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Moon and Stars Fire Pit  £99.93 @ Homebase  free delivery to store in 5 days  ( 2 Year Warranty )
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
Argos price £180.00 The Moon & Stars Firepit with its unique and stylish decorative cut outs create an incredible ambiance at night. I… Read more
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seems a lot of money for a big steel bucket that will be turned to rust once you have a fire in it.


I’m pretty sure it says on the box it can be used as a BBQ, I’ve been looking into getting a fire pit or chiminea and looked at this yesterday. Any idea why they’re saying it can’t be?


If you are referring to The Range Fire Pit, I agree it doesn't look as good, also a clear disclaimer: NOT RECOMMENDED AS A BBQ Plus there is no form of Warranty. Smaller, lighter, in fact the ONLY simile is the stars and moons. You would have to buy a BBQ aswell. Buy cheap buy twice DEFINITELY applies here :) Thanks for your comment hucks_is_god.


The Range do a 'budget' version for £49.99. Doesn't look as good.........


I have this fire pit it really kicks off some heat well worth having. Don't know if that's a good price though as it was a preasant.

La Hacienda Colorado Steel chimnea was £40 now £10 in store only @ B&Q
LocalLocalFound 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
In stock Scotswood Road Newcastle Also York and Scarborough

Got mine today got two of them as they would only let me have one so got my partner to get one too 👌


Just back from my local where online checker said they had stock, staff searched their instore computer stock checker and this item didn't show, they then tried the B&Q website and it still didn't show up. Here's the odd thing, click through HUKD link and it exists, search site for Chimenea and it doesn't exist. Staff said it was an online glitch and item not actually in stock.


They’re not in store when the site says they are, complete waste of time


Says in stock at Chester, so rang them and they have none, she said it could be coming from their warehouse, so tried ordering for delivery and says item could not be added to basket! Gave up!


So people don't waste their time looking for something that probably isn't going to be there, and so they are fore warned about them being prone to rust Just being deacant really

40cm Basket Log Burner with Floor Stand & Poker was £27.95 now £21.95 Delivered / £19 instore @ Asda George
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Spring isn't far around the corner now, the nights are becoming lighter, so thought this would be a cheap & cheerful way of providing some warmth into the evenings on the patio… Read more
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Maby thanks again x


Might be needing one of these:


Nice I’ve just ordered one for the hubby heat from me x


I bought an identical one 2 years ago from b&m for £15, they had it last year for £19 too so worth keeping an eye out for those who missed this

Tepro Silverado BBQ & Fire PIT £54.99 at Robert Dyas - free del / c&c
Shipping from GermanyShipping from GermanyFound 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
Stainless Steel Fire Pit which comes with a chrome plated cooking grid, so you can use it as a BBQ as well. Free delivery - they are shipped from the manufacturer in Germany though… Read more
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Think a washing machine drum would be bigger too!


Looks rubbish. Use a old washing machine drum


Terrible design. (skeptical)

La Hacienda Fire Pit / wood burner at Homebase for £16.95
LocalLocalFound 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
picked this up from Homebase Hanworth (still had 5+ on shelf) - not on sale or anything special but got to say its a lovely little wood burner and with 2 for £10 on wood its perfec… Read more

just checked - back in stock in local Hanworth store



going to get mine out again tomorrow to toast marshmallows :)


Really ? Don't see the point of these, if it is too chilly outside go indoors.


Not sure how useful these are as a fire pit but have a number of them and use them as plant pot holders look good with large pot of Hostas in them. Bolts and nuts go rusty quickly

Valiant Fireplace / Stove Vacuum Cleaner £37.55 @ amazon
Found 7th Sep 2018Found 7th Sep 2018
Valiant Fireplace / Stove Vacuum Cleaner £37.55 @ amazon
Cheapest it has been on amazon - not a massive price cut from £50 - but rare according to 3xcamels for any discount. I hope it will take the hassle and mess out of cleaning after h… Read more
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Hi - had this a few months and at first was gutted as I thought you had to clean every time (which I think it says to). Ignored that as worse than emptying the ash before, and am happily emptying ever 5-6 small fires.


Thanks a lot for highlighting the alternatives. Based on past experience with Valiant (with a stove fan in this case), if not too far off the price of alternatives, I would recommend going for it as it was a completely different class to the two other models I had (but time will tell here).


Thanks for highlighting pollution minimisation OP. Props to you.


Or this...


Surely the filter on this is going to need cleaning almost every time you use it?

Leon Steel Chimenea £15 @ Tesco Cheetham Hill
Found 5th Sep 2018Found 5th Sep 2018
Leon Steel Chimenea £15 @ Tesco Cheetham Hill
£15£3557%Tesco Deals
This is probably a national deal...look out in a Tesco near price it’s been so far...

Thanks, will keep a lookout in my local (y)


I’m getting one for next summer 8) (y) 🏾


nice find

Tesco Carrick Fire pit reduced to £12.50 instore
Found 31st Aug 2018Found 31st Aug 2018
Tesco Carrick Fire pit reduced to £12.50 instore
La Hacienda fire pit in Tesco Carrick reduced to £12.50, I'm not sure what original price was. 2 left when I was in earlier.
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These are great, just need s grill to turn it into a portable BBQ.


