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Every day, hundreds of thousands of UK travellers take to the skies, whether they are heading to New York for a shopping break, Frankfurt for business or the beaches of Cyprus to catch some sun. Hopefully, they are also travelling as cheaply as possible, but if not, this HotUKDeals buyer´s guide explains how to get the best flight deals around. Read more

Accommodation is a job for next week! I'm looking to stay at a couple of different islands so will check air bnb or similar websites for places first. Not fussed about hotels or resorts.


Tempting. Only accommodation that's within my budget and looks good has no reviews.


did you find decent accomadation


Hot hot hot!!!


Great price (y)


It is not really £19 return for members, is it?


Yes, weather dependent. I went early February and saw them most nights (y)


Northern lights?


Have a look at the Wizz Air reviews. They are a shocking airline, if this flight was free I would vote cold as they will scam money out of you at the airport somehow. If your over 6ft 3, forget about fitting in the seats, you will need the extra leg room (normal size) seats.


Check tripad and other sites. Its always cheapest to buy your own stuff in local supermarkets.

From London: Toronto, Niagara Falls and The Rockies Trip Inc Flights, Accommodation, Car Hire & Camper Van Rental £993.25pp
30/04/2019Expires on 30/04/2019Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
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The poster clearly meant Niagara as in the tacky town at Niagara Falls.


Yeah pretty much this, I've never been to Toronto so couldn't comment on it, just my observations from staying near Niagara Falls for a few days. It's the general area around Niagara falls I was referring to. Having said that it did look like there was opportunities for walking further afield if that's your bag.


The public transport is also good and surprisingly affordable compared to London.


Thanks for that I'm planning on doing something similar next year but I don't drive so it's good to know transport is good


Thank you for this, north vancouver island says 90% chance of whales. And DH fancies boat trip around tofino trying to see bears. would hiring a car and staying in b&bs be better than motorhome for 5 of us? Given we have never driven one before? But loving the idea of the motorhome! dont think we will stay in vancouver city but try to head straight for the island thanks for the warning. We have max 16 d to get back to Newcastle


Ugly, hollow city built by slaves on a culture of oppression. There is nothing to be seen here.


Spent a couple of weeks in dubai for a wedding and to visit family (for the first time) . Outside of the tourist / hotel life which will cocoon you from reality - this place is my literal version of hell on earth. Corrupt, seedy, sinful and obscene. Everything is about money there, and surprising alot of what you see is on credit (its not true wealth like abu dhabi). On a side note - I still haven’t got over the almost £200 i spent on the first night just buying burger, chips, a drink and some cake for four people from the Cheesecake Factory. But..i know a good deal when i see one so i vote hot for the comparative travel cost and wont let my judgement of the hellhole cloud it.


British airways use Belgium airlines and the reviews are not good


Spent a grand in a week (cheeky) 2 adult 1 child but in that we did all the activities and going out to eat every night more or less


Stayed there in 2017 had the view to the cinema and the new wheel fantastic hotel and it's a stone's throw from the beach :)


good advice. I would that add that buying park tickets in advance generally does normally save a fortune compared to gate prices.


Thank You, I will have a look at how that works out for us


You sound like a true Dibber! Good luck and have a great time. (y)


So a broad and sweeping generalisation replaced by the experience of one person.... That's logical


Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. Hollywood studios possibly. Wouldn't bother with Universal at that age.

From Liverpool: Prague & Krakow Trip, including flights, overnight train and central accommodation £141.19pp @ Ebookers
28/02/2019Expires on 28/02/2019Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan





True. I'd never get out of the plane and my first thought would be "oh, that was a lovely flight, I need to share this experience now on TrustPilot"


In fairness most people only post on Trust Pilot when then have a complaint.


Pop over to Trust Pilot and read the 2,539 one star reviews. 69% of the respondents gave it ONE STAR. I could certainly add another horror story but 69% make the point adequately.


Doesn’t that work out about £30


Im not sure what you mean? I can take my holiday any time I feel like...


Cold because it’s err, cold




Does this actually include seats, or would I have to sit on the floor at the rear of the plane?

£25 off Flights £80 off Flights+Hotel Bookings with Code @ Opodo
25/01/2019Expires on 25/01/2019Found 16th JanFound 16th Jan
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This is so true. Opodo (and other travel agents) will quickly recoup those £25 when you need to make changes: Processing the modification or cancellation of a booking: TWENTY FIVE POUNDS (£25) per person and journey cancelled or modified Processing tax refunds for any reason (including IATA refunds): TWENTY FIVE POUNDS (£25) Processing refundable tickets for any reason: TWENTY FIVE POUNDS (£25)


Do not use Opodo if you are flying with different airlines on connecting flights, it is a complete gamble if your bag will be transferred to your connecting flight or if you have to pick it up and re-check it.


