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Kindle Paperwhite E-reader £79.99 with Amazon Prime
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr

Can anyone recommend a case for the Kindle Paperwhite? Thanks for any suggestions (y)


Excellent with the AMEX16SWP offer if available to you for further £15 off


Been waiting a couple of months for a deal on the Paperwhite, as I wanted a White one for my wife and a Black one for me - so saved £60 - very pleased


The thing is, these "adverts" are actually just books that are relevant to the books you read (like same genre etc) and they usually give you a discount (special offer) if you like the look of them and buy it through the advert. I've bought maybe 5-10 books through this way, it's actually pretty good!


It is so much easier on the eyes because of the different display. You can see it clearly in direct sunlight or dark and it just makes for easier reading than a regular tablet/phone screen I'm not a heavy reader but reading on the kindle is far more enjoyable because of that.

Kobo Aura Black eReader £49.99 delivered @ WHSmith
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
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Ditto. Any good cases? Cheers


Managed to get one, anyone know of any good cases? Struggling to find one that I know will fit


Thanks and


Better than the 1st Kindle? (That's what I have and still use very very occasionally)


Thanks OP But wont let me add one to basket, if you add one to your wishlist and then go to wishlist it shows that they are OOS.

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Kindle Paperwhite Certified Refurbished  - Amazon for £74.99
Found 24th Oct 2017Found 24th Oct 2017
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I've had one of these for years and the battery lasts for ages. You can turn the screen light off and still read the text if you have some ambient light. Little tip, load all your books on to this via usb or the amazon site and then turn off wi-fi. The adverts will then magically disappear after a while. I use Calibre for managing my E-book collection, it's awesome. :)


Tempted, but we've had two Paperwhite's go faulty, and we've only had two. So 100% failure rate. Amazon weren't interested as they were over a year old. Google 'Kindle Screen Freezing' and it's a very common problem, though Amazon tried to deny that they are problematic at all. So we've resorted back to our Sony PRS-650's, that have been going strong for years and years. (Never thought I'd be praising Sony!)


Does this read to you or do you have to get an older one for that? I have a really old non touch screen one that reads to me but I believe they stopped that due to pressure from publishers I guess to sell more audio books!


Yep, got one for other half recently, and it seems indistinguishable from a new one. I thought the “offers” might be irritating, but they just replace the normal “turned off” images, so not at all intrusive


I have ordered one of these before and the one I got looked 100% brand new.

All Iain M. Banks Culture series novels on Kindle reduced to £2.99 at
Found 18th Oct 2017Found 18th Oct 2017
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Sadly, already got and read them all. Definitely a great read for any Sci-Fi fans.


Use Of Weapons <3


Capitalism strikes again!


Have them all in paperback or many in hardback, but I love having them "on the road", so thanks for this - I'm about to be poorer again :)


Excession has always been my favourite, love the minds!


Got my kidle yesterday monring. All good. It's a Kindle 8th Edition.


Has anyone who has contacted buysubscriptions received any reply and/or, subsequently, the Kindle?


said within 28 days on when I placed order. Phoned them and they said no, 60 days. I spoke to manager who said they'd send out within 5 days as it was for a birthday gift... 5 days ago, nothing yet. Fingers crossed.


I ordered mine on 23/07 and received the Kindle on 02/09


I had responses from the following addresses when I chased them up regarding my missing Kindle... hope it helps...

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New Kobo Aura (Edition 2) eReader £79.95 delivered, online at John Lewis
Found 23rd Aug 2017Found 23rd Aug 2017
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ok cheers, I bought a paperwhite in the end, kobos are crap




does this ereader have adjustable lighting?


Yes it's possible and not difficult, but you need a little tech knowledge and it's probably verboten to explain the exact method here. On another and (naturally) completely unrelated note, Calibre is an excellent program for managing ebook collections in various formats, at least once you've got to grips with the admittedly unintuitive and messy interface.


How would one get kindle book on here? Or is that not possible


Mine finally arrived and I didn't chase them up, I guess they might have been swamped... Now to figure out how to cancel the RT before I get charged for another load of them.


