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EA's FIFA 19 should be the finest football game of 2018. Featuring new European tournaments to play, some cleverly thought out gameplay refinements, a whole new multiplayer mode, new grounds to play in, and the usual annual statistical update, FIFA 19 should challenge for the title in style. Fans can find it for a bargain price at the FIFA 19 HotUKDeals listings. Read more
FIFA 19 PC/Origin (English Only) - £14.99 @ CDKeys
Posted 1 h, 20 m agoPosted 1 h, 20 m ago
Only works in English, which should be suitable for the majority on HUKD :) UEFA Champions League is here! Play as your favourite football stars in this historic tournament. B… Read more
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As mentioned on recent deal posted EA have patents for scripting. So you will get wound up from playing this, just to pre-warn and prevent people from pumping money into ultimate team

FIFA 19 & Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Xbox One - £25 @ AO
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Didn't expect another tenner more to drop off the price of this Xbox bundle, but there you go :D Working out £12.50 each for physical versions is great at the mo. Not sure how … Read more

Bargain Bin fodder! Not worth the money at all 🥶🥶🥶


Right now I'm pretty smashed but even after a few drinks.I will.not buy. 2 of the ragiest franchises around right now


Bought these at £35 two days ago... Lame. Great deal though!


Awful games but why not for that price


Not a fan of either game but this is a good deal.

FIFA 19 (PS4 / Xbox One) £10 @ Tesco
Refreshed 14th JunRefreshed 14th Jun19/06/2019Expires on 19/06/2019
Cheapest price yet I believe? Available online to add to your shop :) May not be reduced to this price until tomorrow instore. Xbox:… Read more
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No stock in Tesco Extra Bow, no stock in Gallions Reach. I suspect it’s now wild goose chase time!


Wonder if there’s any way of finding stock locally other than calling all of them individually.


My local Tesco's are useless. Went to one and picked a box up off the display, the woman checked 2 different cupboards and both didn't have the game. Called my other Tesco store about 10 times an no one answers the phone. Tried a different store just now and they answered right away


The box art and poses say so much about footballers these days. De Bruyne, the closest thing this generation has got to a Paul Scholes, stands in the background with a basic smile. Because there's no ego to him. He knows he's world class so doesn't do all this posturing that modern day social media influencer/ part time footballers seem so obsessed with. Then you get the total opposite, Neymar, the Justin Bieber of football, pulling poses that most people grow out of at the age of 13. You play in a farmers league mate, you haven't earned that level of self-importance. And then on the end you get Dybala. Probably the worst offender. No wonder United are rumoured to be signing him, Ed Wudwud must be salivating at all the marketing opportunities that comes with an inconsistent player known more for a terrible celebration and tattoo than for his performances on the pitch. Ed is already planning lining him up alongside a smirking chest pumping Pogba on United's official brass taps, released for Xmas 2020.


Good thinking (party) 8)

Fifa 19 £15  Xbox One at Morrisons (Blackpool)
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th JunLocalLocal
Just found Fifa 19 on Xbox One at Morrisons (St. Annes). Seems to be a good price. EA Sports FIFA 19 is here to offer incredible scenes on and off the pitch, with dynamic game pla… Read more
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£10 in Tesco Blackpool. Bought it tonight.


I bought one and got also 5%extra off with lloyds every day offers price then £13.50

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FIFA 19 & Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 £35 @ AO - Xbox One X Enhanced Titles
Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Maybe a bit niche, but if you do happen to want physical copies of both of these then it works out £17.50 per game. No codes or anything like that and as per, delivery is free :) Read more

Fifa 19 dead already. Fifa20 around the corner


I almost cut myself on that comment, so edgy man


Casual gamer starter pack


Why is this so cheap on ps4 then?

PS4 500GB Console + Fifa 19 £179 @ Tesco (Nationwide)
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th JunLocalLocal
This appears to be a decent deal :) Will be nationwide there is stock! Source:
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In two minds weather to go for this or wait it out for ps5 . Only want to play Detroit human and God of war and the last of us part 2


Thanks! I’ll try search for one!


