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VetUK BOGOF Deals Ends midnight 28/11/2017
Found 28th Nov 2017Found 28th Nov 2017
BOGOF items on VetUK. Ends tonight at midnight. Not sure how free postage is calculated but just got 4 packs of Advantage 400 for Dogs 4 Pipettes treatments for the price of 2 (To… Read more

Yay cheers...Bought a mass of flea stuff...it's doubled in the order. Spend over £30 I think it was for free delivery.


It's not BOGOF only their own product?


Free delivery if spending £10 of their own products


Brought some Advantage for the cats and dogs! Thanks heat added :)

BOGOF Flea Treatment for Pets (Advantage) £10 @ Petshop
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
Usually £14+ from vets but it's £10 here. Then on BOGOF so £5 per pack!

Got mine today as well


recieved my order as promised.


I got a dispatch email today, so hopefully coming by the end of the week


Nothing here either..money taken,no products and they dont answer their emails...A shop to avoid in the future


Not received anything here, and my order status has not been updated since the day I ordered

Vet-Medic - 30% Off Advantage Flea treatment £7.62 / £10.61 delivered @ Vet-medic
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
Use this product all the time on my cat - works well. Best price I have seen on this product full stop! Looks like they also have deals on frontline as well but 30% off Advantage… Read more
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Many thanks, hope this is much better than frontline and bob martins :O HEAT ADDED :)


The difference in prices compared to the vets is frightening. Even paying for a prescription is worth it, I use Advocate for my cats, and it's half the price that i pay at the vet


Also use code: "MZ7R4BMH" for extra 10% off


Pet shop.co.uk really looks like a great deal still on any other day £7.62 is a bargain for advantage. Do we know anything about pet shop.co.uk?


This stuff is far better than Frontline ( as in it works lol ). Thanks :-)

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Advantage Spot on Flea Treatment for cats, dogs and rabbits - 3 packs of 4 pipettes each from £27.03 delivered. Dogs and others also available @ Petdrugstore
Found 30th Jul 2017Found 30th Jul 2017
I have seen people pay a fortune in vets for Advantage or FrontLine flea treatments. I found a cheaper alternative, order from Pet Drugs Online for under £10 a pack. Prices are: … Read more
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It's such a good job they don't allow people to buy entire bottles of bleach, instead making them buy single shot packs every time they need to clean the toilet. Most people are capable of maths & can read ingredients on boxes, this is just common bloody sense. Similarly to buying a large bottle of nicotine to make your e-liquid instead of a pre-made one to save money, you just do the math & treat potentially dangerous substances with the respect they deserve. As we're on a money saving oriented site, & what he's suggesting isn't actually dangerous provided you have the slightest modicum of common sense & can save a LOT of money long term, I think your reaction is way OTT.


FWIW 'we' are talking about both AND the OP is talking about both - and Rabbits :)


We were talking about cat's not dogs. They're much smaller animals with different anatomy. Good day to you also.


(lol) (lol) chill winston! I think there is a lot of scare mongering when it comes to these treatments. Yes there are accounts where dogs have had some serious negative side effects to these treatments. That being said, these things are far from accurately measured. I use advocate which is a prescription only treatment. My pug is classed as a large dog for these treatments. Large dog measurements range from 10-25kg.....that's a huge scale to worry about going a mil or so over or under if measuring.


I think the fact keep trying to insult me to make your point says it all. If you were really comfortable with what you were doing, you wouldn't feel the need. Good day to you too.

Indorex Flea Spray £5.99 / £9.94 delivered Dispatched from and sold by Animed Direct - Amazon
Found 26th Jul 2017Found 26th Jul 2017
Kills fleas and lice inside your home One treatment lasts 6 months Was £25.00 now £5.95 £5.99 including £3.95 delivery charge. - BargainMad

Offer is Back Online! (party)


This stuff works brilliantly, highly recommended.


click on get deal link then on right hand side of page you will see other sellers on amazon there is a seller there thats got it for £9.92 with free delivery


Indeed. I missed out the all-important 'not' from my additional comment .... apologies.


please note - £5.99 not incl. delivery, its excl. delivery.

