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Finlux Bluetooth headphones with built in microphone £16.99 valuestoresuk ebay
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Posted 3rd Dec 2020Posted 3rd Dec 2020
Finlux Bluetooth headphones with built in microphone £16.99 valuestoresuk ebay£16.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Finlux Bluetooth headphones with built in microphone

Code doesn’t work for me...


These show as £11.99 after code YUKPL1HJGRYHN5QM for £5 off


Do the work with a TV ?


Can these be used with a Switch?


I have had a pair for a few years with my iPad and bought each of the grandchildren a pair for zoom schooling. They love them. Highly recommended at this price.

Finlux 65 inch Smart TV 65 FUD 8020 for £399.99 at Ebuyer
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Posted 23rd Nov 2020Posted 23rd Nov 2020
Finlux 65 inch Smart TV 65 FUD 8020 for £399.99 at Ebuyer£399.99 Free P&P FreeEbuyer Deals
Go gentle - this is my first deal posted. I have a Finlux 4K TV from a few years ago and it is pretty good. I would have bought this but it doesn’t appear to have FreeSat. Other than that i…

ive got 3 vestel tvs in house a 65 inch now 5 year old , a 65 inch uhd looks same spec as this one now 12 months old and a 55 inch uhd upstairs about 3 years old all going strong , cant fault the price good picture for buck , sound is a bit tinny , recommend a sound bar


I've had a Finlux for three years. No problems at all. Heat for this. Its a lot for the money.


Worth remembering both Finlux and Toshiba are Vestel sets , and ours ( we have 65 inch Finlux and 75 inch Toshiba ) are both still going strong with the Finlux about a year older. The Toshiba has slightly worse backlight issues and for the money the Finlux isn’t a bad set. Touch wood no problems with either set


Finlux were once top end machines, sadly not anymore, but this price is actually really yempting


My 49incher still going strong in the bedroom since 2017 linked from here .....wouldnt be shy about getting another one if this one screws up Freeview works flawless ui is fine and HD picture is really really good 4k you tube streamed was really good . Go for it if ye need one....Heat from me first dealer ..... (y)

Finlux T7675 1TB Freeview PVR HD Recorder Set Top Box with Wi-Fi £49.95 @ Amazon
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Posted 24th Nov 2019Posted 24th Nov 2019
Finlux T7675 1TB Freeview PVR HD Recorder Set Top Box with Wi-Fi £49.95 @ Amazon£49.95Amazon Deals
Bit old school in these days of catch up and streaming TV but I use it for watching TV with adverts. Bit like an old VHS tape machine but much better. You can use BBC IPlayer but would not b…
Avatar tommie1shunt
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I agree it does look better than it used to do but didn't realise it was hd. Still looks sd to me but maybe it's in 720p (confused)


My5 now outputs in HD, at least it looks significantly better than ITV and All4.


Had one of these for about 4 months cant fault it does series link for record and works a treat


These in my mind are actually better than on demand. Apart from BBC iplayer the other mainstream tv apps (itv, channel 4 and 5 apps) only output in sd quality so at least these record all the Freeview HD channels and you can watch everything in better quality. Time they all caught up to the BBC with HD streaming (devil)


You try telling that that to the youngsters and they won't believe you (horror)

Finlux 500GB Freeview HD T7655 PVR Set Top Box £34.95 @ Buyur
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Posted 20th Sep 2019Posted 20th Sep 2019
Finlux 500GB Freeview HD T7655 PVR Set Top Box £34.95 @ Buyur£34.95Buyur Deals
Finlux 500GB HD Freeview hard disc recorder/receiver. Cheap n' cheerful, made by Vestel, seems to get fair reviews on Amazon. Similar 1TB version was posted recently for £54.95 Freeview P…
Avatar spannerzone
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I use an old sky repeater which is plugged in next to my BT box, giving it an internet connection. We have 2 of the BT boxes, they have been great for us. One is probably 3 years old with the other about 2 years old.


An absolutely rock solid Humax/BT 500GB box (def two tuners) plus all the catchup players and remote record by Android etc £35 with 2yr warranty or total £36.50 delivered Optional catchup & remote record requires web connection; the FV tuners don't (unless you want the FV channels served by web).


Looking to get a new PVR / DVR for my mum she has no internet and i dont think she will ever go on the internet so was looking at the best DVR / PVR that would work for her


I thought it was Freeview HD?


you can run it with out internet for Freeview only the players are not great now TV is SD for starters

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Finlux T7675-1TB Freeview 1TB PVR set top box recorder £54.90 @ Hughes
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Posted 16th Sep 2019Posted 16th Sep 2019
Finlux T7675-1TB Freeview 1TB PVR set top box recorder £54.90 @ Hughes£54.90£147.5763% offHughes Deals
Freeview set top box with 1TB hard drive, a dual DVB-T2 tuned Freeview HD recorder with HD/SD MPEG2/4 technology and enhanced Media Player with codec support. Compatible using HDMI 1.4 wit…

I'm afraid the app has been removed from Play store. Had the pc version on my windows tablet but that has stopped working now. The only way I can use TVMan now is on my old android tablet. You could do a search for the APK files on Google.


Oh hey, how did you set up the Noovo TVMan? I can't seem to find the app on the Play Store?


Yes still got mine. Still recording on it. Think it's great for the price we paid.


This must be slightly different to my version of this. As I do have BBC 1 HD and others. But it's decent. If you don't like noise though it's not for you as the fan is small and quite loud on boot and sometimes when recording. iPlayer works ok but interface a tad slow. It's worth the money for 1tb version I feel.


OK we had virgin tv etc. Not available where we now live so we have now bb. We are watching the ads! So frustrating itv player! What do we buy please? Sony 55xe8396 Sometimes we will want to record two programs at once. Or watch while recording. Not tech savvy! TIA x

Finlux 49" Dolby Vision HDR TV with Alexa at Amazon for £299.99
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Posted 22nd Aug 2019Posted 22nd Aug 2019
Finlux 49" Dolby Vision HDR TV with Alexa at Amazon for £299.99£299.99Amazon Deals
Also available for £278.07 with just damaged packaging, TV seems to be perfect Immerse yourself in an incredible viewing experience with the top-of-the-range, Finlux 4K HDR TV packed with f…

Amazing what you can buy for so little dosh these days. Hot.


Got this one in the bedroom...don't be fooled ive had ours over two years no problems and brilliant picture of freeview via an inside ariel ...all apps work seemlesly through wifi you tube iplayer etc ....i payed £249 i think and that was via here ...never regretted it ...did 4k via you tube and it was stunning ....HD programmes are brill and gaming on it through PS4 is really good. Sounds carp but an LG soundbar cured that.


I doubt it’ll be much good but mightvsuit someone on a budget so voted hot.


Dolby vision for scene by scene accuracy.... on a TV that probably hits 250 nits, yeah I doubt it :D


Fixed, thanks!