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Return Eurotunnel Le Shuttle trips 5 Nov-11Dec (Tue-Thu only) £25 @ Eurotunnel Shop
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Posted 28th Oct 2019Posted 28th Oct 2019
Return Eurotunnel Le Shuttle trips 5 Nov-11Dec (Tue-Thu only) £25 @ Eurotunnel Shop
Unfortunately, I only do these over a weekend, but someone out there must be able to benefit - bring back the cheap wine while you still can! Note *Day trip offer terms and cond… Read more

Bruges is only 90 mins from Calais to booked a day trip for £65. Two couples means it dirt cheap.


Think they have that covered. If you do that they reserve the right to charge for 2 full crossings. That's what t&c used to say.


Anyone booked 2 of these to enable you to have a week away? e.g. book daytrip for 13/11 and one for 20/11 and just use the outbound on one and the return on the second.


Been waiting for this sort of offer. Just annoying it’s not for a week later as was going to plan a day trip to Bruges


The entire return trip. Call the number.

Free return Eurotunnel crossing Disneyland Paris breaks with Magic breaks plus up to 30% off hotels
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Posted 20th Jun 2019Posted 20th Jun 2019
Free return Eurotunnel crossing Disneyland Paris breaks with Magic breaks plus up to 30% off hotels
Free return eurotunnel crossing if you book by 30th June through magic breaks on select Disneyland Paris dates before 6th November 2019. They also have upto 30% off hotels included… Read more

I have posted that above already


*Valid for new bookings for Les Villages Nature® Paris, made by 30/06/2019, over £1000 in value. For travel between Sunday – Thursday, on selected arrivals up to 1st October 2019, maximum 4 night stay. Exclusion dates: 26th August 2019.

Free Eurotunnel or P&O day/overnight return when you spend £250 @ majesticwinescalais.CO.UK
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Posted 11th Jun 2019Posted 11th Jun 2019
Free Eurotunnel or P&O day/overnight return when you spend £250 @ majesticwinescalais.CO.UK
They also do a free P&O 72hr short break return but you have to spend £350. Order your wine/beer from majesticwinescalais.CO.UK and pay in UK STERLING So just to be clear you… Read more
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Looks good. I hope to visit there some day.


Thanks for the tip. I usually go here: - amazing selection of beer but a bit further east.


Sorry for the late reply. Pidou selection of Belgian beer is not good and not cheap. What you need to do is go to Vanuxeem (Rue d'Armentières 150, 7782 Comines-Warneton, Belgium). It is about the 90 min drive from Calais. It is the best place to go for your BELGIAN beers and glassware, they have Belgian chocolates too. If I plan a trip to Vanuxeem I will pay a visit to nearby Abbaye Sint Sixtus where they make the world famous Westvleteren beer and have a beautiful brassiere. If you want to reserve crates of beer from the monastery you need to fhone to make a reservation (good luck with that!)...


Didn't know about Pidou. What's their Belgian beer selection like? I usually drive over to the Belgium side of the Belgium/France border where there are Belgian beer warehouses with incredible choice.


I recommend doing the Pidou deal and not this Majestic wines deal. My original post for that got deleted by some clever dick for unknown reason was this: If you are off to France for a shopping trip you can travel for free if you do some of that shopping at PIDOU cash and carry. Choose either a free Eurotunnel day/over night return or a P&O day/over night return. Pidou sell bottles of wine from £1.25 and beer from 37p/500ml can, quality Belgian ales and collectible glassware and more. You can either pre order or give your details online and decide what you want when you get there: order at least 3 days before you wish to travel. Pidou have 3 stores; Dunkirk, Marck, Calais. You can pick up a loyalty card too which earns you 1 point for every 45€ you spend. The points are redeemed for a selection of items instore. (I got a nice La Trappe Trappist ale gift box with glassfor 16 points) Once you have done your online transaction complete with your desired travel times, Pidou then send you a booking confirmation usually within a couple of hours. You then just have to complete your passenger API on the Euro tunnel/P&O website and you are good to go. Majestic Wines Calais and Calais Wines Superstore have the same deal but which might be worth a look but I find Pidou’s prices more competitive. Majestic Calais offer a free 72hr P&O short break returnwhen you spend £350. Calais Wines Superstore does the 72hr P&O return but you have so spend £500 (Link)

