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(Single Pack (3 Pipettes)) Bob Martin Clear Spot On Cat Fipronil Flea & Tick Treatment £6.99 at Onbuy (Buy4Pets)
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
I've found this one works great on our 8 year old tabby and £6.99 really is a bargain!
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Would never touch a Bob Martin product!


Noooo Noooo Noooo


PLEASE do not buy Bob Martin flea products. Google them. A lot of cats have bad reactions or in some cases even die. I would never buy any Bob Martin products. It's a very irresponsible company. Many cats are left with irreparable brain damage and will need expensive care for the rest of their lives. You are better off spending a bit more on a well made brand such as Advocate, or buying whatever your vet suggests (cheaper online usually than in the vets surgery). Animals are a huge part of most families, it's worth spending a little more to make sure you're using a safe product. Saving a few quid is not worth the death (or worse) of your pet.

Frontline Plus Flea Treatment - £7.37 @ Vet UK
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Using the 20% off Frontline Plus code - FLPLUS20 actually takes £24.00 off your order, I bought a pack of 6 pipettes & a flea carpet spray and was charged £7.37! I've had the d… Read more

Received a cancellation email yesterday & a refund today......as Blackhorse stated, the sudden rise in orders probably alerted them to a glitch in the system.


Made my orders but both were CANCELLED & REFUNDED a few days later. Notified by email that they had a ‘glitch’ which is now rectified.


Oh yeah me too although they refunded one order but would like me to pay the difference on the others two, tres curious


Real shame (but understandable), just had a cancellation email through. Orders not being fulfilled and refunds provided.


Order cancelled.

Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment - cats and dogs £9.48 @ Pets Drugs Online
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Advantage Flea Treatment Advantage Spot On Flea Treatment is for treating flea infestations in dogs, cats and rabbits. Using Advantage Flea Treatment, fleas are killed within one… Read more

The name of the treatment is "Bravecto", cats are now flea free and lasts for three months. We were charged £26 by vet, but if you can get a VET PRESCRIPTION, it can be bought online for about £16. Dear enough for a single treatment, but cheap when you consider the amount we have wasted on other products.


Advocate is even better as it also kills ticks, ear mites etc.. It 100% works. I'd know if it didn't because first sign of a flea and my dog gets a severe rash! I've heard stronghold is good too but will stick with Advantage/Advocate until the fleas become resistant.


My cat too is prescribed Stronghold but as others have said it’s expensive via vets. I know you can ask for prescription then purchase elsewhere but ours will only prescribe a 12 months course (shock) (mad) Blooming expensive! If anyone knows of a cheaper alternative to Stronghold let me know! (highfive) I’ve not used Advantage so may give it a whirl thanks op


Same experiences here with Frontline (now ineffective), Advantage (effective), Stronghold (great but expensive from the vet) on my cats. 3.03% TCB presently.


My dog had a flee allergy, I used to depend on Frontline as it used to work but the fleas seemed to have built up resistance to it. Had a nightmare trying to get rid of them. Used Advantage and it worked straight away. Fleas dead and allergy cleared up. You're very lucky if it worked for you, maybe your cat didn't have fleas to begin with or the fleas aren't resistant yet. I'm not alone with my experience. It seemed to stop working when they made it prescription free. That may or may not be a coincidence.

Frontline Spot On Flea and Tick Treatment for Large Dog (20-40kg) 3 Pipettes     £12.28 with Amazon Prime Subscribe & Save
Posted 21st JanPosted 21st Jan
Frontline Spot On Flea and Tick Treatment for Large Dog (20-40kg) 3 Pipettes £12.28 with Amazon Prime Subscribe & Save
There is a 20% voucher for subscribe and save orders and if you have 5 items in your delivery you get another 15% discount bringing it to a 35% saving Seems like a decent price … Read more
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I get my pets flea treatments from the vets or use Advantage but its a good saving for people who use Frontline :)


Totally agree, Or Advocate which is the same as Advantage but kills other parasites etc.. Fleas have built up immunity to Fipronil in most areas.


