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That’s not been around for a while though


Note the deal for 3month live + £10 credit, it pops up every so often for £15. £75 would get you 15months Xbox live + £50 credit. Great if you are going to buy something anyway but otherwise personally would hold out for it.


I used CD Keys a few weeks ago. Once redeemed onto your Microsoft account, there was no indication that it had any expiry date.


Facebook code hasn't worked for me for about a year n half


I stand corrected. Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware of that.


Correct, no VPN required once the code is accepted or during the purchase stage.


I’m assuming once you’ve redeemed this is works like a normal UK subscription? ie. no VPN required?


Can’t get Facebook code to work either


Just purchased for 24.99 as can't get fb discount but still a bargain and it worked OK with a vpn


Usually get a decent offer on the dashboard when XBL is expiring but nothing this time so went down this route. Worked just fine. Got a free extra 1 month for turning on recurring billing as well. *turns off* XD

Tory Burch Free Sample
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018

Link not working


Apparently Labour HQ are considering releasing their own version of this called ‘Tory Berks’. Reportedly, it will smell like sour grapes.


Tory Burch is proper premium designer goods There handbags start at like £300


They might as well just sell up with that name.


Did something like this a while back never received any samples, they just wanted my details.


That's some quality stuff mate! :D I'm disappointed the F76 turned out the way it did as I'm a massive fan of the franchise. I might still buy it at some point - that is when they fix the performance issues.


Well just checked the price it has dropped a bit further currently £16.99 before the like code.


I am keen to buy the game, I might just let it dip below the £15 mark... Thank you for the insight, as it can be hard to pick out the gaming facts from the overall mob rule hate for the game, I'm confident that they will fix the game...


Building a base gives you access to any crafting/work benches that you have unlocked & can build, you can also place a stash (private storage) and bed there. You can learn new plans for things to build in your base by questing & exploration. IMO, after that the bases are pretty much a vanity project unless you're going to PvP & want to have the biggest turrets & defences. You can also capture resources, farms & scrap yards, which are much bigger plots & you can use that as a base instead. My friends & i tend to just use bases for Free travel around the map. I really enjoyed fallout 4 & i like building & creating stuff so i'm enjoying the game and i think that this a good price for it.


Which format are you playing on ? AND A crazy question....I am not a big fan of building bases in games , is the building side of Fallout 76 essential to the game or can I happily play with no need to build a large camp ?


Ive ordered, cant go too wrong for £10 :) thanks OP! Does this have the locomotion thing as standard or do I need to mod it?


Now if only they'd do a full fat VR Doom!


I've played plenty, and played this through to completion. It was great - very atmospheric, good locomotion after the initial teething problems, and good fun.


Have you tried the PS VR version? It's massively improved with the use of the Aim controller (even though it was a last minute added feature).


If they would just add a way to turn artificially I would be all over this.

Fallout 76 (PC) £18.13 with Facebook Code @ CDKeys
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
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Judge Dread .... (shock)


I hear what you're saying but there are folks out there (i'm not currently one of them) that are loving it. They may not be all diehard FO fans. It's a very devisive game it would seem. As for the engine. I agree there too. FO4 still crashes every now and then and the engine could definitely do with an overhaul. However, I still played Fo4 to death and loved every minute. What in my eyes wouldnt be forgiveable is if this (FO76) is considered a failure and they then abandon a FO5. It's a big franschise with a massive fan base even with it's faults - which many of us forgive as the past FO games have had enough about them to outweigh the negative. Speaking from personal opinion of course! :)


hahahahahaha going down like a ton of bricks


More likely that people are just hating because other people are hating, I have more than 40 hours and I am loving it and still finding things to do everyday. The problem is that now people are assuming it's going to be bad from the reviews alone which isn't always the best representative.


Fun game :P


I use facebook lite it's official and uses much less resources


This is the best of the Facebook wrappers. I've tried quite a few and this one stands out. Next best is Metal Pro. (y) :/


I got simple pro free from here at some point. Much better than Facebook and messenger bloatware.


I use metal which is free. Never used this so can't compare but metal is a great alternative to the resource hogging official app.


Hated the ads in messenger and Facebook so was interested in this. Also noticed quickly how the feed now shows the correct sorting by recent.


Great game, well worth watching a youtube beginners guide or two, really helped me to get to grips fairly quickly on what to do, welllll worth £3.99


Thanks @Just.Wondering , been on my watch list for a while! 🙌🏼


Brilliant Ty, I have not played in a while, I shall have to check out the new features.


New experimental update has just been released. Been enjoying this again!


The game is very big, I'd say it looks just as good and plays equally as well as the latest tomb raider.


Heat added. I bought this on a sale at around £14 and I felt like that was good value for money after playing through. Good storyline, and quite a lot of content with the extras (y)

Hitman 2 PC £22.30 with 3% Facebook code @ CDKeys
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
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If only it was Ps4 edition.


Plus tonight the elusive target is Sean Bean (starting tonight).


I preordered this few days prior to release date from CDKeys and key was meant to be available immediately so you can play the sniper assassin mode, didn't receive a key, not even on the release date. Luckily, i paid via paypal and have my money back. I did try contacting them but got no where as communication from them was minimal and every 48 hours


Holding for gold edition for £20 ish before christmas. Great deal for a great game hot ! If you have hitman 1 you can download a free version from steam which allows you to play the first games levels with the tweaked engine.



I reckon 12 month code straight up. You are saving over a tenner already. Leave the discounted wallet codes for game purchases.


Is this the cheapest way to get PS+ now? Or is it better to buy a 12 month code from CD Keys straight up? I'm not familiar with deals or what's the standard prices since the price increase. Thanks


Electronic First now OOS


CDKEYS code not working for me (maybe because I've used the code before?). Are you guys creating a new account every time you use these codes? EDIT: Never mind, yes you DO need to create a new account every time these days. How tiresome... (annoyed)


Just purchased from cdkeys with the discount. Now waiting for the code to arrive. Just in time for the Black Friday sale!

PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership £36.09 using 5% Facebook Code at CdKeys
Found 2nd Nov 2018Found 2nd Nov 2018
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It’s 42.99 the price gone up ridiculous


ok tnxs


does anybody know if theres anywhere to get 12 hour/ 24 hour codes for PSN? Or even the 7 day/ 14 day codes? I only play only probably once or twice a month so dont want to commit to lengthy subscriptions when I hardly play it.


Post that along with the unicorn they sent for being a V.I.P member of PSN.


4 months ago doh


Up to £38.99 now


Thanks got it today


Its a shame,going from my previous post,I might consider them again,but not anytime soon as I lost trust in them.


Thanks for that, shame really, as they've been so good in the past.


No they are not responding anymore it seems and received nothing. Look on twitter,people are asking them why they are ignoring their tickets and requests after paying for games and not getting codes. Its been a few days after I contacted them,and they just are not responding. So now I am going through the payment merchant I used to get a refund. Edit to post. I used them on and off for years,and this experience means never again.

£10 tickets for half term at Diggerland Devon
Found 25th Oct 2018Found 25th Oct 2018
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Lol. I have one 10 miles away from my house.


You'll have to get a visa to come down South 8)


It’s the only one I looked at as it’s my local one!! I found this via Facebook so maybe the FB page will offer the other Diggerland sites at this price too


Only Devon?


expired now


It's for a pack of three


ALREADY POSTED! (2 deals!) And you can actually get these FREE as per my deal! https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/free-magnum-vegan-classic-almond-at-tesco-instore-with-vouchers-see-op-3080227


Thank you (y)


Vegans get a raw deal. Is this for 1?

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