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https://www.amazon.co.uk/amazon-kindle-kids-edition-includes-access-to-thousands-of-books-blue-cover/dp/B07NMXR6DG I wanted to get a new Kindle during the Prime Day promotions so… Read more

Ah doesn't seem to be any discount showing, just seems to be a tenner a piece for the tablets. Shame that


Pretty much. I sent in my 2014 HD6 for a tenner voucher and 20% off a new kindle. They pay all the postage. You can opt to accept a lower price or they'll send it back for free. https://www.amazon.co.uk/l/21261993031


What's this trade in shenanigans? Can I use it to get shot of 2 old 7" kids for the new 10" ones?


Last time I did a trade in they gave me £10 instantly and a 20% off code. I had 3 months to ship the trade in, otherwise they’d charge the £10 back


Damn, no such luck here. Venkateshwaran | Customer Service Thanks for the patience, If you sent the device to us in instant trade in Yes trade-in discount will be applied for prime day deal offers device

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New TV,Film & Ebook Releases
New film and tv releases that may be available on the internet. Any links to film titles will result in the post being pulled and infractions issued in line with forum rules

June movie/tv shows. 01/06 Spral: The Book Of Saw. Hbomax 04/06 The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It 11/06 Into The Heights (musical by the Hamiton dude) Disney + 09/06 Loki 18/06 Luca


Wrath Of Man WEB-DL Link


Few that may have been missed. Mortal Kombat Nobody (This was good) Mitchells Vs The Machines. Mighty Ducks Gane Changers (Disney+ TV Show) Invincible (Amazon Prime TV Show) May 07 Jupiters Legacy Season 1(Netflix show) 14/05 Those Who Wish Me Dead (HBOMAX) 21/05 Army Of The Dead (Netflix) 28/05 Cruella (Disney+ Premier)



Bit early with these release dates but Disney is releasing Cruella (28/05) and Black Widow (09/07) on Disney + premier same day as cinema.

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Title says it all. For all you politicos out there. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08652MBB2?smid=A1G3UP32AZJ14F

I think its ended ! The writing was on the wall a long time coming.


Folks, sorry to disappoint you all, this book is about the rise of English nationalism and how that will ultimately bring about the UK’s end. An interesting read so far...


Spoiler alert. It's an "N".

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"Build confidence in your ability to save lives and remain calm in emergencies with this succinct and comprehensive guide to first aid. Developed by St. John Ambulance, a leader in… Read more

This shouldn’t be in discussions. Good find and could be very useful. Thanks. Would give heat but can’t.


Why is this in discussions? Good resource BTW. Thanks for sharing


Always handy to have a first aid book about

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Borrow Audiobooks, music, films, news papers, magazine & ebooks free on your devices. Just join your local library & download apps!
https://www.gov.uk/join-library Not a ‘deal’ as such, it’s part of the library service but talking to friends and friends in my books club, so many were not aware of this. You … Read more

My library has switched to Libby + PressReader. Really like the large selection of magazines and papers. I have had Readly for a while and it seems to be a better app and with a bigger selection but it is not free.


Yes it is a shame HUKD team moved this from a deal to a discussion, as this part of the site/app doesn’t get the same views. I think this is such a great thing that many don’t know about.


This works brilliantly. Our library uses the RB Digital app. It's so easy to choose, with search by name or genre, and with download, return and renew options - there are limits to what audio books you can get, for example you may only get the second part onwards of a series of books, but there is an amazing range. All free! I use an old phone just for this, with the house wifi, so no extra cost. Once downloaded you have the books for up to 28 days offline. It's good you brought this to everyone's attention, thank you. You can also get free magazines and ebooks.