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Hornby R1176 Eurostar Train Set - £111.30 @ Amazon Warehouse
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Posted 15th Dec 2020Posted 15th Dec 2020
Hornby R1176 Eurostar Train Set - £111.30 @ Amazon Warehouse£111.30£124.9911% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Great starter set for anyone curious about model railways who is looking for a modern loco set. A EUROSTAR cutting through the Kent countryside heading for The continent at 300kp… Read more

Missed it


Running as usual, albeit a bit more expensive and longer queuing.


Wonder what will the eurotunnel and eurostar be doing after brexit?


I don't think you get a tunnel with any Hornby sets, but I may be wrong. I think Mehano give tunnels with their sets but they are fairly cheap plastic.


Don't you get any tunnel in the set?

Eurostar £29 each way: London St Pancras to and from Paris, Brussels and Lille @ The Trainline
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Posted 3rd Mar 2020Posted 3rd Mar 2020
Eurostar £29 each way: London St Pancras to and from Paris, Brussels and Lille @ The Trainline£29The Trainline Deals
Hope this helps. *Eurostar Promotion • Promotional fares will be displayed with the discount already applied on the Trainline app and website. • Promotional fares are for between … Read more

For an extra £3 you get wider opening windows, enabling you to shout abuse out, but they open them even wider as you pass COVID19 hospitals.


Good price but for real wouldn't even go for £5 with the current situation. Not worth risking anything till it calms down


Unfortunately not mate. You could try calling and asking if they can sort the deal for one way or try looking for cheap one way flights on kayak


no don't touch the hand rail. dripping with virius.


Ah I only need one-way (going on from Paris to elsewhere in France for a wedding). I don't suppose you know what they tend to drop the cheapest fare to for a one-way trip not part of a return?

Return Eurostar to Brussels, Lille or Paris £58 (Departing St Pancras Intl / April - July departures) @ Eurostar
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Posted 20th Feb 2020Posted 20th Feb 2020
Return Eurostar to Brussels, Lille or Paris £58 (Departing St Pancras Intl / April - July departures) @ Eurostar£58Eurostar Deals
Eurostar currently have lots of seats for £29 one way (£58 return) for departures between April and early July for journeys to Paris, Brussels and Lille. The big advantage of takin… Read more

Is it possible to get one-way fares for £29 or is that price only valid if it's part of a return trip? Also, have the cheaper fares been applicable to the end of July yet? I have my eye on a one-way trip at the end of July and the cheapest tickets are currently £57 each one-way - not sure whether to purchase or wait and see if any promotions come along?


Think So. Might ask in my local station Brighton but normally they say the pass is your ticket and let you through the gates.


So they think it's still valid?


Got this from Interrail today Thank you for contacting the customer service team. You can use your Interrail Global Pass in your own country during two travel days of your choice. For instance, one outbound trip (leaving your own country) and one inbound trip (entering your own country). You can take as many trains in your own country as necessary. I suggest you read the information on this page carefully, where you can see how this works. I trust this answers your question. We hope you have a great day! Best regards, Suzane Customer service team


Interestingly the UK won't sell it because it 'competes' with another package they sell that UK residents can't buy! EDIT: It says it isn't brexit related but is an obvious comparison, we used to be joined now they all still are but we are on our own. I have no idea how many people used these passes to visit the UK while touring the EU but I suspect most won't bother if extra charges apply whereas all the other countries are included.

Direct train tickets from London to Amsterdam from £35pp one way / £70 return at Eurostar
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Posted 11th Feb 2020Posted 11th Feb 2020
Direct train tickets from London to Amsterdam from £35pp one way / £70 return at Eurostar£70Eurostar Deals
Offer details Cheap direct Eurostar rates Valid for departures from London St Pancras Travel from April 30th 2020 Example booking: London - Amsterdam - 4th - 6th May Read more

At least they are posts related to discussions and deals not spell checking,profile copy pasting trollings due to extreme boredom and having no-real-life , like yours. (poo)


The irony. You've proved him right to prove him wrong.


"Koskesh - Joined 19th March 2018 - 1635 comments" "ThePizzaBoxChef - Joined 25th Sep 2014 - 271 comments" If I have too much free time what does that say about you champ. :p


You have too much free time. it’s sad.


As valuable of a contribution to the thread as your rebuttal was there my good chum. (y) Plus, I'm the spelling police, grammar is a different division. Wrong badge.

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Direct Eurostar return service to Amsterdam £67.24 (May - August dates) @ Omio
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Posted 11th Feb 2020Posted 11th Feb 2020
Direct Eurostar return service to Amsterdam £67.24 (May - August dates) @ Omio£67.24£727% offOmio Deals
At long last you can now book direct return Eurostar services to Amsterdam :) Previously you would have to change on the return leg from Amsterdam at Brussels for passport control… Read more

Have you solved it, I’m facing the same problem?!


Don't tempt me, 😜


I worked there til a couple of yrs ago, and sometimes the flights were excellent, but had so many late departures and long queues at passport, I would've loved to get the train! I still go a few times a year, (next one is March 12th, staying at NH Collection-thought I'd treat the Missus! ;) ) but this time on the cruise from Hull-defo worth a look. We alternative tween flights and cruise, and now will throw train in the mix. As for tripping, if you're there March give me a shout, I'll show you sum hidden gems 😜


Nope not tripping that's later pmsl Travel light backpacks small enough for hand luggage and bin the clothes day by day Last flight in January left 25mins late and still landed on time (good tail wind pilot said) Check in online then at amsterdam straight to the quick pay machines grab the ticket and down to the trains and grab the express (lucky timing), hotel is 10min walk (hotel library) I go every year and have got it down to a tee


Think you're tripping Mate! Get to the airport at least an hour before departure-you have no idea how long it'll take to get thru security, so allow 2hrs! Spend at least an hour kicking your heels in departure loung, hoping you can find a seat! Having to be one of the first on the plane to get your trolley Dolly case in! Waiting after you land for everyone else in front of you to get their bags down from the overhead compartments. Hoping you don't land same time as a 787 with 500 plus other people queuing for passport control! Or.... check in 30mins before your train departure, and sit back chilling for 4hrs, get off and walk to the RLD!

Eurostar: London to Paris, Brussels or Lille £27.55 one way (£55.10 return) @ Omio (Using code)
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Posted 7th Jan 2020Posted 7th Jan 2020
Eurostar: London to Paris, Brussels or Lille £27.55 one way (£55.10 return) @ Omio (Using code)£27.55£295% offOmio Deals
Eurostar have launched a new sale with dates into May available. However on the Omio website you can save an additional 5% on the sale prices by generating and applying your own un… Read more

Or maybe they were just using those times as an example. You can use more reasonable times and get the same price. You can head out of London at 4pm and back from Paris at 9pm at £58 + the discount. Or just leave at 5am if you live in London, which would be a great way to maximise a day. It's a good deal, it' just hasn't exactly put it on a plate for you, look into it yourself before resorting to cynicism? You can also use the voucher code: nyeuxvxb and avoid giving the Daily Mail any traffic. Also you can currently book using a REVOLUT card and get 15% off. It's a perk which has recently been added. Go to Dashboard and then Perks if you're a Revolut user.


Come on, it would cheaper not to stay sunday night in a hotel in Paris and use the £27.50 and some of what you saved on the hotel to get the Sunday evening/night return. You need to be Gare Du Nord @ about 05:30 on Monday morning. I think some people just post with out giving things a very good thinking through.


What wonderful travel times.