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Ever Burning Charcoal 15kg premium hardwood restaurant charcoal for £24.99 delivered @ eBay / ever_burning_charcoal
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
This seems like a cracking deal for restaurant-grade charcoal, only £24.99 for 15 kilograms of charcoal with free mainland delivery. You can choose packets of wood wool firelighter… Read more

Haha I did. Made one about 5 years ago watching his very video. It was great but it only lasted about 5 or 6 uses. To be fair I used pots purchased from B&Q. Yours look so much better and a lot more heavy duty, the base pot is a great size and the chimney is nice and thick as well, you'll hopefully get a lot more usage out of it. I was so impressed with how the food came out that I went a bought a proper Tandoor, in hindsight I wish I had gone for a larger one. I can honestly say I get the most moist and succulent cooked chicken out of a Tandoor. To the point where you can easily pick off individual strands of the chicken pieces. One day I'd like to have a huge one built in the garden. Saw this recently and though it would be excellent, but it's so bloody expensive. Not to mention all the other costs to build around it. Until then, this one does the job perfectly.


Just in the process of making one out of clay pots and an old chimney pot surrounded by mica fill insulation. Check out simplenick on youtube if you need some ideas. Main issue I'm having is finding a large enough outer pot that doesnt taper. This is what I cobbled together over the weekend.


I can't add this item to my basket - I just keep getting an error. Has anyone else been able to checkout in the last 15 mins?


Have look on YouTube at the snake method (y)


how many coals u using for 6 hours? of the weber? do yu fill the whole chimney? i only managed 2 hours at 200ish deg other day

Aldi log burner - £59.99 @ Aldi
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Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Back in stock



Yep, you're probably right tbh. Exactly the same place as this log burner will end up after a few years. If you want to spend 60 of your hard earned on something you actually could get for nothing then please feel free to carry on. The whole idea if this site is to save money and I for one am more than happy using something that would normally be at the end of its life again for free. Believe me, when it's going, it looks lovely. It's also stainless steel which will last year's. This is probably cheap steel from China and won't last half as long. Have a good day :D


No I'm saying it's not as appealing. It looks like someone using scrap to burn wood.


Nice and hot for a first post - thanks for getting involved @Lisaa2268 (strong)


You tube it........ Use an old washing machine drum. Much cheaper and just as appealing.

Classic 51cm Fire Pit £29.89 delivered @ Studio
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Now £24.99 + £4.99 delivery Low stock, so who knows how long this will last for - it's so hard to get these in stock anywhere! * If you don't mind setting up a credit account yo… Read more

Agreed, similar experience!


I think customer service at PayPal is terrible. In one occasion I was trying to get a refund for return postage and person I was dealing keep asking same questions and demanding same documents again and again, it took ages get a refund for couple of quid. In another occasion I was overcharged by a company and they did nothing. Not sure if they are bitter about other things such as fraud and they are taking on geniune customer cases.


Stuck a load of petrol on mine and it went up a right treat!


Got bought one 6 years ago, still going strong. Just a quick rinse and scrub with a stiff brush each time it get used. Have taken on holiday, used at beach and at home. I wouldn't use any metal fire pit on deck or grass, its not different from putting a BBQ base 10 cm from the floor. Used the concrete or a couple of a flag, problem solved. I think its great but each to their own :p


Sorry but my £49.99 Aldi buy last week is a lot nether

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Fire Pit and stand combo 87cm £109 with code, free delivery @
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Great price for a bowl and stand combo at this size. 87cm diameter Reduced from £149 to £119 Use the voucher code to get another tenner off making it £109 Currently free P&P… Read more

Not for this size. You can get a lot of smaller versions with no stand.


any one got any deals on table n chairs for outside not the cheap plastic ones tho 😁 thanks


Thanks Op


for the size i think this is a good deal thanks op this is a large pit compared to most others


OOS now.

Redwood Fire Pit including BBQ Grill for £29.49 delivered @ eBay / Dickens Bedding
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Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
This seems like a great deal to me, a fire pit / barbecue combination grill for your patio. 45 centimetres square, more than enough room for a quick bar-bee. Get yours for £29.49 i… Read more

Showing £35 for me


Price has increase a bit..


No, you that talk crap.


