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Dreamland Intelliheat Double Electric Blanket - £10 Instore @ Boots
LocalLocalFound 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Found this in my local Boots store. Retails for about £54 in JL. This might be old stock Boots wants to clear
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I doubt I will find this in any Boots near me as they only seem to have tat on offer .


The older models are far better than the newer ones but for a tenner it's great value !!!


I've had one of these (controller is slightly different, so could be different generation) for the past couple of years. It's been superb, super fast warm up, gets really warm on the fast start settng, lots of heat settings, even heat across the underblanket. My one complaint is that although the 1-5 heat settings have auto shutoff options (1 or 9 hours), unless I've missed something, on the version I have there's no auto shutdown on the fast warm up setting. So effectively, you can put it on fast warm up, which is also the hottest setting, fall asleep with it on and it'll stay on until you manually turn it off.


Used this (older model from Amazon) for the last 3 years almost every night One the best purchases I've made.


Massive problem with controllers that stop working after a while. I had the same problem on 3 of their products. Google this and you will see massive complaints especially on amazon. It's a great blanket without that problem, heats up very fast.

Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket - Double £6.25 instore Tesco (Sale Branch)
LocalLocalFound 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Double Electric Blanket for £6.25 instead of £21 They also had single for £5 and King size for £7.50 May be national,worth a look

Which Tesco


No idea sorry


Barcode please for double


Dou ke scanned at £11.50 in my Tesco yesterday so might be random reductions, heat added

Silentnight Dual control electric blankets with 3 year guarantee double £32.99 / king size £34.99 delivered @ eBay branded_bedding
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
Great price for a dual control electric blanket if like me your other half wants it on bone melting temperature all the time where as I'm a just take the chill off kind of girl. 3 … Read more

In tesco atm cheaper. Think was £20 for double an £30 for King. Not sure king cheap tho.


Lovely thanks


No - they have over heat protection and are BEAB tested


aren't these a fire hazard?

SilentNight Comfort Control electric blanket - Single electric Blanket - £6.50 / Double - £9.50 / King - £11  @ Asda
Refreshed 17th JanRefreshed 17th JanLocalLocal
In-store Asda Benton SilentNight Single electric Blanket - £6.50 Double - £9.50 King - £11
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So one side can be hot and other just warm or off


Had one of these and it lasted 2 days and broke, can't recommend.


New mattress is about 6 months old now.


I've just stopped using mine (similar to this, also it's good advice to go one size up, they don't cover the whole mattress). I have a feeling that when they warm up the mattress and then the user lays on them the spring are more malleable and so flatten down. As I have mine on a timer they cool down overnight and I had noticed the mattress dipping on the side that had the electric blanket on it. I changed my last mattress within 8 months of getting this but at the time didn't think it might be because of this item. Now that my new mattress has started to dip on one side again I've come to the conclusion it's this that is causing it. I am in no way heavy (6ft tall and about 70kg so quite slim!). I would love to hear if anyone else thinks my thoughts may be correct.


Asda have a sale on Our store have these on sale but didn't check price

Slumberdown electric blanket double £9 @ Wilko in-store only.  Should be available nationally larger local store.
LocalLocalFound 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Slumberdown Warm Hugs Heated Double Bed Underblanket heats in minutes for a lovely warm welcome on those cold winter nights. Featuring 3 heat settings, it's ideal for those colder … Read more

The one in Swansea, still had 3 left in every size. Edit: went back today (20/01) and it looks like they've fully restocked!


Which stores?


This is still running, bought one today!


Bought a king size today for £12 thanks op


makes me laugh the amount of people that post in store deals and do not say which store they bought them at - if you post an in-store deal and do not specify which store you bought it at your deal should get deleted

Silentnight double electric blanket in Asda £19.99
LocalLocalFound 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Reduced from £29.99 to £19.99 for double electric blanket. There were a few left and a few singles too but couldn’t find price for that as was in a rush. It’s probably a local deal… Read more

Oo wow, even better!


Paid £14 at Asda bolden

Silentnight Alexa-Enabled Electric Blanket, White, Double for £32.99 at Amazon
Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
Heated underblanket: 120 x 135 cm; fits a double bed Silentnight Smart Wi-Fi plug, compatible with Alexa and for use with the Silentnight app to control your electric underblanket… Read more

Yes good idea to read reviews and choose carefully


Well it’s true that you need to choose which elec blanket carefully from the reviews.


Hmmm if you're a sleep talker then you might not want Alexa or Google listening in.


Alexa, Turn on the electric blanket, it's getting rather cold in here!!


Be more like a pain in the ass looking at the reviews (lol) (lol)

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Premium Comfort King Size Electric Blanket - Control with 3 Heat Settings, Polyester, White @ Amazon £26.39 Delivered
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Premium, comfortable and ultra durable electric blanket for all-year-round use Includes remote control with 3 heat settings and a detachable cord for easy washing Integrated corn… Read more
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My parents had one and they generally used it to warm up the bed for when they got in, then turned it off. A bit like a hot water bottle, it's not healthy to sleep with it being on (as you'd overheat unless your room is down to 5 degrees (and then you have bigger issues!)


