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LEGO Creator Expert 10271 Fiat 500 £67.50 with code @ Hamleys
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Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Update 1
Back in stock - 17/07
A fantastic deal here, and actually the first discount on this set the new 2020 LEGO vehicle set the 10271 Fiat 500 is 10% off with code SUMMER10. So far this has been a LEGO Shop … Read more

Can't find it at all on their website now.


Back in stock


Currently out of stock, but I am confident this will be back in stock within weeks judging by recent trends I've seen with Hamley's site.


Yup. I agree. Apart from offering better rates, TCB is not as good as Quidco with regards to monitoring your earnings IMHO.


I missed the £1.46 listed, not sure why they do it that way Find TCB far more confusing than quidco

Fiat Panda 4x4 - 0.9 TwinAir - Brand New 20 Reg £11,995 at Auto Trader (Stoneacre Cleckheaton Fiat)
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Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Fiat Panda 4x4 - 0.9 TwinAir - Brand New 20 Reg £11,995 at Auto Trader (Stoneacre Cleckheaton Fiat)
One of a number of Fiat main dealers offering similar deals. Metalic paint included. These are unregistered 2019 model year stock. Cracking price for a very well liked 4x4 model… Read more

Hot. Love crap cars. Always loved the old 80's 4x4 panda. For those moaning about the ncap rating, your 10 year old BMW would fare even worse against the same criteria.


Ahh, ok. I thought modern cars with power steering had that anyway where the steering tightens up at higher speeds and becomes lighter at lower speeds. That's why I thought Fiat's term for it was marketing bull.


If you want a small 4*4 with great fuel economy get a small Suzuki


Latest test standard (WLTP) Explanation 36.7 - 37.2 mpg


Depreciation is also based on list price, if you have a load of money off (as here), it's it can depreciate less than another car with a smaller discount but "lower depreciation".

Fiat Panda 1.2 8v Easy (s/s) 5dr - Brand new - 20 Reg £8490 @ T J Vickers Telford / Auto Trader
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Fiat Panda 1.2 8v Easy (s/s) 5dr - Brand new - 20 Reg £8490 @ T J Vickers Telford / Auto Trader
21% off Brand new Fiat Panda, OTR inc 12 months tax, plates etc. Mid spec includes : ESP - ASR - Hill Holder Longitudinal Roof Bars - Black Luggage Compartment Light Manua… Read more

Nothing worse. I despise drivers who are impatient and don't use indicators. I think it's any fast car in the hands of an irresponsible aggressive driver. Speed kills innocent victims.


Totally agree with the sentiment of what you are saying (i.e. its never going to win a race, but its fine for its purpose), but you state you have the 0.9 litre (over 100lb ft of torque), which is the twin air turbo thing, isn't it? Furthermore, the 1.2 litre being advertised here is the non turbo with about 25% less torque (75lb ft) and about 20% less power? I imagine your car is quite nippy but the 1.2 may feel a bit slow in comparison?


I can personally vouch for the panda being a great little motor for town. I currently still use a 1.2 panda for nipping about. Admittedly it's not going to be ideal for barreling up and down the motorways or carving up a country road in the mountains but in the real world its a great little car. I have a classic porsche and a four wheel drive diesel Audi estate for the motorway miles and weekend drives but for an A to B car its hard to beat! Plus its cheap as chips to run and maintain


And it's always the Audis and BMW's with indicators that are never used sitting impatiently behind whose drivers crash and kill innocent others!


When they're pig ugly they're usually reliable, but fix it again today didn't get its name for no reason. Fair enough, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. BTW, it's always a Fiat Panda that holds everyone up and causes tailbacks on single lane roads. Probably the safest drivers ever.

FIAT 500 Hatchback 1.0 Mild Hybrid Pop 3dr £9995 @ New-Car-Discount
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Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
FIAT 500 Hatchback 1.0 Mild Hybrid Pop 3dr £9995 @ New-Car-Discount
Possibly the cheapest new (mild) hybrid so far? Basic spec includes aircon and ESC + ASR/MSR + HBA + Hill hold etc. Electrically adjustable painted door mirrors with defrosting… Read more

Mild hybrid = fake hyrbrid.


Same here, still got mine and quite like the boost. I think the CR-Z is a bit more than a mild hybrid system though as this only gives 1 extra bhp, don't know the figures but mine gives a lot more than that and if the battery isn't charged you really notice the lack of punch!


