or £20 - it's just wine, right? Chinese tyres at £35 each or Pirelli at £150 each - they just go on your wheels don't they? Primark trainers or a pair of Nike's? They only stop your feet from getting hurt on the floor, right?


and its brand name its a 4 slot breville and its vey stylish in white and rose gold and £160 for a toaster? really? is it really that great over a £35 that does eessentially the same thing I get cars and vast differences in prices but toasters

Dualit Classic 2-Slot Toaster - Copper  £89.99 Amazon
114° Expired
Posted 10th Oct 2019Posted 10th Oct 2019
Dualit Classic 2-Slot Toaster - Copper £89.99 Amazon
£89.99£12427%Amazon Deals
Product code: 85525344 Designed for heavy duty use, this tough toaster has a complete 5 year guarantee exclusive to John Lewis. It can generate toast at a rate of up to 65 slices … Read more

You’re so interesting lol don’t give up your day job


Seems to include small kitchen appliances.


How to get 6%?


Cheap toasters generally can't be repaired and contribute to landfill / waste when they fail. Dualit hand-build their toasters in the UK giving people employment and contributing to the economy. Cheap toasters look out of place in a £30k kitchen. Dualit toasters are well designed and pleasing to look at. Cheap toasters make cheap toast - expensive toaster make expensive toast and is therefore better.


John Lewis or Amazon make your mind up ?

Dualit 72702 Dome Kettle - Cream £49.99 @ Argos
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Posted 9th Aug 2019Posted 9th Aug 2019LocalLocal
Dualit 72702 Dome Kettle - Cream £49.99 @ Argos
£49.99£71.8930%Argos Deals
Dualit 72702 Dome Kettle - Cream £49.99 @ Argos This is location dependent, I currently see some in Hounslow Argos. I think this is in-store only, but I guess it depends on postcod… Read more
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Collected mine from Hounslow yesterday (with matching toaster). Thank you for posting (y) 🏻


Suspect these are cheap kettles with a nice brand printed and the price jacked up...


Lots of less-than-favourable reviews on amazon, these don't seem to last very long.




Hi edited the £84.99 NBP (next best price) as the item is available for under £72 delivered from multiple retailers (y)

Dualit 84135 Milk Frother £34.99 @ Amazon uk with free delivery.
181° Expired
Posted 10th Jul 2019Posted 10th Jul 2019
Dualit 84135 Milk Frother £34.99 @ Amazon uk with free delivery.
£34.99£49.9930%Amazon Deals
Dualit Milk Frother A compact and invaluable addition to any kitchen, the milk frother is a great partner for all Dualit coffee machines. The completely re-engineered cordless Dua… Read more

I just take it from fridge and the whisk mechanism is held in via magnets, so you just lift it out and rinse it, and the rest is just like washing a metal jug, dead easy.


You can use milk straight from the fridge and it takes seconds to clean.


If you've got this I've a couple of questions: Does the milk need to be room temperature rather than from the fridge (it says it can make hot/cold froth in 70 seconds), and how easy is it to clean?


Definitely the best one of these I've used. Excellent foam.


John Lewis Peterborough - Store Refurbishment Sale
271° Expired
Posted 27th May 2019Posted 27th May 2019LocalLocal
John Lewis Peterborough - Store Refurbishment Sale
John Lewis Peterborough is having a whole store refurbishment, as a result there are lots of products being reduced either due to space or the fact the store is no longer carrying … Read more

I need some lights


The tap sold today... ...to me! :)


Great find. I have The Franke Omni Tap, it’s actually a 4 in 1 boiling water tap. An absolute bargain at £350! Well done OP


Thank you Banjobob (y)


Torchwood centre I think it is. I remember parking in the carpark underneath it last time I was there

Dualit DPP4 Lite 4 Slice Toaster - £50 Instore @ Debenhams (Chatham)
367° Expired
Posted 28th Feb 2019Posted 28th Feb 2019LocalLocal
Dualit DPP4 Lite 4 Slice Toaster - £50 Instore @ Debenhams (Chatham)
£50£79.9937%Debenhams Deals
Found online out of stock but then visited the Chatham Store on the off chance and found two left. One in cream and one in grey (which I bought). Great deal if your local store sti… Read more

Love my Marmite branded Dualit Toaster. Had it over 10 years and still going strong.


I don't think so. This is the cheapo light range. Clue is in the name. Ours (2 slot) packed up due to the spring on the handle breaking after 2ish years. Love our Bosch replacement that cost £22.50.


It’s £50 for two toasters ;)


good toaster very good price 8/9 years now and has never gone wrong


Don't think the cheaper ranges like this one are

Dualit Juicer - £49.95 @ ecookshop.co.uk (+£2.95 P&P)
233° Expired
Posted 15th Feb 2019Posted 15th Feb 2019
Dualit Juicer - £49.95 @ ecookshop.co.uk (+£2.95 P&P)
£49.95£12560%eCookshop Deals
Dualit Juice Extractor

Not that great this Juicer in my opinion. I bought it from John Lewis few weeks ago, it does the job but the pulp still feels like it's got juice in it . There is quite a bit of washing to do to clean it. If I would know a reality good one I would honestly add another £70 and get something else....


Heat for the price and good nrand


It says not available to purchase until 7-10 days? Hmmmmmmm?


congratulations on your first post.looking forward to many more.have some heat :)

Dualit 46213 slot lite toaster, 4 slice canvas white. £50 In-store Debenhams Thurrock half price.
320° Expired
Posted 6th Jan 2019Posted 6th Jan 2019LocalLocal
Dualit 46213 slot lite toaster, 4 slice canvas white. £50 In-store Debenhams Thurrock half price.
£50£8038%Debenhams Deals
Popular Dualit toaster down to half price in-store, available in Thurrock Debenhams. Available in canvas white colour. Quick search shows it now available at £80 in Argos and sim… Read more

My Russell Hobbs Toastec will be 20 years old in September. It has worked perfectly since I bought it. But when it finally dies I might consider one of these.


I think this is a more accessible home range rather than their industrial grade toaster. Better quality and higher end of the home toaster market than a lot of the typical brands but still has a lot of plastic in the build, more so than their architect line.


But are these the really good heavy duty ones? I think there was a conversation on here a while ago about them having 2 different ranges of products.


Was £100 in Debenhams. Half price deal in that retailer. But next best price online is £80.



Dualit 88305 heavy duty juicer black £49.95 @ john lewis & partners
279° Expired
Posted 31st Dec 2018Posted 31st Dec 2018
Dualit 88305 heavy duty juicer black £49.95 @ john lewis & partners
Bargain of the century Mums birthday in jan - sorted!

So hard to clean. 2 minutes juicing. 1 minute drinking. 2 days cleaning.


A fair point - I stand corrected. (y)


Not sure how you've worked out that someone's "wasting £90" on something that only costs £50


Because you think you're saving £40. Actually, you're wasting £90 on an item which you know you'll only use two or three times at most and then stick in a cupboard along with all the other bargains. Then, when all the cupboards are full, you'll have to move house.


I do not need a Juicer.... I do not need a juicer..... I do not need a juicer...... why do I want to buy this then :/ (lol)

Dualit DPP4 Lite 4 Slice Toaster - Black at Argos for £69.99
21° Expired
Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
Dualit DPP4 Lite 4 Slice Toaster - Black at Argos for £69.99
£69.99£9526%Argos Deals
We've been looking for a toaster in a while and this looks like a good deal if you are in the market for something more expensive than the standard. It's a £25 saving over john lew… Read more

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