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Apple EarPods with Lightning Connector - £19 @ Apple Store & Amazon
This is the first I've ever seen these go down in price, especially from the Apple store. Amazon :… Read more

If i can see correctly then the 3.5mm jack earphones, do not come with a mic


Same but I use airpods (lol) (lol)


£19 is the new standard RRP for these.




That's why I'm on android (y)

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Updated 17th Mar 2020Last updated 17th Mar 2020 by Deleted_
Genuine Apple Earpods with Lightning Connector - plug and play or
Hi guys i have an iPhone 7 plus that uses a lightning connector.. if i buy genuine ear pods with lightning connector will it be plug and play or would i have to turn on Bluetooth?… Read more

Be plug and play.

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Where to buy genuine Apple earpods (jack lead) for 6 plus
Morning all - Looking to buy the above for my daughter but totally confused by the difference in price from various retailers! The prices vary from 5.97 to £29.99 - so I am guessi… Read more

Thank you - Will PM you


Additional pic below


Assuming these are fine? Just PM me please and I’ll post out ASAP :)


FYI - haven’t forgot - should be home in next couple of hours and will PM you :)


I'm talking trend led in a Year 11 classroom lol - they all have iphones ........

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Good White Apple Earpods Alternatives?
For Christmas both of my kids want Apple earpods. This is mainly because their friends have them. Mine don't really listen to too music music and I'm worried about them either gett… Read more

Mike has reviewed a number of Knockies models - not the cheapest "clones", but better than most.



There is a difference between "fake" and generic though.


I’d get some fake ones off eBay. If they don’t listen to music that much just hope they don’t notice the difference


Same issue as I’ve got. 2 teenagers requesting these from me. And I know 100 percent they are going to get lost.

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Updated 9th Mar 2019Last updated 9th Mar 2019 by savvyshopper656
Cheapest genuine Apple earpods?
With standard 3.5mm connector. Sold on lots of different websites, ebay is an obvious one but there are lots on there advertised as genuine but aren't when you look at feedback, ho… Read more

buy from 02 with student 20% discount


I buy on avforums classifieds. Lots of folk there with good feedback who sell on brand new genuine Apple EarPods from upgrades they’ve had and stuff. I usually pay £8 per pair for 3.5mm or £15 a pair for lightning plus a quid or two for postage.




I just looked on ebay..... I see what you mean about claiming to be genuine but feedback saying different. I am ready for putting mine on ebay (genuine,unopened /sealed, came with my Tesco phone) and will be a lot cheaper than £27/£29

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Apple wired earpods
Anyone know when these go for a good price? Need another pair but paying £29.99 for a pair leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

nope, i just needed apple earpods but thought might aswell get those instead.


Are you needing them quite soon? Rumours are Apple are releasing AirPods 2 (or whatever they'll call them) later this year, which should see the 1st version lowering in price...


Entertaining the idea of getting the wireless ones now.


They're for your ears,not your mouth.


The ones on Amazon ( without retail package) are >£15