I placed my order on the 17th of July over the phone and received my Kindle on the 25th of July...must admit I was very surprised it arrived so quickly as the woman on the phone said it could take up to 28 days...which for those of you that subscribed when this was posted on the 15th of July is well my reckoning it's over 7 weeks now.


I'm also still waiting. It would be nice to know if anyone has received theirs or had any updates from RT.


What details did you use to call? I'm ordered mine on the 15th July and nothing, got lots of Radio Times editions through but no Kindle.


Signed up to the offer a month ago and no kindle arrived. I just called them and they said it is now issued and will be with you within 28 days. Poor service, hope it turns up.

Kindle Paperwhite @ Amazon (prime day) - £79.99 down from £109.99
Found 10th Jul 2017Found 10th Jul 2017
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It's even slightly easier than that. If you imagine the screen is divided in two, the left side goes to the previous page and the right to the next page. It's not split down the middle though, it's more like the first 2cm on the left is to go back and the entire screen right of that is for the next page as obviously you tend to want the next page more often than the previous one.


Worth having a quick look in your local tesco for the genuine kindle case as they have been reduced to 7 quid recently. Don't know how many will be left now but better than paying full whack elsewhere.


I have gone into a scanned PDF document in my Paperwhite and found a notes option but there was no way that I could add any notes.


Apply for an Amazon credit card before you buy and get a £20 gift voucher, just got mine for £59


Good price but thanks to one of chanchis late night deals last year I paid £39 from Tesco Direct! Voted hot for current price and j appreciate you can't go back in time!


I can't stand reading from a backlit LCD screen due to the brightness. This looks ideal. Cheers


Kindles are a thing of beauty. You can get lost in them, just like you would a book. Tablets are tablets. Bright, tough on the eyes when you're trying to concentrate, but a great all rounder.


Two totally different kinds of screens. One is eink and other is the usual which is not very good for reading.


The battery of the Voyage last for weeks, and it's much better on the eyes for reading a lot :)


I could be wrong here, purely because I'm not into e-readers, but wouldn't it be much more beneficial to go with a Fire HD 8? It's half the price and you'd still have access to their book store (obvs) and a full blown tablet on top. Interesting to see why people would want a full blown e-reader over a tablet. No vote from me but yeah, feel free to correct me :)

Kobo Aura H2O Waterproof E-Reader - £115.99 @ Argos
Found 17th May 2017Found 17th May 2017
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I was given a Kobo h20 as s gift, the screen failed after 6 weeks. Approximately 1/3 of it was black. Contacted retailer and Kobo who both had no interest and informed me I'd broken the screen by dropping it. I was advised to buy a new one. The device hadn't been dropped, it had sat on the bedside table. Worst reader I've owned, I bought a Kindle and have never looked back. Search the Internet for 'Kobo screen issues' before you buy, I wish I had.


I find that Kobo's tend to retain their battery charge for a long time if not in use. Not sure about the modern Kindles as the last one I had was 3rd gen


Completely wonderful ereader. I replaced my Kindle with one of these and never looked back. The ability to read in the bath is superb :) Also, not buying from Amazon is great too. I tend to get books cheaper.


Amazon now pricing it at £124.99


Argos now back to normal price but Amazon still has it for £115.99 (link in the description box)




Worth mentioning that this is the one which shows ads when it's not in use. +£10 to remove them or call support and hope they do it for free.


It's automatically applied at checkout


IT IS A PRIME BENEFIT From 17/05/2017, when you buy the eligible product (the "Offer"). This offer ends at on 05/06/2017. The offer only applies to items sold by Amazon at the website The offer does not apply to purchases made from Amazon's Warehouse Deals or from third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace, even if "fulfilled by Amazon" or "Prime Eligible". Postage and packing will be applied to each item in accordance with Amazon's standard delivery rates and policies or the participating third-party seller's standard delivery rates and policies, as applicable. Each customer can claim up to a maximum of one offer. Unless otherwise specified on the landing page of the relevant promotion, the offer may not be used on pre-existing orders or in conjunction with any other offer. Each customer can claim up to a maximum of 2 products. This offer is only available to customers with a trial or paid membership to Amazon Prime or Amazon Student. The offer is subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended without notice. The offer has no cash alternative. Offer is non-transferable and may not be resold. Amazon's Conditions of Use & Sale apply.


how do you get the 15 pound discount. sorry if I missed it


That's almost 1 year ago now?. Did you get your Deal around about the time of the OP's initial offer date?, or ... If you did, then I'd recommend you email/call the magazine publisher's at Radio Times in some way? (asap). And take it from there perhaps ... )


I've subscribed to the Kindle offer but I have not received the Kindle, what should I do?