My RR Evoque is a 'mild hybrid' - wouldn't know it as a driver and doesn't seem to do anything for the fuel economy either (replaced vehicle with same engine without the hybrid bit and fuel cons no better).


The electric motor adds 1 horsepower, it'll make next to no difference to performance whatsoever.


6 speed manual

FIAT 500 Hatchback 1.0 Mild Hybrid Lounge 3dr (SAVE 22% ) - £11,320 @ New Car Discount
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Posted 12th FebPosted 12th Feb
FIAT 500 Hatchback 1.0 Mild Hybrid Lounge 3dr (SAVE 22% ) - £11,320 @ New Car Discount
Mild Hybrid version of the Fiat 500, lower emissions (88g/Km) and claimed 72 MPG. Great spec too. Standard Options 7" HD Touchscreen Radio, Bluetooth, USB, Aux-in and DAB … Read more

Thank you that's very helpful (y) I will certainly try to avoid a lot of those not good areas u mentioned.


Oakwood is pretty decent, friend lives there at the moment and is quite happy, house prices are quite reasonable too, not much in the way of anti social behaviour. Basically a massive housing estate, I get lost in there haha. Chad is chavvy, full of wannabe dealers, BMW's with huge exhausts, lots of social housing etc etc, you'll hear them referred to as chaddites. Keep your windows locked. Not too familiar with the chellaston area, i can find out for you, I think it's alvaston that has large anti social behaviour issues, friends parents house broken in to many times over the years. Avoid mackworth - known as smackworth to anyone from Derby due to drug problems. Avoid pear tree and normanton at all costs, unless you intend on getting in to the retail side of the street pharmaceutical business where customers are literally on your doorstep. Normonton has drug rehab area, high crime, lots of ethnic gangs and yobs. Some nice curry houses though and housing is daft cheap. I used to live in normonton as a student 20 years ago, don't think it's improved since then. Basically if you want to live in Derby, move as far away from Derby centre as possible, so Oakwood, breadsall, Melbourne etc ;)


Ok thanks. I was looking at SE, chaddesden, chellaston, Oakwood. I read to avoid alvaston, any other around there to avoid?


Where abouts in Derbyshire? Anywhere along the A6 from allestree up to buxton is lovely (I'm biased as live in Belper) or to the west of the a6 is safe. Most places east of the A6, especially towards Nottinghamshire is a bit of a dump (or s**thole rather). Avoid Heanor, ilkeston, riddings, somercotes, ripley etc like the plague (eyam is a nice little village mind and yes I'm a snob) Don't venture further east than Denby or Pentrich and you'll be ok, if you're not careful you'll find yourself in Cotmanhay.


Really, I planned to move to Derbyshire in a years time. Currently have a Yaris hybrid, we know hybrid isn't good for hills. I'm quite restricted to cars for work, need to be no bigger than a ford focus size. I was looking into diesel auto but a lot in my low price range isn't euro 6. I quite like the bmw 120d with 180bhp but is euro 5! The 2 series coupe is out of my price range!

New Hot Wheels series £1 @ Poundland (Bridgend town centre) - Fiat 500, Twin Mill etc
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Posted 11th Nov 2019Posted 11th Nov 2019LocalLocal
New Hot Wheels series £1 @ Poundland (Bridgend town centre) - Fiat 500, Twin Mill etc
£1£1.5033%Poundland Deals
Loads of these available, didn't get a chance to look properly as I was with the wife and wasn't allowed but as I said there's currently a great selection just in time for the Chri… Read more

Asda - £12.99 bought one for my youngest the other day.


Thanks for the info, I have updated the description (nerd) (nerd)


There is a 20 pack lurking around as well, can't think exactly where I've seen it though. Furthermore, the entertainer have their annual 3 for 2 offer on the individuals in-store (Cardiff) which were about £1.66 each making it £3.32 for 3 cars. Can't see this online though


Excellent thanks for that always on the look out for multi packs going cheap


Smyths do a 10 box set for £7.99. Some really good (random) collections available.

