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Cadbury's creme eggs box of 48 - £15.80 @ Amazon (+£4.49 non Prime delivery)
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
A milk chocolate egg containing white and yellow fondant filling. Creme delicious milk chocolate egg with a gooey fondant centre
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LOL, nobody seemed to spot this on either Creme Egg Post... BEST BEFORE DATE IS JULY 2012!!! 7 Years out of date ha.


Typical American owned company they always think they know best! More often than not they don’t!


I used to love these until the new US owners stopped using Dairy Milk chocolate. It wasn't a change for the better.


Also cheaper in Quality save. Work out at £0.25 each. 12 for 2.99. X


Love em. Love Easter 🐣. Don’t taste as nice now though. X

48 Creme Eggs £19.20 Prime / £23.69 Non Prime at Amazon
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Never too early for Easter :) £19.20 delivered on prime looks like a steal
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These are now £15.80! :D


Pack of 12 is £3.95 in Tesco, 4 packs is £15.80 for the same 48....


So sickly since they changed the recipe from dairly milk chocolate to vomit cocoa mix and the size now looks like a miniature egg 🤮


Just don’t taste like chocolate anymore


Thanks for doing the maths - saved me a job there.

Creme Egg 39p each  @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Cadbury’s crime eggs 39p in home bargains

All the creme eggs in my local Tescos had been scratched by someone to see if they were white. Such a stupid promotion.


3 for a quid at Asda. Includes oreo and caramel varieties


No doubt the peasants have been at these, scratching away with their dirty fingernails.


45p at wilko


My misses has just phoned me to say that her cream egg was white chocolate and she's binned it I'm heading out to Stirling to get it as she don't believe me that's worth £

130g Cadbury Mini Eggs | Creme Egg Medium Easter Eggs £1 @ ASDA
LocalLocalFound 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Happy Easter! With Easter imminently round the corner there's not much time left to stock up on your favourite kinds. I doubt these will stay in stock long as they are the la… Read more

Santa isn't even cold


Still finishing off my stock I got on clearance last year. I'm sick of them now


And hopefully there'll be another ClickSnap deal for £1 cashback on upto 3 Easter eggs to mean more free eggs. Fingers crossed. Last year's free eggs "mysteriously disappeared" so I had to purchase more and more. I seem to have a Easter egg Bermuda Triangle in my house.


Oh no, just starting my diet.. Ah well, there's always next week. Thanks for the post.. I THINK. lol


These are in Homebargains for 89p

CADBURY GOO HEADS CREME EGGS MINIS 89G 30p + £3.95 delivery @ Cadbury Gifts Direct
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
I know delivery is expensive but you can buy 33 bags at £9.90 and pay for the cheapest option in terms of delivery 1 x 89g Cadbury Goo Heads Creme Eggs Minis 89g. Approx 8 x Goo … Read more



Thanks OP


I don't know if you've tried adding the 33 to the basket, but I can't add any more than one at a time, so I think I'll pass.


been this price for a while.i posted them there is also delivery charges. :)

Any 3 for £1 on selected Easter Eggs 10g - 40g inc. Lindt, Oreo, Cadbury, Reece’s at Tesco
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
3 for £1 on any of the following Smarties milk easter animals Milky bar Easter animals Lindt gold bunny Lindt gold bunny (white chocolate) Lindt little chick egg Lindt lindor … Read more

I bought a Reece’s one on Jan 1st. It was amazing. I feel like i wh0red myself out, but it was worth it.


It wouldn't be out if people didn't buy it (flirt)




So, the BBQ stuff will be available from tomorrow then...?? :p


Saw these on Boxing Day. Madness

Cadbury Creme Egg 40g 3 for £1 from 27 Dec 18 @ Tesco
22/04/2019Expires on 22/04/2019Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
I know its too early foreaster deals n creme eggs. Delicious Cadbury milk chocolate egg with a gooey fondant centre. 50p each and 3 for £1. A perfect Easter treat! Suitable for … Read more

Great, I've just run out of chocolate in the house as well so these will come in handy 🤪


Someone didn’t get a creme egg for Xmas :(


(lol) LOVE IT!


This is just sad, just let people enjoy Christmas and new years before shoving Easter eggs in people's faces. Just makes the holiday seem so artificial.


obviously as much as you to be looking at stupid comments about cream eggs.

