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BOGOF on 5w40 5L fully synthetic Triple QX engine oil petrol or diesel 10 litres for £25.99 with code free delivery or c&c @ Euro Car Parts
Found 19th OctFound 19th Oct
Ends midnight tonight BOGOF on 5w 40 Triple QX fully synthetic for petrols and diesels engine oil with code OIL11 at Euro Car Parts. Add one then add the code and it auto adds an… Read more

Iv picked this for a £10 before at euros


These are usually about a tenner in store most days!


i had the same thoughts.... but im sure my T5 1.9tdi is 5W/30 They recomend this one for vags on euro but for that price i would buy this as parks said it was the right one for mine (just give them your reg & their check) But this guy is selling a kit with the GM oil for the VW, Europarts gm oil - So who knows.......!! :/ :/ So Im sticking to the quantum 3 :S


Yeah went to collect some deionised water that I reserved online with a discount code... Luckily their staff where nowhere to be seen when I went to collect so I had plenty of time to kill and it was at that moment that I spotted exactly the same product cheaper in store at it's full price....


I bought this oil for around £12 a few years ago. No wonder its on BOGOF at that price.

Engine Oil SHELL Helix Ultra Professional AG 5W30 Fully Synthetic 5L, £18.99 at carpartssaver /ebay
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Free Standard Delivery The Shell Helix Professional portfolio is a range of lubricants designed specifically to meet individual vehicle manufacturers’ specifications to give you … Read more

Not if you have some in reserve from the last time the price dropped.


No, 10w40 semi synth motorcycle oil is what you need.


Can anybody tell me if this is suitable for a Honda CMX 500 motorbike?


Your engine could've blown in the time you've waited ....


Showing £25.69.Expire..

Gulf Tec Plus Engine Oil - 10W-40 - 5ltr - £12.59 @ Euro Car Parts
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
High Performance Semi-Synthetic Passenger Car Motor Oil Designed To Provide Optimum Performance In High-Output, Multi Valve, Turbocharged & Supercharged Gasoline And Diesel Eng… Read more

Following recent posts, I always want to know engine grade now as well as viscosity. Thanks for the info.


It's semi synthetic. Perfectly reasonable for use in slightly older vehicles that do not demand a fully synthetic oil. Your life will not be miraculously better if you use a more expensive fully synthetic oil in your 100,000 mile diesel Citroen built in 2005. Change it regularly and maintain it well, that's what really matters.


I find the gulf oil really good value - I use the gulf CX (£15.11) in my BMW as it meets all the specs , since it's cheap I can change it more often. euro car parts do do better deals than this as I have paid less in the past! I use the CX in my lawn mower as it takes fully synthetic !


API SL/CF. Which translates as SL...introduced in 2001 for petrol engines CF... Introduced in 1984 for diesel engines. So it should be great for lawnmowers and early tractors.

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BOGOF on 10w 40 5L semi synthetic Triple QX engine oil - 10 litres for £21.99 with code free delivery or c&c @ Euro Car Parts
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Ends midnight tonight BOGOF on 10w 40 Triple QX semi synthetic engine oil with code OIL3 at Euro Car Parts. Add one then add the code and it auto adds another to your basket - if… Read more

Damn, the one they don't have. Typical.


If you put you reg number in HERE then select engine oil it should bring up what you need failing that are you a member of a forum that you can ask on? Theres a kit on eBay US that contains 10w30 so I'm guessing not.


Of course there's also topcashback. Anyone help with the request. I think it's OK but would appreciate verification.


No....you need 0w-30 C2 fully synthetic if you want the correct stuff. (y)


Its only on the one in the OP as far as I know

BOGOF on 5w30 5L fully synthetic low saps C3 Triple QX engine oil - 10 litres for £32.99 with code free delivery or c&c @ Euro Car Parts
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
Ends midnight tonight BOGOF on 5w 30 Triple QX fully synthetic low saps C3 engine oil with code OIL12 at Euro Car Parts. Add one then add the code and it auto adds another to you… Read more

Defiantly agree there! Personally i use comma engine oil. Back in the day i was duckhams used to have a green tint to it quality oil. Never to be seen again 👎


Saw it at £16-£17 previously with their codes,not much of an offer really...you can get bigger brand name oil for not much more.


I'd rather take 2 @ 5 litre Shell Helix Ultra fully synthetic using the PART75 code....works out at £38.99 for 2


CCMC G-1, CCMC G-2, CCMC G-3, CCMC G-4, CCMC G-5 CCMC PD-2, CCMC PD-1 CCMC D-1, CCMC D-2, CCMC D-3, CCMC D-4, CCMC D-5 there were still different specs needed for different class engines in the olden days, how far ar we going back pre 80's?!