Saw these in my local last week. Looked quite naff. Very little weight to the box.


There were 2 left at front of store when I got mine. Also had charcoal bbq's down to £6.50 I think


Many left?


Yes, sorry I should have written location more clearly

Dunelm Fire pit £5 instore Beckton
LocalLocalFound 8th Aug 2018Found 8th Aug 2018
Dunelm Fire pit £5 instore Beckton
£5£2075%Dunelm Deals
In store at beckton dunelm

Get a man to tighten those screws for you ? (j/k x)


Popped in , stock level was Def wrong online because I found 9 , but all at £14 still, got one price checked just to make sure . They said beckton must have had a particularly large delivery of them to mark them down again already.


I bought this... It's flimsily put together and keeps falling apart.


Cold! I will go to my own fire pit when I die... (devil)


Hmmm , stock level at my local shows 3 left , I wonder if they will be reduced in all stores ? Anyone know if there is any consistency in store prices with Dunelm? Could prob get there for a fly by visit in about an hour .....

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Dunelm Stainless Steel Fire pit £14.75 free c&c
Found 7th Aug 2018Found 7th Aug 2018
Dunelm Stainless Steel Fire pit £14.75 free c&c
£14.75£5975%Dunelm Deals
Stainless Steel Bowl H 55cm Dia 57cm

Most wood will burn, but you might get quite a bit of smoke from bigger chubcjs


Thanks Dave was thinking of burning some old wood left around the garden. Will that do?


Out of stock in most of the stores :(


picked up tonight, was in store as per reservation. haven't assembled yet. be nice for colder autumn evenings


Buy some kindling and wood from B&Q, or somewhere else. Light the kindling (usually you'd have the kindling under the grate), once it is burning nicely add some of the wood logs and enjoy a nice warm evening in front of a fire. Marshmallows on a stick are optional at this point, but great for kids! Think of a fire pit as a fireplace outdoors.

Basket Fire Pit was £20 now £14 C+C @ Dunelm  - more in OP
Found 26th Jul 2018Found 26th Jul 2018
Basket Fire Pit was £20 now £14 C+C @ Dunelm - more in OP
£14£2030%Dunelm Deals
Decent price for this very highly rated Basket Firepit - was £20 now £14 with Free C+C from store or get it delivered to home for an extra £3.95. Part of their up to 30% Off Garde… Read more
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The fire pit was assembled as per institutions. Buy one and assemble it yourself. It looks like a good deal and I brought one after seeing it on this site. All I can do is make you aware of my experience of purchase.


1st one now £5 in store Beckton


Beckton £5 in store


Usual scenario from Dunelm, phone call today sorry it’s out of stock useless !


i am going for the other one as looks for substantial

Blooma Manitan 90cm steel  fire pit £65 B&Q
Refreshed 29th Jul 2018Refreshed 29th Jul 2018
Blooma Manitan 90cm steel fire pit £65 B&Q
Decent size for a fire pit 92cm X 34cm. Made from 2mm steel, with 3 steel legs that screw on. I have one similar which I bought from EU and cost £75.

Why would I want to? :/ It’s exactly where I want it.


How do you move it


I just couldn't remember which part of the continent it was - so I checked - it was Germany!!!!Ø-80-Cm-FS-2418-Kiel/1150263139?iid=222381827535&_trksid=p2349624.m4097.l9055


Strange place to say you got something from. So maybe UK then?


European Union (aka EU) 😁

Montreal hexagonal Fire pit £40 in B&M
LocalLocalFound 11th Jul 2018Found 11th Jul 2018
Montreal hexagonal Fire pit £40 in B&M
Fire pit in B&M priced at £99.99 but a sign saying “was £60 now £40” same code.
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Has anyone found one of these in store? I couldn’t find it in Coventry today.


Stick a couple of green lights and you have your own Star Trek BORG Sphere! lol

This looks awesome. Great deal if you can get onem


I do like the look of it, but someone should point out that it's a dodecahedron made up of pentagons, there's not a hexagon in sight! (lol)


I like the shape of that :)

Pagoda Fire Place and Log Burner was £69 now £41.40 C+C at Asda George
Found 29th Jun 2018Found 29th Jun 2018
Pagoda Fire Place and Log Burner was £69 now £41.40 C+C at Asda George
Cracking price for this highly rated Pagoda Fire Place and Log Burner - was £69 & now £41.40 with extra 40% discount at checkout. Free C+C available too or choose home deliver… Read more
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I don't think your going to get any more smoke than you normally would out of a normal firepit.. I do think they could of made the whole bottom of it a dish rather than a tiny bit on the bottom, it would of contained all the ashes,as it it your limited to what you can put in there and there's a possibility its going to go all over the place, It looks nice though,


So you get smoke billowing round you ( as there is limited escape through tiny chimney )


Price reduces when you add it to your basket!


Many thanks bought one, looks great and at a super price, Mousey!


Add it to basket....

