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Street Fighter V + Mad Catz SFV Arcade FightStick Alpha - £29.99 - Go2Games
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
Cheapest price this has been, I think. You're paying about £5 for SFV based on their Amazon price. The legendary fighting franchise returns with Street Fighter V! Powered b… Read more
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That wont work as the Arcade Edition content being the Season 1 and 2 characters come as a dlc code which will be used on a Cex copy of the game. So technically they will be receiving the original SFV back on the trade (lol)


Arcade edition is a free update.


What is the fight stick like?


I have a joystick already and not used for at least a year lol. I hardly get time to play games these days. Street fighter, cod and gran turismo are the games i love but just trying to make time is difficult. I think it' this one I have$ja=tsid:11674|prd:3438165&utm_term=2680003&referredURL=


Cex are offering £10 cash for the game so you could get the stick for £20. Or trade SF in for £14 credit then get the arcade edition using the credit

Mad Catz Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ Wired PS4/PS3 - £87.25 @ g2gltd / eBay
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
Decent price for a decent fight stick.

Hold down the ps button for 2 sec to connect it.


I'm not really a pro at this stuff but all the connections inside look secure to me. These are the steps I took. I connected the USB cable to the controller (and screwed the thing in tight) and inserted the USB cable into the front of my PS4 Pro. I then turned on my PS4 using the Dualshock, (my account logs in automatically) and pressed the PS button on the TE2+, nothing happens. I toggle the switch to PS3, back to PS4 and still nothing. So I power the console off, check the wire again and then start the PS4 using the actual power button on the console and still nothing. Think I'll just return it and order it again at this price


It should when the PS4 is powered on and you’ve logged in. Check the connection on the back of the joystick and make sure all wires are secure inside the joystick obviously unplugged from the power. you have to turn on ps4 with a normal joypad first there are a lot of reviews on amazon saying theirs don’t work but has been fine so far.


Thanks for the reply. I have yes, the toggle switch is set to PS4. Do you know if the unit lights up or anything when it's connected via USB?


have u actually put it on ps4 mode?

Mad Catz Arcade Street Fighter V FightStick TE2+ £89.99 at  Go2Games-Outlet EBAY
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Good deal for a fighting sticking using this at the moment for mortal kombat and have been using it for tekken 7

TES + and TE2 + are pretty much the exact same apart from the body as it just really depends what style you like, they're both extremely easy to mod it's just the TE2+ you don't have to unscrew the top but still great price for this anyway, I just paid £110 for a non-SFV version which I'm happy with because I don't like the red, white and black style.


All gone.


am using the sfxT VS stick with a brook adapter for PS4, not sure if this is worth upgrading too?


Great deal. Might be the cheapest price for a TE2+. Great stick too! There is only one other which rivals it, and that is the Razer Panthera, which goes for £200. The next step down, is the TES+, which uses the same quality Sanwa parts, but the shell is not as easily moddable as this one.


Very good stick and great price..its worth it

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Mad Catz Arcade Fightstick TE2+ PS4 £109.99 Sold by PROGAMES and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Been looking at the TE2+'s for a while and this is the cheapest I've seen it especially for a non-SV5 artwork version

TE2+ for £110 is a bargain


Because I don't think most people voting quite understand what it is


Why is this cold?


Best price I've seen. Was really really waiting for the SFV artwork edition to drop to this price, but tempted to buy this version and look into getting replacement artwork.

Mad Catz Arcade Street Fighter V FightStick TE2+ £119.99 @ Go2Games
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
£10 cheaper than last week if your looking for a fighting stick this one will be the best to mod and looks amazeballs
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Tis true , between this and the Hori RAP it's horse for courses.


Brilliant fightstick I bought it at launch it’s amazing quality and arcade feel and honestly you defo get what you pay for and this is defo worth the money it oozes quality (cheeky)


No they'e not better...the te2 has sanwa buttons and stick.....I was tempted by the venom at the price and I think it might be multiplatform as can change parts on the venom but not as easily


Only in name. It's not the same people. The new people aren't doing arcade sticks as of yet, so whether they'd actually help you with any problems is another question entirely.


