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Philips Sonicare AirFloss Ultra HX8438 / 03 - £52.23 delivered at Amazon France
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th AprShipping from FranceShipping from France
On the lookout for another airfloss, found this deal. The best price on amazon uk was £75, so for around £51 delivered using a fee free card, looks a very good deal. Have a love/… Read more

I bought one of this while back and returned it. Thus is as far as I can see is the same model. It sends puffs air and there is a reservoir that takes tiny amount of liquid and its vaporised into the puff of air. Liquid ones I mentioned have a large reservoir of water and continuously send the jet of powerful water through the small hole nuzzle and water jet either pushes through the gaps in the teeth and dislodge foods or as it hits the surface of the teeth it dislodge the bacteria. S


This is a water floss type


I owned a Philips airfloss for many years until the hinge on the inlet for water finally gave out. Tried one of the £15 Amazon specials and find that the irrigation is just as good but the device is more fiddly to use. It's down to preference but I'd by the Phillips and pay the extra any day. It feels more solid, is more compact and the water jet feels more powerful.


Not as good as water floss type, also this one still needs a small amount of water to work.


Also interested to know this have a cheap 1 from Amazon that to be fair works pretty well but would happily pay more if the performance was genuinely better

Waterpik WP-662UK Ultra Professional Water Dental Flosser All Colours (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug) £50.99 Amazon
TODAYTODAYPosted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
On sale for 7 days, available in all colours. Had my eye on this and it just dropped today :) Free delivery with Prime.

You don't seem to know what recommended flossing is. It's not using floss that you buy in a supermarket. It's using interdental brushes that a water flosser will never be as good as. I got told this by a dentist.


Like I said, try to get an actual good one. I had a Waterpik one and yes it was crap, probably because they don't want to risk "hurting" people with too much high pressure. Also depends highly on the attachment you use. You need a thin pointed one, like a pressure washer, not a blunt one with a large outlet. Absolutely no idea how anyone can say manual flossing is better. These actually blast/remove crap from your teeth whereas manual flossing is sliding it around and up your gum line.


I have the Waterpic like this, much faster than flossing but I doubt it is as good as flossing. You are more inclined to do it for this reason and mess.


These are good if you cannot floss manually, or do not know how to do so Some people cannot physically fit floss between their teeth either due to tightness


Dentists don't have friends but these are garbage judging from comments.

ATMOKO Cordless Electric Water Flosser w/ 8 tips, 28 day battery £18.99 using code Sold by PIETIC DIRECT and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
The cheapest price this has been when using the code, according to the camels :) Apply the promotional offer on the page or use the code HPZOS6E5 at checkout to get the reduce… Read more

I've been using similiar for years, they easily blast away food particles and plaque. It takes a bit of practise to be able to use it properly, if you end up drenched first time then you need to refine your technique lol.


I've got a similar one, does the job, use in the shower.


They do a superb job, but you have to use them correctly and twice daily.


I don't think they do a good job. Had one and returned. Flossing with tape is the best way!!


I’ve used one for about a year, they’re pretty powerful, does the job really well, USB charging last long etc. The problem is that black mould started to grow in the water tank and it is not easy to clean it completely. I bought another with a completely reachable water tank but that new one is sadly not as powerful as these. FYI I cleaned the mould and disinfected it but it was only a matter of weeks or so that it came back. So binned it, on a previous post other users suggested to use it as a mini pressure washer after seeing the mould but I didn’t want to spray mould spores all over the place.

Panasonic EW-DJ10 Compact Dental Oral Irrigator £20.51 UK Mainland Sold by Amazon EU @ Amazon
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Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
Panasonic's EW-DJ10 Compact Dental Oral Irrigator at close to lowest historical price. Achieve better gum health in conjunction with traditional flossing Gentle and Effective f… Read more

Yeah... A while back our woodies sussed out it's best not to poop on the bird table next to the food. Saved me cleaning so it was a welcome change out of nowhere. It was going so well for almost a month or two and then some fledglings did it so everyone followed suit and pooped twice as much. Now there's poop all over the bird table, poop in the saucers and poop all over our paving. It brushes off easy on hot days but does stain the slabs.


