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Return Eurotunnel Le Shuttle trips 5 Nov-11Dec (Tue-Thu only) £25 @ Eurotunnel Shop
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Posted 28th Oct 2019Posted 28th Oct 2019
Return Eurotunnel Le Shuttle trips 5 Nov-11Dec (Tue-Thu only) £25 @ Eurotunnel Shop£25Eurotunnel Shop Deals
Unfortunately, I only do these over a weekend, but someone out there must be able to benefit - bring back the cheap wine while you still can! Note *Day trip offer terms and conditions app…

Bruges is only 90 mins from Calais to booked a day trip for £65. Two couples means it dirt cheap.


Think they have that covered. If you do that they reserve the right to charge for 2 full crossings. That's what t&c used to say.


Anyone booked 2 of these to enable you to have a week away? e.g. book daytrip for 13/11 and one for 20/11 and just use the outbound on one and the return on the second.


Been waiting for this sort of offer. Just annoying it’s not for a week later as was going to plan a day trip to Bruges


The entire return trip. Call the number.

Free return Eurotunnel crossing Disneyland Paris breaks with Magic breaks plus up to 30% off hotels
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Posted 20th Jun 2019Posted 20th Jun 2019
Free return Eurotunnel crossing Disneyland Paris breaks with Magic breaks plus up to 30% off hotelsmagicbreaks Deals
Free return eurotunnel crossing if you book by 30th June through magic breaks on select Disneyland Paris dates before 6th November 2019. They also have upto 30% off hotels included. See term…

I have posted that above already


*Valid for new bookings for Les Villages Nature® Paris, made by 30/06/2019, over £1000 in value. For travel between Sunday – Thursday, on selected arrivals up to 1st October 2019, maximum 4 night stay. Exclusion dates: 26th August 2019.

Free Eurotunnel or P&O day/overnight return when you spend £250 @ majesticwinescalais.CO.UK
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Posted 11th Jun 2019Posted 11th Jun 2019
Free Eurotunnel or P&O day/overnight return when you spend £250 @ majesticwinescalais.CO.UK£250Majestic Deals
They also do a free P&O 72hr short break return but you have to spend £350. Order your wine/beer from majesticwinescalais.CO.UK and pay in UK STERLING So just to be clear you are order…
Avatar Madchester
Get deal*Get deal*

Looks good. I hope to visit there some day.


Thanks for the tip. I usually go here: - amazing selection of beer but a bit further east.


Sorry for the late reply. Pidou selection of Belgian beer is not good and not cheap. What you need to do is go to Vanuxeem (Rue d'Armentières 150, 7782 Comines-Warneton, Belgium). It is about the 90 min drive from Calais. It is the best place to go for your BELGIAN beers and glassware, they have Belgian chocolates too. If I plan a trip to Vanuxeem I will pay a visit to nearby Abbaye Sint Sixtus where they make the world famous Westvleteren beer and have a beautiful brassiere. If you want to reserve crates of beer from the monastery you need to fhone to make a reservation (good luck with that!)...


Didn't know about Pidou. What's their Belgian beer selection like? I usually drive over to the Belgium side of the Belgium/France border where there are Belgian beer warehouses with incredible choice.


I recommend doing the Pidou deal and not this Majestic wines deal. My original post for that got deleted by some clever dick for unknown reason was this: If you are off to France for a shopping trip you can travel for free if you do some of that shopping at PIDOU cash and carry. Choose either a free Eurotunnel day/over night return or a P&O day/over night return. Pidou sell bottles of wine from £1.25 and beer from 37p/500ml can, quality Belgian ales and collectible glassware and more. You can either pre order or give your details online and decide what you want when you get there: order at least 3 days before you wish to travel. Pidou have 3 stores; Dunkirk, Marck, Calais. You can pick up a loyalty card too which earns you 1 point for every 45€ you spend. The points are redeemed for a selection of items instore. (I got a nice La Trappe Trappist ale gift box with glassfor 16 points) Once you have done your online transaction complete with your desired travel times, Pidou then send you a booking confirmation usually within a couple of hours. You then just have to complete your passenger API on the Euro tunnel/P&O website and you are good to go. Majestic Wines Calais and Calais Wines Superstore have the same deal but which might be worth a look but I find Pidou’s prices more competitive. Majestic Calais offer a free 72hr P&O short break returnwhen you spend £350. Calais Wines Superstore does the 72hr P&O return but you have so spend £500 (Link)

