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Because Who Doesn't Need a A Free Bit of Floss
Found 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
Seeing what randomness I could find throughout the net, I came across this and thought I might share because... To Quite them.. 'Future Technology Available Today' Like Dental Flo… Read more
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Thanks for posting.


Thought i'd try and see if it arrives...


Ordered. Thank you. Heat added


It reminds me I didn't floss once again :|


I can't find anywhere selling this product. No https so no encryption of your data Russian business Sounds dodgy.

Candy Floss Machine was £24.99 - Free Delivery @ Clas Ohlson - £12.49
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
Make your own candy floss at home. The perfect surprise for any kid's party or celebration. Make candy floss to rival any that you could buy at an amusement park, fair, etc. Thanks… Read more

Back in stock but no free delivery


pink fairies


Are you serious? What did you think it was made with


Annoyed I missed this deal. This is one on the things I’ve been looking for a good deal on for a week now!


We had one of those and had to use it out in the garage as it deposited a fine sugar floss layer all over the kitchen. Everything we touched was sticky for weeks afterwards.

Colgate 360 floss tip battery toothbrush £5 - Boots
LocalLocalFound 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
Half price at 5 pounds

great price online to (highfive)

Oral B Floss Action Tesco Instore Southampton Shirley - £4.50
LocalLocalFound 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
Found in Southampton Shirley branch, still more than 20 in stock.
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I’ll check Tesco near me tomorrow, hope Tesco Extra near me got similar price…


Absolute bargain, heat added for the finding.


Thanks Pablo:D , I’ve managed to snap couple, still about 10 left on shelf. And this is not Shirley store but Millbrook one.


Goto www.supersavvyme.co.uk for an extra £2 coupon off this price


Heat added. