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Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
Absolute BARGAIN! Great for any Final Fantasy fan, an avid video game collector or someone you know as part of a Christmas present or Secret Santa :D About Final Fantasy Opus 2 … Read more
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Don't worry, there is Opus 3 for £1.50. Still a bargain regardless :D


Ordered 10.thanks.


Been this price for at least 6 weeks, Opus 3 too. May be same price on Chaoscards too if i remember right. Bought loads recently. voted hot. Edit: my bad, was 1.50 before.


Out of stock 😔


Wow. Think someone just scalped a bunch :(

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Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (PS Vita) £14.99 / World of Final Fantasy (PS Vita) £14.99 Delivered @ Square Enix
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Cheapest I see around for both. TWO ACCLAIMED RPGS NOW IN STUNNING HIGH DEFINITION Join us in celebrating one of the most popular FINAL FANTASY stories of all time! FINAL FANTAS… Read more

I'd have to go with 12, it has great characters and took the series in a radical new direction. The gambit system can be a bit difficult at first but once you get used to it it's brilliant


9! Certainly the best one! And the most fantasy one as well!


What's the best final fantasy between 12,9 and 10?


Vita games already becoming rare... And it's not even 2019 yet.


X-X2 now showing as Waiting List unfortunately

Final fantasy xiii Lightning Returns Xbox 360 and Xbox One £9.99 Free delivery @ Square Enix
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Now backwards comparable good price for it new. On PS3 also same price Cex selling for £18 used
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Part 2 was the best in terms of gameplay but I would suggest playing them in order if you plan on getting them.


Can any one tell me which is the best in order of the trilogy as I heard 1 of the 3 is poor and I’m not sure which thanks. Heat added


Also this price on the Xbox store, other final fantasy 13 titles also pretty heavily discounted.


hot :)

Final fantasy 14 online complete edition PC download £14.99 SQUARE ENIX
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
This is 50% discount in official Square Enix store. This is not steam code. Just put code in your Mog Station.

Really good price to be honest, just remember it's a subscription based game! (Still worth every penny :D )


Go to mog Station, have look subscription and change payemt via crysta. Easy top up crysta with PayPal. I don't like bank detail in mog Station


I've never seen this before, how does the discount work, is it a one time thing?


I just bought latest expansion STORMBLOOD for £12.99 and result like complete edetion. Because last expansion has include 2nd expansion and I have own starter . On steam STORMBLOOD upgrade for £14.99


I already had basic game (no steam) own since 2013 and my mog Station showing that I have 2 sub account per one account. Because I had ps3 (free upgrade to Ps4) and pc no steam. My friend said was very huge deal in steam (of course russian region) (shock). While I am looking cheapest all expansion :S last week I found £32 Anyway, that good deal for all expansions for non steam.

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Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition £16.25 (Nintendo Switch eShop, Digital), Lost Sphere £15.99 (Nintendo Switch eShop, Digital)
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
Explore the world of FINAL FANTASY XV with a cast of cute and cool characters! Now you can enjoy the FINAL FANTASY XV story across 10 exciting chapters. The Tale of the Chosen Ki… Read more
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Bought it on the JP shop.


FF15 is currently £13.38 in Japanese eshop or £14.75 in Norway one - save yourselves a few quid


I heard the Xbox version is so buggy so maybe check before purchase.

Yoshitaka Amano: The Illustrated Biography £27.49 (With £5 Off Code!) @ WHSmith
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
Thought this may appeal to Final Fantasy fans (Like myself!). You can get Dark Horse's new Hardback Illustrated Biography at WHSmith for £27.49 - You have to use the FESTIVE code… Read more

Just Edited this after the Black Friday Deal which expired. But they have a new deal which is £5 off any item £30... which works for this item still!


I saw that too, I was debating the Special Edition with the extra content but I don't think it's worth £50+ on top of this: I was looking for the Final Fantasy Ultimania Books too but I can't seem to find them anymore - Which is odd as they were listed before! Very eager to get the 2nd Volume as it covers my favourite FF titles (VII, VIII & IX):


£50 on amazon so great deal, head added from another FF Fan!

FINAL FANTASY TACTICS : WotL £3.39 @ Google Play Store
Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
!!!Get our Google Play Cyber Week: UP TO 70% Off!! (Sales Period: GMT Nov 20th 0:00~27th 23:59, PST Nov 19th 16:00 ~ 27th 15:59)!!! We have found out that some players have been … Read more
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We wouldn't know in advance.


Any of the other Final Fantasy titles going on sale soon?


I got my son into pokemon tactics using a ds emulator on android qs he loved pokemon and wanted to get him into strategy games. He might like this so seems a good little xmas gift!


