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Updated 15th SepLast updated 15th Sep by stearn
Good morning and hoping people could help/advise me. I had extra plug sockets added to one of the rooms in my new house and top of the stairs. This has resulted in the plaster bei… Read more

it is also good practice to put some metal shielding in front of the cables, behind either the bonding or plasterboard. You may be able to straighten the cables on the lower picture by moving the pattress box behind over to the left slightly.


did a six year old do that? What a mess! I'd be peeved if a tradesman left my house in that state


Ive got some in my shed made by silver line only cost low 20s and do the job fine, you only need the single socket cutter, when doing a double socket just use it twice joining the holes together


Get a professional next time and it wont need that much repaired, if thats their standard of work how do you know the wiring is safe ? They are clearly not an electrician as the wirings not even run correctly in the wall. However as mentioned above, cut a larger sqaure around it, get some plaster board and adhesive, cut board to size of hole and cut out socket holes then slot it over and skim with plaster


Part 2 below

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Updated 7th SepLast updated 7th Sep by Jay91
Turned on the washing machine and it was dead. Tried it in another socket just in case and still dead. Fair enough as it had a reasonably long life. Bought a new machine and turns… Read more

I am assuming you have tried changing the fuse in the plug coming from the washing machine?


I randomly took off a plug front and spotted a loose cable. Nothing had happened as socket was working no problem weirdly.


One of these against a cable will tell you if power is getting to devise. Every house should have one imo. Safe to use. No skill needed. Beeps and flashes if cable is live. About £5 Lose screw in socket plug causes it to melt and ark. Over time radom trips or just burns out. Seen a few times


Yes if it’s under the worktop. It’s how you isolate it quickly in say a fire situation or where water is say spraying everywhere.


My washing machine the plug started getting deformed and I was aware of one side of the socket of the double socket wasn't working which may have been caused by the washing machine I suspect. So anyway when I opened up the socket face plate to replace it. The wire was melted and the connection to it was gone all burnt black. Which explains why the washing machine plug was getting deformed because of the heat. So I replaced the face plate, cut back the wire before connecting it back and also replaced the washing machine plug and both work. I can only suspect the connection was loose to the face plate or washing machine plug caused it.

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Updated 31st JulLast updated 31st Jul by andyanddiane
Anyone a electrician or better at DIY then me ! I’m replacing double plug sockets for ones with USB ports, when trying to refit the hole the screw goes in broke into 2 pieces , s… Read more

Wow didn’t know you could get these thanks !


The reason your back box has broken is because it is not deep enough for the socket with USB’s. Same thing happened to my mums idiot boyfriend. You need a deeper backbox, they are only a few £’s in B&Q/screwfix/toostation. This may involve you having to chisel/drill out some brickwork etc. For cavity wall fitting example: Mid: https://www.screwfix.com/p/appleby-2-gang-dry-lining-knockout-box-35mm/36960 Deeper: https://www.screwfix.com/p/appleby-2-gang-dry-lining-knockout-box-47mm/45057 For surface wall fitting example: Deeper: https://www.screwfix.com/p/2-gang-surface-pattress-back-box-47mm/4493d


Buy same box and clip new side in by swapping. They come out easy in those plastic boxes. I'm assuming it's not a surface mounted plastic box but if it was that's also easy to swap and screwfix sell


Unfortunately there is nothing to screw into as the plastic cracked and shattered


Any pics? You could also try to squeeze in a toothpick as you screw in to achieve a good grip.

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Updated 19th JunLast updated 19th Jun by 1616french
I've had one of these installed from Toolstation for 14 months and have noticed it's cracking at both sockets and lt appears to be burning at the socket points. https://www.toolst… Read more

Mine is a Monaco. Not sure how long it takes to heat but we have foil backed insulation boards underneath and insulation foil around the sides and in the lid. Seems to work well but you can buy insulation covers.


What model is this ? I have the st.moritz which is a larger model with the same litres as yours and i find it heats much slower than they claim, i was wondering if yours is the same or if my heaters faulty. Mine will take about 5 hours to go from 33-36 and they claim 1-2 degrees per hour, i think a dirty filter will slow it down though too




Cracking is probably just a mechanical thing, best to replace though. If it's also got burning marks that means it's arcing - that could be due to the mechanical interface, however it could also be caused by a large current draw. What rating is the Lay z Spa? Also note that an RCD will not provide protection from certain faults - you should have a GFCI for protection.


I have the same plug but single socket on my wall outside spur off my living room plug, mines fine must be the wiring, also the lazy spa has a built in rcd on its lead

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Updated 9th AprLast updated 9th Apr by MonkeysUncle
Socket set recommendations
I'm looking for a fairly simple socket set for round the house use. No specific job in mind, but I'm trying to bulk out my toolbox so I'm more likely to have the right one to hand … Read more



Sounds a bit like me when I stripped a 350 LC YPVS Engine on the kitchen table whilst my girlfriend was a work because it was to cold in the garage, she went absolutely mental when she got home.


Happy with Halfords all the way. I have had 2 or 3 things replaced over the years without quibble, including a ratchet. Just wait til they have a 150 or 200 piece set at 50% off, I know that's probably 100% more than the item you linked to, but it's like 500% better value for money.


For inside the house I'd go for something like this; https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/46-piece--drive-socket-set/ The small sockets, various extension bars and in particular the allen key sockets will suit home DIY. I can't think of anything that will need mad torque, so quarter inch drive and a fairly short ratchet should be fine. It still has the screwdriver type handle as well.


I bought this a few years ago and have used it half a dozen times https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076KK1HC5/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glc_fabc_WTQNEB9Z54C68WCCW1VZ Seems oddly expensive atm so check camel for price drops

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Updated 30th MarLast updated 30th Mar by gari189
Sockets and switches
Hi I am getting new electricity done jn my house and will be needing new sockets and switches. I am after chrome/ silver. Can anyone recommend where the best place to get them from… Read more

Crabtree and BG (British General) are decent brands (and cheaper than MK) and you can buy in bulk from Toolstation or Screwfix.


They sell them in Home Bargains, weirdly they don't sell plain white ones. I think they were £4.99 for a double plug socket, not sure on the prices for the switches as didn't buy those.


Just a brand name, see link below: https://www.bgelectrical.uk/


Sorry what is BG?