Cadbury Goo Heads Creme Eggs Minis 89G (Box Of 22) @ Cadbury Gifts Direct £6 + £3.95 Postage
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
so this is the deal here add one box of goo mini eggs for £6 then add 13 single packets for £3.90 pay the £3.95 postage.also possible 10.5% cashback through topcashback.https://www… Read more
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The offer in singles bags (at almost the same price as the boxes) is still available if anyone is interested :)


yay (party) (popcorn) (excited)


Got my chunks replaced! (party) (party) (party)




I ordered, and it "disappeared" my Cadbury chunks too, without deducting their value from my order. I've emailed to complain... ;(

Cadbury’s creme eggs ‘goo’ edition (normal one with Halloween wrapper!) - 15p @ Morrisons
LocalLocalFound 7th Nov 2018Found 7th Nov 2018
Cadbury’s creme egg ‘goo’ edition which means that it is a Cadbury’s creme egg with a Halloween wrapper! Normally 60p now 15p

That is very true, but it’s a shame when these people voted hot then go to there local to find nothing!


Yellow sticker deals used to always go cold as they are predominately store specific limited stock items, recently thou they have been going Hot on this site, and more and more appearing


Brilliant because my stores never seem to have these bargains, my yellow stickers are on can openers or avocado peelers or crap that no one wants :( so will nip to HB as its almost as cheap too thanks for that Heat tho good post hope you enjoy and eat ooooh at least 4 tonight


I just bought a pack.of 5 for 99p in home bargains


The admin has to put these yellow sticker store specific deals in catogeries based on location, it’s just pointless to most. This isn’t a dig at the original poster, but you’ll find most yellow sticker deals get cold votes because it’s store specific!

Cadbury pack of 5 goo heads (creme eggs) home bargains - 99p
LocalLocalFound 3rd Nov 2018Found 3rd Nov 2018
Cadbury pack of 5 goo heads only 0.99p These were 50/60p individually. Home bargains have loads in my local.
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Loughborough B&M superstore charging 69p 😡


Mini goo heads are tastier <3 Wilkos had these mini goo heads for 50p and the larger goo heads in boxes of 5 for £1


Ah. My bad. Didn't know there were two kinds


These are the mini bags of goo heads, this is for the bigger 5pk of eggs. This is still a good price and find, you should of posted it! (y)


Actually 49p in B&M .

Kinder Eggs 2 for £1 @ Heron
LocalLocalFound 11th Oct 2018Found 11th Oct 2018
Kinder Eggs 2 for £1 @ Heron
Saw these instore. Looked to be the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Powerpuff Girls ones.

No I mean it's normally 1 TNMT and 2 other none related TMNT toys, like a jig saw.


1 toy in the triple pack? We buy 1 and week and it's always 3 eggs with 3 toys.


Same price in morrisons.


Well buying for 2 people 2 is more ideal for me, and also allows for better mixing and matching



Mr Organic Egg Free Organic Chilli Mayonnaise 180g @ Heron foods - 40p
LocalLocalFound 6th Jul 2018Found 6th Jul 2018
Mr Organic Egg Free Organic Chilli Mayonnaise 180g @ Heron foods - 40p
£0.40£2.7986%Heron Foods Deals
3 for £1. Best before December 2019.
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Mr Organic stuff is great, we buy their ketchup and it's lovely (y)


I know what you mean.. Me personally l will stick to Heinz... (lol)


Sorry OP, discount is attractive but the name of the mayo alone puts me right off (shock) . The jalapeños though next to them in the picture (highfive)


[quote=Jiwani80]How can you have egg free Mayonnaise???[/quote] Step 1. Make mayonnaise Step 2. Remove egg Simple


How can you have egg free Mayonnaise???

6 creme eggs £1 at poundland
Refreshed 1st Jul 2018Refreshed 1st Jul 2018LocalLocal
6 creme eggs £1 at poundland
6 creme eggs £1 at poundland
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In Kendal last week


Ooohhh, I love walnut whips (shock)


Dog eggs :{


Yeah, the last one I tried tasted so bad I immediately Googled whether the recipe had changed. The chocolate is now chalky & stodgy, far from the smooth silkiness of proper chocolate. I'm no chocolate snob, but these were genuinely unpleasant to eat.


Are those what I think they are?

