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Dyson is one of the world’s most successful and most innovative manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, having taken the world by a storm with their bagless devices in the 1990s. Nowadays, the firm specialises in cordless models like the V6. Shoppers can get hold of the most advanced vacuum around by checking out the V6 listings at HotUKDeals. Read more
Dyson V6 with free tool kit at with 2yr guarantee - £199 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
I’ve been looking for a new cordless Dyson for an elderly relative and was looking at the refurbs on eBay, but found this one at John Lewis with the free toolkit and a 2yr warranty

Got the V6 and although I always love the latest and greatest tech, it’s a tank and I really can not justify upgrading it still, a family member has the latest, v10? Although it’s great I still after using it can’t say it’s worth the upgrade.


I hoovered my house with my dyson animal and the day after I used my new shark and had to empty it twice with the amount of dirt it pulled out of my carpets. This was just 2 bedrooms worth


Advice to V6 owners, do not constantly use it in Turbo power boost mode. It'll destroy the battery in 2-3 years. However if you do do it, like I did, you can get 3rd party replacements for about £35 off eBay/Amazon.


Do they suck better than dyson? :/ It does look hella ugly tho


Bought one for £180 black friday - wish i could return - 'bin' too small, contents get stuck toward top end, need prying out.

Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Refurbished - 1 Year Guarantee £139.99 @ Dyson Ebay
Refreshed 9th JanRefreshed 9th Jan
Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Refurbished - 1 Year Guarantee from the Official Dyson eBay store. £10 price drop, was £149.99. Have been looking at these for a while, b… Read more
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They say refurb but most 'refurb' Dyson stock is really new old stock but sold this way so that they don't devalue the brand.


Yeah I guess haha... Even if it turned out mine was a refurb - it would make no difference to me :) got the full two year warranty and it looks brand new so win win. Hopefully everyone else is as happy with theirs!


Seems like @juggym got the only dud. Pleased everybody got new ones..


Mine came today and also had a 2 year warranty. Looks like the box has been opened before but the vacuum itself looks absolutely brand new. No scratches or anything, very pleased :)


They were listed at £189 and then 20% off so £150 ish

Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Refurbished - 1 Year Guarantee
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Not a bad deal with the eBay code added - cheapest I've seen it on Hotukdeals so far. Sucks up as much dust as even a corded vacuum. The Dyson V6 Animal cordless vacuum cleaner is… Read more

Oh yeah great deal! i just bought 18. Was aiming for 20 but they rejected the code the 10th order. The time was then 7:59 and by the time i fixed my error the code expired. Still £405 saved 8)


The cheapest v6 is the trigger which comes with the most basic 2in1 combination brush and crevice tool. All dysons come with this. This has an additional wand which makes it a proper hoover and then two additional brushheads. The mini motorized tool and the motorhead brush.


Whats a normal v6?


How does this differ to a normal V6 part from one attachment?


fyi the V7 is £169.99, v8 £254 I think

Dyson V6 Cord free Bagless Vacuum Cleaner  + Free V6  Tool Kit Worth £50 - £199 at Currys
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
V6 Cordfree with free Toolkit worth £50 Instore & Online (y)
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Kits not worth anywhere near £50. Crap deal.


Well why didn’t you share it on here !!!!


On the V8 the tools attach by means of the mechanism you see here at the top of the flexible hose. That leaves you with three tools with the same and opposite fitting. Is there an adapter missing?


It is repetitive but I think it’s a good point to make here because this is not a good deal. It’s pretty poor actually.


Some purchases are worth bragging about! Heat added OP!

Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Purple + 2 Year Guarantee, £199 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
Includes an additional mini motorised tool Well equipped with a Dyson-engineered cleaner head, the Animal V6 cordless vacuum cleaner is designed to clean your whole home, with an … Read more
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Had the V6 and tipping out the dirt is not like they demonstrate in the ads. Had to use a chopstick to get the fluff to come out, it never just falls into a bin. The V7 corrects this as the container now pushes out the dirt into your bin and even shakes out more dirt when pushed back in. Much cleaner.