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New Fiat Tipo Street 1.4 5dr now £11,195.00 (with 3yrs servicing extra £199) @
1324° Expired
Posted 23rd Sep 2019Posted 23rd Sep 2019
New Fiat Tipo Street 1.4 5dr now £11,195.00 (with 3yrs servicing extra £199) @
£11,195£15,40527%Fiat Shop Deals
OK yes it's a Fiat and I expect this to get a little chilly BUT it's a focus/astra/golf sized rival with a good spec & all for £11,195 for a 1.4 95bhp petrol. So own it.. No p… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Have driven a Yaris hybrid with 99bhp and I feel it's could do with more power. This at 95bhp will no doubt be very sluggish as those who have had it tells their story. Great price though, I would go for the turbo diesel version but that would cost more.


I have had the Tipo for 18 months and I am getting rid of it, after owning 4 Puntos without issues, this has been a nightmare Lambda sensors keep going, drivers window needed a new cable as it broke, had the pads done and they aren't easy to get hold of for some reason, replacement parts cost a lot too as its a "new" car


I agree about the noise, not great but not the worst for a small/mediam car, i have the stepway. It has ac and cruise control. I've had it 5 years now and 80k in, no problems so far. Mines the 1.5 diesel.


mine is 1.2 petrol engine , diesel version 1.5 DCI was around £2000 more expensive,so thats why i buy petrol.For the price the DACIA is OK,however i found things like AC,cruize control are things that you must have if you make 20K per year. And the other think that i don`t like in my dacia is how noise is when im on the motorway,extremely noisy....if you use it just to go to the shop or like a spare car its OK,but if you travel a lot i don`t recommendet that car you will be very dissapinted andyoui cannot enjoy your ride


Think the 0.9 petrol and 1.5 DCI engine are both better than Fiat's 1.4 engine. The sanderos engines are the same at the Clio.

New Convertible FIAT 500C 1.2 LOUNGE now £12772 (24% off) @ New Car Discount
-128° Expired
Posted 8th Aug 2019Posted 8th Aug 2019
New Convertible FIAT 500C 1.2 LOUNGE now £12772 (24% off) @ New Car Discount
£12,772£16, Deals
Perhaps not everyones cup of tea but if you fancy some wind in your hair motoring (perhaps not this weekend though ;) ) The ever popular Fiat 500c convertible in plain paint in… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Using your dumb analogy means no one would buy nice things. People just have to buy within their means and do their homework on the cost of maintenance for the car, eg. A golf r and Audi s3 are fairly cheap to run considering their performance, bmw m models and Audi RS models are not cheap to run.


would love a new car, but not lease... and if I had just shy of 13k, I wouldn't buy this... rather have a KIA :)


Lol. You are a very busy guy and you even have time to write on this thread :D Your way is definitely the cheapest way to run a car thou and you are very fortunate that you know a bit about maintaining them. I can do the basics and have done in the past however many people haven’t got a clue and having an old used car means relying on garages to repair/change parts which can be a minefield and often lead to big bills depending how good (and honest) the garage is. I find my time is more valuable to me now so pay more and drive newer warrantied cars. Although not my cup of tea at all, this car is a cheap as chips motor ideal first time car/second car. It’s brand new with peace of mind warranty, newer technology, improved safety, runs on fumes, low insurance and no Mot for 3 years so can totally understand someone going for this. And a convertible too (lol)


No but it makes the point. The young lady poster purchased a 2012 16000 miles for 6k. For 12k one can get more car for their money.


It was 6k and although it has only done 16000 miles I am not sure if I wouldn’t prefer a brand new one for 12k.

Fiat Tipo - Street (1.4 95hp) - £10,995 + Three Years Servicing for £199 - Saving £4410 from usual OTR Price @ Fiat Shop
1476° Expired
Posted 12th May 2019Posted 12th May 2019
Fiat Tipo - Street (1.4 95hp) - £10,995 + Three Years Servicing for £199 - Saving £4410 from usual OTR Price @ Fiat Shop
£10,995£15,40529%Fiat Shop Deals
I'm sure this thread will be torn apart by some as the car is a Fiat, but thought this is excellent considering the price, and other cars in this class costing £7-8k more for the b… Read more

Well for a start Panda's are still sold today and sit in a different market segment. The Panda's ancestor was the 126 (its design was to address 5 door access crossing between 126 and 127 to address French competition). The 500 was replaced by the 127, then the Uno until it was resurrected into their line up. Tipo sits then above both of these being more a family orientated car both longer, wider albeit more squat. Considering a Panda to be equivalent to a Tipo is like considering a Ford Ka to be equivalent to a Focus or a Kia Picanto equivalent to a Ceed.