Only use travel agents if you are almost 100% certain that your plan will not change.


I'm sure I've said this a few times by now, but Opodo in my opinion are one of the worst to deal with. Just a personal opinion, I would always avoid Opodo and associated companies (edreams for example).

From London: Direct Flights to Cape Town £309.98 @ Thomas Cook Airlines
31/01/2019Expires on 31/01/2019Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
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This is an incredible bargain. Well, my profile pic says it all. We are planning on going back this time next year to visit friends and family so I just hope we can get as good but unlikely!


I've been watching prices for South Africa flights since before Xmas and direct, they have never dropped this low, cheapest I has seen them before today was £399. Jo'burg is always a little cheaper.


Was lucky enough to be invited out to Cape Town on business a couple of years ago, but was only there for a few days. Amazing place and not at all what I had expected. It’s probably fair to say that you need to visit Jo’burg or Durban to witness the real South Africa though. Like many if I had the time available I’d be all over this, it’s a great price.(y)


South Africa has never appealed to me but great find for those that do. Perhaps I'm missing out. Flew Thomas Cook to New York last year and they were excellent. James Martin meal going out was very tasty which was more than you could say for the return offering, which seems to be the norm from all the airlines we've returned with from the states.


Hot weather, cheap food and drink, just wish I had those dates free. I would even have free accommodation from friends.


No it's the actual route on the flight map. Apparently it picks up people at the stops to reduce the fuel costs... Kindest regards


Had a flight and half an hour later I was ready for another...


LHR to DXB to LAX then SYD? One hell of a detour.Surely that's a mistake? I'm off in three weeks to the North Island so up to Warkworth then the Bay of Islands and then Rotorua before heading off to SYD and Tassie. Any suggestions for must do's in the the North Island?




Appears that this flight is not direct as stated. There are two stops for refuelling, occasionally three. One will be DXB, then LAX and they'll often stop in Sydney too for a quick break. Explains the cheap fare. Hope that helps. Kindest regards


Only gives options for childrens ages up to 5 ?


It's only cheaper without park hopping for a 7 day ticket and park hopping is well worth the extra £30 or so (and if you're staying 2 weeks you get the extra 7 days free).




We got 2 weeks for family of 5 to Disney and universal all park tickets for £2300 with the memory maker and q jump n early park opening etc, all covered by ATOL and paid slowly over a year since booking. I’d be surprised for these companies would save much than going direct through virgin and if the saving is worth it.


My kids are never off sick and I can’t afford the extra 3k it would cost during school holidays and as a 1 off them missing 2 weeks really won’t hurt them, my kids schools have no issue with me taking them I asked them before booking and as a one off there attendance is still good and also during school holidays weather is terrible and I’d struggle to get the holidays so your comment is pointless. A normal cheap med holiday will always be during school but a 1 off like this that’s gonna cost 10k with park tickets and spending. I’d rather save 3/4K and go during a better season than the school holidays.


Absolutely do not do it. I did it last year. £240 return. They changed the day of my return flight a month before then the day before returning, cancelled the flight. Flights to NY JFK are cheap all year pretty much. I’ve just got return flights from Manchester with Virgin for £260 in May, same price in June and July too. Stupid post this


Would love to go, but need to sort a Visa out first. I just don't know how long that would take, as I'd have to find the time to get to the embassy in London.


Needless to say everybody use Sat Nav now a days. While using the Sat Nav the Uber Driver lost at least 3 times in the way to Stewart airport.


Uber guys I used in NYC all had Sat Nav but even that isn’t idiot proof


Stewart Airport is not very known to the locals, even the Uber drivers. I have returned from Woodside, Queens to Stewart airport through an Uber, the driver got lost many times on the way to the airport and the journey took nearly 3 hours on a Friday evening. I had to pay $216 as the driver firstly told $100 and then later on when we got in with our luggage's he said he could not do the transfer less than $216. With my wife and 3 years old boy I had to consider the Uber fare. Later on I have checked the fare from my post code which was showing $197 ;( The return air fare from Edinburgh to Stewart was £209 for adult & £139 for the kids.However, I would rather fly to JFK instead of taking all the hassles again.