Agreed, about as effective as washing them with water


Absolute waste of time and money.. Frontline is definately not as effective as it used to be. 'Advantage' flea treatment all the way

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RSPCA FLEAaway Cat Flea Treatment 3 x 50mg £4.99 at B&M
Posted 28th Dec 2018Posted 28th Dec 2018
RSPCA FLEAaway Cat Flea Treatment 3 x 50mg £4.99 at B&M
£4.99£1155%B&M Retail Deals
Cheapest I have seen the RSPCA FLEAaway Cat Flea Treatment currently £4.99 at B&M and £11.00 at Pets At Home. RSPCA FLEAaway Cat Flea Treatment. Keep your beloved pet cat … Read more

Applying Fipronil on cats is not always ok. Yes, it will remove fleas but some cats are allergic to such remedies. My advice is to use such a mean only in case of strong infestation. I prefer using natural means. Hypoalergenic shampoo is one of the safest methods of figting fleas. Here are some other methods described. Hope it will come in handy.


Seen too many cats being run over by double decker buses but that has about as much relevance to this deal as your objection.


Yup, advantage all the way. Well worth every penny.




The fleas are big where we live!

Beaphar Sparkle Cat Flea Collar 90p at Wilko in-store
Posted 18th Jul 2018Posted 18th Jul 2018
Beaphar Sparkle Cat Flea Collar 90p at Wilko in-store
£0.90£478%Wilko Deals
I picked this up at Wilko. It said £2.25 on the shelf which was cheaper than their own brand one at £3.00 but then it scans in at 90p. Had a few left in the Horwich Branch. Says i… Read more

Please don't apply the collar loosely, you should only be able to get 2 fingers between the collar and the cat, regardless of whether the cat goes outdoors or not. Better to avoid altogether and use other flea treatments.


Completely agree with Louie-blue's concerns, as my cats neck had become raw with missing fur where the collar was and my vet said they tell everyone to avoid flea collars for those reasons and that they are ineffective too (as I found out for myself too). Flea collars should only be used in vacuum bags/cylinders to kill fleas. Should anyone still insist on using these, please check your cats necks/fur regularly.


I always put the collar under her bed for a day or 2, I figure she'd avoid it if reacted to the active chemicals in it. Then I put the collar on very loosely. She is largely an indoor cat anyway. But I do understand your concerns.


Please don't use these collars, some horror stories about reactions to the chemicals in them. Collars themselves are very dangerous, the charity I think volunteer for advises against them altogether.


It might be the "Turkish Van"

Frontline Spot On for Cats (3 Pack) at Vet UK for £9.38 delivered
Posted 7th Jul 2018Posted 7th Jul 2018
Frontline Spot On for Cats (3 Pack) at Vet UK for £9.38 delivered
Short expity date 31/8/2018 Free p&p over £29, otherwise £3.99 Could be a good group buy for cat people to get the free p&p Frontline Spot On for Cats (3 Pack) is used in… Read more

I too have given up with frontline years back as it doesn't seem to work anymore. I wouldn't waste time with it. Advocate is the one to use.


As others have said this doesn't seem to work any more, gets terrible reviews too. I went for 'advantage' instead on my cats and dogs. It's cheaper, comes in packs of 4 pipettes and works. I got mine from Animed https://www.animeddirect.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/9778


Doesn’t work anymore on my cat so switched to advantage, same ingredients as avodate from the vets. Good offer though


Might as well put water on your cat than frontline. Same result.


Same, Frontline just made the fleas docile, not killing them. Was using Advocate which works, but crazy expensive as you need a vet prescription. Also trying Advantage atm, seems to be working so far.

Acclaim Household Flea Spray 500ml FREE @ Amazon
Posted 24th May 2018Posted 24th May 2018
Acclaim Household Flea Spray 500ml FREE @ Amazon
It’s 0 to pay at checkout Go to option to change Amazon as the seller to get it for free Acclaim Flea Spray Sold by Amazon Temporarily Out of Stock but order now to lock in the … Read more

My order of 1 was cancelled a few days ago too


Mine cancelled.


Mine has been cancelled, probably because someone ordered 100+


I got mine. Hoping those who ordered (other than the one who ordered multiple 100’s) got theirs.