Arent these better? I have one myself and i havent tried madcatz one but i cudnt find anything to complain with the venom one and its cheaper

[PS4] Street Fighter V + Mad Catz SFV Arcade FightStick Alpha - £33.99 - Go2Games
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Slight price drop on this. You can also pick the arcade stick up on its own for £24.99 [ here ] (credit @catbeans ) The legendary fighting franchise returns with… Read more
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'Got a lot of stick.' See what he did there ;)


The fightstick got a lot of stick from ign on the review I watched... Probably okay for 25 though


Go2Games are going hard on these Fightstick offers just lately!

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Mad Catz SFA V Alpa  fightstick £24.99, with Steet Fighter 5 game £34.99, MC TES+ + game £99.99 @ go2games
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Mad Catz SFA V Alpa fightstick £24.99 with Steet Fighter 5 game £34.99… Read more

I second the thanks for posting - This will be a great arcade stick for the raspberry pi.


Bought thanks op, for the amount I’m going to use this the price is ideal.


If you're a PS4 user who wants a decent arcade stick, just buy the Hori PS4 Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai from Amazon for £88.66


Copy pasting from my other post on one of these for sale Got a pair of them last year for about thirty quid each. Use them at gaming events and they have taken a thrashing, (One got dropped down some concrete stairs and its still fine) They are great if a little small not great for those that play with it on there lap 6 main buttons and two that are a bit out of the way (can be a problem for shortcuts) Not cracked one open yet but from what ive read the parts are swappabile Works on PC as well They are a problem on PS4 if you want to use two, one will have to be used in PS3 mode


Had this stick felt like a toy no weight to it and the button can be very noisy and it’s very small doing a fireball can move it off your knee. Honestly save up and get a proper fightstick (flirt)

[PS4/PS3] Mad Catz SFV FightStick Alpha - £37.99 - MCDNGoods Fulfilled By Amazon
Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
Probably not the best of the best, and possibly quite far away from that, but with 4/5 stars and at only £37.99, I thought this was worth a share as an entry level stick. The … Read more
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Currently showing at £27.95 and prime eligible for £29.99.


It is what it is at that price, you can spend £90 on mad Catz TES (if you can find one in stock, there was a deal posted recently actually) but this is good if you want a stick but aren't looking to break the bank or be a try hard. Edit; nope deal is gone. Amazon have them for £99


Yeah they were £30 last year!


Got a pair of them last year for about thirty quid each. Use them at gaming events and they have taken a thrashing, (One got dropped down some concrete stairs and its still fine) They are great if a little small not great for those that play with it on there lap 6 main buttons and two that are a bit out of the way (can be a problem for shortcuts Not cracked one open yet but from what ive read the parts are swappabile Works on PC as well They are a problem on PS4 if you want to use two, one will have to be used in PS3 mode


Great for Mame

Mad Catz Arcade Street Fighter V FightStick TE2+ (PS4) £129.99 @ go2games
Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
Been looking for one of these everywhere cheapest I can find one of these bad boys looking forward to playing tekken,mortal combat and street fighter 5 on this
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Im glad I waited for this ordered the other stick but cancelled it as I was hoping I could get my hands on this one instead as this is much easier to mod than the other stick is to. I'm hoping it will show up 2morr as I'm off for 2 days looking forward to playing mortal kombat also want tekken 7 when it finally drops in price


Brilliant stick love mine and keeps its price usually incase you ever want to sell it. Real arcade quality but you have to be sure at that price I bought it for nearly £200 at the time but I don’t regret it one bit. So go for it if you want it (cheeky)


Great price for a TE2+. I literally just last week ordered the SFV TE S+ from Go2Games for £79.99, arrived today, can't wait to get on it. They did go bust late 2016 I believe? Or at some point in 2017. The brand was bought out though and refocused to make gaming keyboards and mice for the time being. I am not sure if they are now responsible for the warranty though, I may drop them an e-mail to find out. These sticks are tournament quality though and have Sanwa parts, as well as being easily moddable.