I forgot this is HotLONDONdeals


The problem with 'almost direct' flights is that, although you may just make it by running from one end of huge Schipol terminal to another, it is very likely, with slightest delay, that your luggage will end up actually taking a 18-hour layover in Amsterdam :) Happened to me, luckily I was returning home so it was not a great problem having bags delivered the next day. Nice price though


He was 'almost' able to spell Johannesburg aswell


Can fly direct with Virgin for £394 https://www.skyscanner.net/transport/flights/lond/jnba/190207/190214/?adultsv2=1&childrenv2=&cabinclass=economy&rtn=1&preferdirects=false&outboundaltsenabled=false&inboundaltsenabled=false&qp_prevProvider=ins_month&qp_prevCurrency=GBP&qp_prevPrice=380&priceSourceId=taps-taps&priceTrace=201901131645*I*LHR*JNB*20190207*flsh*KL|201901131645*I*JNB*LHR*20190214*flsh*AF#results


Yes. I booked a seat a row behind 1st class


Make sure you clear cookies each time you check the prices.. ..the sites remember you which will increase the prices.. .same as travel agent sites x


I supposed it depends on the route. Well done for getting a good deal.


No worries Steve ,my flights I've been watching from December and they went up by £3 each flight too .I just got £40 off mine 8) .


I am not sure how much of a sale it really is though. I was looking at flights earlier in the week and they all seem to have shot up in price since they announced the 10% sale.


Yes its all inclusive so food and local drinks are included. Free drinks are 0800 to 2200 ( unusually early finish ) But the hotel looks very poor for an all-inclusive ( the rooms look OK , but everything else looks like 2 star standard). The small pool area is surrounded by high buildings so will be shaded for much of the day . The restaurant looks like a canteen . its definitely not what you would expect for 4 star all-inclusive.


Is food included in deal?


Which airline


Good effort. Cheers


Misses school hols of course

Flights to Lanzarote for £5 one way @ Ryanair
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
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I've flown with them, had limited issues but disgusted by O'Leary's comments in the media and by the way passengers were treated during and after the strikes. Even when the CAA rule he's in the wrong and needs to treat customers fairly he still refuses. Although it didn't impact me personally I stand by all those whose holidays were ruined by his greed.


Nope. I've flown with them, and never had an issue. Treat the journey like the budget journey it is, and don't bitch about customer service not being at BA levels. Saying that, BA don't have a lot to boast about either. If Ryanair were a British company and Michael O'Leary had a British passport, he would have been sitting on the Queen's knee years ago, with his own editorial column in the Sun and Daily Mail. Anyway, this is a great deal, so voting hot.


Thanks for the effort you put into this, some people do not bother to spend 10 seconds in finding a deal, instead they are voting cold. Ryanair is a budget airline and this is how it should be treated, don't expect champagne when you pay for orange juice. Thanks to them, I still can go in holiday, after Monarch collapsed, not many choices for those far away from London.


No it's definitely the company or more directly it's CEO


Just checked! All sold out!


Anyone seen the film 'Hostel'?


They always have lockers.... and reception will usually also look after stuff. I always stay in hostels. I’ve been in many in the UK.... in Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. (I’m not a youngster, by any means!!). They’re always friendly places.. often full of youngsters (whose presence can recharge your batteries with their enthusiasm)...but also many middle-aged and elderly folk.... and small families too. For me, personally, a hotel is a little self-indulgent.... a bit too much like being pampered in a world full of need. But that’s a personal view... and I respect other opinions on the subject. I’m seriously considering this as an exciting break. Taking my cameras. A photo-expedition!


Bloke called Adolf tried a similar tour in 1939... took him a lot longer and it all ended in tears. Seriously though, take sheets too as there are a lot of bed bug reports at hostels


We would love to do this with our two boys, any top tips/ places to stay? Thanks!!


Didn't you know @shrew_dude that Brexit will mean will not be able to travel anywhere in Europe ever. (lol) (lol) (lol)


What. Dreams are made. Of!




I had a cracking deal 2 years ago to Avoriaz, 3 of us went there for £250 each including a weeks ski passes and staying in Crozats apartments with Crystal ski, the conditions weren't too good the week prior, but they had a snowstorm a couple of days before going, then just blue sky days for a week.




id happily drive that for the price!


Green motion its one of them.


Good deal for anyone in the south nice place and friendly people.


Did you ever consider a private annual policy that covers you in Europe too. I do it each year only costs me about £35.


I paid similar, but added the extra cover. Came to roughly £50 for the week, but includes peace of mind.


I know that are companies with excess insurance... I wish you luck to get money back in case of claim. My one colleague fought with them 9-10 months for his money, after tents of phones calls and emails with ridiculous requirements and every time when he solved one requirement they made up another. Of course after few months he got his money but I do not know it was worth to save 80£ and have headache after holiday (he claimed 400-500£) About luggage I meant of course one for two but still with return it will be 40-50£ extra.

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