Upto 50% off furniture, home and garden sale eg rocket chimenea was £119 now £71.40 with free NDD more in OP @ Marks & Spencer
Found 26th Jun 2018Found 26th Jun 2018
Upto 50% off furniture, home and garden sale eg rocket chimenea was £119 now £71.40 with free NDD more in OP @ Marks & Spencer
Upto 50% off furniture, home and garden sale now live at M&S. Lots of lamps, lights, matresses, garden accessories and matresses and indoor furniture. Rocket Chimenea was £119… Read more

When I originally posted it. It said it hasn't gone through... Glitch?


You can say that again! Oh, you just did.


20 on tesco website other week. Cold


No hun have a cuddle with your LO and pour a large GT could be worse you could be blw fwif hth ikwym


I told DS1 to let DH know about the MIL. DD2 has gone to her room and she told me to FO. AIBU?

50% off BBQ's / Fire Pits -  BBQ's from £7.50 (see OP) @ Tesco Direct
Found 11th Jun 2018Found 11th Jun 2018
50% off BBQ's / Fire Pits - BBQ's from £7.50 (see OP) @ Tesco Direct
£7.50£1550%Tesco Direct Deals
Tesco have just reduced BBQ's by 50% - hit deal link Also reduced a couple of firepits Tesco Round Charcoal Grill BBQ, Red £7.50 Tesco 34cm Portable Kettle Charcoal BBQ … Read more
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How about


gas? gas? why would you want a gas BBQ?


Was waiting for these to be reduced, then missed it! Would`ve got the double oil drum :( Heat added though....


Any barbecue without cast iron enamel/porcelain grill plates is a false economy.


U must be buying the wrong ones same was happening too me then I was told use the instant type ones they alot easier to use the Lidl ones are quite good light 2 bags of them in the bag and let them burn for 20 mins and Ur ready too cook

Flamefast Fire Logs (case of 12) - Click and Collect £11.88 @ Home Bargains
Found 10th Jun 2018Found 10th Jun 2018
Flamefast Fire Logs (case of 12) - Click and Collect £11.88 @ Home Bargains
Was about to buy these on Amazon but then found them for about £8 less here. Click and collect only with collection in 1-3 days.
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I bought a box of 12 same price last year for this very reason but then it turned out to be really mild that visit and hot enough so didn't want to make it hotter. Doh. Will try again this November.


Perfect for Center Parcs


Sold out.


I some time use a few of these to add a good base of the fire on the fire pit before chucking a few seasoned logs on it.. They are great. (y)


good value used these for past few years

Grizzly Spit Camp Fire or Fire Pit BBQ Rotisserie - £39 Amazon  sold by Garden Secrets
Found 25th May 2018Found 25th May 2018
Grizzly Spit Camp Fire or Fire Pit BBQ Rotisserie - £39 Amazon sold by Garden Secrets
I have been watching this for a long time, and this is the cheapest it's ever been.
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I'm sorry if you think i made a joke about your illness i never knew you had one so sorry again i just thought you was a tree hugging killjoy reading the post.


I'm surprised you're so ignorant and insulting about health. Don't worry chronic illness will affect you too sooner or later and then you'll enjoy the delights of suffering. And you'll deserve it. It'll teach you a lesson in being human.


Will it take the weight of my 8.5 stone side-chick?


I'm surprised you managed to live this long in this polluted world we live in what a over the top reaction.


I've piled in.....will be great for the boys camping weekend!!

Kindling £1.99 and logs £3.99 for fire / chiminea / pizza oven etc - Home Bargains
Found 13th May 2018Found 13th May 2018
Kindling £1.99 and logs £3.99 for fire / chiminea / pizza oven etc - Home Bargains
Off to a lodge next weekend and was looking for some firewood to take along with me. I do have some old wood lying about that I could chop up and take, but most of it is treated s… Read more
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My experience is below the grill if you want to cook, above purely for heat.


Good product - so dry the bark has come off the wood. But always this price.


Just bought a chimenea. Do logs go above or below the grill thing in the bottom. YouTube videos show above but friend puts them below so he bake potatoes wrapped in foil on the grill.


The verdo compressed chipboard logs they sell are excellent (& cheap) too.


These are excellent. They're birch logs, which are dry and burn very well. Always this price, but not always available so a good find. I know you can get cheaper, but these are the best I've come across.

10 Piece steel Chiminea - Great for heat or cooking (Pizza stone, cooking grill, Popcorn lid, all included) Also comes with cover to protect from rain £69.99 delivered @ Studio
Found 24th Apr 2018Found 24th Apr 2018
10 Piece steel Chiminea - Great for heat or cooking (Pizza stone, cooking grill, Popcorn lid, all included) Also comes with cover to protect from rain £69.99 delivered @ Studio
£69.99£149.9953%Studio Deals
Lightweight, strong steel chiminea bundle. Accessories include: • Chiminea cover • Pair of heavy duty gloves • Poker • Steel frying pan • Toasting fork • Popcorn popper lid • … Read more
Avatardeleted912245Get dealGet deal

Cold that's a usual price for that style


Steel chimeneas don't last long. Cast iron is much better.


Yeah title includes postage which is £10.


It adds on £10 delivery. It's £69.99 in total.


Couple of uses then collapses ... (poo) :(

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