Got this for £180 on Black Friday from Curry's - wasn't sure about purchase but all this positivity along with deal getting heat has reassured me - thank you.




I agree HottyHotty, not relevant from the original poster.


That's true, but the misprice was down to them marking the V7 Animal down to the same price as the V6 Animal. THe V6 Animal was also at that price, which was a valid Black Friday Deal and cheaper than the £199 stated above.

Dyson V6 Trigger £106 @ Amazon Germany
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Looks a good price. Use a fee free card, else the price is ~ £110.50. Examples of fee free cards include Revoult and Monzo. Price includes delivery.
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Would come with an eu plug


Chrome with translate websites


Offer has expired


Is there a translation tool I can use for German amazon?


Good deal but... Standard Shipping : get it on Monday, Dec 31 - Tuesday, Feb 19

Dyson V6 Handheld Trigger vacuum cleaner @ B&M
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. A lightweight cordless vacuum for easy, versatile cleaning. Its powerful V6 motor makes cleaning up spillages and crumbs easy wher… Read more

Bought one of these today from Ilkeston :D


I don't get this, Charge Time: 3.5 hours Run Time: 20 mins Max mode up to 6 minutes Can you use it as a corded vacuum cleaner?


No problem, just found this, even cheaper! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113370546673


I'm tempted as it sounds great, thanks for the information. I wonder if any eBay will be offering further discount days soon :/


AlwaysShopOnline wrote: i want to know too.... See my post about buying on eBay for £139.

DYSON V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - £179.10 @ Currys
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Cheaper than Argos with the discount code applied.

DYSON10 code no longer works ("We don't recognise that code. Please enter another.")


That was a misprice and no longer available


The V7 is same price at John Lewis, seen it on another post


£179.99 @ John Lewis if your not a fan of Currys or applying discount at checkout!


Not long bought a refurb v6 animal from dyson (150, perhaps cheaper now?). It's very impressive compared to our previous cordless which sucked in that it didn't.

Dyson V6 Cord-Free Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Refurbished £139.99 ebay / dyson_outlet
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Dyson V6 Cord-Free Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Refurbished - 1 Year Guarantee
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It's only £40 more brand new Dyson ebay store have pulled a smart one here, over 50 sold today at the same price its always been,


I bought it for this price 2 years back on a BF - Brand New from curry’s.


I've had three of these over the years and they have all come with 2 year rather than the stated 1 year guarantee


What's the code


It's been this price for ever :/

Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner £199.99 @Argos
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
The animal edition of the V6 at the Black Friday price of only £199.99 Currently £249.99 @amazon so not a bad price.
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Dyson V6 Animal Cordless Handstick Vacuum Cleaner £179.99 @Dyson https://www.dyson.co.uk/sticks/dyson-v6-animal.html?istCompanyId=4a4e927c-83dc-47c2-bdc5-53e127f27f1e&istItemId=xaaiwillmi&istBid=tzwt&utm_campaign=uk_en__floorcare__stick__do__dyson__v6__na__shopping__all__active_model&utm_source=google&utm_medium=paid_search&utm_term=&utm_content=ds_na&gclid=Cj0KCQiA597fBRCzARIsAHWby0G5olh91mwDF0r87YabkI2aFid-gZCQm5wu7Jq_1XTbrb0AFnngBkIaAvIlEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds


This or the Shark IF200UK on Amazon for £199? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Shark-Cordless-Cleaner-IF200UK-Battery/dp/B074L5N2FR/ref=sr_1_5?s=kitchen-appliances&ie=UTF8&qid=1542965937&sr=1-5&keywords=shark+cordless


Do you have pets or something? Not sure mine have ever got smelly (over the years) Let's not talk about my washing machine (horror)


I bought the car and boat v6 new on eBay for £89


Plus the V7 is a bit easier to empty. You can get a V7 motorised head for the same price from their eBay store.

