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Free Captain Morgan & cola (Facebook messenger)
01/10/2018Expires on 01/10/2018LocalLocalFound 19th SepFound 19th Sep
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Awesome! Cheers !!


It will ask you to put your postcode, then let you know which bars you can claim near you.


It says Yates in ROMFORD if you put in any London postcode! The cost of the fare to Romford is more than the price of a Morgan with Cola! NO HEAT FOR THIS!!!


It says Yates in ROMFORD if you put in any London postcode! The cost of the fare to Romford is more than the price of a Morgan with Cola! NO HEAT FOR THIS!!!


That's what I will be doing too. Cheers


Yeah so I cancelled my FH4:UE order with CDkeys and then ordered £50, £20 and £10 microsoft gift cards from CDkeys for total of £70.84 then used the £80 microsoft balance to buy Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition from Microsoft Store and now I am currently preloading the game (63.73GB). :)


Well ALL the Forza Horizon games have been arcadey driving games since day 1 many years ago now. And they've been WILDLY popular with actual adults in their millions internationally. Just not with you as you've just found out. They're for having fun driving and racing in beautiful settings. Heaven forbid that you ever see the very popular Hot Wheels expansion on Forza Horizon 3 which has actual racing over A GIANT HELTER SKELTER SET, oh yes no less! But don't worry, all is not lost for racing sim purists like you. Over on the Forza Motorsport franchise that's Microsoft's much more serious and very different proper track car racing sim and it's now in its seventh incarnation as it's also very popular. If that isn't car racing sim enough for you then you probably need GT MOTORSPORT over on PS4 which is the purest sim of all on four wheels. If you don't mind two wheel sims and want to stay on Xbox (it might be avail on PC also I don't know) then TT Isle of Man is the most faithful motorbike racer ever made and has delighted the exacting crowd of motorbike owners. Happy racing!! (highfive) 8) (highfive)


It's weird because I sent this question to the cdkeys support and they replied saying that they cannot guarantee that the codes will be sent out in time for early access. Maybe there is some misinformation on their side. "This offer comes with extra content as mentioned on our site. Also, we're unable to guarantee early/beta access. If there are any updates, we'll announce on our Facebook page. Pre-order keys will be delivered one day before the official release date mentioned on our site. We'll send a notification via email once the product keys are sent out."


It's a SimCade series not an Arcade racer. It has Simulation handling and Arcade fun. If anything Forza Motosport has a problem with children in the first few weeks crashing into first corners as do any racer in initial run.

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I didn't think my first deal would cause so much friction... Here's hoping the next one won't be as dramatic... :S


Ahahaha, Rich, you just edited your comment to fix your spelling after criticising mine. How embarrassing is that?


Love it haha (strong)


Are you on glue?


Look, mum, the spell check guy is here *who?*... The spell check guy, you know. The guy that comments about spelling because he's sitting at home bored... *oh, that guy* yeah, mum... P.s. It's "one's", but that's all right, we all make stupid mistakes, isn't that right, Johnny Concrete?

Fifa 19 Ultimate Edition Xbox One, £77.89, with 5% Facebook code @ CD keys
Shipping from DZShipping from AlgeriaFound 12th SepFound 12th Sep

Like the CD Keys Facebook page and it will give you the 5% off code


How do you get a Facebook code for CD keys?


That code doesn’t work, any others? X


Yeah, strange old bunch on here (lol)


Really don't understand why these deals keep on going cold, time and time again. For someone who's going to be playing the game throughout the year, providing many hours of entertainment, £77.89 doesn't seem like a bad price. Even despite that, this is a deals site not an opinions one. This is the cheapest I've seen the ultimate edition, so voting it cold makes no sense to me, you can't expect the game to be free.


Perhaps but game wont run good on 1050, yes the gpu itself is more capable on paper but it does not compare 1:1 PC hardware to console. If he had gtx 1070 than yeah buy 1050, I personally would play on ps4, thanks god I wont as I have GTX 1080 and i7. But yeah if you want to risk it.