Is this any good? The receipt says ps4 43514 on it.


Great deal considering the controllers are 30quid on their own. Just bought one from gloucester they had loads of stock left


Anyone got a SEL / barcode reference so I can find some stock. Thanks

FIFA 19 PS4 & Xbox £15 @ Morrisons (instore only)
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th JunLocalLocal
Just picked up this, decent price and looks to be an in store only price. Looks to be storewide as had a friend confirm he has also seen it for £15. Nice early fathers day gift to… Read more
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Cheers. I just bought a copy of the game from Jarrow Morrisons.




The joke wasn't obvious enough, and I'm not the only one to think that. You just sounded like one of those typical moaners about FIFA.


It'd only be obvious with an emoji or /s at the end. There are genuinely people stupid enough to make a comment like that and sincerely mean it.


Nope, it just wasn't clear that it was a joke.

FIFA 19 (PC - Origin Code) £12.49 @ Amazon
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
A world-class football experience - FIFA 19 puts you in complete control; both on the pitch and in the manager's office. Be the stars you love as you compete for glory in the hist… Read more

Why isn’t this deal on anymore 😔 the season is over today should only be this price anyway, anyone know where I can get it fairly cheap?


Yeah, definitely I will PM you a link it's quite easy


I’ve been looking on eBay but can only find for PS4? Can you get them for pc?? please say yes haha


By the way, have you got the kits downloads for PES2019? They are a decent addition.


Where as I haven’t got Fifa so can’t compare lol (lol) I’ll get Fifa when it hits £10 now the season is done with... I’ve clocked up 89 hours on pro evo on master league.. love it

FIFA 19 PS4 - £19.99 @ PlayStation Store
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
FIFA 19 in the UK PSN store at a 67% discount!

The season has ended- suprised it didn't hit this price sooner


Normal price in the psn UK store is £59.99, so it's actually a 67% discount. That's what I set it as but it keeps getting changed 🤷

Fifa 19 (Nintendo Switch) - £18.74 @ Nintendo eShop
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Usual price drop for Fifa before the next one comes out. Good price to pick it up!

It's serviceable. It uses the pre-frostbite engine so basically FIFA 16 with 2018/19 squads. It's easily the best portable football game out there, although if you're used to and like the new frostbite engine games this might feel a bit clunky. There were some rumours FIFA 20 might use the new engine but knowing EA they'll just keep making the minimal effort and it will just be a rehash of FIFA 16 again. Might be worth waiting until E3 in a few weeks to find out - this game is basically shovelware at this point regardless.


Ah that is good news, would normally prefer physical but will give it a shot at this price. Only really play portable so guess that will make some of the graphical downsides not show up as much as they would on the big screen


My favourite game when I had my switch despite having Diablo, Dark Souls etc... If you love fifa on ps4/xbox this will be your new fave.


Is it a good enough version to play a few games here and there?



Xbox one 500gb Console plus 3 installed games - Forza 6, fifa 19, 1 month EA pass £154 at the Co-op bishopston Bristo
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd MayLocalLocal
Xbox one. Forza 6, fifa 19, 1 month EA pass. £154 at the co op bishopston Bristol. Been there 2 weeks if anyone's interested.

I did put the co-op as the retailer and didn't say 3 games installed. Not sure why that's there. This is what I originally posted. .just thought it might be of interest to somebody. Xbox one. Forza 6, fifa 19, 1 month EA pass. £154 at the co op bishopston Bristol. Been there 2 weeks if anyone's interested. Share with WhatsAppShare with Messenger


Been there 2 weeks and no ones interested.


Poor effort. Cold.


You should put the name of the retailer in the title. What's the third game?

Fifa 19 Ultimate Team Rare Players Pack Bundle DLC PS4 (EU) £1.49 @ CDKeys
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Note: Base game required Bundle Pack Includes: 3x FIFA Ultimate Team ICON loan players on a five-match loan period. 1x FIFA Ultimate Team Rare Players Pack. PS4 (EU)

I bought 5 of these for the ps4 but they havent worked. Anyone else had these issues?