So you lied then (lol)


The service was shocking from the supplier, so I do not want to give them any more business. Also the price has now doubled. I think it may have been a pricing error.

Traditional Cast Iron Fire Bowl £17.97 delivered @ Groupon
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
Traditional Cast Iron Fire Bowl £17.97 delivered @ Groupon
Traditional Cast Iron Fire Bowl £17.97 including delivery The suns shining, but it's still cool outside, a Fire Bowl is just the ticket for than sitting outside in the evening wit… Read more

Thanks..heat added


Total pony and trap and tiny as well just big enough to burn a few twigs then rust and fall apart after a few months use! (zombie) (poo)


Wow that's some pan you have. Can I come round yours for a fry up? 🥓🥚🍅


Tiny more like a frying pan.



Woodensoul Garden Fire Logs - two for £12 (click & collect) @ Homebase
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Posted 19th Dec 2019Posted 19th Dec 2019
Woodensoul Garden Fire Logs - two for £12 (click & collect) @ Homebase
£12£1833%Homebase Deals
Swedish fire logs are great for those who don't have a fire pit or stove in the garden, but still like an outdoor fire of a clear winter evening. They burn from the inside out, all… Read more

No, there are TWO holes, thats the value duh !


Maybe not, perhaps they just export it!




People really pay £9 for a log with a hole in it?


Ha ha ha, who buys this rubbish?

Steel Fire Pit - £14.99 Instore @ Aldi
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Posted 31st Aug 2019Posted 31st Aug 2019LocalLocal
Steel Fire Pit - £14.99 Instore @ Aldi
£14.99Aldi Deals
I’ve been looking for one of these for a while but couldn’t justify the price...until I saw this one.

it looks quite small. One fire and will be ready for scrap, but still not bad at this price (y)

La Hacienda Serenity Steel Fire Pit - £24.99 @ Lidl
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Posted 10th Aug 2019Posted 10th Aug 2019LocalLocal
La Hacienda Serenity Steel Fire Pit - £24.99 @ Lidl
£24.99£39.9938%LIDL Deals
£24.99 @ Lidl RRP £39.99 Sit back and enjoy the warmth of a real wood fire long after the sun has set with this traditional-style fire pit. Made from durable steel with a black f… Read more
Avatardeleted2219540Get deal*Get deal*

Now available in-store :D

Blooma Anabar Steel Firepit £18.40 / Blooma Diogo Cast iron & steel Chiminea £29.60 - Discounts at Basket @ B&Q
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Posted 12th Jul 2019Posted 12th Jul 2019
Blooma Anabar Steel Firepit £18.40 / Blooma Diogo Cast iron & steel Chiminea £29.60 - Discounts at Basket @ B&Q
£18.40£2320%B&Q Deals
A few ffers on at B&Q today, The 20% off discount applies once added to your basket. Just thought these were both worth a shout and looked good for the prices Click & Col… Read more
Flamemaster Fire Pit BBQ @ Robert Dyas Free C&C £39.99
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Posted 7th Jul 2019Posted 7th Jul 2019
Flamemaster Fire Pit BBQ @ Robert Dyas Free C&C £39.99
£39.99£129.9969%Robert Dyas Deals
f you’re looking for warmth, ambient light or somewhere to cook on a summer’s evening then this fire pit from Flamemaster is for you. The tough and durable metal build of this fir… Read more
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They are good, used to have one, but I laughed at the description: 'This beautifully crafted traditional Steel Fire Pit' These things are just stamped out by a machine, nothing crafted about them.


£129.99 XD XD XD Usually for sale around the £25 to £30 mark


Cheers AC. Looks like this one. Even the Wayfair large is cheaper.

Firepit & BBQ in One, 3 yr warranty - £24.99 @ Aldi
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Posted 29th Jun 2019Posted 29th Jun 2019
Firepit & BBQ in One, 3 yr warranty - £24.99 @ Aldi
£24.99Aldi Deals
Product Information Brand: Gardenline Colour: Black Dimensions: 60.5 x 60.5 x 42cm (approx.) Material: Steel Product Type: BBQs & Heating Breathe new life into your o… Read more
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Just bought one in Preston, they had loads in stock (y)


Yep, I’ve seen them instore too


Oh wasnt when i put it up, try local ive been to 4 local aldis today 2 of them today (for lorne sausages lol ) and 2 others yesterday getting off bits and looking everyone had 6+ each in stock even today


Sold out online


Sorted, sorry not had a coffee yet!