Thats euro for you invent these codes but inflate the current prices (y)

Edge Longlife Engine Oil 4 Litres 5W30 22.94 Delivered @ carpartsbargains Ebay
Found 27th SepFound 27th Sep
good oil at low price
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Whent for the Castrol with 10% off


Ordered from ebay with payday code, my car needs 4l and this is what I put last year. Perfect timing!


doesnt work


10% off with eBay code PAYDAY takes it down to £20.65 (and poss 4% Quidco members day offer)


So that we have to buy two ;(

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BOGOF on 5w40 fully synthetic Triple QX engine oil - 10 litres for £25.99 with code @ Euro Car Parts
Found 21st SepFound 21st Sep
Ends midnight Sunday BOGOF on 5w 40 Triple QX fully synthetic oil with code OIL11 at Euro Car Parts. Add one then add the code and it auto adds another to your basket - if you ad… Read more

This deal at ECP works out at £12.99 per 5 litres. 5 litres of the same stuff at carparts4less is currently £16.91 (from £19.66 with the code weekend14 - 14% off).


Possibly cheaper on carparts4less with code Weekend14, both are the same company, different pricing and different discount codes, but when a code expires it's usually instantly replaced with a new one


Wow. Ordered the oil less than 2 hours ago and it's just been delivered. Fastest service ever!


Owners manual : 5w30 C1 (0.5% ash) Castrol : 0w30 C3 (0.8% ash) Shell : 5w30 C3 (0.8% ash) Seems nobody can agree on anything! XD I think the big brands recommend C3 oil as it's far more universally available in most locations. I think in reality any of the low ash (C1-C5) oils would probably be fine.


If in doubt check here: Castrol Shell

Castrol Magnatec 5W30 C3 Stop Start Fully Synthetic Engine Oil. 4 Litre £28.49 (+£3.95 Delivery) @ Micks garage
Found 10th SepFound 10th Sep
MicksGarage.com have this at £28.49 while Halfords are £35 / ECP £38.99 - decent price - buy two and its free delivery Heres the link

Free delivery and better oil. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4L-Engine-Oil-4-Litres-5W30-Fully-Synthetic-Titanium-FST-Castrol-Edge-Longlife-/291852724292?hash=item43f3c72844


+1 £25.34 delivered from ECP using Summer35 code.


ECP will be cheaper after applying 'summer35' code incl. Delivery.

SHELL Helix Ultra Professional AG 5W30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5L 5 Litre £27.09 @ Eurocarparts / Ebay
Found 9th SepFound 9th Sep
Should be £43.19 but has a 39% off and then add the PREPCAR voucher at the checkout for a further 15% off which brought it down to £23.03

Expensive , £21 from euro car parts website direct with their regular discount codes


I paid £14 around Christmas and I had 5 of them agreed not a good price but due to increase in oil price may be little expensive


I bought the ASDA equivalent two years ago for £7 a jug. Still got enough for oil changes over the next two or three years...


29.99 @euro car part . 37% off with code. so under 20£ also 3.5TCB.


I have paid as little as £16.49 but it fluctuates and currently have 20L of genuine GM oil at £17.50 per 5L

Sainsbury's engine oil 5w30 - £9 instore @ Sainsbury's (Southend)
LocalLocalFound 23rd AugFound 23rd Aug
The following specs are available in sainsbury's Southend: 2 liter bottles Ford VW BMW, Vauxhall, Chevrolet High mileage... Keep it lubed
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Asda had 5 litre, fully synth £15 the other day I guess they are rebranding as I can't find it online , says unavailable ? Maybe put 2L in header.


Wilko has 5W30 £15 for 5 litres if it helps people comparing prices.

5 Litres Fully Synthetic Oil A5/B5 high spec Free delivery - £15.49 - Sold and Despatched by FastcarDirect via Amazon
Found 4th AugFound 4th Aug
not your usual A3/b4 rubbish, here we have top spec oil, normally around £15 for ONE litre, this is 5. Remember, if it hits the spec, its the same as any other oil for your car. … Read more
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Never got mine - ended up getting a refund in the end.


If its up to spec it will be up to spec. If you want thick oil BUY ANOTHER WEIGHT And 0w-30 IS water-like.


I GOT MINE Its GOOD stuff Its FULLY synth. Its up to B5 SPEC Made the volvo quieter. Go.


Has anyone got theirs yet ? I ordered mine on the 4th and MyHermes just says "on its way" but not with the courier - so much for sorting out a full service on the car this weekend :( I've sent the seller a message but they haven't replied.


