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Castrol edge 5w30 And 5w40 - £12.25 instore @ Tesco (Littlehampton)
Found 22 h, 58 m agoFound 22 h, 58 m ago
Castro edge 5w30 And 5w40 half the price for oil £12.25 in the Tesco Littlehampton store.
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Checked my Tesco this afternoon, Castrol Edge still scanning at £49, usual Tesco deal, Not.


Wild goose oil


Bargain, will have a look for these later on.........HOT


Great oil, great price. Store specific I'd imagine


They're 4 litre bottles from memory. Although, considering the price, you can buy 2! (y)

Tesco engine oils 2L - £6 @ Tesco Instore
LocalLocalFound 21st AprFound 21st Apr
Various engine oils for £6

these are better quality and at a very good price for 10w40 and 5w30 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Motaquip-10w40-Semi-Synthetic-Engine-Oil-5L/332326552844?epid=2163422851&hash=item4d6034c50c:g:GZMAAOSwGzxZf1gr https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Engine-Oil-MQB-5w30-Part-Semi-Synthetic-5L-Ford-Spec/232666613542?epid=7017020531&hash=item362c02c726:g:QksAAOSwjS9Zf0SS


Slick deal (lol)


Exactly, wouldn't fill it up on this stuff. Just for a rainy day.


Better paying for oil use your cars recommended oil. Saying that it won't be much different from an indy garages oil if you get a service.


They do meet the minimum requirements but the quantity of additives is the question. If there is not enough the oil will not keep the car clean and if there is too much it will kill your exhaust system.

Half price Motor Oil 2L £5 at Tesco in store (Poole) - 15W-40 Mineral & 10W-40 Part Synthetic
LocalLocalFound 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Tesco tower park Poole have put there engine oil on half price now £5.00 15w-40 10w-40 part synthetic

Tip:- For those that don't know, part-synth can be a rip off. The synth bit is often only a small percentage, so don't pay good money for it.


Fully synthetic is half price too.


Picked some up earlier although it was £6 in my local Tesco


(y) Thanks very much.


Can confirm, same in Glasgow Parkhead Forge branch.

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Mountfield Petrol Mower MOUNTFIELD HP454 £218 (or Honda Engine for SP53H for £338) at B&Q saving of £91 - now £218
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
I've got the SP535 model but these are still great buys and include the mulching plug. SP = Self-propelled HP - Hand (manual) propulsion The cut is so much better than that I had … Read more
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honda all day still got two izy`s 20 years old


If you pull a piece of carpet behind one of these mowers would it produce the stripes similar to what a roller achieves ?


The Honda engined mower is £29 off a £367 list price. Its pretty confusing to muddle this in with a non-Honda engined mower which is £91 off £309 list price. So to add my pennies worth, I have a Honda HRD 536 QX. Alloy deck, steel roller, self propelled. They retail around £1300, but I paid £800 for mine 10 years ago. The engine has needed several services over that time at reasonable expense, but it still runs perfectly and is probably still worth £500 ish. The two in this deal will be worth nothing in 10 years time as the steel deck will have rotted away. Plus they don't have a roller so you wont get stripes :) On the basis the Honda engine will probably outlast the chassis it is fitted to, there is not much point in paying the extra for that one. £218 seems pretty good. Hot for the deal, cold for the presentation!


i've revised the title slightly - you make it sound like i'm on the take when i don't even work in the industry :)


voted cold as the deal is still trying to pretend its a honda engined mower for £218. The honda version is £338.

Motor oil £22 @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Motor oil
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Nice deal! (y)


I'm tempted been saw it twice this week but my be takes 6litre so I have to buy 3 to use it in two times


Thanks for posting and welcome to HUKD @meszaros_robert . It would be very useful if you could say exactly what this product is, eg. brand name, type, volume and which store you sound this. Thanks

Castrol Magnatec Stop Start Engine Oil 2ltr 5W-30 (A5) £1.12 at Tesco instore
LocalLocalFound 4th AprFound 4th Apr
This is in the Milford Haven store. There were about 20 containers on the shelf this afternoon.
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Well you do know that if you do more miles it's actually better for the battery right? If I occasionally drive my car the battery would drain alot quicker because its not going to get a full charge. That may explain why your battery later agreed in the 307. On another note i advise you be sensible on the roads. Peoples lives are at risk and your 2 minute joy ride can end someone's life. If you like to "floor it" I suggest you go on a track day.


Hi It only comes on when there is enough charge in battery. So if you have just started the car in winter then it will take longer to work. However as weather becomes warmer it can come on within few minutes of driving even when engine cold. I think it all really depends on your driving. If I use it at all traffic lights even if they turn after 10 secs then it can potentially increase wear. If I use it occasionally, after oil temp has reached optimum (about 10mins after water temp reached 90 degrees), like when I know the lights take about a minute or so to change then I think it's ok. I like the technology but you have to be selective to get the best out of it whilst causing minimal wear to engine. Have a great day.