Cheap Wine & Free Ferry/EuroTunnel @ Calais Wine
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Posted 15th Oct 2018Posted 15th Oct 2018
Cheap Wine & Free Ferry/EuroTunnel @ Calais Wine
Just returned after my 3rd trip and was surprised that not many people know about this fantastic offer. In Calais (France) there is a place called the Calais Wine Superstore wher… Read more
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It is actually a very good saving if you buy cheap wine in bulk. As the OP states, you avoid the 288.65 pence tax per litre on every bottle. We "fuelled" our wedding this way; buying one of the various "house" Carrefour Red & White wines and it was excellent value. Decent table wine at a decent price. Think we bought 120 bottles of red and white, at around 5€, before Brexit foot-shooting, so around £450. Imagine the crap we'd have had to put up with if we had spent that much in UK! lol. To further put it into context, we always drink 2€ bottles when self catering in France. I guarantee you won't buy a bad wine. a)the french wouldn't stand for it! b)the cheap wine is either the local vineyards or unlabelled big vineyards c)as per tax comments, we start our wine at £2.20 before taking anything else into the equation, therefore, a 4€ wine over here would be £6 minimum.


I’ve done the trip with Pidou a couple of times and each time I create a basket, I compare each item with Majestic and Calais Wine Superstore. Both times I’ve bought the whole order from Pidou - they have great offers on Prosecco and French wines.


I kitted out my wedding doing this. Paid the corkage fee and bought 150 bottles of wine the a couple of kegs from a local brewery. It was about £500 and we had about 40 bottles of wine left at the end. It was basically a free bar but much cheaper.


Get someone else to drive too as at Calais Wine you can sample every wine prior to purchase :) Compare price to Pidou/Majestic too as some are £1.50 cheaper depending on brand.


eurotunnel day trips to France £25 - *Offer valid for travel between 5th November and 6th December 2018, Monday to Thursday only, excluding Monday 26th November and Monday 3rd December.All bookings must be made before 5th December 2018The wine is not cheap in Calais Wine

Get three times the value of your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to spend on a family trip to France with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle
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Posted 28th Mar 2018Posted 28th Mar 2018
Get three times the value of your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to spend on a family trip to France with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle
Put a spring in your step this month by booking a family adventure to France with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle . And thanks to your Clubcard vouchers , you won’t have to break the bank … Read more

Cheaper at Pizza hut


I didn't.


Sorry if it is a repost. I only got the email today. Feel free to report it as spam but I didn't see another deal, when did you post it? the button is


Best way at present is Uber & Ubereats Soon it will be Redspottedhanky Always assuming you use them anyway


It has indeed! :) I last used them on 3x boost for a Eurotunnel ticket about 3 years ago. Top tip: beat the Eurotunnel queuing system by just ignoring it. They hoik you out of the line of traffic and make you wait in the next line on the side, then once the rightful ticket-holders have driven onto the train, they wave you on as well. Helps if you speak with a Chinese accent and act stupid :)

30% off Overnight Tickets EUROTUNNEL (Folkestone-Calais) - 10-12th April 2018
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Posted 21st Mar 2018Posted 21st Mar 2018
30% off Overnight Tickets EUROTUNNEL (Folkestone-Calais) - 10-12th April 2018
30% off Overnight (or same day) tickets from 10th-12th April 2018 with Eurotunnel. Just booked for a day trip - £16 out and £16 back.

Don’t read the Daily Mail and you’ll be fine.


I've never had trouble and have used the train every year for past three. The French have put up very large fencing (paid for by the UK!) which as you leave the terminal zone, feels like you're driving out of a prison...