Warm water definitely recommended. And up close against the teeth gaps. Your gums aren't used to it so may bleed or sting until they toughen up.


Don't talk to me about pigeons. Brstrdzz keep crapping from the three tall trees at the back of the garden on to the paved area. Looks like they have crpped an entire supermarket. Needs jetwashing every 2 weeks. Need to find a solution, maybe I should hydro floss in the garden to scare them.


I'm starting to warm up to it. I think my initial impressions were a bit "is this any better than a rinse?" but I'm liking it more since I started using warm water (cold was uncomfortable) and started put the tip directly against the gum crevices between teeth instead of a centimetre away. My mouth does feel cleaner after I use it even if there was no obvious debris. I've had some problems keeping the jet in my mouth since my other half keeps cracking jokes from the other room whilst I use it. It really makes a mess if I lose my composure. It completely sprayed the wall and window yesterday before I was able to power it down. I've got some rechargeable AAs - it's chewed through included alkalines because of the novelty of the new gadget I've been cleaning several times a day. Packs more a punch on a fresh charge it seems. What's really made a massive difference is that I also opted to replace my decade old (not joking) Oral B electric with the previously posted Oral Pro 2 2500 deal this week. I'd say now the two seem to be good purchases. Though I might not retire my usual salt water rinse just yet. As for the birds we get a ton of wood pigeons and they vary from very timid and spooked by any noise like the irrigator... to ones that clearly aren't timid whatsoever and start doing nasty stuff directly outside the kitchen window :| .


Deal expired. Cost back over £30

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Waterpik WP-660UK Ultra Professional Water Flosser, White Edition (UK 2-Pin Bathroom Plug) £50.99 at Amazon
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Posted 8th MarPosted 8th Mar
Deal of the Day amazing price for the unit (I bought the one full price ;( ) white and black versions are the same price!

Thanks for posting and welcome to hotukdeals @Ivvonki Shame it went up in price


Great thanks @quetta124 (y)


Does this work if your teeth have 0.1mm gap...I can't seem to floss my teeth as simply no gap...


It wont let me add link. Go to ali express website and search 'Water Dental Flosser Faucet Oral Irrigator'. It will appear in the list.


@quetta124 do you have a link for that one looks great

Anjou portable dental water irrigator 3 Modes /4 Jet Tips, IPX7 USB Rechargeable £24.99 with code @ Sunvalleytek-UK Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Anjou portable dental water irrigator 3 Modes /4 Jet Tips, IPX7 USB Rechargeable £24.99 with code @ Sunvalleytek-UK Fulfilled by Amazon£24.99£3017% offAmazon Deals
Sold by SunnyValleyTek UK Choose to Apply the 6£ voucher Brings the price down to 24.99 Free delivery Fulfilled by Amazon

I have this and agree with most comments. It can be a bit harsh on the gums, but I do still use it weekly. With practice, you can use it over the sink without decorating the ceiling!


This brand seems cheaper, https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07PDDQQTT/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1D0AWXV2751LL&psc=1


Got the older model of this last year. Still use it on my teeth!! Use in the shower, it goes everywhere but I think it's great as I can't get inter dental brushes between my teeth.


I got one at Xmas, and gave it away as it was utter rubbish. Sticking to interdental brushes.


Bought one for a tenner off Amazon which looks more or less the same,yes it sprays everywhere or make you feel like your drowning if you don't hit the button fast enough and spit out the water. I ended up using it in the shower,but even then it goes through the water in the tank in about 30 seconds so you have to refill it at least once more. And like the other comment says mines now never get used on my teeth..but cleans out plug holes,washing machine drawers etc.