Ea micro transactions will always go colder than a showman’s pinky (poo)


Big discounts because nobody plays this trash anymore.


Hopefully they get banned in a year or two.


Frig that...... loot box nonsense

PS4 500GB + Fifa 19, Rage 2 and Dragonscale Camo Thumb Grips £199.99 @ Game
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
As per title, a 500GB Console including Fifa 19 and RAGE 2 as well as some Dragonscale thumb Grips. Prices seem to be up in a fair few places, so thought it was worth a shout :) Read more

Out of stock? Decent price otherwise




Prices in GAME Stores may differ.


Is this available at this price in store do we know?


Finally back to some decent price, took nearly 2 years

FLASH SALE! at PSN Store US - Devil May Cry 5 £30.48 FIFA 19 £13.85 NHL 19 £13.85 UFC 3 £13.85 EA Sports 19 Bundle £38.49  + MORE
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
8-Bit Armies $14.99 £11.54 50% 8-Bit Hordes $17.99 £13.85 40% 8-Bit Invaders! $17.99 £13.85 40% Battlefield World War Bundle $49.99 £38.49 50% Battlefield V $29.99 £23.09 50% … Read more
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The sale is over did not finish at 5pm must have been earlier. Just bought my credit as well guess Fifa 19 was not meant to be :(


Beside they increased the price you need to use it for something more than 20 pounds to get use out of it. Otherwise you won't get any value for money at all.



If you’re looking for a guide this may help:


How do you buy something from the US PS store from uk?

Huge Game Discounts in-store at HMV - Assassin's Creed, FIFA 19, Far Cry + More - £9.99
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th MayLocalLocal
Bargains to be had at HMV. Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PS4 & Xbox One) : £9.99 Assassin's Creed Origins (PS4 & Xbox One) : £9.99 FIFA 19 (PS4 & Xbox One): £9.99 Far Cr… Read more
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Went to one in Swansea had division a fiver .I asked what's behind counter lol . Had syndicate a tenner etc nothing else good a fiver . Will try croydon next week prob be nothing by then .


Meant to say for £9.99


Assassins Creed Odyssey for Xbox One in a cupboard behind the counter in Stirling HMV.


Yep, I remember when there were two floors. The upper floor had a massive CD section!


I went in there at the weekend to see about the Spyro deal but couldn't even find the games section and there was zero signage, assumed they'd stopped. Such a crap tiny store, they've properly given up. I remember the heady days of the larger store in its peak. I used to play Mario 64 on the demo pod back in the day 😁

FIFA 19 PS4 Xbox one £14.99 @ Hull HMV
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th MayLocalLocal
Fifa 19, both ps4 and xbox one. 14.99. Unsure if nationwide. Probably not, probably only this cheap cause Allam said he liked the game so Hull fans boycotted it.
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If you've waited this long, you could wait another few months and pick this up for a couple of quid once FIFA 20 comes out.


They still have Xbox but not ps4 in Cardiff HMV. Thanks for letting us know anyways :)


£30 and out of stock in my nearest HMV


Haha! I genuinely considered writing that I wasn't employed by them when I posted a few deals they had on. I definitely probably came across as at least a HMV fanboy, lol. I only really posted then cos this site's helped me find games for cheap before (not to mention free mcdonalds a few years back when someone posted a hack about sharing free meals with friends on the app) I wasn't bothered about the "heat" etc just thought it may help someone


Just wait until you're accused of being a HMV employee, that usually follows a deal with no proof too!

1TBXbox One S + Forza Horizon 4 / FIFA 19 / Black Ops 4 / Crackdown 3 & Apex Legends Pack £249 @ AO  [1m Game pass / 14 day Gold trial]
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Another Xbox One S 1TB bundle to add into the mix. Pretty good with BO4 and FIFA 19 in there, as they are around the £24.99 mark each still. Also you get the Apex Legends Founders … Read more

Packages like this render that new All In One Digital Edition absolutely pointless / overpriced.

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