Top man mine is waiting at home :D


Excellent - thank you very much :D


My kindle has turned up and it's NOT the fire it's the its the latest kindle, hope it puts everyone's mind at rest lol


Why on earth is this cold? Yesterday I ordered a Paperwhite "without special offers" for £90.28. Note that you can save a few quid by not using Amazon's currency conversion, and using a card with a good exchange rate.


Ordered a Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Voyage which were delivered today (from within the UK). Saved £60 in total. Many thanks OP.


No worries, just trying to let the op know why most are voting cold.


​ah, sorry, didn't know that. cheers


I'm referencing kindles, everything else is fine.


11.5% topcashback


Fan of Kobo hardware, but their customer support is DIRE. Own three Kobo's in the house, but any future buys I'm switching to Amazon.


I have the first version and prefer it to my latest generation paperwhite. The screen is nicer, there is no frame as such (front is flat with no lip and the screen light is even, unlike the kindle. Pity you can't download kindle books directly to it without faffing around with calibre.


I have both Kobe and kindle,to me the different is kobo you can access the Canadian library all books for free and use Pocket,kindle you got the Amazon resource and kindle email push function,hope this can help someone x


what's the life span on these, reading a lot of reviews of the paperwhite giving up around the 2 year mark?

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E reader just £89.99 @ Amazon
Found 20th Mar 2017Found 20th Mar 2017
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Is this deal finished? Clicking the "get deal" link shows me the kindle is £109.99?


If you use Amazon chat the associates are normally quite accommodating returns, refunds and price differences. If in doubt, have a chat before returning stuff. They know the returns will cost them and will help.


oO really!


it wasn't the hottest at the time of posting - I don't get the daily email, im sure many others don't. like I say - I've offered an alternative seller selling the same product at the same price - It is a separate deal, allows others to find it in other ways, so calm down, it isn't the end of the world.


But the other deal is the hottest today, it's gone out in the daily email....yep, I'm sure you're doing everyone other than yourself a favour..... good grief!

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Wifi E-Reader White or Black £89.99 at Argos
Found 19th Mar 2017Found 19th Mar 2017
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Is this seen as a bargain these days? Wow.


So u just install twilight app for blue light, lower your brightness and most of readers have night option with dark background.


Looks like you didn't then, never mind :|




You're obviously from the 'if its on the internet, it must be true' brigade X)

NOOK  Simple Touch protective cover 1p @ Sainsburys
LocalLocalFound 20th Feb 2017Found 20th Feb 2017

May check out my local sainsburys, I absolutely love my nook ST glowlight. Once rooted being able to use alreader to read across all android devices, as well as the page turn buttons to read one handed with either hand, it's way better than any kindle & you're not locked in to the kindle ecosystem, but can still read kindle books using the kindle app on it.


I love my Kindle Voyage to bits, but I still get pangs of regret at having sacked my Nook.


The EAN of the one I bought is 9780594514855 if that helps. However I that is colour specific (black). You can easily get codes for other colours by looking at their listings on Amazon or Since the shelf rather than individual boxes was marked reduced, to me that suggests it would be an official/national reduction... where stock still exists - so good luck!.


Excellent price. Several members of my family use the Nook Simple Touch so I'd like to find these if possible. Is there any product code that could be used on a lookup?


It won't I am afraid. There are two plastic clips that keep the Nook in place - not elasticated grips like on some other covers. This is a specific cover for the Nook. They are very good quality by the way. Got 3 Nooks on the go still so will look out for these in my local sainsburys - cheers OP.

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