9 pack of rolo easter eggs £5.87 Prime £10.36 Non Prime @ Amazon
Found 11th Jun 2018Found 11th Jun 2018
9 pack of rolo easter eggs £5.87 Prime £10.36 Non Prime @ Amazon
Didnt think this was too bad for less than £5 a kg. Free del if u have prime or are already spending £20.

Managed to get one, cheers op! (highfive)


Now £9.89 :( went up while I was ordering.


£9.89 now

Easter Eggs reduced @ TK Maxx Braintree - £4
LocalLocalFound 10th May 2018Found 10th May 2018
Easter Eggs reduced @ TK Maxx Braintree - £4
£4£34.9989%TK Maxx Deals
Went to TK Maxx in Braintree and they still had a load of Easter eggs and other chocolate all heavily reduced. It’s been a while since Easter of course, but all of the chocolates a… Read more
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Perfect thanks


Yep, there was a really big variety of them as well


Is there loads.?


this beats Tesco putting easter eggs on display before xmess. there's about 10 months to go to easter!


It would have to be Artisan du Chocolat or better for that price.

Small Easter eggs. 24p @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 7th May 2018Found 7th May 2018
Small Easter eggs. 24p @ Tesco
£0.24£0.9976%Tesco Deals
Small character Easter eggs 24p from Tesco Extra.

It's getting earlier every year. It's not even Christmas yet.


Bout time they gave them away free. :D


Same price in Dorchester Tesco if anybody wants

Chocolate Easter Eggs reduced Help for heroes 96p instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 4th May 2018Found 4th May 2018
Chocolate Easter Eggs reduced Help for heroes 96p instore @ Tesco
In Tesco help for heroes Easter eggs are reduced to 96P still in date until April 2019. Unsure wether it is national or local, but they were in Tesco in Hoyland, Barnsley
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It's barely 11 months away. Shops don't want to miss an opportunity here.


I thought Easter eggs would have all gone by now.


Not sure why this is cold, the donation to this great cause is fixed and probably already paid. So ensure that Tesco buy as many next year as this by snapping them up. Stand easy.


Sad to say Loughborough Home Bargains (old staples shop) still have some and they aren't this cheap


Saw loads, well loads of 2 varieties, in Tesco (East Didsbury?) today for around £2.49. 360g or something. One was some sort of possible Thornton's lemon thing and the other some "real" Easter egg.

Asda reduced frozen items       •duck selection •Chicago town pizza •cream egg ice cream all £1.00
LocalLocalFound 25th Apr 2018Found 25th Apr 2018
Asda reduced frozen items •duck selection •Chicago town pizza •cream egg ice cream all £1.00
At my local asda hartlepool this evening had a bunch of frozen items for £1 and less there was pizzas for 50p 80p and £1 duck selection extra special was £2.50 now £1 bruchetta ext… Read more

I was going to say the same but she has stated that it's in her hartlepool store.


And they're all store specific.


I hope that's not Donald Duck in the duck collection 😃😃😃

Kinder Egg Hunt Kit £1.25 @ Tesco Carrickfergus
LocalLocalFound 25th Apr 2018Found 25th Apr 2018
Kinder Egg Hunt Kit £1.25 @ Tesco Carrickfergus
Just noticed in my local Tesco. (Carrickfergus) Noticed the Easter chocolate was still on offer, lots of boxes left.
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Two pallets in Antrim extra too


I suppose they haven't updated the labels, but in the system all Easter stuff is reduced. Try it.


I wish I was in Carrickfergus..... Oh wait.....I am.lol.


My tesco still has a lot of Easter stuff but some in still full price!


It's clearance, so only some stores will have it, mine didn't unfortunately

Tesco Thorntons continental easter Egg £3 instore
Found 23rd Apr 2018Found 23rd Apr 2018
Tesco Thorntons continental easter Egg £3 instore
Thorntons easter eggs £3
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This Thorntons Egg is £2.50 in two of my local Tesco stores - there was a popular thread saying all eggs were 75% off on Sunday, and nobody insulted you, so don't press the "offended" button ;)


Well I just bought it today and it's on my receipt and I don't need to go to specsavers


It's £2.50 - I know this for sure as I bought one yesterday (full price £10 - 75% off = £2.50) and there was this HUKD thread :) !!

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