It will be fine. 5w30 is a thin oil, try some 20w50 in your car if you value your engine and want thick oil.

Shell Helix Ultra Professional AG Engine Oil - 5W-30 - 5ltr - £16.04 @ Euro Car Parts
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
Credit goes to @aforball for posting the voucher (not sure why it didn't get hotter! ) but I thought it would make sense to post this as a separate deal especially for those just… Read more

@Yvonne.Eastment thanks, I have now marked it as expired as the code doesn't work anymore


now expired


Yup I see they’re all on eBay but getting the filter from a dealership. Cheers mate for your help. Looks like shelf life of oil 5 yrs so getting two of these bargains :)


If worried about the warranty buy the oil filter from Hyundai and keep the reciept.


Cheers buddy. Purchasing now. Hyundai hiked their service plan prices so I’ve been going independent. It’ll be pretty tight to invalidate the warranty when this looks nigh on the right stuff

TRIPLE QX Semi Synthetic Engine Oil - 5W-30 - 1ltr £3.60 @Carparts4less with code
Found 14th JulFound 14th Jul
Use code FINAL15 for 15% off making it £3.60 Free Delivery too

The non-existant customer service goes way back to 2012 on TrustPilot. A Trust Pilot post: Never again!! Weeks later my order still hasn't turned up so I contacted them, they told me it had been delivered and I could check with DHL if I wanted as they had, so I did and DHL said it was damaged in transit weeks ago, they will not respond to my emails now (1 a day) after I informed them of this. NEVER AGAIN!!


Yeh i do agree probably worse site i ever used for interaction with there customers.. , but ...after i put a review on.. trust pilot.. had a phone call from lovely lady called clair from carparts4less and must say she sorting my order out today so should get in tomorrow she said plus she is refunding me too... Site could be good if they communicated with there customers...


Thanks got myself a 5ltr too.


100% agree. I should have wrote "unpredictable" not terrible company. The ops deal is oil. With oil it's likely you need it pretty quick unless you don't want your engine blowing up. Would I order oil I needed from them quickly? No. Would I order an item like a boot organiser that I didn't need urgently, definitely less. They're super cheap and definely I would order non urgent items of them. But don't expect any customer service


Yup totally agree, used once never received complete order thank god it wasn’t much money, never even had the courtesy to reply to me.


That's actually very true...even main dealers would do the same.


No good for old FWD fords though epec CVH with narrow oil ways.... 20w50 only any good in an old pinto with an oil sprayed camshaft.... back in the day ford sold 20w50 for petrol and 15w40 for diesel, their 10w40 and 5w30 where 'performance' oils... all oils mix, mineral semi fully... any oil will do for topping up... if you look in your handbook it'll most likely list different viscosity oils for different seasons


Great price


If he's got a older vehicle why run semi synthetic as all and not use something more like this especially designed for the job like this: https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/wilko-classic-car-oil-20w50-5l/p/0342792


What's wrong with it compared to the likes of Millers Trident, Castrol GTX or Triple QX so long as it's the correct viscosity?

15% OFF EVERYTHING for the 1st 1,000 Orders with Voucher Code at Opie Oils
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
15% OFF EVERYTHING INCLUDING SERVICE PACKS for the 1st 1,000 Orders by using voucher code NEXT1000. Thanks for bigtonka for the heads-up.
Read More

Or if ordering Castrol Edge, I think Edge20 code still works for 20% off I recently ordered and great service from these guys with very quick delivery and good if you need to phone up


Thanks for Posting (y)

TRIPLE QX Semi Synthetic Engine Oil - 5W-30 - 1ltr £3.10 with code at carparts4less. Free DHL delivery
Found 27th JunFound 27th Jun
All engine oils and car parts 20% off at car parts for less with code "sorry20". Use PayPal and free DHL delivery. I know everyone isn't a fan but thought I would post because look… Read more

Everybody there is a "mute" button click on their profile and mute if you don't want to see their comments. Just ignore


Nope i will stick with my cars the Rover 820si is very comfortable and i have never had an accident in 40 years so no chance of an accident and i do all my own car mechanics and as an electronics and systems engineer never had to pay anyone to fix anything - I've saved over £50,000 in car mechanics repairs over the last 30 years or so no mortgage three houses one in Slovakia and a nice villa in Malcesine and 7 cars in my garages so nice choice. Rover for comfort dude Lotus for speed Dutton s3 for fun 0-60 in 4 seconds! Fiesta for all you mention about modern cars! You obviouskly arent a car nut or mechanic so its just functionality for you - not me i enjoy spending time under a bonnet! Whats yer problem dude. I retired at 40 because i saved and did everything myself. Have a nice drive into work tomorrow in the sweltering heat and packed traffic jams. Doesnt matter what car you drive in that situation - jeez i remember the days of going to work so depressing, i feel for ya i really do! I will be sleeping, getting up maybe 1pm trip down the coast with the burd to enjoy the weather , ice cream , pub for a bevy. Nice restaurant later on! PS. Im off to Meteora to see the James Bond Monastery in 3 weeks then on to Jordan to visit Petra. Then out to my villa in Lake Garda for a few months! Bucket list dontya know! Have a nice day at work...or not - I hear ITS GRIM UP NORTH Northerndave!


