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Evian Fruits and Plants Grapes and Rose Flavoured Mineral Water, 12 x 370 ml - £1.47 @ amazon pantry £2.99 delivery applies for first box then 99 p every box after
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
be quick also these flavours https://www.amazon.co.uk/Evian-Raspberry-Verbena-Flavoured-Mineral/dp/B076FC1LX2 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Evian-Fruits-Elderflower-Flavoured-Mineral… Read more
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thanks adult (y)


You're on fire today. Thanks for the great posts.


gone well done for all who got some. (y)


ok this flavour OOS people the other two varieties are still in stock


yipee (popcorn)

Evian still mineral water 6x50cl @waitrose 2 packs for £4 each costs only 33p
Found 18th Aug 2017Found 18th Aug 2017
Very good deal from Waitrose on Evian still mineral water each bottle 33p.
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Study after study demonstrates the perfect safety and no nutritional difference of tap water Vs bottled water. But if you are free to believe the marketing of course. Shame about the millions of plastic bottles in the UK only.


​Earth is precisely where my water comes from. Yours comes from a water treatment facilty, or better known as sewage works.


I prefer to look at it this way. It's about the convenience, I do carry reusable bottles for water in my car etc but sometimes in a rush etc or i forget, I want to still have water so this fits that purpose. Or even so out and about im thirsty! years ago i may have bought that coke can but today I would much rather pay for free water than to pay for a can of coke. Even though the water is a rip off and the can of coke seems more value for money my health is better off. I know its a pretty poor justification but thats all i got and ill try bring my own when i can.


​Yes, it's called Earth. And it didn't need lorries and plastic bottles to transport it around. Humans did that.


​Yes. Dinosaurs drank water which came from a water treatment facility.

Evian 24 x 500ml was £8.49 now £5.94 @ Amazon pantry
Found 27th Jul 2017Found 27th Jul 2017
Warning: Amazon Pantry! Evian 24 x 500ml usually £8.49 but there's a 30% off voucher that can be applied taking it down to £5.94. Plus it's part of the "pick 4 eligible items for … Read more
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Great thanks, didn't see that thread!


Some good deals at Amazon pantry - this threads worth a read for additional savings https://www.hotukdeals.com/vouchers/5-off-orders-over-30-amazon-pantry-order-2749914 They have also price matched a couple of decent offers which you can combine with the £5 off £30 code e.g. - 24 pepsi £5


The Evian has shot up in price. It was only £ 6.00 a case before 30% discount last week. Also it's been out of stock since I ordered, and still is.


I agree, I have only ever ordered from it once before but now and again you get a few good deals. Not often though.


Not just branded though, they do supermarket own brand.

EVIAN WATER - 6 x 500ml £1.20 PYO otherwise £1.50 Bargain @ Waitrose
Found 18th Jun 2017Found 18th Jun 2017
Right if you think tap water is better / cheaper then please don't vote. This is for those that do need the stuff. The cheapest I have seen for a while. £1.50 and then 20% off for … Read more


Cold other brands available cheaper elsewhere, like Harrogate spring in morrisons. Or Tesco Morrisons Asda sainsburys own label 12 x 500ml works out cheaper per bottle Or highland spring in home bargains works out at 16.7p per bottle


Heat added though


Or Costco! Let's not go there


costco. kirland. cheap. the best. simples 8)

Evian Mineral Water, 1 litre, Store Specific, Tesco Trongate Express, Glasgow @ 34p
LocalLocalFound 1st Jun 2017Found 1st Jun 2017
As above, picked some up earlier for myself - and sis told me to get more! As you can see from my picture just before 11pm closing, there's plenty left. As you walk in, go right, … Read more
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These were 50p till about a night ago, today (in the above mentioned store) they're back down to 34p! Not much left though!


Two days later, the "Reduced To Clear" sign is gone and it's now 50p! How queer. I'll expire this. Maybe just shifting excess stock (?).



It's clammy here, but it's been raining the last few days, maybe they're finding them hard to shift...though we still have plenty of summer left!


There were a few water rtc in my local last week, unfortunately the shelves were all empty.

330ml bottles of Evian water - 10p instore @ B&M Sunderland
LocalLocalFound 14th Mar 2017Found 14th Mar 2017
330ml bottles of Evian water only 10p in B&M Sunderland roker branch. Not sure if national

How dare you! :p


330 is kids size


Naive , mate ...


