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Madcatz Arcade FightStick TE2 (Xbox One) £46.74 at stockmustgo eBay
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Posted 1st Apr 2020Posted 1st Apr 2020
Madcatz Arcade FightStick TE2 (Xbox One) £46.74 at stockmustgo eBay£46.74£5413% off Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
I bought this arcade stick for more than this unboxed. It's a good stick for a good price.

Funny you read my mind i was then wandering exactly which cheap zero delay board is best for compatibility actually.


Yes that's the principal. You obviously have to open up the case and rewire the buttons/stick to the breakout board. It typically requires no technical skill and just rerouting connections. Check YouTube out there's loads of out there on what to do... Oh, I should add I can't confirm 100% the zero delay one I previously linked will work with all devices. You'd have to research that yourself. The Brook ones are gauranteed to work though if you don't mind paying for that assurance. Happy stick hacking!


So this particular board will give it compatibility with other machines like ?


The issue is not the latency or anything like that. Although Pro stick wigglers might shoot me down on that one. It's about compatibility. Some arcade stick vendors use a chip inside that only works with say PS but not XBOX, or the other way round. Think of it like a driver issue. So you buy this Xbox variant and it wouldn't work on PS or PC. Which sucks right?! So you can use a break out board (as mentioned Brook are the best) to make the arcade stick universal on all platforms (XBOX, PS, PC and Android {pi}) There's loads of good YouTube content covering this stuff if you want to dig deeper. Hope that helps a bit (y)


May i ask apart from the zero delay aspect what other feature does this offer compared to the board that is already in this ?

Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Alpha £19.99 PS4 PS3 PC @ Go2games
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Posted 5th Jan 2019Posted 5th Jan 2019
Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Alpha £19.99 PS4 PS3 PC @ Go2games£19.99£24.9920% offGo2Games Deals
Nice budget Mini Stick for fighting/retro games under £20 Key features: Ultra-Compact Design Arcade Fight Stick Alpha maintains the tournament-quality look and feel, while re… Read more

I couldn't say no to this... now, just got to wait for the 21 GB update for SFV to download!!


Cold, not genuine original Competition Pro.


Wasn't uncommon, a lot of these units shipped with faulty boards.


Just keep in mind that Go2Games are an absolutely awful company and I've had terrible experience with them in the past. They sent me the wrong product once and never responded to any of my emails I sent them and literally did nothing when I called them. So just keep that in mind incase you need to return it for any reason!


Got mine yesterday. Worked straight out of the box for my pc. Booted up fight cade no problems. Money well spent

Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Alpha (PS3/PS4) £19.99 Delivered @ Go2Games
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick Alpha (PS3/PS4) £19.99 Delivered @ Go2Games£19.99Go2Games Deals
The transition from standard gamepad to gratifying arcade stick can sometimes prove intimidating. But fear no more. Mad Catz cushioned the blow by creating the ideal introduction t… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Don’t waist your money, if you are buying a cheap/budget stick then it should be for the frame/box. You can mod everything else if funds are that tight, new buttons/new stick and gate etc. But in all honesty you’ll want to pay a premium for a stick if you are really a fg fan. Something that has been specifically made so anyone can swap out parts is what you want, stock parts in such products are usually decent but they will degrade with heavy use. Then you can really experiment, a bat stick and concave buttons or those new soft touch silent buttons or even the light up buttons. Don’t buy this stick unless it’s for a toddler.


Anybody got 1 of these and can confirm how long the cable is?


its madcatz.... go for it. thier sticks are great and this is an entry level stick, i would always recommend trying to go for a cheaper stick first of all to even see if you like it. nothing would be worse than paying £100+ for something you dont even like. sticks also dont make you better at the game so it really does take time. some things will be easier though (i could never do a technique called FADC in street fighter 4 until i got a stick) sames goes for anyone else reading this comment, this is a great entry level stick and if you decide you want a bigger one then sell this one and get it


Buy a brook converter. They come in different types for which console you are converting from and to. They're easy to set up and are tournament legal. As for the Alpha stick, it's alright if you just wanna see what using a fightstick is like. The quality of the stick and buttons aren't great, and it can't be properly modded. If you want to take things further then you'd need a better fightstick. If you want an entry level option there's the Venom. It's about £70, the in-situ stick and buttons are okay, but it's great and straightforward for modding. Beyond that you'd be looking at more expensive options by, for example, Hori (not the mini one), Qanba, and Razer.


Vewlix style design???? What a load of rubbish as it’s nothing like a Vewlix control panel.

Mad Catz SFV FightStick Alpha PS4/PS3 £21.50 at Amazon - sold / dispatched by Go2Games
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Posted 19th Nov 2018Posted 19th Nov 2018
Mad Catz SFV FightStick Alpha PS4/PS3 £21.50 at Amazon - sold / dispatched by Go2Games£21.50Amazon Deals
Nice little starter fight stick for fighting games like Street Fighter V etc. Doesn't come with sanwa denshi parts but I have seen people upgrade it later. Still a well built stick… Read more

I got one about 6 months ago and works on my Pi with retropie


It works with Windows 10 so should work with Retropie BUT I haven't tried it myself. Would love to know if it's possible.


Anyone know if this is compatible with retropie?


That's good but hopefully they lower down the prices of the standard fightsticks like Mad catz te2, and razer panthera :(


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Street Fighter V + Mad Catz SFV Arcade FightStick Alpha - £29.99 - Go2Games
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Posted 27th Mar 2018Posted 27th Mar 2018
Street Fighter V + Mad Catz SFV Arcade FightStick Alpha - £29.99 - Go2Games£29.99Go2Games Deals
Cheapest price this has been, I think. You're paying about £5 for SFV based on their Amazon price. The legendary fighting franchise returns with Street Fighter V! Powered b… Read more

That wont work as the Arcade Edition content being the Season 1 and 2 characters come as a dlc code which will be used on a Cex copy of the game. So technically they will be receiving the original SFV back on the trade (lol)


Arcade edition is a free update.


What is the fight stick like?


I have a joystick already and not used for at least a year lol. I hardly get time to play games these days. Street fighter, cod and gran turismo are the games i love but just trying to make time is difficult. I think it' this one I have$ja=tsid:11674|prd:3438165&utm_term=2680003&referredURL=


Cex are offering £10 cash for the game so you could get the stick for £20. Or trade SF in for £14 credit then get the arcade edition using the credit

Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ Wired PS4/PS3 - £87.25 @ g2gltd / eBay
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Posted 24th Mar 2018Posted 24th Mar 2018
Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ Wired PS4/PS3 - £87.25 @ g2gltd / eBay£87.25eBay Deals
Decent price for a decent fight stick.

Hold down the ps button for 2 sec to connect it.


I'm not really a pro at this stuff but all the connections inside look secure to me. These are the steps I took. I connected the USB cable to the controller (and screwed the thing in tight) and inserted the USB cable into the front of my PS4 Pro. I then turned on my PS4 using the Dualshock, (my account logs in automatically) and pressed the PS button on the TE2+, nothing happens. I toggle the switch to PS3, back to PS4 and still nothing. So I power the console off, check the wire again and then start the PS4 using the actual power button on the console and still nothing. Think I'll just return it and order it again at this price


It should when the PS4 is powered on and you’ve logged in. Check the connection on the back of the joystick and make sure all wires are secure inside the joystick obviously unplugged from the power. you have to turn on ps4 with a normal joypad first there are a lot of reviews on amazon saying theirs don’t work but has been fine so far.


Thanks for the reply. I have yes, the toggle switch is set to PS4. Do you know if the unit lights up or anything when it's connected via USB?


have u actually put it on ps4 mode?