What are chances we would encounter trouble on the Calais side? With asylum seekers/immigrants


If you can get the time off work this is an absolute epic deal.

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DAY TRIP SALE TO FRANCE VIA EUROTUNNEL for just £10* per car each way
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Posted 24th Jan 2018Posted 24th Jan 2018
DAY TRIP SALE TO FRANCE VIA EUROTUNNEL for just £10* per car each way
CHEAP as it gets :) France in just 35 minutes Fill your boot with bargains Price = 1 car + 9 shoppers Enjoy a fantastic day out in France for just £10* per car each way. Wi… Read more

For anyone wanting to bring back tobacco remember prices are much cheaper in Belgium. About 45 minute drive away.


Watch out for all the illegal germs swarming about


It's not a sail sale.


Can u go on bike ?


Couldn't you just use a prepaid card to do the booking, they then can't bill you for the breech of terms and conditions?

Eurotunnel: Take your car & up to 9 people to France from just £23-£30 each way on Eurotunnel
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Posted 17th Dec 2017Posted 17th Dec 2017
Eurotunnel: Take your car & up to 9 people to France from just £23-£30 each way on Eurotunnel
Take your car & up to 9 people to France from just £23-£30 each way on Eurotunnel
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You can always turn round and go to Britain


and for a bit of balance... I had an amazing holiday, camping in France with my grandchildren, both this year and last year


France not for Holliday anymore unfortunately... Be careful with refugees in Calais......don't drive at night...


Yeah well when you add the crossing each way, plus I have a meriva with same engine as your zaf, it is going to be more expensive than flights from Birmingham which is less than an hour away. £180 return flights for us all when I saw last, and free shuttle bus from the airport.


A visit to Monet's garden in Giverny with an overnight stay in nearby Vernon is a nice thing to do. It's about 3 hours drive from Calais and kind of on the way to Paris.

Free Eurotunnel Le Shuttle same day or overnight return ticket when you buy £250 of wine, beer and Champagne @ Calais Wine
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Posted 9th Nov 2017Posted 9th Nov 2017
Free Eurotunnel Le Shuttle same day or overnight return ticket when you buy £250 of wine, beer and Champagne @ Calais Wine
This one seems easy to understand, I suppose the real question is: do they offer good value and can I fit it all in my car? Calais Wine have easy navigation and an Offers page h… Read more
Avatardeleted1391139Get deal*Get deal*

still good


they did a 'buy £300' offer in 2015


£250? Go to Asda and buy 83 bottles of £3 wine (y)


Haven’t they been doing this for ages?


Yes, Eurostar & ferries are normally cheap for day returns, but the price always seems to go up dramatically for longer stays. This is a good deal for 2 days, plus you get all the booze too :)

Day Trip on EuroTunnel £20 Return
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Posted 2nd Oct 2017Posted 2nd Oct 2017
Day Trip on EuroTunnel £20 Return
Enjoy a fantastic day out in France for just £10* per car each way. With a crossing time of just 35 minutes, there’s never been a faster way to get across the Channel by car. It … Read more

Just to say there should be plenty of availability, as when we phoned up, the operator said that there had been little interest and we could pick any dates/times. The only thing to remember is that you are restricted to the selected time (i.e. you won't get the option of an earlier train if you arrive early). As for asylum seekers, we went twice last year within a month of each other, first time we saw two hiding on a roundabout but no problems, second time one had apparently got under the wheel arch of a coach while it was stationary - just keep your doors locked and your wits about you.