Shame it's not Nvidia shield TV compatible


snap, been saving them survey pennies for a good deal like this! =)

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions for IOS - £3.99
LocalLocalFound 19th NovFound 19th Nov
At this price surely it would be rude not to!
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Any of the other Final Fantasy titles going on sale soon?


If only they'd made Advanced Wars 👌


Aye, bought it last night bud. Appreciate the heads up :)


Now £3.49 on Google play too!!


One of the best games of all time imho

Final Fantasy XV: Day One Edition (PS4) £7.95 Delivered @ The Game Collection
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Final Fantasy XV - Day One Edition includes the following additional digital content: Weapon: Masamune (FFXV) - The legendary sword Masamune is back, specially redesigned for FINA… Read more
Avatardeleted646063Get dealGet deal

Would you say it's open world?


Nothing like GTA, it's a Japanese role playing game.


Can anyone comment on what this game is like and would it be comparable with gta type of games?


Hello @Bob_Green

Final Fantasy 13-2 £7.49 and lightning returns £9.99 @ xbox uk
Found 15th NovFound 15th Nov
All three xb1 back compat games on sale. Final fanatsy 13 £5.99 final fanaysy 13-2 £7.49 and lightning returns £9.99
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Cheers for the reply, well it says early access for Gold members so hopefully these prices are available for everyone soon I'll just hang on in there :)


Yes unfortunately mate. That’s the little gold square over the price.


Hi guys FFXIII 2 shows as 14.99 for me and Lightning Returns as 19.99 do you need to have Gold to get these deals? Thanks.


Almost as bad as posting a deal for beats headphones. (lol)


Normaly Tuesday to Tuesday. But this is part of the black friday deal. So should be 2 weeks. So Tuesday 27th.

Final Fantasy XIII £5.99 Store
Refreshed 15th NovRefreshed 15th Nov
The game only got a digital release this week and is now Backwards Compatible and X enhanced- including redone cut sequences. absolute no brainer for £6
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I agree, I've done so many side quests and extremely overpowered and I'm only on chapter 3 still...


I don’t, it was so likely to be on sale for black friday people should have some patience ;)


i feel sorry for anyone who got this within literally the last 24 hours of it being added


Oh you are not crazy- FFXV could have used a bit less open world tbh


Yeah it went BC this week, they updated the graphics and it looks so much better now :D

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (PS4) £8.99 Delivered @ Go2Games
Found 14th NovFound 14th Nov
FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE improves upon the 2006 classic FINAL FANTASY XII, now more beautiful and easier to play than ever. The high-definition remaster introduces several … Read more
Avatardeleted646063Get dealGet deal

Agreed, I’m so happy ‘Diablo Immortal’ is going only on mobile!


My issue is dead legs when standing up after a sesh (both twosies and gaming at the same time). It's a walk that would happily feature prominently in the "Ministry of Silly Walks" for sure.


I've Thoroughly Enjoyed Diablo 3 On The Loo Is a video game enhanced by the ability to enjoy it while taking a dump? In most cases, yes. And so it is for Diablo 3. "At what point does the ability to take an experience with you fundamentally change, or improve, that experience? It's a question well worth asking with many games either prioritising Nintendo or finding a second lease of life on the console, including Dark Souls; Lumines, which had a satisfactory mobile port; the classic Final Fantasy games, which are coming to the Switch next year; and Diablo 3, which launched on Nintendo late last week."


Yeah I'm going for the Switch so I can play while taking a dump and have a good relax. Never got enough time to sit at the PS4!


Would definitely have picked it up for this price but now holding out until next year with so many FF games coming to Xbox <3

Final Fantasy 13 series now backwards compatible on Xbox One - £4 delivered @ CeX
Found 10th NovFound 10th Nov
For anyone interested in these now they're playable on Xbox One, they are in stock at Cex online and far cheaper than anywhere else, even with £1.50 postage per item. For reference… Read more
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Lol that's exactly what I said. Increased resolution as expected. Nothing much else. "Improved performance" wow. A more stable 30fps. Still not 60fps meh. Digital Foundry is only impressed because this is through B/C mode that's why. But as a port? They would have called it poor. Since with remasters you need to do more than that to make it worth the rebuy.


Really !. "Final Fantasy 13 on Xbox One X is a back-compat masterpiece". (Digital Foundry) Enhanced performance, 9x resolution boost - and vastly improved video cutscenes. Microsoft going the extra mile to bring an enhanced experience to users, to the point where the line blurs significantly between backwards compatibility and a bespoke remastering effort.


Good thing I kept my copies of the game, specially as it appears that not only are the games One X enhanced, MS have put in the extra work of replacing the over compressed cut scenes with the higher quality versions that were part of the PS3 version.