This is probably the equivalent model to the Panda today although a little larger. You have traded one underpowered car for another. At least you should be skilled in dealing with an underpowered car. In fairness I'm sure this car will be capable of the speed limit on a motorway no problem, perhaps even some over-taking albeit slightly slow doing it. It has a top speed of 113mph and 0-60mph in about 12 seconds. It's uncompetitive compared to a turbo engine but still reasonable for everyday use.


I had a fiat panda with 16000 miles on it which dropped down to 50mph on motorway and just traded it in for this deal thinking it was just the panda that had the problem due to it being fiats budget im worried


I drove one yesterday. Decent enough. Agree slightly underpowered but as a run about it’s decent enough Heads up Worksop Fiat offering it for cash at £9978.


It delivered 44mpg over 150 miles. I didn’t drive it like I stole it, I drove it I assume how it should have been driven. I feel some of the people commenting about this car being underpowered have not even driven it or perhaps all have AMGs sitting on their driveways.

Fiat Abarth 595 1.4 T-Jet 2 year lease £154.46 per month 8000mpa (£1390.40 initial / 0 fees / £154.46pm) 4942.72 @ Silverstone Fleet
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Posted 25th Apr 2019Posted 25th Apr 2019
Fiat Abarth 595 1.4 T-Jet 2 year lease £154.46 per month 8000mpa (£1390.40 initial / 0 fees / £154.46pm) 4942.72 @ Silverstone Fleet
Thought this was a decent price for a 2 year lease of this zippy little machine! Don't let the 1.4 petrol engine fool you, these little Fiats have plenty of poke for their side, 14… Read more

Someone needs to maintain order...


Quality pedantry. Keep it up!


It took you fortnight to come up with that. Congratulations...


Oh come on, you must know? Your father, silly!


Looks ok but wouldnt use this lease company my mate ordered a Golf R from them and said the customer service was shocking , they advertised a deal which didnt exist and tried to sell him a 5 door when he wanted a 3 as per advert and price , he later found out by another lease company with same offer the offer never included 3 door it was just a carrot on a stick ! (skeptical)

Audi TT RS 6V Electric Ride on Car now £54 / Fiat 500 6V Electric Ride on Car - Pink £54 with code @ Halfords + 10% off EVERYTHING ELSE
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Refreshed 24th Dec 2018Refreshed 24th Dec 2018
Audi TT RS 6V Electric Ride on Car now £54 / Fiat 500 6V Electric Ride on Car - Pink £54 with code @ Halfords + 10% off EVERYTHING ELSE
£54£9945%Halfords Deals
Update 1
Update- get 10% off EVERYTHING at Halfords until end of Xmas Day - use code MERRYCHRISTMAS2018
Recently dropped in price to £72 with code MERRYCHRISTMAS2018 (from £190) now reduced even further & with the code is now £54 CODE: MERRYCHRISTMAS2018 OFFER: 10% Off ALL … Read more

8) well played my friend. My last T-sport was happily hitting 8,200rpm (when warm!) Even with 130k miles on the clock. It was utterly bulletproof aslong as you have it quality oil regularly.


Not as reliable as my gen 7 t sport 8)


I went for the fiat. It did break down but at least I kept my integrity... Even with it being pink!


It’s only 6v


Half the voltage.

Free samples of fiat 500 him/her eau de toilette spray @ Waterloo Station .
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Posted 13th Dec 2018Posted 13th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Free samples of fiat 500 him/her eau de toilette spray @ Waterloo Station .
Not expecting this to get hot but at waterloo station Fiat 500 in partnership with boots are giving away a HUGGGEEE 1.2ML His and Her Sprays. (lol) They don't have a big stand.… Read more

(lol) (lol)


Windscreen Washer Water probably! Lol


Wonder what it smells of??? The fiat 500's interior? Or maybe the exhaust fumes... Or maybe the burning clutch or the brake disc dust? Lol


Top - Engine, heart- petrol, dry down - more petrol I swear If this would smell like the smell from inside the car.. (I am autistic and i like that smell of the car!) or if this would smell like undeground parking.. haha lol But wow i am shook that Fiat has a parfums lol


Diesel or petrol?