Mine (different brand) doesn’t have a built in timer either. I use it with a T-Link smart plug as a timer.


This one does not have timer .


OK thanks for the reply. I must admit I don't feel the cold as much as my wife, but we both seem OK at the moment.


I have an electric blanket and I usually don’t need it until late January/February when it tends to get colder. I have it on a timer and find I need to use less heating with it.

Silentnight comfort control electric blanket - King £21.99 (Single £13.99, Double £17.99) @ Amazon
Refreshed 30th Nov 2018Refreshed 30th Nov 2018
Silentnight comfort control electric blanket - King £21.99 (Single £13.99, Double £17.99) @ Amazon
£21.99£42.9949%Amazon Deals
Single £13.99 Double £17.99 King £21.99 Had my eye on the king for a while and this is the cheapest they've been.
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By non basic I mean something that has better reviews than this one, more reliable etc.


Had for over a year, used all last winter and back on this, turn on when in feels hot really quickly, turn on before getting in to bed just makes bed feel warm. Yes can feel wires if rub hand over but can't really feel on back


so which is a decent brand for electric blanketts?


We ordered one of these earlier in the week, the first had to be sent back , we ordered another one, but the setting controller , did not work correctly, I checked the wattage draw from the wall , on the highest setting of 3 , it was only drawing 17 watts from the plug socket, when working correctly it should draw closer to 90 watts, even setting 1 should draw 25 watts, so if you find the bed is cold on setting 3 , send it back , it is faulty..... Thankfully they come with a 3 year warranty, a fair few complaints on Amazon reviews in regard to the blanket not heating up correctly.


(lol) I thought it was at first, 'Comfort Control'. I think Silent Night has something here. (lol)

Silentnight Alexa-Enabled Electric Blanket, White, Double @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £29.50 prime £33.99 Non Prime
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
Silentnight Alexa-Enabled Electric Blanket, White, Double @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £29.50 prime £33.99 Non Prime
£29.50£82.9964%Amazon Deals
Product Description Control electronics from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone with the Silentnight smart plug. Compatible with the Alexa system on the Echo devices, you can… Read more
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You can use a spare smart plug. We have been doing this for a while. It won't have the silent night app but from what I can see of the instructions, it works the same as any other smart plug.


So hang on... basically this is a normal electric heated blanket and a smart plug? I can just use a spare smart plug and attach to any electric blanket?? Or is there something extra special with this that I'm not seeing?


;-) yep was responding to the person suggesting it was a fire hazard. So is a gas hob if used incorrectly


Good one, try and search for the app in the store !


That's just for the unit/blanket overheating, not the person I think...

Silentnight Alexa-Enabled Electric Blanket, White, Single £27.99  Amazon
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
Silentnight Alexa-Enabled Electric Blanket, White, Single £27.99 Amazon
£27.99£39.9930%Amazon Deals
Heated underblanket: 65 x 135 cm; fits a single bed Silentnight Smart Wi-Fi plug, compatible with Alexa and for use with the Silentnight app to control your electric underblanket … Read more
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Can it be that high power if it's claimed to use 1p of electricity an hour? I think they are in the region of 60watts which is an old lightbulb and not even a bright one. To add I am not a spark and not recommending either way but the smarts are most likely separate to the actual power feeding the device so I cannot see an issue, bar rogue state hackers trying to cook you in your bed if your a turned agent.


I’m not sure how safe it is to use smart plugs with these higher-power items - any sparkies out there?


Or you could buy them separately for £23.98 (and save £4.01) this for 13.99 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00L67CZ9U?tag=22&th=1 and this for 9.99 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Silentnight-Alexa-Enabled-Smart-Wi-Fi-Single/dp/B075Z638JG/


My bulbs are connected directly to my router, and I can control them with Alexa. I can't remove that function, it's part of the bulb. What part of this blanket is "Alexa enabled" It's a bog standard electric blanket and a smart plug. Nothing else, no matter what way you cut it.


To me it's not misleading. You get smart bulbs which are advertised as alexa enabled, is that misleading? It doesn't mean you can speak to your bulbs without alexa... This is the same, you need to plug it in, instead it gives you the option to use your smart plug for another appliance as opposed to be being built into the wire. There's an app everything for it.

Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket - Double @ Amazon Warehouse Described As Like New £17.73 Prime £22.22 Non Prime
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket - Double @ Amazon Warehouse Described As Like New £17.73 Prime £22.22 Non Prime
12 of these in stock.price will become £17.73 at checkout. Silentnight heated under blanket, standard size 120 x 135 cm (fits double bed) Features three heat settings to help you… Read more
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Thanks :)


Thanks OP, good option for the winter (y)




Lack of sleep causes cancer , mental illness and diabetes . No time for body to repair itself


Voted hot and bought

Silentnight comfort control electric blanket King size £25 @ Morrison's
Found 15th Nov 2018Found 15th Nov 2018
Silentnight comfort control electric blanket King size £25 @ Morrison's
Silent night comfort control electric blanket King size £25 @ Morrisons
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Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket - King - £30 @ Amazon
Found 14th Nov 2018Found 14th Nov 2018
Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket - King - £30 @ Amazon
I found this heated blanket for only £30. I paid almost 50% more last year, and it's literally a life saver for the winter. Here are the specs: Silentnight heated under blanket,… Read more

I bought one last week from Asda for £26 and took it back yesterday for exactly the points you make.


If its plugged in...it may aswell vibrate


£25 at Morrisons Guiseley, saw it right now whilst shopping.


£26 @ Asda George x


This blanket is cheap tat. You can feel the wires and you have to buy a size bigger or the connection can be felt. Also made from polyester, I'd avoid.

Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket Single - £16 + Free C&C @ Asda George
Found 3rd Nov 2018Found 3rd Nov 2018
Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket Single - £16 + Free C&C @ Asda George
Beat the cold nights and chilly mornings with this Silentnight comfort control electric blanket. Easy to use, simply plug the blanket into the nearest power supply, pop it in to yo… Read more

How safe are these? (shock)


Sorry, didn't want to take too much away from the deal posted as for the price, you probably don't get much better. But if you're looking for a quality one, I recommend this one. Has everything above that I highlighted the Silentnight one doesn't have. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B015DCGP6C/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_LXD3BbV5KJY9R It can be bought cheaper on eBay. Yes it's pricier hence why I'm not saying it's a deal, but it's just better in every way and to me worth the price difference.


Like? come on! Bit of a cliff hanger there - says their paper thin and others are better but doesnt reccomend any?


The post is for a single at £16, which is a good deal, if you have a small bed. (y) Great blankets. Sizes are small...I bought the king size two months ago, which fits a double perfectly, and paid around £17 from Amazon back then. Very pleased with it!


Electric blankets are great. Quality wise, these Silentnight ones leave alot to be desired. Very thin, non-fleece and you feel each individual wire in the blanket when you lay on it. Also barely covers half the bed in terms of length. And the system of attaching it by feeding a string under the bed is very basic and struggles to keep the blanket in place. And no separate body/feet/timer settings. Okay for the price but there's much better blankets if you're willing to make the investment in a quality one.

King size Slumberdown Electric Blanket - £20 + Free C&C @ Asda George
Found 27th Oct 2018Found 27th Oct 2018
King size Slumberdown Electric Blanket - £20 + Free C&C @ Asda George
Cold days are on the way so get one of this to make your night cosy... Amazon price £64.99 for kingsize Perfect for winter or for chilly nights all year round, snuggle up and… Read more

Yes but price inc to £30 now


Back in stock online (y)


£30 in store at at Asda for a king size (fierce)


Surprisingly not!


Good find this time of the year

Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket Was £49.99 now £20.79 at Amazon
Found 17th Oct 2018Found 17th Oct 2018
Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket Was £49.99 now £20.79 at Amazon
Great deal for winter coming up, sold by Silentnight direct on Amazon.
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Was £49.99? They may as well have said was £999,999 as no one has ever paid £50 for one of these. £20 is about the normal price from what I've seen over the past year. It's just misleading advertising to trick people into thinking they're saving £30 and thus it's a better deal than it actually is. Still a decent price but no way is it a £30 saving.


Went for the King for £23 .


intelliheat is the one you want. warms up really quickly and temperature sensing as well


I've had two of these, and both died within a few months. Not recommended.


How much power does it pull to run? so say for 1hour, how much would it cost or how many kw would it pull? been meaning to get some for the kids so can have another option to hot water bottles or using the oil fill heater/electric heater.

Winter is Coming - Silentnight Dual Contol Electric Blanket with Smart Plug - Double £34 with code at Sleepy People (Potentially £28.95 delivered with Quidco and Bonus)
Found 4th Oct 2018Found 4th Oct 2018
Winter is Coming - Silentnight Dual Contol Electric Blanket with Smart Plug - Double £34 with code at Sleepy People (Potentially £28.95 delivered with Quidco and Bonus)
King Size also available for £37.99. Free delivery and potential 7.5% Cashback with Quidco (and £2.50 bonus for £5 spend if opted in) or TCB 7.87%. Not sure if will be valid due t… Read more

I'm finding it a ball ache even on the iPhone. I press the button to make it flash. The app then asks me to put my WiFi password in. Then the app counts to 100% and fails to add


It definitely works on iPhone. There's a specific Silentnight app on the App Store that isn't on the Play Store.


Same problem. Luckily I have a work iPhone so will try that.


Ah okay. I've put a sonoff on it instead for £3 and will sell the smart plug. Cheers though


The device is actually works with the smart life app by Tuya I found it after searching for the AP the plug generates when in paring mode, which is smartlife-xxxx x=the last 4 digits of the mac address. Working on Android.

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