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Frontline Flea Spot On Cats x6 pack £17.49  (Prime) / £21.48 (non Prime) @ Amazon (£17 for x3 usually)
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Frontline Flea Spot On Cats x6 pack £17.49 + free prime delivery. Amazon It's usually £17 for x3 so this is a great price for x6.

If people actually went to a local animal health merchant or countrysrore where they have a knowledgable animal health advisor then they would find that products do actually work(no good just treating the animal) and why buy an expensive brand name when there are generic alternatives.


In the past petfleas have been cheap, but this is currently nearer 20 pounds on there at the moment.


worked great at one time now fleas are use to it! advantage is better


This has stopped working on animals for a long time and petfleas.co.uk sell it cheaper with free postage too


Thanks for this. We buy this at Boots normally as it's cheaper than the vets!! Boots price is £30.99 for a pack of 6, so this is a bargain. Happy Days :D

Cat Flea treatment - FIPROtec Spot On Solution for Cats (6 Treatments) £9.58 Prime with 20% off voucher (plus £3.00 non prime)
Found 10th Oct 2016Found 10th Oct 2016
▶︎IMPORTANT- DO NOT USE ON RABBITS or YOUNG KITTENS◀︎ Lowest ever amazon price with the 20% off Voucher valid until Monday 17 Oct 2016 Six month+ supply for you feline friend - A… Read more

No unfortunatly not... I have just put through the order and it looks like i havent been charged postage anyway which is good.


I think you'll struggle to get less, do you know anyone who is Prime?


Any other cheaper alternatives for non prime members thats just as effective


Worth a read from the New York Times: http://mobile.nytimes.com/blogs/well/2014/09/29/vets-face-rising-worry-over-fleas/?referer=


Thanks, ordered.

Flea /Natural Pest Control / Red Mite Powder (DE) - £2.50 @ djcrit eBay :like Frontline Spot On Treatment
Found 1st Sep 2016Found 1st Sep 2016
I used this to control the fleas on my cats - as my cats seem to be immune to the the liquid drops I have been using and the fleas were getting out of control! I am very impressed… Read more

I just get someone to hold the cat so he does not run away and then just pinch some powder from the packet and rub it in to the skin (takes about 10 pinches) - a duster might be better but you need to get under the top layer of fur!


Thanks OP ordered Whats the best way of applying this to a long haired cat please? Should I buy a duster bottle?


Don't eat it or breathe large quantities of it but yes


Is it safe for humans?


Looks like a Lidl Lobster :)

Bob Martin SPOT ON FLEA & TICK TREATMENT - Cats & Dogs £1 instore @ Poundland
LocalLocalFound 23rd Aug 2016Found 23rd Aug 2016
BOB MARTIN SPOT ON FLEA & TICK TREATMENT treatment lasts up to 4 weeks had cats and dogs treatments available £1 instore at Poundland
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Awful stuff i can remember years back when my cat had a flea problem getting a right telling off from the vet when a stray one of these found it's way in to the box of flea treatment i'd been using on my cat when i took it in found it had a flea allergy, using the vet recommended stuff got rid of them for good


I'm all for a bargain but couldn't trust something for £1 on my pets


dannyb182 that was meant for.


Don't risk your pet's health using this horrendous stuff. As for the last comment, what a nasty piece of works you are. Pity someone couldn't use it on you.


I thought it was a reputable company because I've seen them on the telly. oO

Frontline Spot On for Cats Flea Treatment - 6 Pipette Pack Was £17.49 now £14.87 after 15% off with code. Free post and packaging @ blackcatmedicines online
Found 23rd Aug 2016Found 23rd Aug 2016
Frontline Spot On for Cats Flea Treatment - 6 Pipette Pack Was £17.49 now £14.87 after 15% off with code. Free post and packaging @ blackcatmedicines online Code for 15% off: bcm2… Read more
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​do you have the link for that please


I was looking for the Advantage 40 Spot On 4 pack which is £20.50 in Pets at Home but with the discount code is only £8.07 with Black Cat Medicines


How did you get it for that price?