B&M black Friday deals - Tower air fryer £20 / Nescafe Dolce Gusto £28 / Dyson V6 £99 - more below
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
From tomorrow some good deals on such as air frier £20, 43" 4k LG £300 sorry if already posted I couldn't find it on search
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Literally just picked up the exact same air fryer yesterday, from a "city centre" Amazon locker that was actually in the middle of nowhere, on foot, in the cold, and paid £6 more for the privilege. Kinda annoying, really (:I


Thanks OP. Hoping that isn’t all. Relying on an Iron being discounted


Thanks OP

Dyson V6 (aka DC59) £124.99 @ Dyson eBay outlet. Refurbished with 1 year warranty
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
Dyson V6 - refurbished with 1 year warranty

This deal sucks!!!


Yeah that's what I thought. Thanks for clearing that up. The current price must have been a while back as I don't remember seeing it. Thanks anyway.


Yup the DC59 is different to the v6


DC59 is the older model, and V6 has been at this price before.


There’s differences between dc59 and v6 Just waiting for the v6 to hit the £125 mark

Dyson V6 Trigger Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £148.99 @ freeNET electrical
Found 19th Oct 2018Found 19th Oct 2018
Was searching for a Dyson cordless cleaner and came across this beauty! John lewis and Argos are selling the older version at £219.99 but found this website which is selling the ne… Read more
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I had the fire my cleaner the other day. She was a Slo-vak.


Yeah nothing on eBay for that price.. Cold comment!


Just check on eBay. Where I bought already sold out .


do you have link please?


I bought new for only £89 with eBay voucher. Cold

Dyson V6 Handheld Vacuum - Cordless £154.97 @ ebuyer, Dyson DC58-TRIGGER £159 @ hughes ebay
Found 16th Sep 2018Found 16th Sep 2018
Dyson digital motor V6: small and light 2 Tier Radial cyclones Mini-motorized tool for tough tasks Up to 20 minutes of powerful suction Dyson-engineered tools for cars and cabins … Read more

how much extra is it for the car kit?


Not at all. The car and boat reference is just the extra cleaning heads you get, so this is better than the normal V6 standard Dyson.


I agree. Dyson refurb store on ebay is the way to go, if you can wait. I picked up this exact car and boat V6 for £115 six months ago.


Perhaps the V8? I've heard of poor performance on the V6 here but not the V8. IIRC I looked at both V6 and V8 in Currys and they are very very similar in form. The V10 is lots bigger, probably too big for small space work without a hose.


Referbs with the motorhead attachment frequently appear in Dyson's eBay store for less than this. They come like new with a years warranty. I paid £110 for a v6 three weeks ago. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/dyson_outlet/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

Dyson V6 Trigger Handheld Vacuum - Refurbished - 1 Year Guarantee £89.99  / Dyson V6 Flexi Cordless £134.99 Item image Dyson V7 Motorhead Pro Cordless £170.99 + more w/code @ Dyson eBay
Found 14th Sep 2018Found 14th Sep 2018
Good price, usually arrive new/as new with packaging, get link goes to all vacs on offer Use code PERKS at checkout The V6 Trigger handheld vacuum cleaner is powered by the Dys… Read more

Imagine being so smart not knowing that attaching the hose takes more power from the hoover, meaning it'll run out of charge even quicker, almost as fast as you last in bed. Keep wiping those tears by the way.


Imagine being so simple you think you have to bend down to use motorised head and not just attach it to the end of the hose :'D


There is every single attachment, different lengths hoses static and adjustable of various lengths. Not my fault you can't work this out. Should have just returned the V8 within the 1 month period (for any reason) if it's as terrible as you make out




You crouch down and hoover the entire time with the motor head? Jesus Christ. And I'm the ignorant one? You're not replying to my points because you know I'm right, but to feed that ego you go the cowards way out. Here's a picture of it kiddo, thanks for wasting 2 minutes of my life. Left the note specially on a box of tissues so you can wipe those tears.