As soon as I heard all three were being backwards compatible I ordered all three. XIII, XIII-2 & Lightning Returns. Including postage came to £12.50... just checked if I ordered the 3 now with postage it would be: £44.50... glad it ordered when I did!


Missed this!! Damn shame

FINAL FANTASY IX Digital Edition. SAVE 40% @ PSN
Found 6th NovFound 6th Nov
Save an extra 20% with PS+ = £10.19 or £13.59 The FINAL FANTASY IX Digital Edition includes the original custom theme designed by Toshiyuki Itahana and eight key characters avatar… Read more
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Pah! self control! (lol) that's always been a strong point of mine...... I kinda think that's one of the reasons we play games though isn't it? To try to break them a little? Me and my friends were having this conversation the other day actually, in terms of the psychological aspect of playing an RPG and grinding to be "overpowered" and why we feel the pull to do so..... It's probably got something to do with being unloved as children (lol) (y)


With regards to Kingdom Hearts, it partly depends how much time you have as the peripheral games aren't as well made in my opinion... KH 1 and 2 are great games but the plot for the whole series is an absolute convoluted mess due to them having to tie into both Disney and Square Enix properties. To answer your FF question, I have played every game in the series but like you (by the sounds of it!) have struggled with the more recent entries. I'll emit the online games as they are very much a different thing altogether FF10 was great - cool music, good plot (apart from the whole "I'm a dream thing"), terrible voice acting though (that laugh! 😬) FF12 is very much a marmite final fantasy. I really liked it and the world / characters are really well realised but lots of people were put off by the almost MMO nature of the battle system and the micromanagement within the gambit system wasn't a big hit with everyone FF13 is my least beloved of the recent entries. The characters just did not resonate with me and I struggled with the whole "run down a corridor for 15 hours before being able to free roam" thing FF15 to my surprise, I actually really enjoyed (lol) I thought the four main characters were interesting and I like the fact that they did a little anime series to introduce each back story. The CGI movie they did for FF15 was a bit naff but it did a good job of introducing the world and the game just kind of assumes that you've watched it for some reason! All of the game systems are slick, the exploration is fun and battling is pretty good but the main issue the game had is its convoluted development which led to the plot being a bit of a mess.... Things sometimes aren't fully explained to the player and some of the "big story events" just fall abit flat... It feels like the developers had to abandon some bits part way through due to square enix essentially pressurising them into keeping the (already slipped by literal years!) release window. Man I should work for IGN 😄


The best final fantasy.


I can't decide which was my personal favorite between 7 and 8, they are definitely my favorite ones. 7 was the first one I played so I'll always have fond memories of it, but 8 just seemed so much cooler when I was a kid. I really enjoyed the junctioning system too, but it was so easy to become overpowered (100 death spells junctioned to status attack) Also abusing the limit break trick, pressing triangle repeatedly until you got one. I really enjoyed 9 as well though, I think that had some of the best mini games. I loved "Chocobo hot or cold" and the card game from 8 made a return (it's been awhile though, I can't actually remember if they improved it or made it worse, lol) I'd definitely recommend giving it a go if you never played it. While it may not overtake 8 as your new favorite, I'm sure you'll still really enjoy it.


But they'd both require a bit of self-control to not use... Actually, I don't know what the mods/cheats are on the re-releases... Makes sense to have though given it won't be the majorities first time through the games.

PS4 Final Fantasy 15 : Day One Edition - £11.95 @ The Game Collection
Found 31st OctFound 31st Oct
Day One Edition includes the following additional digital content: Weapon: Masamune (FFXV) - The legendary sword Masamune is back, specially redesigned for FINAL FANTASY XV… Read more

Great game. Not a great price, try and get the royal edition which comes with all the DLC and online. There are some issues with the game and the DLC really helps in this regard, which is why.

Dungeons II (PS4) - £3.99+£0.99 delivery @ Zavvi (Dissidia Final Fantasy NT £8.98, South Park: The Fractured But Whole £12.98)
Refreshed 31st OctRefreshed 31st Oct
£3.99+£0.99 delivery - £2 cheaper than when posted last month. :) This is part of Zavvi's games clearance event. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT £7.99+delivery:… Read more
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Cheers OP I also went for Dissidia.


I went for Dissidia. The original Dissidia on the PSP (I think?) was pretty decent, so I think it’s a safe bet for £8 to satisfy my action fighter urges


This was £3.99 a few weeks back when i bought it :)


How was FF Dissida? Didn’t mind the demo but the game got slated from what I saw. Worth a punt at £8? Thanks OP!


Is it really that bad? I enjoyed and actually completed dungeons III (rare for me to complete a game).

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