Great price, the same product is £20.50 at Pets at Home, got it for £8.07 delivered! Thanks


Thanks n sorry for late reply.... Been away

Advantage Flea Treatment for Cats and Dogs From £7.99 @ Groupon
Found 17th Jul 2016Found 17th Jul 2016
Advantage Flea Treatment for Cats and Dogs from £7.99 for 4 pipettes at www.groupon.co.uk

Did it work on the cat also ??


​Not true. Fiprinol has always worked perfectly for me.


No point buying any over the counter flea treatment as it doesnt work. Better off getting the vet to precribe the stronger stuff.


Cheaper at a few online shops when delivery accounted. Actually quite expensive. I've never paid this much.


when you add delivery, cheaper elsewhere

Bob Martin flea collar for Dogs only 50p @ B&M
LocalLocalFound 16th Apr 2016Found 16th Apr 2016
Bob Martin flea collar.only 50p @B&M.Dated best before 7/2018 Never used on my dog before but thought id give a go. worth a shot @50p Bob Martin is a well known name in pet car… Read more
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if you guys want the best flea treatment for your dog or cat.. 1.. book them into vet for a advocate prescription (we pay around £7 per dog) 2.. make sure they fill it out correct! im sure the examination they have is valid for advocate for a year!! 3.. order advocate from petmeds online stating that the prescription is renuable once. 4.. send off prescription in post to there address stated at order point. (we scan and fax ours but they still need the original this just alows them to process our order) 5.. sit back and realise how much bloody money you just saved!!!!!! This has been a public service announcement.. no fleas were halmed during the writing of this post.


Please see facebook for some of the serious injuries and deaths caused by Bob Martin products! Flea collars operate by 'repelling' fleas meaning the minute you put one on... The fleas get off and relocate into the home.


Please don't use Bob Martin products. Can be fatal to some Cats and Dogs. I used to work in a Vets and I've seen it happen right in front of me


Yes there are warnings re using these products both the cat and dog ones .


Flea collars are rubbish. The fleas just migrate towards the back end of the dog away from the collar. They are also not pleasant for the dog and can cause skin irritation. Spot on type treatments that absorb into the skin work better but it's best to avoid altogether. My dogs have only had fleas once in ten years without been treated and that was due to the lodgers rats... Once I kicked her and the rats out fleas disappeared...

Bob Martin Flea and Tick Spot on for Large Dogs £1 in Poundland!!
LocalLocalFound 9th Apr 2016Found 9th Apr 2016
Bargain!!!! bought loads of these. This twin pack is£3-4 online in place like amazin ebay etc. Great deal for pet owners. They had spot on for puppies and cats too. Basingstoke sto… Read more

Frontline I have found to be the best with no problem


Ah the vet, who will charge you a small fortune for cheap products. I'm not saying you could use ANY dog treatment. And yet the Advantage 40 for small cats & small dogs has the same active ingredients as the Advantage 400. Oh & all the cats are still alive & have been for the past 4 years.|


Not sure about this product, but I looked at one for cats in Poundland, and it was a flea repellent, not flea killer.


Yes it can kill the cat


I agree with rholmes85, you should never use a dog flea treatment on a cat. Ask any vet. As regards to Bob Martin flea treatments, its a false economy. If you care about your cat (and your home), pay the extra for a GOOD brand, the results are almost instant. Then remember to treat your house, it isnt enough just to treat the cat/dog if they actually have fleas and you're not just being preventative.

Flix The Flea Steam Key Free @ Failmid (Save $2.99)
Found 11th Jan 2016Found 11th Jan 2016
FLIX THE FLEA is the high flying platformer from one-man game studio, Psychotic Psoftware. Flix is a flea who lives on a Dog, who lives on a space-exploring rocket-ship. While exp… Read more
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Just worked for me, cheers OP! Heat given


For this site I find the keys run out quick when the hour hits so get there about 30 seconds earlier and refresh it a couple of times and you should be grand.


Got one OP. voted hot too. Lots of idiots here voting cold on freebies!