Bronze Age Fire Pit Was £45 Now £35 at Asda George Online + Instore
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Posted 18th Jun 2019Posted 18th Jun 2019
Bronze Age Fire Pit Was £45 Now £35 at Asda George Online + Instore
Delivery is £2.95 but I’ve seen this in my local at this price as well. Has some good reviews and looks quite sturdy. Give your garden an inviting glow this season with the Bronz… Read more
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Aldi do a nice one 60cm square £24.99


i`ve just recently filed a complaint with trading standards about this product, having taken it to be appraised on antiques roadshow. (fierce)


Isn't Scotland still in the the Copper Age so it will be on sale there next century.


Out of stock in most stores online (Scotland)

Alid Gardenline Fire Pit  looks great - £24.99
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Posted 16th Jun 2019Posted 16th Jun 2019
Alid Gardenline Fire Pit looks great - £24.99
£24.99Aldi Deals
real nice looking fire pit if the rain stops and we get to enjoy our gardens again this is a Aldi specialbuy so will get sent out on the 23rd june..maybe by then we may have some … Read more

Yup, well worth the effort! (y)


Already done it with my old Bosch washing machine a few months ago, It had a sealed drum and was a pain in the ar$e to split apart and I ended up using a jigsaw to separate it from the plastic outer drum but it was worth the effort. I've had it burning a few times now loaded up with stacks of wood and the flames really roar out because the drum has plenty of holes already built into it to help the clean burn. I used the old belt pulley as the stand as well!


Hey Porsche... (ignoring the yet to grow descended testicles of Lucas's prose. This weekend (i've been taking our old LG washer apart (8 years old, but 12+ years service) & therein lies your solution. IF you find someone scrapping a washer with a stainless steel drum (you may have to remove the lifter fins in a lot of them) then you have a fantastic weather durable fire pit which just needs a base to help keep surface scorch to a minimum. Being as they come from a washer, they have good drainage, air holes, can throw some lovely light through the drum holes (all that work is done for you) ..& will take a good load of logs after being lit (properly, not like a regular BBQ) ..still suggest covering it when not in use (& cool) ..but y'know re-purposing. The downside: it took me 4 hours yesterday to unbolt, unscrew, unclip everything for proper recycling, now i've got to cut out the remaining half of the plastic drum & salvage he copper winds in the motor & magnets.... PS, went for another LG based on performance doing dog blankets, as listed here by someone I give thanks too, good price & discounted by a further £30 (marks electricals). The final plus was being able to pretty much fold up the metal chassis & put it in the car fr the tip as the cement (plastic enclosed) weights are good for holding tarps down etc... compared to lugging the previous one into the car by myself & jamming fingers in doorways whilst swearing profusely. Also, don't discount the use of a cheap 2 wheeled sack truck when dragging the new one in in the rain (had to lift / haul it over a 10 inch doorstep in the rain. ..(not as young & fit as the last time), ..will get some back come harvest time I already have one that has weathered years of abuse, ..harsher than Lucas's pithy wit (popcorn) & am making another for someone who'll appreciate it when done (I may weld small wheel rim to it or make a gabion type lift (making sure the infill stones are not th exploding variety (y) PS a metal rack & you have another bbq food surface for the vegetarians.


Looks very similar to one I bought a few years ago I think from Wickes or B&Q. After it's first use it burnt off all the protective paint and warped, within a month it was a rusty eyesore falling to pieces and ended up in the bin. I only wish someone would make a cheap firepit out of Stainless steel or cast iron so it would last a lot longer but these mild steel pits are only good for a few uses before they rust apart. I have a Cast iron chiminea now that gets regular use and still as solid as it was when new.


go suckle you daddies nipples you fool.

La Hacienda Square Steel Firepit - £25 @ Argos
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Posted 28th May 2019Posted 28th May 2019
La Hacienda Square Steel Firepit - £25 @ Argos
Simplistic but effective, this square firebasket in high temperature black powder coat finish looks great in any garden setting. Featuring horizontal bars, two side handles and a s… Read more
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Bought this last year for £15. Spend a bit more money and get a better firepit.


ahh man imagine!