Fiat Tipo Easy 1.4 95hp down from £14320 to £9999 until 31/12/2018 @ Fiat
415° Expired
Posted 12th Dec 2018Posted 12th Dec 2018
Fiat Tipo Easy 1.4 95hp down from £14320 to £9999 until 31/12/2018 @ Fiat
£9,999£14,32030%Fiat Shop Deals
The Fiat Tipo Hatchback stands up to all expectations. Main features include: - Cruise control - Autonomous emergency brake - DAB radio, Bluetooth and USB - Steering wheel with au… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

FIAT= Fix It Again Tomorrow! Dreadful carsHowever I Still LOVE Mine, and it was the only fiat you Could buy which is really decent, would not touch any other fiat tho...


I have really been tempted by one of these, as I hand back my salary sacrifice Ateca in January, and I have been quoted around £8.5k on carwow for cash. Just not sure, having not driven one, and previously been used to Hyundai 5yr warranty.


Fiat is a 1 crap car


Had one of these as a hire car for a few days recently. Yes it's got a cheap plastic interior, but then it's a cheap car, well enough specced, but this engine is horrible. It is hugely lacking in torque. IMHO it has enough power but the torque curve is all wrong. If anybody is considering buying one, I'd urge you to get to a dealer and try to test drive alongside the 95hp diesel and/or the 1.3 multijet. Both engines should be much better in this application.


Go into any fiat garage and ask for Tony, he’ll be there!

Halfords Black Friday deals NOW LIVE Carrera Hellcat bike £255, 200pc Advanced socket set £135, Audi TT / Fiat 500 ride ons £75
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Refreshed 26th Nov 2018Refreshed 26th Nov 2018
Halfords Black Friday deals NOW LIVE Carrera Hellcat bike £255, 200pc Advanced socket set £135, Audi TT / Fiat 500 ride ons £75
Now live instore and on the website Heads up - Halfords Black Friday deals are going live from tomorrow at 8am (16th) online and in store a week early and won't go lower on the Bl… Read more

Luckily, my weight varies between 75-76.5 Kg


Why couldnt they put lockout forks on the hellcat :(


Good deal for the spec although Cube rider weight limits are much lower than Carrera. Carrera are rated to 160kg total weight (120kg just for the rider alone). Cube are rated to 115kg total weight. A 45kg difference. Basically as you can imagine the Carrera frames are very strong but a bit heavier on average. Good bikes for the less fit and overweight getting back into cycling. Cube's are I guess slightly lighter on average a bit more performance orientated but don't allow for such heavy riders. 115kg minus bike weight, riders clothes, accessories fitted to the bike, anything you are carrying (backpack etc) might mean a max rider weight of 85-95kg in real terms on the Cube. I only mention it as 82kg is the average weight of men in the UK and many return to cycling for the purpose of losing weight due to piling on the pounds over the years.


Not bad for the price.


Shame the Voodoo Bokor isn't back in this sale. I should have bought it a month ago when it was cheap. :(

Fiat panda for only £6995 @ Fiatsupasaver
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Posted 18th Oct 2018Posted 18th Oct 2018
Fiat panda for only £6995 @ Fiatsupasaver
Sounds like a pretty good deal on a new car I’m no expert on car prices but sounds good to me

First car was a Seicento NOT Panda


or the one for Renault


Can never remember the one for Ferrari...


and Ford was Fix Or Repair Daily....


I laugh at people’s debts and stress and work hour levels of such off all classes getting themselves into and further that situation chasing commercialism like it will enhance your life and teaching their kids that’s normal - it’s much more fun and broadminded to show equality to all and laugh at them all. I buy the best item/warranty for the job. Example: Apple or some cheap £10 Android Rather work part time driving a Panda with savings in the bank and no debt, with a calmer life than a rat race face and broken mind to go with it. 7K is s bargain, I could buy this cash if I wanted but a mortgage out of housing rental poverty comes first (y) Pandas were horrific, but the 80/90s mass produced cheap things trying are all but gone now.

buy a new Fiat and get 0% finance for three years
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Posted 9th Nov 2017Posted 9th Nov 2017
buy a new Fiat and get 0% finance for three years
(highfive) Buy a brand new Fiat and get 0% finance for three years. Doesn't seem like a bad deal to me.
Avatardeleted1160026Get deal*Get deal*

Fix it again tam


I'm so late but this has made my day (lol) . I drive fiat punto grande, my other half drives Range Rover sport. I used his car once while mine was in for MOT, needless to say I was never aloud again. I scrapped up the kerb only slightly and he didn't speak to me for almost a week. He bigs up my fiat to everyone now (only whilst I'm there of course)(annoyed)


thanks man


I feel your pain, I had a petrol Freelander, what a money pit that was.