Well clearly you don't fly with non low-cost-carriers very much or you'd know that the vast majority of airlines (excepting the Easyjets, Ryanairs of this world) operate this exact model. Just try it in skyscanner or google flights if you don't believe me - see if a BA one-way trip to America costs half the amount of a return: It doesn't. Notice how airlines stick in groups to offer lower return-only fares (OneWorld, Star Alliance, SkyTeam). Why? because they share the profits this way. Have a look at the actual "fare rules" of airline tickets through a website like ita matrix, and check out how complicated airline ticketing can be. See how different pricing works based on whether you're returning within a day, a week, including a weekend or trying to come back 6 months later - it's all in the small print. Try a flight to NYC from London with a Saturday night stay, and then one without. huh? same trip? more expensive? how can that be right? Read what airlines tell you in advance they will charge you for a no-show (because they can and they will), or the fines for curtailing a multi-flight trip early, say, to take advantage of cheap promotional tickets (or tickets with lower taxes) from say, Ireland to the US, via the UK. Surprise surprise, they don't like it. The fact is most people don't buy airline tickets that they don't intend to use, and that's why you've probably never heard of it unless you're well versed in frequent flyer circles, but it is utterly standard practice across the world. Of course, will the company actually bother to chase you for relatively small amounts? It probably depends on how many people abuse the offer, but it's an enforcable contract that you agree to, so if they wish to they can, and would in all likelihood win in court.


I've just come back from France on the Eurotunnel. Re Sangatte Illegals - No issues on the return leg. However on arrival the police were chasing a number of them across the road. When I say across the road I mean the road as soon as you leave the train they were dead in front of you and one nearly ended up on the bonnet of the car. This isn't scaremongering or media hype or some Lily Allen utopian dreamworld. It is real life experience and unfortunately there is a real problem in the area. The bigger criminals are Eurotunnel themselves who charged me 163 Euros for arriving early. The first time I arrived they issued me an exit ticket, which dumped me back out of the compound! I drove back in and ended up paying the E163 just so I could relax in the terminal and get home a few hours earlier. I'd love to paint the whole Eurotunnel experience as a bed of roses, but it really isn't a pleasant experience and if you're going for cheap wine I would highly recommend looking at some of the deals the Sainsburys and Tescos or Costco run at this time of year.


The stupid thing is that the government looked into the pricing model some time ago ( very expensive if you don`t travel back within a day - so no good for holidays or just much more expensive ) They concluded: It was right for the companies to charge more as they "had to keep details of your booking for longer and ensure they had space for your return journey" I`m guessing the 1,000 accountants keeping hand written ledgers of all this didn`t know that computers existed????


I totally agree. If airlines operated a pricing model where the price increased relative to the length of the time between outbound and return journies, there would be public uproar and probably new legislation to prohibit it (if indeed such a law/regulation doesn't exist already). Furthermore, imagine if airlines penalised you for flying outbound with them but returning on a different airline, or hit you with a retrospective penalty for actually failing to use the return portion of your ticket. It would be seen as anti-competitive and an unfair trading practice, yet that's what Eurotunnel have always done, and neither our government or the EU seem to have an issue with it. I like the Prepaid Visa card idea too! It would make an interesting test case if Eurotunnel actually did obtain the Registered Keeper's details and tried to pursue them for money because they'd not taken the return trip they'd paid for. (Hypothetical though - I doubt Eurotunnel would want the media attention such a case would bring).

Eurotunnel Half Price Day Trip - £23 Return - (14th - 16th Feb 2017)
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Posted 23rd Jan 2017Posted 23rd Jan 2017
Eurotunnel Half Price Day Trip - £23 Return - (14th - 16th Feb 2017)
* Terms and Conditions • Available for a limited period only - 14th-16th February 2017. • £23 return, half price day trip. Usually £46 return. • £23 terms and conditions apply. S… Read more

Anyone know what the current duty-free hash limits are? ;)


How much would it cost to take a vw transporter on the shuttle?


good opportunity to stock up on your duty paid wine.Come 2019 it will be back to 5l per person.


Do you still get mobbed by refugees for this price? But seriously, haven't used it recently, have they improved things for their paying travelers?