Evian is mug spelled backwards.


good find op, heat added

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Price glitch 10 x 24 x 500ml Evian Water delivered £24.40 on Amazon
Found 1st Feb 2017Found 1st Feb 2017
Price glitch 10 x 24 x 500ml Evian Water delivered £24.40 Price glitch 8 x 24 x 500ml Evian Water delivered £22.51

Well I can speak four languages fluently, which I believe is better than not being able to speak one language properly, thickie!


Whatever Dude! Get a life! This place is to post deals...not to teach grammar and English to everyone! He has done that on a deal I posted too! And how do you know if it's their mother tongue or not! Speaking English doesn't make you any superior...If you want to think you're someone superior...go learn other languages around the World! People like you just know how to comment instead of posting deals! Sad life you guys have! Imagine 1 deal and 2k comments! You both can become good pals! Hahaha :D


Thing is he is right. You look really stupid when you use the wrong word, unless you are under 8 years old, and don't know any better. Don't laugh at someone for being right - makes you look stupid too!


Wish my water was free like it magically is for some in here...


OH GOD!!! HERE HE/SHE/IT GOES AGAIN!!!! LMAO!!!! this person teaches the meaning of GLITCH ON HUKD HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

This Week’s TopCashback Offers 26th October 2016: Evian Water 500ml – 55p (35p) @ Tesco; Uncle Bens Egg Fried Rice (250g) - £1 (75p) @ Asda/Sainsbury’s; Homepride Pasta Bake Creamy Tuna / Tomato & Bacon / Garlic & Chilli (500g) - £1 (75p) @ Asda/Sain
Found 26th Oct 2016Found 26th Oct 2016
This Week’s TopCashback offers starting Wednesday 26th October 2016 – Tuesday 1st November 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Evian Water 500ml – 55p @ Tesco / 750ml – 85p @ Tesco &a… Read more

App not working for me typical TCB problems.


Thanks yet again for these now regular analyses each week KiKai of where best to exploit this week's TopCashback Groceries "powered by Shopitize" cashback offers, and for your regular analysis of this week's (fewer) offers from the original Shopitize App itself at: https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/week-s-shopitize-offers-26th-october-2016-mcvitie-s-jaffa-cakes-12-50p-30p-asda-2534496#post29037520 I noticed the TCB App got an update last night, which I'm hoping stops it massively messing up receipt photography, and gets it back to Shopitize App's only partially messing receipt photography up! At least with the TCB App they credit (eventually, after resnapping & reviewing for my 3 claims to date) each individual £back amount to your overall TCB a/c, whereas Shopitize App rewards have to be saved up to £4+ level to get ANY payback & that is becoming an increasing concern for users with the ever fewer & repeating offers on there :( Anyone unfamiliar with Shopitize/TCB Groceries and other £back opportunities including CheckoutSmart and also Quidco ClickSnap and the newest **** that keeps paying out for me... see my tips/tricks/traps on here at: https://www.hotukdeals.com/misc/store-receipt-cashback-shopitize-topcashback-s-groceries-quidco-s-clicksnap-checkoutsmart-2133228


Thank you kikai, have a good one, heat :)


Thanks KiKai, always appreciated


not much there this week :(

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 24th August 2016: Heinz Baked Beanz (415g) – 50p (20p) @ Asda/Tesco; Evian Mineral Water (500ml) – 55p (25p) @ Tesco; Napolina Pasta (500g) – 75p (35p) @ Tesco; Metcalfe's Popcorn Skinny Sweet 'n Salt (6x17g) - £1 (45p)
Found 24th Aug 2016Found 24th Aug 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 24th August 2016 – Tuesday 30th August 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Heinz Baked Beanz (415g) – 50p @ Asda, Tesco & Coop / He… Read more

A bit late, but Bertolli is £1 in Asda.


Yea they pulled the offer. Was only temp apparently. The app is playing up massively, stopped working on my phone, now stopped working on my tablet (photo quality was poor on iPad so been using on my Asus), offers lasting a day or so.. It's tiring for my head to get it to work :-(


Sign out and then back in again. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling and re-installing.


The Old Mout Cider has disappeared from my Shopitize App. I purchased one, looked to purchase others but it's disappeared, has this happened to anyone else.


It's a pity the Cadbury Cake Bars aren't also on offer this week. If anyone might like a similar better value alternative Cadbury Mini Rolls twin packs are half price this week, so you get 12 for £1.37 (Tesco) or £1.47 (Morrisons)!