Think the whole point is you can easy mod these so I don' think it will be much problem to fix if they do go wrong. I plan to mod mine once it comes think madcatz are back somehow also


Didn't the manufacturer go broke last year? If so, I wonder how warranty repairs are handled?

Razer Attrox Fightstick - £89.99 @ Amazon
Found 26th Aug 2017Found 26th Aug 2017
Fightstick made by Razer
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I must have missed it :( showing at £155.29 for me.


I know it was on sale at OCUK if I'm right, but this is a steal on this price.... i... I need to push the button. (embarrassed)


Did the trigger buttons not working on PC ever get fixed




can i fry burgers on this grill?

Official Sony PlayStation Licensed 8-Button Arcade Stick (PS4 / PS3) £29.99 Delivered @ GAME (Amazon Matched - Back Order)
Found 20th Aug 2017Found 20th Aug 2017
Good price, IMO. Normally around £55-£60. I guess GAME is clearing, and Amazon is matching as always. But Amazon is currently on back-order for 25th of August. Officially lice… Read more

Dang. Could have done with one of these.


I did but this deal finished very quickly like all previous times arcade sticks go on deal.


You need to set up keyword alerts with hotukdeals and also product alerts with the Camels etc.




Why do I always miss these?

Venom Ps4 fightstick is back at £29.99 - Amazon
Found 18th Aug 2017Found 18th Aug 2017
Picked one up for injustice 2 and for tekken 7
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Thanks.. I like the sound of that but I totted up my games, and time available, and figured, maybe now is not the time.. I'll get one in the future. Cancelled my order so someone else can grab it..


Yes, you can use them with any game on OpenEmu (since you can map the joystick controls in the options menu). I've used my Street Fighter 4 TE fightstick for games like Metal Slug, although to be honest I prefer using my PS4 controller (connected via the USB cable).


It's on again, currently £29.99.


The stick should work with any game other than those which require the use of the touchpad or analogue sticks as it doesn't have any, so any old arcade-style stuff is fine.


Mad Catz Street Fighter V FightStick Alpha (PS4/PS3) £29.83 Delivered @
Found 21st May 2017Found 21st May 2017
Edit: Back in stock to order but expected to be despatched by 31 of May. I guess this is the cheapest it has ever been. Currently £48.55 on Amazon UK and cannot see it anywhere ch… Read more

Be aware that Mad Catz filed for bankruptcy & closed down at the start of April.


oh well, didn't get a great review here


I think I might of got the last one lol Will be my secondary stick for the PC


Just gone out of stock as i tried to buy it.


Love playing retro games using arcade sticks and this one looks a bargain.

Razer Atrox Arcade Stick - PC / XBox - £89.99 / £99.89 delivered @ Overclockers
Found 8th Feb 2017Found 8th Feb 2017
Used one of these last week and was amazed at the build quality compared to the MadCatz stuff I usually buy - so was casually looking for a deal on one of these. Then this landed i… Read more
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Similar to my xbox 360 atrox but they really need to dump their stupid cable connectors and go with a standard usb cable.


oos. im not surprised all gone


​microsoft support for xbox one controllers is sux in global. i have the same problem with the madcatz te2. this controller for this price is massive HEAT


it can with some work according to this


Will this work with Raspberry Pi 3?

[PS4/PS3] Mad Catz SFV FightStick Alpha - £34.99 - Amazon/MadCatz
Found 5th Feb 2017Found 5th Feb 2017
Item is fulfilled by Amazon :) The transition from standard gamepad to gratifying arcade stick can sometimes prove intimidating. But fear no more. Mad Catz cushioned the blow by … Read more
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I started with a 40 quid Hori back when I had the 360. Only reason I got the rap3 was because it was on offer with gamestation online. I paid about 60 quid.


On another note. I have gone back to playing street fighter 3 third strike. It really is the best SF game. For anyone interested, please Google fightcade.


Always thought it was shorter than a month.


Oh, I wasn't bothered about that, just interested in whether the four-week policy had changed. Thanks.