You can call Eurostar on 01303 282061 to save on the 7p/min (assuming you can use your mobile/landline free allowance). P.s. Thanks for posting the deal cainer1

Disneyland Paris - Family of 5 including Eurotunnel and park passes for 3 days staying at Davy Crocket Lodges for £493 total @ Magic breaks
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Posted 16th Dec 2016Posted 16th Dec 2016
Disneyland Paris - Family of 5 including Eurotunnel and park passes for 3 days staying at Davy Crocket Lodges for £493 total @ Magic breaks
Ridiculously cheap holidays to Disneyland Paris through Magic Breaks, I have booked a family of 5 including Eurotunnel and park passes for 3 days staying at Davy Crocket Lodges for… Read more

is there any new deals for disneyland


Cant seem to find the 3 for 2 on tickets mentioned..take it its finished or am i looking in the wring place? thanks


Can I get the Facebook discount without following the link anyone??


​I spoke to them and they confirmed that transport is £99 on top of advertised price of 508. Out of interest, is there a better transport option elsewhere?


I didn't book transport, is that the difference?

Half price day trip to France via eurotunnel from £23 (per car, return)
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Posted 24th Oct 2016Posted 24th Oct 2016
Half price day trip to France via eurotunnel from £23 (per car, return)
Eurotunnel are offering half price day return trips for travel on Mondays to Thursdays between 7th Nov and 8th Dec. Perfect for topping up pre Christmas! Can only book over the pho… Read more

cold expired


expired, new deal here...




It's a jungle out there ;)


​nowt to be ashamed of ;)

Eurotunnel Half Price Day Trip £23 return (16th,17th,18th Feb only)
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Posted 18th Jan 2016Posted 18th Jan 2016
Eurotunnel Half Price Day Trip £23 return (16th,17th,18th Feb only)
Half price day trips now being offered for the 16th, 17th and 18th of February which means you pay just £23 per car for a return ticket. Book by phoning 0844 879 7371 or by reques… Read more

Your comment is completely unnecessary and just shows how easy you have it in the comforts of a Western country. Maybe you should consider those who are currently dying from the cold and starvation, after having to flee from scenes more horrific than you could even imagine.


The French hate you too ? Wow not so popular are you !! Numpty's please stay at home in your fear induced bubble .


Absolutely!! Numpty's please stay at home in your fear induced bubble .


...says our man to Les Bleus.:D


0844 Number they will probably leave you waiting on the line to rack up the call time The saving you make on the ticket will go on your telephone bill oO

Eurotunnel Day Trip Special Offer £20 return (17th,18th,19th Feb only)
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Posted 27th Jan 2015Posted 27th Jan 2015
Eurotunnel Day Trip Special Offer £20 return (17th,18th,19th Feb only)
Just received an email from Eurotunnel. Special offer of day return trip just £20 per car for the 17th, 18th and 19th February only. Booking via phone only 0844 879 7371. Enjoy… Read more

I called and booked today, and it sounded as if there was still a lot of availability for the 18th.


Worth also remembering how much public money went into building the tunnel too. The project cost £4.65 billion (equivalent to £12 billion today) and the government are about to sell it off on the cheap. Gidiot is hoping to raise 300 million pounds for a 40% stake. It's a shame he doesn't realise it's not his to sell, it's ours.

sputniknick Further details can be found here


As many as your car can legally carry


Anyone know when/if this will expire/book up? Many Thanks!

Eurotunnel Daytrip £40 return (booking by phone only)
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Posted 13th Oct 2014Posted 13th Oct 2014
Eurotunnel Daytrip £40 return (booking by phone only)
Just received an E-mail from Eurotunnel for £20 each way Daytrip deal, total £40 return, ideal for pre-Christmas shopping. Travel on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 11 Nov… Read more

And how many international safe borders have they crossed in order to get here, the only reason they flock here is for the benefits bestowed upon them by our stupid system.