Cheap Wine & Free Ferry/EuroTunnel @ Calais Wine
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Posted 15th Oct 2018Posted 15th Oct 2018
Cheap Wine & Free Ferry/EuroTunnel @ Calais Winecalaiswine Deals
Just returned after my 3rd trip and was surprised that not many people know about this fantastic offer. In Calais (France) there is a place called the Calais Wine Superstore where you can …
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It is actually a very good saving if you buy cheap wine in bulk. As the OP states, you avoid the 288.65 pence tax per litre on every bottle. We "fuelled" our wedding this way; buying one of the various "house" Carrefour Red & White wines and it was excellent value. Decent table wine at a decent price. Think we bought 120 bottles of red and white, at around 5€, before Brexit foot-shooting, so around £450. Imagine the crap we'd have had to put up with if we had spent that much in UK! lol. To further put it into context, we always drink 2€ bottles when self catering in France. I guarantee you won't buy a bad wine. a)the french wouldn't stand for it! b)the cheap wine is either the local vineyards or unlabelled big vineyards c)as per tax comments, we start our wine at £2.20 before taking anything else into the equation, therefore, a 4€ wine over here would be £6 minimum.


I’ve done the trip with Pidou a couple of times and each time I create a basket, I compare each item with Majestic and Calais Wine Superstore. Both times I’ve bought the whole order from Pidou - they have great offers on Prosecco and French wines.


I kitted out my wedding doing this. Paid the corkage fee and bought 150 bottles of wine the a couple of kegs from a local brewery. It was about £500 and we had about 40 bottles of wine left at the end. It was basically a free bar but much cheaper.


Get someone else to drive too as at Calais Wine you can sample every wine prior to purchase :) Compare price to Pidou/Majestic too as some are £1.50 cheaper depending on brand.


eurotunnel day trips to France £25 - *Offer valid for travel between 5th November and 6th December 2018, Monday to Thursday only, excluding Monday 26th November and Monday 3rd December.All bookings must be made before 5th December 2018The wine is not cheap in Calais Wine

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Get three times the value of your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to spend on a family trip to France with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle
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Posted 28th Mar 2018Posted 28th Mar 2018
Get three times the value of your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to spend on a family trip to France with Eurotunnel Le ShuttleTesco Deals
Put a spring in your step this month by booking a family adventure to France with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle . And thanks to your Clubcard vouchers , you won’t have to break the bank to get awa…

Cheaper at Pizza hut


I didn't.


Sorry if it is a repost. I only got the email today. Feel free to report it as spam but I didn't see another deal, when did you post it? the button is


Best way at present is Uber & Ubereats Soon it will be Redspottedhanky Always assuming you use them anyway


It has indeed! :) I last used them on 3x boost for a Eurotunnel ticket about 3 years ago. Top tip: beat the Eurotunnel queuing system by just ignoring it. They hoik you out of the line of traffic and make you wait in the next line on the side, then once the rightful ticket-holders have driven onto the train, they wave you on as well. Helps if you speak with a Chinese accent and act stupid :)

30% off Overnight Tickets EUROTUNNEL (Folkestone-Calais) - 10-12th April 2018
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Posted 21st Mar 2018Posted 21st Mar 2018
30% off Overnight Tickets EUROTUNNEL (Folkestone-Calais) - 10-12th April 2018£32Eurotunnel Shop Deals
30% off Overnight (or same day) tickets from 10th-12th April 2018 with Eurotunnel. Just booked for a day trip - £16 out and £16 back.

Don’t read the Daily Mail and you’ll be fine.


I've never had trouble and have used the train every year for past three. The French have put up very large fencing (paid for by the UK!) which as you leave the terminal zone, feels like you're driving out of a prison...


What are chances we would encounter trouble on the Calais side? With asylum seekers/immigrants


If you can get the time off work this is an absolute epic deal.