Worked for me just now


which keeps saying "sold out" even if the hour has passed. so I mainly wait till tomorrow as they have them in stock then. might be just me, but it happens all the time on their site

Frontline and Advantage pet flea treatments from £9.10 @ Waitrose PET
Found 21st Dec 2015Found 21st Dec 2015
Waitrose Pet have around "50%" off on a range of flea treatments for dogs, rabbits, and cats. Includes Frontline and Advantage. Extra 10% off for repeat orders too. Also 6.06% off … Read more
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On Waitrose website it says free click and collect if order is over £30


Looks like you might not need a vet's prescription for the Advantage Cats spot on treatment either at Waitrose, which saves £15 or so, depending on how much your vet wants for writing one out.


You can do a free click and collect from any Waitrose store if you don't get up to the free delivery amount (£30)


8% cashback with Quidco with a 100% tracking score


You have a link ?

Vetkem Acclaim Flea Spray 500ml - Buy 1 get 1 Free £9.94 @ Animed +Free Delivery
Found 5th Aug 2015Found 5th Aug 2015
Sold by most vets, usually for around £14 a can. This deal works out at £4.97 per can with Free delivery. I've been using this product and retailer for years with no problems at al… Read more

Sorry just found it. Had to change to view full site on tablet. Thanks heat added


Can't see buy one get one free on the website. Put 2 into basket and total price is 19.88




Ordered thanks x


Rather get bitten by a flea than stung by the vets!

40% off Drontal & Advantage Flea and Worming Treatments from £9.89 / £1.49 plus £2.99 p&p @ monsterpetsupplies
Found 17th Mar 2015Found 17th Mar 2015
Drontal worming tablets kill every type of intestinal worm commonly found in the UK, whilst a monthly application of Advantage flea control kills fleas within 1 day of application … Read more
Banned Get dealGet deal

Admittedly I only checked the price of Advantage but that is the biggest seller of the items mentioned and Pet Supermarket at least are cheaper to start with and do free postage over £9.90 so this deal is actually far from hot for that...so I removed heat :)


Have to disagree. I looked at atleast half a dozen major sellers and none cheaper than this deal . Heat added OP . nice find :3


Seems to be same/similar prices as elsewhere

Bob martin Flea clear large dog 1 tube £1.75 @ Tesco instore
LocalLocalFound 16th Mar 2015Found 16th Mar 2015
was £7 so great deal Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Bob martin flea treatments are useless and vets say you shouldn't use them on your pets you are better off getting frontline or advantage from a pet store


the bob martin clear products have the same ingredients as frontline do according to the box. The older bob martins products in the yellow and red box used a different ingredients entirely and thiose where what were poisonous to cats. Still not tried the clear products though.


do not use bob martin products, can not understand how they can still be being sold. had a terrible experience when I used it on my cat, would never use any if their products ever again its poison. I use advantage and its fantastic. cold from me.


Do not use Bob Martin products EVER if you care for your animals even in the slightest! I have no idea why their dangerous products are still available for sale!!! Voted cold.


Dangerous and does not work. Bob Martin products should be banned

Advantage Flea treatment at Pedmeds.co.uk starting from £8.64 + £3.99 P&P £7.30 with discount and quidco when you buy 4, free delivery over £29  6% quidco cash back and 10% off
Found 29th Sep 2014Found 29th Sep 2014
Great offer for stocking up on Advantage flea treatment at pedmeds.co.uk starting from £7.30 for small cats and dogs and rabbits if you buy 4 using Quidco and discount code. Quidc… Read more
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This doesn't kill ticks which are rife this year, better off with effipro or frontline.


That's Good It is if just buying 1 or 2 but if you have a few pets then this is a good deal for stocking up. I got 2 large cat and 2 medium dog treatments for £31.01 delivered with the 10% discount and 6% cash back. So if you buy 4 small it works out at around £7.30 each or buy 3 of large (dog) works out £8.56 with discount and Quidco.


Cheaper at Animed Direct £9.10 for small, £9.40 for Large + free delivery.


If you order 4 packs (for free del) and take the discount/Quidco, this is a very competitive deal for this product. Have some heat.

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