It’s still showing in Today’s Deals but sold by Amazon option was taken down. Probably they wanted to correct the calculation at check-out

Buy one get one free frontline flea treatment for small dogs £13.49 (3) or £26.98 (6) £3.99 del (free delivery over £29) @ Vetuk.co.uk
Posted 4th Feb 2018Posted 4th Feb 2018
Buy one get one free frontline flea treatment for small dogs £13.49 (3) or £26.98 (6) £3.99 del (free delivery over £29) @ Vetuk.co.uk
Had to order flea treatment for my two small dogs and came across vetuk.co.uk and noticed they had buy one get one free for frontline small dog. Both 3 or 6 pippettes. Delivery i… Read more

Some forum posts said the same while others are saying it's a case of each animal and area is different. For £30 I don't mind trying it out for 6 months ( 2 dogs). But I will keep an eye on how it goes. If it's bad then it's a lesson learned. But if it does work, it's a bargain. :)


I was advised by vets the other day, that this product isn't now any good, ad pets have become immune. I'm not sure if this is the case or whether it's because it's now available at a much more reasonable price? And from likes of Amazon etc.


Good price, but same feedback as NCIS, Frontline doesn’t seem effective anymore, we had a horrendous flea infestation a year ago so have switched to different treatments..


Many thanks just ordered!


I've not had any issue with frontline. But then again my two don't normally get a lot of fleas. So can't say if it's down to the product or not as there's times they've missed treatment and been fine. I usually make sure they're covered from spring over summer though as that's the active seasons.

Pets at Home - 1st months subscription for flea treatment just 1p!!! £4 after that by direct debit per month
Posted 9th Jan 2018Posted 9th Jan 2018
Anyone who owns cats or dogs will definatly benefit from this. Choose the brand you want to subscribe to, add your animals to the subscription. Add code PENNY to get your 1st mont… Read more
Read More

good deal


don't worry, this person obviously hasn't looked up the ingredients in advantage. I too have used advantage for dogs, on my cats, for years. You just have to make sure you dose it correctly. fleascience.com/question/using-advantage-ii-for-dogs-on-cats/ Edit= I only know this to be true for advantage flea treatment. I have no clue on other medications and you should do your own research.


Not in advantage. Their recipe for the dog flea treatment is exactly the same as for cats. Google it.


is that true? I always use dog products for my cat - if tabs I cut them up if liquid reduce the amount. She's a tough old moggy but it seems to work for her.


https://www.viovet.co.uk/Advantage_Flea_Control/c39/?quick_find=110043&gclid=Cj0KCQiAkNfSBRCSARIsAL-u3X-V2v6FgWumuvmMu2SUguNNHLPY5-acmx2bBKViEyU8lR2mgG3lkYIaAmKNEALw_wcB this works out cheaper, you get 4 pellets for £8.99

VetUK BOGOF Deals Ends midnight 28/11/2017
Posted 28th Nov 2017Posted 28th Nov 2017
VetUK BOGOF Deals Ends midnight 28/11/2017
BOGOF items on VetUK. Ends tonight at midnight. Not sure how free postage is calculated but just got 4 packs of Advantage 400 for Dogs 4 Pipettes treatments for the price of 2 (To… Read more

Yay cheers...Bought a mass of flea stuff...it's doubled in the order. Spend over £30 I think it was for free delivery.


It's not BOGOF only their own product?


Free delivery if spending £10 of their own products


Brought some Advantage for the cats and dogs! Thanks heat added :)

BOGOF Flea Treatment for Pets (Advantage) £10 @ Petshop
Posted 25th Nov 2017Posted 25th Nov 2017
BOGOF Flea Treatment for Pets (Advantage) £10 @ Petshop
Usually £14+ from vets but it's £10 here. Then on BOGOF so £5 per pack!

Got mine today as well


recieved my order as promised.


I got a dispatch email today, so hopefully coming by the end of the week


Nothing here either..money taken,no products and they dont answer their emails...A shop to avoid in the future


Not received anything here, and my order status has not been updated since the day I ordered

Frontline for dogs at Amazon for £15.39 Prime (£18.38 non-Prime)
Posted 19th Nov 2017Posted 19th Nov 2017
Frontline for dogs at Amazon for £15.39 Prime (£18.38 non-Prime)
Frontline flea treatment for dogs prime deal so ime not sure who will benefit from this but it's a great deal

Oh and as for this using dig treatment on cats DONT, they're not the same thing a lot of them contain permethrin which is toxic to cats and can just kill them outright


Fipronil is useless don't waste your money you'll end up with an infestation. Get a prescription & buy Stronghold, fantastic stuff not too pricey and kills fleas and "internal" parasites too.


