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Every day, hundreds of thousands of UK travellers take to the skies, whether they are heading to New York for a shopping break, Frankfurt for business or the beaches of Cyprus to catch some sun. Hopefully, they are also travelling as cheaply as possible, but if not, this HotUKDeals buyer´s guide explains how to get the best flight deals around. Read more

Same. It sucks.


How long is the flight? My only issue with premium economy is that at 6'4", it's just like economy for people of average height


I've travelled this exact route with China Airlines. They are far better than any other Chinese airline, plenty of good food, flight attendants had great English and plenty of British/American things on the IFE. If i was off to OZ again i wouldn't hessitate to book this


I'm going to guess exit seats or bulkheads for toilets etc...


Isn't it called an oxymoron?

6 Nights For 2 Adults  Barcelona (Flights and Hotel) from Liverpool Airport / December 2018 via EasyJet - £259.30
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug

Cold. Probably get your luggage stolen at Liverpool.


Anyone purchasing this deal has to try this recommendation if they like cocktails: The best cocktails I have ever had in my life are at Boadas Cocteleria at La Rambla. The bar looks amazing and is preserved in 1930's decor but the cocktails are the best i've ever had and watching them make the cocktails would be comparable to watching Van Gogh paint Starry Night. I can't sing this bars praises enough!


Barcelona is a lovely city and i didn't find it any more expensive than our cities, Manchester for instance cost me £17 for a vodka and coke plus a bottle of cider, it all depends where you drink i guess but to me the prices there were acceptable and they gave generous portions of alcohol, food wasn't bad either ;) and maybe im just blind but i never saw a prostitute not that i was looking ofcourse


I agree don't stay on la rambla but we were near the magic fountains and that end of town was fine, no trouble at all. You can pay €6 to €8 for a pint on la rambla but where we were (only 20 mins walk away/5 minutes on the metro) it was around €3 to €4. If you want to drink on the cheap our hotel was right next to a supermarket and the wine prices were unbelievable - most wines including cava between €1 to €3 a bottle!


If you're going with kids a good place to go for a drink is the hidden fairy bar (el bosc de les fades) - it's near the bottom of la rambla on the left down a side street, google it and have a look, really cool place (y) Also a cheap day / half day out is Cosmo Caixa (science museum) - we were €4 to get in and kids under a certain age (10 I think) get in free - lots of interactive hands-on stuff to keep kids entertained :)

Direct Return Florida Flights £199 w/code (September dates) // Two adults and Two children Return Florida flights £160 per person @ Tui
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug

Am.wondering if I can get time off to go visit my family in Daytona. Mum says it's been a v quiet hurricane season this year. Weather seen a bit stormy, but nowhere near as bad a last year.


Third week of June. Nipped over for 1 week, covered around 2000 miles, then flew back. Not a theme park in sight as I’d done them 7 months earlier. Paid £296 and £239 for my last two flights before luggage/seat upgrades. The icing on the cake for the last one was that we got compensation for the flight delay on our outward journey. Flights ended up being free :)


Thats just bad parenting, you should know that the sugar count in coco pops is unhealthy. Leave them green bananas, should last them the week without going bad


These flights are cheap for a very good reason... it's during the peak of hurricane season.


I was there last September and landed the day before Irma. America is well built and can handle these types of disasters, that said it is a scary experience!

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Return Flights to Florida / Cancun / Cuba / Dominican Republic £249 @ Tui
31/08/2018Expires on 31/08/2018Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
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Come with me Chanchi and we can go on a nude vacation together !


I spent 2 months this year travelling around Asia after a TUI flight to Phuket with a 5 kgs carry on rucksack. First, they do not weigh the bag on the outward journey only on the return. The flight was so cheap I just used it as a one way flight out there and travelled back with a different carrier. You just go through security straight to the departure terminal where they scan your ticket at the desk as you board. Even with this advantage I only took the 5 kgs as T shirts, laundry and everything else you need costs very little in Asia. You can get a kilo of clothing washed and ironed for 70 p-£1. In fact I found not lugging a great big suitcase around filled with stuff I did not need an advantage. Great deals heat added.


I'm a naturist !


It's gone back up by £50 today. Bought it yesterday result.


If someone wants to buy a holiday package it is worth to check it also. Really good prices for one and two weeks holiday in mentioned destinations.


Between 17-19 degrees, we have been to Portugal in November 2017 and February 2018 and it is Still t-shirt weather in day time and if you stay at the right places you should still have places to drink and eat opened. We are going again secondweek in December!


least there wont be any bush fires


Great!!!!! thanks for sharing!!


Fabulous deal.


Warmer than here but not very warm. Outside their season so many restaurants will be shut. I've been to the Algarve in November and enjoyed it but it wasnt easy finding places to eat.