Sure you can call into Eurocarparts and pay £30+ for 5 litres, then you can take comfort in the knowledge that you've not paid 'cheap' for oil.


Discount code expired. New code PAYDAY gave me 17% discount. I just ordered 2 X 5Litre cans of oil for my car plus a filter for £27.80 Euro carports are supplying Castrol oil and filter but collection cost is £42.18 using their SUMMER70 code which is end of month sale. I'm more than happy with the cheaper stuff. As long as it gets changed as per schedule.


Awwww you didn't even give a chance to reply.....yep, know all about Canbus, ECU, etc etc and yes, technically there can always be an issue with electrical systems, but I'll leave manually winding up windows, Low fuel economy, drum brakes, no ABS, AM radios, chokes and damp getting into the Distributor cap, Rust, failed MOT's, etc etc to you, you're welcome to it. Are you sure old cars are more reliable? Oh and good luck in a crash, when your lack of airbags, crumple zone, pre-tensioning seatbelts, ABS, EBD, etc etc. My car? Detects when the car is slowing and automatically brakes, speeds up when traffic is clear, etc etc. Did I mention when it's Icy on my windscreen I press a button and it clears? Oh and here's a few other things from the 20th Century we won't miss... Smallpox Rover Cars (and British Leyland) 2 World Wars 3 TV channels B&W TV Polio Gary Glitter Brookside ! Eeeeeee, I've got reet all nostalgic now I have.... XD

TRIPLE QX Fully Synthetic Engine Oil- 5W-40 - 5ltr buy 1 get one free w/code OIL1 £25.99 (plus more in post) @ Euro Car Parts
Found 18th JunFound 18th Jun
Looking for a cheap engine oil ? You can get triple qx 5w40 engine oil plus one free use code OIL1 at the checkout. Plus a few more oils are on offer see below. TRIPLE QX Ful… Read more

Good deal, little bit cheaper than ebay options if your close to a store. For those that just want top up oil, in home bargains today I noticed "Viscol" (made by Rock oil apparently) 1 litre bottles of 10w40 Semi synth are £3.49 and 5w30 fully synth low saps/low ash/c3 is £3.99. Shame they dont do 5w40.


£29 for 10l? Post it as a deal I'll vote it hot. (y)


Paying £3 extra for the same quantity of Petronas oil makes me a 'brand snob'. OK then...


Well said,too many brand snobs paying for slick advertising and sponsorships.


Castrol is junk, especially their so-called synthetics

Audi compatible (? VAG as well )  shell engine oil at a low price of £19.44 for five litres @ Carparts4less
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
Hi guys been a while that I posted a deal. Came across the above and felt compelled to share
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you need c2 / c3 if you want to save your DPF. look for Low SAPS


SeatCupraNet but it applies to all VAG cars. It’s a couple of years old, but wouldn’t think the specs have changed. Credit to BadgerBill and Wimbledonian for originally creating/posting it on SCN


Where did you get this from?


Hmmm... seems to have been compressed during upload. If anyone is having trouble reading it I can maybe upload it and provide a link


Hopefully this should help some people (y) 🏻

Eurocarparts 35% off this weekend
Found 2nd JunFound 2nd Jun
Just thought I'd post this, just got some parts for my car for service. Apologies if posted, couldn't find it. Some exclusions apply, but for generic parts seems to be fine! Wor… Read more

Company is a joke, codes and sales pretty much constantly. And even then they just get prices down to normal levels.


I've kept my eye on Brembro discs and pads for my sprinter for around 8 weeks and each week the list price changes and the codes change giving around about the same price on different codes. A rule of thumb... If a website blatantly puts a voucher code out there it's not a bargain.


They also add 35%,40%,50% to Thier prices most weeks


You just missed the 'upto 75% off' bank holiday. Checked parts for my car on both sales, and the previous was significantly cheaper.


True forgot to check carparts4less but they don't do click and collect. Wasn't aware of their regular discounts.

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