Yes, same stuff as advantage but with tick treatment as well.


Hey .MUFC., fancy seeing you here. We will get the message across, we will! (strong) Advocate is another great treatment, but also requires a Vet Prescription.


My dogs 8 years old now and always used this with no problems. You have just got to make sure you apply it correctly. Have a look on YouTube. Used to buy it from costco and then online. Bought two lots at this price. Cheapest I've ever seen

Frontline for cats. 6 pipettes £10.67 @ Amazon (prime members / P&P for non-Prime)
Posted 17th Nov 2017Posted 17th Nov 2017
Frontline for cats. 6 pipettes £10.67 @ Amazon (prime members / P&P for non-Prime)
Good price for 6 months worth. No doubt price will change quickly.
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This is Fipronil which is completely useless. Get to the vets & buy Stronghold it works properly Oh and stronghold also kills worms & other parasites too.


Seems someone lied to you about Catalonia not being Spain though (skeptical) And an educated guess says if the GHS gave you medication for an ape rather than a human you'd most likely get on your high horse about it (annoyed) You put that so eloquently, could not agree more, well said. As for people saying they finding it's not working for them, touch wood Frontline has always done us proud for mutts and moggies. The mutt was in the Burgenland region of Austria with me for three years and that manor is notorious for ticks, but with Frontline none of them ever hung around excuse the pun. And our cat has remained flea free for donkey's years with the feline pipettes so was more than happy to snap a few up at this price.


Another one here that found that Frontline stopped working. Switched to Advantage and that works.


Frontline doesn't work in my area. I bought Advocate but it has to be bought from the vet or with prescription. The vet charged me £62 for 3 pipettes plus added doubts by saying in front of my little girl that her year old kitten has heart murmur and should be x-rayed and blood-tested. Luckily I had prepared my girl for this by showing her that Advocate 3 pipettes cost only £21 if bought on the internet with prescription. The vet had refused to give us prescription on phone and insisted they wanted to do a checkup for flea-treatment. The kitten is active and as lovely as ever


I only said it so you were aware. I personally wouldn't do anything to risk my pets lives, but that's just me :/

Pet Flea Treatment BOGOF £10.08 @ Vet UK
Posted 9th Nov 2017Posted 9th Nov 2017
Pet Flea Treatment BOGOF £10.08 @ Vet UK
I recently discovered that VetUK has their own brand of spot-on flea treatment for cats and dogs but has the same active ingredient as Frontline, ie Fipronil and it works fine on o… Read more

I just looked on their site and it appears they’ve stopped the bogof offer for the cat spot-on, but the dog one is still on offer. Nevertheless it’s still a good price compared to Frontline and it’s free delivery if you spend £10+


Think I've missed it. It's not added the extra pack at checkout


If the prescription treatments you can get are a similar price to these from VetUK, then why not share your knowledge with the rest of the people here? Please tell everyone which spot-on treatment you use and where you can get it from at this low price.


Or you could get a prescription from your vet and use it to buy online for prescription strength spot-on treatments. They’re much more effective and just as cheap.


Good to know, passed on the news. The Large Dog variety is only in the 4 pipettes option at the moment, and is £14.32 https://www.vetuk.co.uk/flea-products-flea-treatments-vetuk-flea-and-tick-treatments-c-3_1348/vetuk-flea-and-tick-treatment-for-large-dogs-p-11092 "For dogs weighing over 40kg use 2 pipettes of 2.68ml." (which would apply to our pooch).

25% off when you buy 2 of any Advantage product @ Animed Direct
Posted 29th Sep 2017Posted 29th Sep 2017
25% off when you buy 2 of any Advantage product @ Animed Direct
Just went to buy my standard Advantage cat flea treatment from Animed direct and they have an offer on giving 25% off if you buy 2 of the same item Applies to any Advantage produc… Read more
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This is great as I get this for my three dogs & it’s a good discount. Thankyou for posting . Heat from me!