Still going to the Christmas Markets though. So much better than here.


the 3 hour minimum stay is a bit of a drag, it only takes me ~90 mins round trip from Calais to Belgium and back to get my allowance of Tobacco and fill up with £1/ltr diesel, its not worth stopping off anywhere else for beers as the supermarkets over here in the UK can be cheaper, also at the french terminal they have got rid of Le Quick burger and replaced it with Burger king :( :)


Was £22 or thereabouts last year and the year before, so not such a great deal I think. As for the asylum seekers, the young people I seen wondering around the streets last month did not look as if they were escaping from anywhere. Well dressed and confident that the French police were no threat.


yes, you can get out to stretch your legs, they have toilets onboard

£20 per car, return Day Trip with EuroTunnel (Feb only)
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Posted 17th Jan 2014Posted 17th Jan 2014
£20 per car, return Day Trip with EuroTunnel (Feb only)
Join us in celebrating our 20th birthday! Take a day trip to France on the 18th, 19th or 20th February for only £20 return* for the car and up to 9 passengers Only 3 days, but its… Read more

lol kiss already


What thoroughly decent post. I too must apologise. In my defence I often get sniffy replies to my posts because I may ask too many questions, may not initially understand a deal or basically say dumb things.


no I wasn't mocking I was reminiscing about how prices were 20 years ago before we got ripped of by the governments on things like fuel, low wages, etc . sorry if you thought I was mocking you...


A rare half term travel deal (for our area anyway)!


Your post doesn't make sense. The actual deal is the price is used to be. So if you are mocking me you failed.

Eurotunnel - Half price day trip to France for a car and up to 9 passengers - PHONE ONLY
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Posted 26th Nov 2013Posted 26th Nov 2013
Eurotunnel - Half price day trip to France for a car and up to 9 passengers - PHONE ONLY
Back again it seems, once again only valid if you call their call centre, probably to sell you breakdown cover etc but £23 is a bargain and much quicker than the ferries for a quic… Read more
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The link is definitely still valid, but for some reason whatever affiliate network HUKD use to make money from our deals isn't loading it. Here's the direct link:


Link is invalid, or perhaps the deal has expried.


How does this works? what does u mean by half day?


With all nine of us in the Focus, I couldn't get any booze or fags in. Still nice to have a day in France being insulted.

Eurotunnel: Half price day trips £23 per car book via phone
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Posted 14th Oct 2013Posted 14th Oct 2013
Eurotunnel: Half price day trips £23 per car book via phone
Great price! Stock up on festive booze Offer ends 11th December Half price special offer available for travel on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from 12th November to 12th Dec… Read more
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Used to go regular, now a days just not worth it for a day, take in to account the cost of your petrol plus crossing cost along with the very long day involved and it becomes a not so good experience. Gone are the days when you could fill up with cheap diesel as that is now as the uk. And I find the cheap wine is just that, cheap. I will use the £23 plus the £45 petrol money at my local supermarket. It is a pity they dont do a thing like this for a week stay in France though rather than a day?


£23 per way is cheap for the Tunnel. Expensive for the ferry. I suspect it's a telephone offer so that they can try and upsell you travel insurance and car breakdown cover.


erm, french sticks. cheese. some yoghurts. mustard. its a day out, not bad at all. shame its midweek only :(


any other items cheaper to buy in France?


Last month I went and bought all my wine from pidou its a supermarket about 5-10 mins drive from calais port also you can place your order online and get 12 bottles of free wine over a £150 spend. Wine is ALOT cheaper over there.

Tesco Clubcard exchange £10 and get £40 in Eurotunnel tokens
404° Expired
Posted 23rd Jan 2013Posted 23rd Jan 2013
Tesco Clubcard exchange £10 and get £40 in Eurotunnel tokens
January – February special offer Exchange £10 in Clubcard vouchers and get £40 in Eurotunnel tokens to use on day trips. Hurry! Tokens must be ordered by 28 February and trips boo… Read more

Yes that's what I'll have to do for my summer holiday trip. This is no good to me because it's for day trips only.


V hot, nice!


You can use these normally, but you only get £30 for every £10 in vouchers...


Does anyone know when the next batch of Tesco clubcard vouchers are due out?



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