The latest generation is among the better 'city' cars but it isn't the best. It's also bigger than most. Most cars can be 'the best' to someone for some reason though.

Fiat Abarth 124 Spider 2 year personal lease £155 per month 5000 miles pa. £5496.78 Vehicle Savers
557° Expired
Posted 3rd Nov 2017Posted 3rd Nov 2017
Fiat Abarth 124 Spider 2 year personal lease £155 per month 5000 miles pa. £5496.78 Vehicle Savers
Seems like a decent deal for a car with a £26K RRP. £155.66 inc VAT/month Initial Rental: £1400.94 Admin fee: £360.00 8K miles/annum is £169.48/month with a slightly larger initi… Read more

See my post above, may still be available from Fiat / Abarth dealer directly with 6000 pa


None available


On a side note terrible website design. Completely open to SQL injection. Would not trust my data with them.


How does leasing work. Does this come with insurance?


got a reply back this morning with a quote then another email later saying all stock sold out. This was via Vehiclesavers (not had a reply from the other company mentioned above) Direct deal via Abarth dealer I mentioned above for 6000 and £500 more is advertised till the end of this month if they still have cars Personal Contract Hire. *Abarth 124 spider Scorpione 170hp 1.4 MultiAir. Initial rental of £1,393, followed by 23 monthly rentals of £199, incl. VAT & exclude maintenance. Based on 6,000 miles p.a. Excess mileage charges apply. This offer is applicable to Abarth 124 spider Scorpione stock vehicles only and is subject to availability. Vehicles must be ordered between 01/11/17 and 30/11/17 and registered by the 31/12/17. Subject to status. Guarantees may be required. Ts&Cs apply. Leasys, SL1 0WU.

Fiat Abarth 124 Spider 3 year lease £309 per month 8000 miles per annum. Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
178° Expired
Posted 26th Sep 2017Posted 26th Sep 2017
Fiat Abarth 124 Spider 3 year lease £309 per month 8000 miles per annum. Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
Initial Rental £1601.22 Admin Fee £198 35 monthly payments of £267 0-62 mph 6.8 Seconds Transmission Manual Fuel Type Petrol Fuel Economy 44.1 MPG CO2 148 g/km Bluetoot… Read more

What a lovely miata


But you can roll it in glitter.


Used pcps don’t have the pcp finance rate


I'm glad someone made a reference to fashion.... Name off the top of your head five German fashion houses (well just four more as Hugh Boss is already mentioned)! Now off the top of your head, try the same for Italian fashion houses Think when it comes to style, the Italians might just have that one - and no cheating using Google!


Oh, I can't afford those! I'm wasting money on a poxy, girls car I can't drive anywhere!

Fiat Tipo - £4.33 per month! - £25.98 initial rental - 36 month contract @ Fleet Prices
58° Expired
Posted 13th Jul 2017Posted 13th Jul 2017
Fiat Tipo - £4.33 per month! - £25.98 initial rental - 36 month contract @ Fleet Prices Rental profile 6 + 35 Annual mileage 10000 Processin… Read more

My first car was a fiat Tipo with the digital dash board. It was utter s**t, loved it.


at least you got a reply which is a bonus




Overpriced for a Fiat, cold


Do you own it at the end? :p

New 17 Reg 5 door Fiat Panda Only £5995 @ Motorvogue
1027° Expired
Posted 1st Apr 2017Posted 1st Apr 2017
New 17 Reg 5 door Fiat Panda Only £5995 @ Motorvogue
Save £3,300 £5,995 or £99 per month 6.7% APR Fiat Panda Pop 5 Door 1.2 Economy 55 mpg Road Tax £30
Get deal*Get deal*

Again - why would you do that?


Its a convertible SD... :)


The Punto's wipers failed during spectacularly heavy rain (as is the norm for Swansea), and I was doing about 40 on a dual carriageway, I was immediately completely blind, had to stick my head out of the window to safely pull over. One of my scariest moments in driving...


​1) So you worked for Kia or Ford dealership. Ok, understood. 2) interesting, have you owned one? Statistic data and 'my mate says x' sounds like pub talk to me. 3) Sorry let me specify- this is my job. I engage with these engineers on a regular basis. So, take it as you like. (and yes, Maclaren engineering requires another level of 'Perfection'). 4) ok, your right. I'm done. Thanks, good night. :3


Bit like the Fiat then.

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