If you have a few swords handy, could use this as a starting point for your own GoT throne


All the ash and embers are going to fly right out the sides of this one

Black Steel Outdoor Fire Pit BBQ - £23.95 @ eBay / homeandgardenproductsuk
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Posted 28th May 2019Posted 28th May 2019
Black Steel Outdoor Fire Pit BBQ - £23.95 @ eBay / homeandgardenproductsuk
£23.95eBay Deals
Product Information Finished in stylish black, this combined fire and BBQ pit is ideal for your outdoor and camping needs. It can be used as an outdoor heater and as a grill. The … Read more
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See if you can get a heat reflecting mat (fireproof) or a fire blanket to put beneath it. Water the ground well before putting the mat down & you may be lucky.


Good advice. Cheers :)


Not always about the size you know god!!! Lol thanks for the heads up though (y)


Keep an eye out for a stainless steel version. They last far longer and don't transfer heat through the metal anywhere near so much, so no more burnt patches. Here's an example


These are £20 in B&M and are tiny. Save your money and get something bigger and better

Landmann Ball Of Fire Fire Pit - £120 Homebase instore only
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Posted 23rd May 2019Posted 23rd May 2019
Landmann Ball Of Fire Fire Pit - £120 Homebase instore only
£120£179.9933%Homebase Deals
Seems to be a decent price...given that Argos are selling for £250 currently. Managed to pick one up from the oldbury store. The Ball… Read more

There are two different sizes of these sold be home base - the small one is normally £120.. so be careful to check the product code - large one is sku 150499 and is 24.7kg whereas the smaller one is 20kg.


I have mine on wooden decking and have had no problem with it ..the embers will escape through the top and rise off .. but I guess that all depends on the wood your burning... I did find it let off alot more smoke then my old chiminea... but found that leaving the front loading hinged door open improved airflow and let off less smoke and gave off more direct heat


Would it be safe/legal to have one of these on a balcony with wooden decking? Mesh seems like it would prevent embers flying off?


Just in time for the summer solstice. Light one of these up, strip naked, oil one another and then prance around and around it for 9 hours waiting for the sun to rise. Glad to see that hotukdeals and Homebase are catering for the pagan naturists.


Blooma Anabar Steel Fire pit was £23 now £18.40 when added to basket @ B&Q
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Posted 23rd May 2019Posted 23rd May 2019
Blooma Anabar Steel Fire pit was £23 now £18.40 when added to basket @ B&Q
£18.40£2320%B&Q Deals
Looks decent for the money, ideal for toasting marshmallows or keeping the chill off when the sun goes down - also comes with poker. £23 but 20% off taking it to £18.40 when added… Read more

They do rust but I wouldn’t say it’s not a good deal. It’s less than £20 and will last a couple of years with average usage and stored away from the rain. I got got one last year, used all through the summer and already a few times this year and apart from losing its colour in a bit it’s absolutely fine.


These rust immediately.. had one last year and chucked it other week


Collected mine, They only had 20% off in store and online this weekend.


Check the price when you get to store, it might be cheaper as they are supposed to be doing 40% off BBQ/garden stuff now.


Thanks OP! I was gonna get this last night but never ended up completing checkout! Thankfully i never, reserved at local store.

BBQ & Fire Pit Mega Thread  - Spring / Summer 2019 - Prices from £10
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Posted 15th May 2019Posted 15th May 2019
BBQ & Fire Pit Mega Thread - Spring / Summer 2019 - Prices from £10
*Updated 29th May 2019* It's that time... the temperature outside is warmer than in the fridge :D I have done this type of thread before and thought that it can be handy to che… Read more

I liked wilko stuff and they were cheap. Skewers, firefighters, liquid and bbq bequests


Aldi, 5kg for £2.89.


Sorry- BBQ bore here- don't bother with any of this cheap stuff, buy yourself either a Weber Kettle, even better a Weber Smokey Mountain, or even better (big money) a Big Green Egg or other decent Kamado. And remember, grilling is not Barbecue- Barbecue is low and slow on a smoker. See here for how a Weber Smokey Mountain works- Sorry I will bore off now.....





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