Nah. It is 4 weeks. It's irrelevant anyway. The post is expired, as it was shortly after it's posting, and it was sold by Amazon. This is in stock and sold by Mad Catz.

Venom arcade stick £29.99 @ Game in store only.
Found 18th Jan 2017Found 18th Jan 2017
Found this by chance, take note that it says 69.99 online but once you put in postcode. Find stock it will say in store price at £29.99. Some more stock in staines upon Thames.

ah ok cool


You don't need a plate if your buying the LF-TP-8YT. All you need are the parts I have listed. Of course you can change the buttons for clear ones if that's the look you are going for.


jhlf plate?


wicked thanks

KCooperman You will also need this to connect the joystick

Mad Catz FightStick Alpha PS4 and PS3 £34.99 @ Amazon
Found 11th Jan 2017Found 11th Jan 2017
Fallen even further since the last time I posted this, now down to half price, but only one left!
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I got one last night too. They are being sold by Mad Catz on Amazon and no p+p. Can't wait to get it and add it to my fightstick collection. Thanks for the heads up OP.


Good spot. These are back on sale, if a mod wouldn't mind unexpiring.


Back in stock. Grabbed two :)


​yeh the analogue is hard doing down/down right/right motion then the dpad is easier but im too used to analogue I move to it!! used joysticks back in the day so hopefully ive not changed too much oO


If the game uses L3 and R3, (the analog sticks) you can't use this.

Mad Catz SFV FightStick Alpha PS4/PS3 £45.09 @ Amazon
Found 24th Dec 2016Found 24th Dec 2016
Noticed the cheaper stick has gone on offer too - about a third off the normal price.
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Got this a couple of weeks ago for the same price. I'm no pro be any means, but it feels very responsive and i'm no longer dropping inputs like I do on a pad. I think the best part, is it has standard components, so you can replace the buttons, stick and gate. I did look into building my own stick, but the PCB was $45 dollars which is about the price of this stick if you include delivery on the PCB. So you can always use this to build your own stick, if you find it a bit small and or light.


thing is so tiny, pretty sure for kids.


not as good of a stick. changed the guts for sanwa. stick to the arcade or tournament sticks


I meant stick on the right lol. I think i got used to using an amiga joystick as a kid holding the base in my left hand.


Worth getting a few as investments. I got a madcatz wii u fight stick for £50, never used it and got £160 on eBay about a year later

PS4 SFV Arcade Fightstick TE S+ EU £79.99 @ Amazon
Found 18th Dec 2016Found 18th Dec 2016
Round One. FIGHT. Product Description The official Street Fighter V TES+ delivers the excitement of an authentic arcade experience. Premium components and new control options … Read more
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Looks like it's already gone as showing back at £159.99


Ordered too. Still got the alpha boxed brand new and wasn't sure on it. Glad I've gone for this as should recoup a bit of the cost selling the alpha.


Thanks man - just ordered


Back down at 79 again :)


Delivered yesterday, happy camper!! Still don't understand how CamelCamelCamel isn't showing the historical rate if you search on the site today?! Thought the site was infallible!

Mad Catz SFV FightStick Alpha PS4/PS3 £45.09 @ Amazon
Found 9th Dec 2016Found 9th Dec 2016
According to Camelcamelcamel this is the cheapest it's ever been!

These are not worth the money. You are better off spending double. Then you can swap out and custom the buttons with sanwa and a new hex gate. Something like this Justify your purchase here PSN Limited_E-dition


There are two board in it. One for the components and another for the home button etc, then they're daisy chained together. It could be done but it'd be a bit of faffing. You need to solder home buttons and share etc to the pins on that board. Not really worth the trouble.


Ha, I bought one for £23.99. Now go get in your time machine.


I've got a custom made stick with sanwa parts and a cthulhu PCB board. The PCB is not compatible with PS4, and the latest and greatest PCB is about £90! Anyone knowledgeable able to chip in on whether the PCB in this Mad Catz is any good and harvestable to put in my own stick?


The buttons on the mini hori aren't a standard size. You can't swap them out. You canod the madcatz stick, it's tight but doable.

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