Advantage Spot on Flea Treatment for cats, dogs and rabbits - 3 packs of 4 pipettes each from £27.03 delivered. Dogs and others also available @ Petdrugstore
Posted 30th Jul 2017Posted 30th Jul 2017
Advantage Spot on Flea Treatment for cats, dogs and rabbits - 3 packs of 4 pipettes each from £27.03 delivered. Dogs and others also available @ Petdrugstore
I have seen people pay a fortune in vets for Advantage or FrontLine flea treatments. I found a cheaper alternative, order from Pet Drugs Online for under £10 a pack. Prices are: … Read more
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It's such a good job they don't allow people to buy entire bottles of bleach, instead making them buy single shot packs every time they need to clean the toilet. Most people are capable of maths & can read ingredients on boxes, this is just common bloody sense. Similarly to buying a large bottle of nicotine to make your e-liquid instead of a pre-made one to save money, you just do the math & treat potentially dangerous substances with the respect they deserve. As we're on a money saving oriented site, & what he's suggesting isn't actually dangerous provided you have the slightest modicum of common sense & can save a LOT of money long term, I think your reaction is way OTT.


FWIW 'we' are talking about both AND the OP is talking about both - and Rabbits :)


We were talking about cat's not dogs. They're much smaller animals with different anatomy. Good day to you also.


(lol) (lol) chill winston! I think there is a lot of scare mongering when it comes to these treatments. Yes there are accounts where dogs have had some serious negative side effects to these treatments. That being said, these things are far from accurately measured. I use advocate which is a prescription only treatment. My pug is classed as a large dog for these treatments. Large dog measurements range from 10-25kg.....that's a huge scale to worry about going a mil or so over or under if measuring.


I think the fact keep trying to insult me to make your point says it all. If you were really comfortable with what you were doing, you wouldn't feel the need. Good day to you too.

Indorex Flea Spray £5.99 / £9.94 delivered Dispatched from and sold by Animed Direct - Amazon
Posted 26th Jul 2017Posted 26th Jul 2017
Indorex Flea Spray £5.99 / £9.94 delivered Dispatched from and sold by Animed Direct - Amazon
Kills fleas and lice inside your home One treatment lasts 6 months Was £25.00 now £5.95 £5.99 including £3.95 delivery charge. - BargainMad

Offer is Back Online! (party)


This stuff works brilliantly, highly recommended.


click on get deal link then on right hand side of page you will see other sellers on amazon there is a seller there thats got it for £9.92 with free delivery


Indeed. I missed out the all-important 'not' from my additional comment .... apologies.


please note - £5.99 not incl. delivery, its excl. delivery.

frontline plus 25% off at petmeds
Posted 17th Mar 2017Posted 17th Mar 2017
frontline plus 25% off at petmeds
I got 6 months large dog for £29.99. Also free delivery if you spend over £29. Just in comparison the regular spot on would have cost me £30.99 delivered for 6 months.
Frontline Flea Spot On Cats x6 pack £17.49  (Prime) / £21.48 (non Prime) @ Amazon (£17 for x3 usually)
Posted 24th Nov 2016Posted 24th Nov 2016
Frontline Flea Spot On Cats x6 pack £17.49 (Prime) / £21.48 (non Prime) @ Amazon (£17 for x3 usually)
Frontline Flea Spot On Cats x6 pack £17.49 + free prime delivery. Amazon It's usually £17 for x3 so this is a great price for x6.

If people actually went to a local animal health merchant or countrysrore where they have a knowledgable animal health advisor then they would find that products do actually work(no good just treating the animal) and why buy an expensive brand name when there are generic alternatives.


In the past petfleas have been cheap, but this is currently nearer 20 pounds on there at the moment.


worked great at one time now fleas are use to it! advantage is better


This has stopped working on animals for a long time and petfleas.co.uk sell it cheaper with free postage too


Thanks for this. We buy this at Boots normally as it's cheaper than the vets!! Boots price is £30.99 for a pack of 6, so this is a bargain. Happy Days :D

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