Is there any in york does anyone know? my car bloody drinks the stuff :(


Nice, seen mine only comes on when car is warm / warm weather as it's not been on most winter (without me turning it off)


Stop - Start ? Little info here .................

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Castrol edge engine oil 4 ltr 5w30 £22.50 5w40 £24.00 4ltr
LocalLocalFound 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Castrol edge 5w30 £24.50 5w40 £22 tescos leytonstone

Why is this cold ? this is an awesome price, just a shame its local. ASDA sell it for £36 The rrp is £56 (lol)


Great price!

Shell HX8 ECT 5w40 5l Fully Synthetic oil - £14.58 @ CarParts4Less
Found 31st MarFound 31st Mar
That time of year again to service the car. At less than £3 per litre for branded fully synthetic oil it's a great price. It's 'low SAPs' for people that need that. Shell HX8 ECT … Read more
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I couldn't possibly drunk this all in on go regardless of the the ratio..


Will probably get this oil to use in the 16 year old Volvo V70 d5 that I just got gifted from my late mum. It's ran the last 130K miles (153K on the clock now) on 15w50 tractor oil rather than the 0w30 fully synthetic it should be running. I am actually scared to put a really good oil in it now in case it breaks it LOL, but at least the tractor oil will have had a decent detergent pack in it. Just goes to show how good modern engines are, and that even an infrequently changed dino oil has been able to (somewhat) work within the confines of a modern engine design using tight clearances. I've no doubt the engine will outlast the body but it does sound like a bag of rattly bones when cold.


Interesting observations. Would be interesting (maybe not for you!) If you bought this oil to see if this crude based oil sufferes from the same problem as the gas based 'ultra' in your car.


Can smell a bit of bull shlt


I used the VW speck shell oil in my 2.0 TDI cr engine in my Seat a few oil changes ago (which was a fair bit more expensive than the non 507 rated Shell oil). I noticed a significant oil consumption increase Vs the Castrol edge which I had used since new. I went back to using Castrol edge and noticed no oil loss (the engine is currently at 73K and purs like new despite regularly being thrashed). I can only conclude that Edge is the best oil out there for VAG cars and Shell helix suffers high evaporation losses. This is a great price though for fully synthetic oil.

Unipart 5W 30 Pro S300 p/synthetic motor oil 5 litres at Home bargains. - £7.99
LocalLocalFound 31st MarFound 31st Mar
£15 off rrp £22.99 now £7.99 at Homebargains. 5 litres 5w 30 engine oil.
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Ahh a fellow Rovie nice to meet you sir not many of us around - My old pal Graham hates Rovers especially the 800 series although if you watch his tv program set in Marbella there is always one parked outside his garage haha Yes I think you are right it was the T-Series engine that had the head warp but quite easily the most comfortable car I have ever driven like sitting on my couch at home - shame the car handled like a whale on a skateboard but I love her she is my true love haha Rescued me from many a nasty situation where many other cars would have just died! My car which was my dads was first owned by the Provost of Glasgow as his limousine lol 827 EH So you had the posh sporty one lol BRG by any chance or metallic blue i think they only came in three colour lol


Agree 100%, that's been my attitude for years.. for the same price as a 12 monthly change with a major brand oil, I can change Asda own brand fully synthetic oil every 6 months. Even the swankiest oil gets full of carbon and contaminants after 6 months and nothing is going to turn carbon into a lubricant.


Much better to change oil often and the filter, than spend a bucket and let the car go for 10k. My old bxxtard thing gets an oil change every two to three months.


Never thought I'd see the day - a sensible comment about Rovers on HUKD... I never drove an 820 (just a Honda engined 827) but I don't recall the M-Series engine having a reputation for head warp... I may be wrong though. Personally reckon the 75/ZT were a better car, but there's no doubt the 800 was a very nice platform indeed for its day.


Can’t find any in my home bargains or quality save. Dewsbury or Ravensthorpe. Does anyone know if they have any in stock?

Unipart 5w30 5l fully synthetic oil - £9.99 @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 27th MarFound 27th Mar
5 litres of quality engine oil for under a tenner. Says suitable for vauxhall but should be fine for most vehicles requiring a 5w30 synthetic oil
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Update, the larger gorseinon store in swansea have some. Looks as though they had both full and part synthetic with the latter being £7.99. As they were mixed with no sel for the full synthetic I managed to get two full for £7.99. https://photos.app.goo.gl/7R21DsCagU8WE4mF2


None in the Swansea enterprise zone store, just the more expensive ones stated above.


Thanks, was after some oil for my new motor, so great timing. No stock of this in Dewsbury but Huddersfield had some when I went 2 days ago. Maybe just larger stores have it?


Which is now a part of Eurocarparts. API SL!? They could probably do with getting the certification updated.


Today's 'Unipart' parts supply business is a totally different animal to the Unipart Auntomotive from the 70's up to 2011, at which date Unipart Group of companies started to separate its separate businesses. In 2014, Unipart Automotive went into administration, with some branches being acquired by company Andrew Page. In short, with respect to car parts, the name Unipart exists only as a name compared to what it was from the 70's to 2011.