It performs better on a GTX 1050 and an i7. Quite a bit better. A GTX 1050 is significantly more capable than the processor in the PS4, as is a Core i7.




I've got the I7 Surface Book 2 with the GeForce 1050 and an original PS4. I want to buy this for which ever will play the game better but I dont know which. Any recommendations?


Personally I bought it for pc just gone from 1080p 60hz to 1440p 165hz monitor and was enjoying rotr at around 90fps on ultra on my 1080 big improvement roll on Wednesday

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I'll decide to whom and when thanks.


We need more info. They are giving 5 quid to charity which is nice. But the main question is, which charity? How much of the £5 will actually reach the charity? Also, is this for everyone or just select users? If it's not for everyone, then it feels like a cheap way of getting on ppls good side. No one is just going to see a post like this give positive feedback without asking questions.


If your on Facebook anyway then your data has been given so it takes 1 minute to give to a charity of your choice.


If they just stopped their creative accounting and paid the proper taxes it would be better. But honestly if we need to blame anyone you only need look in the mirror, everyone giving their data away for nothing will be remembered like the native Americans trading their land away for trinkets


It's been shown that Facebook attempts to build a profile of you even if you don't have an account, it gets your details from friends who have a Facebook account...


https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Sherlock_Holmes:_Crimes_%26_Punishments says no (or, at least, that it'll need to be activated and updated via Steam).


Fun game deffo worth it. Couldn't get in to the sequel?/reboot? After they changed up the characters/actors, though may try it again.


Anybody know if I can get a copy of this on disc for the PC? (embarrassed)


Excellent game. Heat!


Been waiting so damn long for this price! Heat!


Watching his old team get tonked by Brighton was much more enjoyable.


Nope, the club is called Juventus, it is not called Ronaldo. Unless you want it be, you create your own reality, so yes if you want to call Juventus by the name of Ronaldo that’s your choice. We can’t all be normal :D


So it is both


No, the first is the fixture or match, the latter is a brief description of the game.


Looking at the heat for this I'm not alone


I bought this about a month ago, however its for a present. Does any know how long the key lasts for?


My first PC build cost around the same but in 1995, Pentium P120 that replaced my 486DX2.


Thanks for the honest responce. Can remember paying £300 for this card and about £1,000 for my build. 7 years (wow, didn't realise until now) and guess my only decent upgrade would be to do the whole motherboard/CPU/Graphics again. Oh well! Thanks anyways pal


Worth every penny though (y)


Honestly it's better with controller, the main advantage of having it on PC is the graphics and the mods. So with that GPU I would only bother if you really want to mod it because your GPU won't do the graphics justice :(


Code gone. To dbailey10.


I’ve got another 15% off code. First one to send me a message asking nicely can have it.


If anyone has code they dont want id much appreciate it


if anyone has a code they don't want, I'd appreciate it :)


Part ex the wife? Sounds appealing, but I wouldn’t be able to handle the amount of paperwork which, will inevitably, be required. Plus, the voucher runs out at midnight on the 31st. I’ve got work tomorrow (later today, didn’t realise how late it was!). No way am I going to find the time to fill it all in. Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t think you’ve thought this through. Oh, and I’ve given the voucher away now.


Is now at Richersounds for £1999 https://www.richersounds.com/lg-oled65b7v.html


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/lg-oled65b7v-65-4k-ultra-hd-hdr-smart-oled-tv-1899-with-code-2499-before-code-prc-direct-inc-5-year-warranty-2935948 or https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/lg-oled65b7v-65-inch-4k-ultra-hd-oled-tv-191999-district-electricals-2974839 or https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/lg-oled65b7v-4k-oled-tv-1725-when-selecting-bnpl-at-checkout-littlewoods-2950589 but no, I can't see the 65C8 going under 2K on BF.


Fair enough. £21 under £2000 is being a bit anal though :)


It was available for £1979 this week using this same Facebook code.