Uk to Malta/ Sardinia £29 @ Air Malta
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
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Arghhh great not going from London Luton... (annoyed) always better offers from other airport


went for a long weekend to sardinia cagliari earlier in the year, had a really nice time


Seems good deal though not tried it. Malta is lovely


You're right...I can't find any at that price either!


They said in their ad from Gatwick is £44 but couldn't find that. Southend is too far away.

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Check hotel prices BEFORE booking flights. Accommodation is often expensive.


The sea isn't too cold in the winter, it's as warm as the uk gets in the summer and is warmer than unheated pools. I had a good hour in the sea on Christmas day in Tenerife and there was loads of people swimming including kids to.


These flights are awesome but the accomodation prices are extortionate. Im coming home next week from tenerife and looking to book for my next trip, but im loathed to be paying the over inflated prices being quoted..my search continues.


We try our best to go to Lanzarote in Dec for a few days. Usually go Dec9-14th water freezing however daytime temps are usually between 19c-24c .Lovely to be sitting outside eating in Dec.


Yep, nice according to the Met Office you're looking at temperatures from 21-24 C .. not bad! https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/holiday-weather/europe/canary-islands

Parrot Anafi 'Follow Me' & 'Flight Plan' Add-Ons for 99p @ Parrot UK (in-app purchase)
06/09/2018Expires on 06/09/2018LocalLocalFound 13th AugFound 13th Aug
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So you fork out £630 for the drone, and Parrot are still trying to squeeze more money out of you by making you pay for app features. Nice.


The Anafi is Parrot's answer to the DJI Mavic Pro. It's £630 price tag is closer to the £700 Mavic Air, but the spec is comparable to the £800 Mavic Pro's . What you don't get with the Anafi is the software, as they've made features the Mavic's include, as software DLC for their drone (you have to make money somewhere!). If you're thinking of getting a drone and the Anafi is more your budget, then getting the software for under £1 is a bargain as it's normally £17.99. There's a nice Mavic Air vs Anafi video here that will give you a taste:

5* Las Vegas getaway from £534pp - incl. 5nts Vdara Hotel & Spa and direct Virgin flights @ Holiday pirates
01/12/2018Starts at 01/12/201831/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
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Went for the first time in 2014 as a one-off, you know, a cross it off the bucket list type thing. Next June will be my 8th time since then. :D


This. Hoping to go for the 11th time next summer. Love the place. Just hoping that the exchange rate doesn't plummet any further come next March.


If you’ve been to Vegas you know resort fees have to be paid and no travel agents include them in there prices it’s just a little note in the terms. Not the best price I’ve ever seen especially for time of year but heat anyway cos it’s a cheap enough getaway with direct flights.




Once in Vegas, it can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it to be but if you are worried about $200 resort fees, Vegas probably isnt for you.


The flights are the only issue for me - I love Budapest, but I know that there are usually 2 later flights that flight into Stansted from Budapest daily. I'd rather pay a bit more for a lovely Airbnb and see the city instead of trying to work out how to get to the airport for 4 in the morning.


Thats how they get your click! (lol)


The title doesn't mention the location lol


Went last Christmas, really enjoyed it. Just don't turn up to these places sucking your thumb and do your research before hand. Anyone that complains about a location they haven't been to, are only trying to justify not going to themselves.


I think the Christmas market starts last week of November so won’t be on


They also don't show you how big the beach is after a hurricane.


Could not agree more. I was climbing the walls after a couple of days.


I don't go on vacation, I go on holiday! If you'd been to the places I'd mentioned you'd know what I mean.


WOW! They dont show these pictures in the brochures ;)


Totally agree, long haul Benidorm all the way. Has exactly the same conversation with the other half when we came back last week. Don't forget the other highlights. Everybody tatted up, drinking sugary cocktails all day. All inclusive food, more of the same every day, 6 plates worth - what great value for money! Very friendly staff, who are even friendlier to the americans and Mexicans, who tip them for every drink and therefore they ignore everybody else. Great TUI club entertainment, for anybody who spent the last 25 years in a prison. Mexican Elvis was the worst of these... Don't forget the weekenders. particularly the young americans - under 21 year olds who start drinking at 10am only to be extracted by security at midday....The trips were good but a rip off..... Nice blue skies, blues seas, palm trees and yellow sand. Lovely. Shame about the seaweed......


room showing for 300 for me..the flight includes no added extra as well. Still hot


Booked this thank you .......my hotel was £149 though cos i dont have “genius status” on bookng.com !