0w30 Fully Synthetic Castrol Edge 1 Litre Containers £1.50 @ Asda petrol station Rushden
LocalLocalFound 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Spotted these yesterday Sunday 25/03/18 at the Rushden Asda Petrol Station Washbrook Rd, Rushden NN10 6AA About 10 left, for the lucky buyer!! 1 Litre Sealed 0w30 for £1.50
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Bargain, but oos


Up the den


This is true, as long as the oil has not been heat cycled it wont deteriorate its more likely the plastic bottle its in will go bad first (approx 10-20 years depending on where its stored)


thats not green


Oil never goes off, so it is worth stocking up, when a good oil is on offer. I already have another 2 years supply for oil changes, but thanks Pavel76 for the heads up, should help some!


£18.38 at carparts4less with WEEKEND14 code https://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/p/accessories-engine-oil/engine-oils/engine-oil/10w40-engine-oil/?521771951&0&cc5_245



Motaquip 10w40 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil 5L - £11.39 @ car_part_supermarket / eBay
Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
Was looking for cheap engine oil on ebay and came across this, cheapest 10w40 oil i could find. They also have the 5w30 at a very good price.

If you have a Home bargains near you they have Full Synthetic for £9.99 and semi for £7.99 It's decent oil as well. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/unipart-engine-oil-5l-10-instore-home-bargains-2913295?page=1#comments-last

Castrol 15983F Engine Oil £23 @ Amazon
Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
Castrol 15983F Engine Oil 4 L CCC says it is the cheapest price ever

https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004JASFYU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I normally buy this one above, slightly cheaper and just over £18 when I bought 2/3 a while back. 8)


4 ltrs may not be enough for most cars, Euro car parts have the usual sale on and oil is reduced, just check the qty you need before buying


Camel Camel Camel Bob https://uk.camelcamelcamel.com/



Castrol edge 5w30 in-store and online Tesco.com - £24.50
LocalLocalFound 24th MarFound 24th Mar
Castrol edge 5w30 and 5w40 in-store and online in Tesco

Already posted and hot. Great price (strong) https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/castrol-edge-5w30-in-store-and-online-tescocom-2450-2915227 .


I have recently purchased from Amazon £25.99 Euro car part selling with code egg75 £31.19 I saw this in Tesco 230 High Rd, South Tottenham, London, N15 4AJ I think this is cheapest you can get right now but if you find better deal please coment below and share the link thanks


I got Magnatec stop start at £4.50 for 2 litres, in my local Tesco,seemed a good buy.


Thats what they did with magnatec. If of course it doesnt sell out at that price.


Good price. I bought this from Asda ‘reduced’ from £42 to £36 on Friday. Wish I’d have known his was coming!

Unipart engine oil 5l - £10 instore @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Seen this in dudley home bargains 5 litre engine oil branded unipart 5/30 and 5/40
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Oil checker by vehicle registration on Uniparts website unipartautostore.com/oil-fluids-lubricants/engine-oil.html


Both types available.


Is this semi or full synthetic?


Actual packaging and various types.


Castrol Magnatec Stop Start Engine Oil 2ltr £4.50 at Tesco instore
LocalLocalFound 16th MarFound 16th Mar
There’s a series of Castrol Magnatec Stop Start Engine Oils on sale INSTORE at Tesco Glossop for £4.50 each. All 2 Litres. There’s C2 and C1 specifications. Not sure if it’s Nation… Read more

Purchased last 2 in the Streatham store but went to the New Malden one it wasnt on offer there. Worth checking - now I have to return the ones I got from ECP...


You can use this as an oil upgrade for non stop start cars. Saw it in Northampton Tescos. Would love to buy some but already got 10 litres of previous HOTUKD oil!


Not on offer in my local Tesco (Wath)


My peugeot barely starts!


My Volvo xc90 Doesnt STOP :D

STP Engine Flush 450ml £2.98 @ carparts4less
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
This has been at this price for a while. Euro car parts sells it for £2.99 if anyone wants to collect it. To properly clean and protect your petrol or diesel engine: Use STP … Read more
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The Colour of Oil When it’s light it’s alright When it’s brown drain it down When it’s black it’s just cack


I wouldn't use it either especially on a high mileage car,if the car has had reasonably regular oil changes there's no need to use it....as others have said I would use a cheaper oil as a flush if the car needed it....I think this stuff is basically a can of diesel.


You would see a similar effect if you put Cadbury's creme eggs in your fuel tank


Well not only do I have a Diesel which has over 140,000 on the clock and was made in 2005, its also an alfa, so if anything was likely to go "bang", it would be that, but it runs like a dream. For the record, I don't use this product or a flush oil, just do regular (every 6 or so months) oil changes with good quality oil and filter. Edit (Read this renoman) : https://www.honestjohn.co.uk/forum/post/index.htm?t=21313


Waste of time, don’t use it

Thomas the Tank Engine minis blind bag £1 instore @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Thomas the tank engine minis blindbag at Poundland, not as cheap as the ones posted at asda but cheaper than my local Sainsburys. Hopefully will be national ☺
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