Well I took my Chas brat level to the scale required to get it changed over last year, I really ain't sure I'll be getting the same conclusion this time round. Unfortunately one of the pitfalls of buying a pad in the middle of nowhere is you could end up overlooking Sir James Dyson's farmland as far as the eye can. Pretty obvious saying it seems to be the perfect location if you're in to entomology but not the best place to be for LCD televisions (skeptical) I must be one of the only people out there who has far bigger animosity towards Philips because of their Eindhoven roots than moving to China (lol) not the most pleasant football related experiences there in the 1990's


And if it goes wrong, six months down the line, they will have to replace with the newer model.


Here you go, one example of a post but I've read others too: avforums.com/threads/philips-55pos9002-tv-owners-and-discussion-thread.2137149/page-2 Post 47 and around


Awful issue to have hope you get that sorted in your favour


Sorry to hear about these problems affecting you as one of the things that was driving me up the wall about my Sammy was arc not working properly when it used to just fine; definitely read about sync and optical related issues and I think it was on avforums


Seen both in showrooms, personally just waiting for the perfect OLED 65" or bigger, hopefully around black friday we'll see some for around £1500 then I'll bite, how much do you think I'll get for a old 60" 1080p?


Samsung have to a degree with MicroLED but that tech won't be at a comsumer friendly price for at least 5 years, probably more. Exciting tech though and has the potential to outperform OLED with none of the disadvantages.


Until the QLED pixels are self illuminating you won't see an LED screen better on OLED in viewing angles and contrast. I'm not a fan of OLED either, it's fantastic when it's new but it's too much of an unknown quantity in terms of what the display will look like 5 years down the line with heavy use as the pixels decay with use. For me it's simple for now, the only compelling reason to upgrade is for 4k, which I don't have an option of viewing with my regular TV habits very often and I'll stick them on a 4k projector on the odd occasion I do so I've decided to stick with 1080p plasma for the time being until either the LG OLEDs prove their long term durability or samsung nail self illuminating LED pixels.


Couldn't agree more.I have the Q9 and the KS9000 and both have the single connect box.Brilliant idea that works well no clutter.I prefer the picture on my KS9000 more then any other TV I've seen.So bright and colourful bit darks are affect by the white screen ghosting now a days again but it dosent bother considering how much going and sports I watch.


I’m hoping they push the One Connect box again as it would solve my wall mount problems. Currently got a big bundle of cables running through a 30mm hole in the side of the chimney breast

PLAYSTATION PLUS [12 MONTHS] £33.25 @CdKeys using 5% OFF via Facebook
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul

Tried getting this about 5 times and each time the payment wouldn’t go through, might just be the websites fault but I entered everything in correctly and even tried apple pay but neither worked


After getting the 15 months for £19.99 on Prime Day, this price just seems extortionate.


How is this hot, it was £29.99 without code a week or so ago


This was like £28 2weeks ago. All they do is increase their prices.


Or go on CD keys. Always good offers


I got mine today! After requested on day of op


Haven't received anything - yet :( but I did manage to spritz a sample in Boots a few weeks ago. Very sweet, as is the fashion for 'fumes these days but I like it :)


Still works




I'm going to Boots later - good to know! :D


Better off with bots than randoms half the time


Great ! Thanks for the link. It must have UW support. I got it woooo hoooo. I hope that randoms will accept someone who wont be using team chat. Hheheh.


I'll check when I get home but found this video on Youtube if it helps


Says 11.99 now still a good deal


Could you please check in options wether ultra wide format is supported please? 3440 x 1440p resolution? Thank you !


Facebook Messenger will only want that as they support video calls and sharing pictures. Not dodgy, works for me


Nope, doesn't work and wants access to your mobile's camera ... dodgy! All these hoops to jump through (and free personal data access for them) isn't worth it. (poo)


Anyone got a code. Thanks


Anyone got a code per chance? Cheers


Does anyone have a code there not using?

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