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 6th July 2016: Trident Splash Sugarfree Strawberry Lime Gum - 50p (FREE) @ Tesco; Iceberg Lettuce - 43p (13p) @ Asda/Tesco; Evian Mineral Water (500ml) – 45p (20p) @ Sainsbury’s; Burton's Jammie Dodgers (140g) – 50p (25
Found 6th Jul 2016Found 6th Jul 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 6th July 2016 – Tuesday 12th July 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Trident Splash Sugarfree Strawberry Lime Gum – 50p @ Tesco Claim … Read more

Shopitize has slowly been coming back to me. now on week 3 and I've finally had a reply that they will send my money to PayPal. Though that was sent on Thursday with a note that it may take 3 days, still hasn't come through so assume that doesn't count wekends. No reply about last weeks receipt yet...and had sent this weeks, but just remembered I have the app on my ipad and although its no longer on the app store its still installed on there. Tried submitting my latest receipt and it worked!! amazing stuff...still no idea why its not working on my phone. installed app on my dads phone and signed him up but that had the same error I did. And not sure its being sorted by Shopitize as latest email about it had someone say to uninstall and reinstall... but I've already said I've done that before so not sure anything is actually being done about it.


​You're welcome Air56, enjoy your shopping... X)


Thank you KiKai great offers this week


​Hang in there grumpyone they'll get it sorted... X)


​It's unfortunate that the new update isn't running as smoothly as it should. Hopefully it'll all be fixed soon... X)

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 11th May 2016: Iceberg Lettuce - 43p (13p) @ Tesco; 44p (14p) @ Asda; Branston Baked Beans (410g) – 50p (20p) @ Asda & Tesco; Burton's Jammie Dodgers (140g) – 50p (25p) @ Tesco & Asda; Evian Mineral Water (500ml) – 55p
Found 11th May 2016Found 11th May 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 11th May 2016 – Tuesday 17th May 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Iceberg Lettuce (Any Own Brand) – 43p @ Tesco; 44p @ Asda Claim 30… Read more
This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 11th May 2016: Iceberg Lettuce - 43p (13p) @ Tesco; 44p (14p) @ Asda; Branston Baked Beans (410g) – 50p (20p) @ Asda & Tesco; Burton's Jammie Dodgers (140g) – 50p (25p) @ Tesco & Asda; Evian Mineral Water (500ml) – 55p
Found 11th May 2016Found 11th May 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 11th May 2016 – Tuesday 17th May 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Iceberg Lettuce (Any Own Brand) – 43p @ Tesco; 44p @ Asda Claim 30… Read more

Nah, they caught me out, don't use same receipts and they replied to my email questioning why my claim was refused saying I'd already claimed it.


As long as you don't claim twice on the same receipt then is ok. Many HUKDers have done so and is ok. Purchase the product using different receipts each for TCB,CheckOutSmart and Quidco and should be ok.Shopitize is different company and so doesn't matter.


TCB,CheckOutSmart,Quidco all have more less the same offers as they are all the same now.


Oo yes, those are good apps, technically they're linked so if you get them in one app you're not meant to get them in the other. Does work, but they found me out before (despite buying on different receipts), so I don't do it anymore. Great whilst they didn't notice though... Not sure if they recognised due to matching emails (silly of me, should have done different ones) or if I used a card, or if it knew by name/bank details.


There are also the Quidco & Topcashback apps you can use as well - they tend to have the same deals as CheckoutSmart & sometimes you get a better cashback rate on them.

24 x 1.5L Evian Still Mineral Water - Delivered @ Amazon (Prime members only)
Found 19th Mar 2016Found 19th Mar 2016
Just ordered. They do a promotion on pantry, 4 x eligible items benefits free delivery. Just ordered, good price for delivered.