Dyson V6 Cord Free Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with up to 20 Minutes Run Time £179 W/Code (2 year guarantee inclusive) @ AO
Found 6th Sep 2018Found 6th Sep 2018
10% off all vacuums in the vacuum event. Key Features Up to 20 minutes run time from a single charge Bagless model is easy to empty Lightweight - great for cleaning from room to… Read more

No not being rude its a great post thanks (y) . I meant typical after a Dyson and not included.


It gave me a code, with a list of vacuums it worked with (or so I thought) lol Sorry about that.


Does not work on dyson.

Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Refurbished - 1 Year Guarantee £129.99 @ Dyson eBay
Refreshed 29th Aug 2018Refreshed 29th Aug 2018
Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Refurbished - 1 Year Guarantee £129.99 @ Dyson eBay
£129.99£19935%eBay Deals
Dyson v6 refurb is back in stock at Dyson eBay and back down to £129.99. Comes with a years guarantee. The previous feedback is that these are practically new so a decent saving an… Read more
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So had a bit of a faff with my faulty one. Dyson arranged to exchange it twice now, both times no-one turned up. So now they are sending me a brand new V6 and will collect the faulty refurb one. Unsure if that means it comes with a longer warranty or something but at least it should work!


My one moan is that the air thats blown out gets me in the face lol


Mines a DC59 which apparently is a V6. It also appears as such when registering it online to get the years gurentee. I can honestly say this is the best gadget I've purchased in a long time. It's so handy for cleaning. It's not as good as a hosed vacuum for the car but for cleaning the house it is great. I always hated lugging around the old vacuum but this thing is quick and easy. It's also great for cleaning more than floors such as windows, surfaces and ornament. When my corded Dyson finally gives up I'll be investing in a V10 (or whatever the latest model is) and buying a cheap hosed vacuum for car cleaning. Thanks OP for the find. My dad is just mad he missed out on this deal.


THX (y)


Thanks for the find again, after using the Dyson, I can confirm its actually really amazing!

Dyson V6 Trigger Vacuum £99.99 @ Aldi Delivered 2 Years Warranty
Found 24th Aug 2018Found 24th Aug 2018
Dyson V6 Trigger Vacuum £99.99 @ Aldi Delivered 2 Years Warranty
£99.99ALDI Deals
The perfect handheld vacuum, the Dyson V6 Trigger cordless will help you tackle all those difficult jobs and more. Coming with a number of mini tools you'll be able to reach those … Read more

You don't get a 'proper' hose with any on the Dyson hand helds I can think of.... the hose seen in my link does stretch but it's for cars and the like.


Not what you get if you buy the vacuum with the proper hose.


https://www.dyson.co.uk/support/journey/tools/913049-01.html Not difficult to find. Other cheaper versions are also available.




Nope, but you can still use it if you get it

Dyson V6 Cord Free Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £199 @ Ao.com
Found 24th Aug 2018Found 24th Aug 2018
Dyson V6 Cord Free Cordless Vacuum Cleaner £199 @ Ao.com
Dyson V6 Cord Free Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with up to 20 Minutes Run Time £199

Same price in Argos but a £10 voucher with it.


This deal sucks

Dyson V6 Car + Boat Handheld Vacuum Extra - Cordless - £159.98 @ Ebuyer
Refreshed 8th Nov 2018Refreshed 8th Nov 2018
Dyson V6 Car + Boat Handheld Vacuum Extra - Cordless - £159.98 @ Ebuyer
£159.98Ebuyer Deals
Three times the suction of any other handheld in use. The DC58 animal handheld vacuum cleaner is powered by the Dyson digital motor V6. This 350W motor, 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones and… Read more
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over priced hype imo. cold!


@BroccoliVirg this deal is back on! We've unexpired your thread - cheers for posting


Can I use this in my helicopter? Or is it just cars and boats?


Clearly you have never been on the town with Henry!



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