Ryan Air are good as long as you don't have any problems with them, if your flight gets cancelled that's when the fun starts. Our flights in December got cancelled due to snow and the best we could get from Ryan Air was our money back. No chance of them re-booking on another flight of their own , never mind anyone else's. They even gave us the compulsory copy of EU rules in French , hoping we wouldn't understand it. Queued for 4 hours at the airport only to be told you have to re-book online and when we got online they hadn't updated our flights to cancelled and didn't do so for around 8 hours and when we could re book said everything was fully booked for the next 7 days. Tried Chat / phone but they'd only direct you back to the website when they should have found us flights with another airline. Holiday had to be scrapped and my insurance ended up paying for a replacement later in the year.




Can be decent, but then again could be wet.

Return flights to Orlando International from Gatwick in November! - £352.06 @ Virgin Atlantic
07/11/2018Starts at 07/11/201821/11/2018Expires on 21/11/2018Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug

Does anyone have an idea what month they usually have a sale. I'm looking to book for the end of April 2019 for six adults. The price is £546.40 per person at the moment Economy Class I don't know if this will rise so panicking whether to book or wait.


never though about a VA credit card but suppose as you say all adds up that was a great price for UC


We use our air miles to upgrade to PE or upper class. Using the credit card, Tesco club card points and virgins shopsaway site. It soon adds up! We Paif £400 for base ticket, then used air miles and paid £120 for premium. Best ever was using my air miles for upper class to get a return fare for £480!!! Just beaware as when you upgrade with air miles you only get the original cabins air miles for the flight. Not sure the points on the uograde bid system as never used it :)


At least we are going! Something to be glad about :)


been tempted to go norwegian but prefer scheduled, wanting to book virgin as have free tickets into clubhouse, which is where luxury ends for me, but looking for a good deal with PE with virgin as there seat width is very generous


We had our first Ryanair flights a few weeks back and all was good, I’ve never wanted to use them but the flights were £560 for 4 of us and the next cheapest was EasyJet which was almost £1k! Everything went fine, although the clientele on the plane left a lot to be desired!


O'Leary is the robber barons of the skys. Cheap maybe but when they cancel flights as and when they feel. Leaving you stuck in a foreign country without a paddle.


This has been said for years but it never happens, O'Leary said ryanair are cheap people will use us i'm not worried and he was right and any bad news about ryanair seems to get them more customers not less.


This is true the amount of people i know always look on ryanair & easy jet because they think it's cheaper but 9 times out of ten i find british airways, iberia & norwegian cheaper with much better flight times and i dont need to fly out of the hole that's stansted airport.


Just announced on the news Ryanair are cancelling 1 in 6 of their flights tomorrow 10/08/18.


Arrrgh! Just booking them as the price went up, extra £200! Gutted


https://www.google.com/flights/#flt=/m/04jpl.LAX.2018-09-19*LAX./m/04jpl.2018-09-26;c:GBP;e:1;sd:1;t:f very quick search. its the going rate if you book more than a month out. probably not during the school holidays though :)


I've just got back from LA, and there were no flights anywhere near that price, both from Manchester or London


If you're in manchester I'd agree, but there are plenty of folks in the midlands for whom getting to either airport on public transport is a bit of a mission..


with the train fairs (return £260, although from £12 to london plus the heathrow express fee) and unreliability off getting trains from up north, then a hotel and or extra time added to ensure you get the flight and home then this is a good deal..

Emirates Flights 5% Off
31/08/2018Expires on 31/08/2018Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
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I think the difference is that Turkish Airlines is not marketed as a premium service airline with matching prices so when things go wrong you would expect the more expensive premium airline to offer a better service. I did not even get an apology for the twenty four hour I had with Emirates and was consistently lied to along with other customers!


Try Turkish Airlines when things go wrong. The treatment you get from Emirates will feel like royalty, compared to Turkish.


Over £300 difference if flying from Edinburgh as compared to Glasgow. Looked at the price with and without code but not seeing any difference.


Went in Ramadan in July 15 .very hot and humid but had beach pretty much to ourselves,although bars and restaurants were shut until 7. Emirates flights were spot on


Prices are normally reduced near the Ramadan Period but are still showing in excess of £1000 for two people flying from Glasgow/Edinburgh to Dubai even using the code. Looking to go before or after Ramadan.


Go with Europcar seperate from this, just take the standard policy and the only thing not covered is breakdown.


Hurricane season remember


i have stayed at this hotel for the past 4 years..very budget friendly and great


Less overall but more expensive per person. Think you could get the same deal but for two at a little over £1000


There's a few around that price but this was specifically off https://www.americanattractions.co.uk/orlando-combination-ticket-packages


Same dates but from Manchester is only £260pp


£1283 for 2 weeks in Clarion Inn on 31st Aug for 2 adults and 2 kids.


Anyone who thinks these planes are a dream need a reality check, how they are allowed to use that name is a mystery to me. Cramped narrow seats.


Shame. Thought I could get individual one way flights....£160 heading out on 31st but £270 return on 7th even though return shows as £150 if returning after 2weeks


Nope, it's a 2 week deal

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