Who is they?? Ive bought 6 packs from asda in the past for well less than that


They sell it for £3.90


53p a bottle, hardly deal of the day. You can normally get 6 bottles around the £3-3.50 mark anyway so not great saving tbh


Refined? This looks tasty enough to drink from :)

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 16th March 2016: Iceberg Lettuce – 44p (14p) @ Asda & Morrisons; Evian Mineral Water (500ml) – 50p (25p) @ Asda & Sainsbury’s; McVitie's Milk Chocolate Hobnobs Flapjacks (5 per pack - 170g) – 64p (39p) @ Asda; Kingsmill
Found 16th Mar 2016Found 16th Mar 2016
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 16th March 2016 – Tuesday 22nd March 2016 Best Buys 50p and under * Iceberg Lettuce (Any Own Brand) – 44p @ Asda & Morrisons C… Read more

Wooo.... didn't notice this before, but the pizza is part of the Morrisons "pizza chips and ice cream" £3 deal - not sure when the offer runs out, think someone said the 20th https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/now-live-3-meal-deal-goodfellas-pizza-mccain-oven-chips-haagen-dazs-tub-from-22nd-2398114?p=27597324


It's nothing to worry about it's just part of their new system. I actually prefer it when this happens as it saves me re-snapping a receipt... X)


You're welcome hass123... X)


Has happened to me before has well when it goes straight to review!! oO


Thank you Kikai

FREEBIE... 3 X Evian Still Mineral Water Mr Men (9x330ml) via COS, CS & TCB. £3.29 @ Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s & Waitrose...
Found 20th Jan 2016Found 20th Jan 2016
​Claim 3 lots of Evian Mr Men Water via the Checkoutsmart, Clicksnap & TopCashback Apps until 26th January 2016 To claim 3 lots please purchase them on separate receipts Cash… Read more

The offer unfortunately wasn't showing in COS yesterday but it was on TCB. So you might've been better off uploading your receipt there. COS may honour it, let's see... X)


That's a bummer... X)


I bought these yesterday in Asda, it was still showing in the COS offers when I bought and when I submitted my receipt and yet today find I have only been credited for the 1p competition entry, not the water £3.29 and now it is no longer showing in my offers either. I have emailed them to see what they say as not happy.


Looks like the offer has gone from TCB early now too


That's right TCB doesn't accept online receipts my bad! That's great customer service indeed. I do find the ladies at COS to be more than helpful. Hope you manage to find one tomorrow... X)

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 2nd December 2015: Weetabix On The Go Drink (250ml) Chocolate/Vanilla – 70p (20p) @ Sainsbury’s; Evian Mineral Water (500ml) – 50p (20p) @ Sainsbury’s; 51p (21p) @ Morrisons; Packaged Head of Broccoli – 42p (22p) @ Morr
Found 2nd Dec 2015Found 2nd Dec 2015
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 2nd December 2015 – Tuesday 8th December 2015 Best Buys 50p and under * Weetabix On The Go Drink (250ml) Chocolate/Vanilla – 70p … Read more

Thanks KiKai, stock up on a few toiletries again this week I think and gingerbread men for the kids :) Edit:- Just been to get deals in ASDA today and found the gingerbread men have gone up in price again :( Also found "Mr Kipling Frosty Fancies (x8)" on the reduced to clear 53p in ASDA but would that still scan for cashback on Shopitize?


Found a damaged box of coco pops reduced in my local co op to £1.39, also flora is £1 in the co op. Heat added


Hmm...website says lower price for brocolli...but store had it for 50p (on each one..not on the shelf). Maybe it's my store specific, I'm in central London.


Thankies for the list! Just in time for our milk shop, hehe.... broccoli was 50p in our Morrisons, anyone find it at the other price?


Thanks KiKai, I picked up a few things today :)

This Week’s Shopitize Offers – 14th October 2015: Evian Mineral Water (500ml) – 50p (20p) @ Sainsbury’s/Waitrose/Tesco; Spontex Brilliant Scourer - £1.10 (20p) @ Most Leading Supermarkets; Flora Original Spread 500g / Flora Light Spread 500g - £1 (35
Found 14th Oct 2015Found 14th Oct 2015
This week’s Shopitize offers starting Wednesday 14th October 2015 – Tuesday 20th October 2015 Best Buys 50p and under * Evian Mineral Water (500ml) – 50p @ Sainsbury’s, Waitrose… Read more

First thanks to KiKai for sifting through the items and finding cheapest, I have a question. Where do you find the prices for these? Adsa local to me was £2.20 for the Original source and £1.90 for the Nivea. Is it a case of prices correct at time of posting?


Great white bread £1 at co-op my sainsburys don't stock this bread :)


My offer on the Nivea shower cream was 20p, still a good deal at 80p though.


original source in asda is 2.20


Yep,not that may good offers. Agree with you,rather eat jammy dodgers than Spontex Brilliant Scourer.:| Await with abated breath for Thurday's freebie!!?? :|

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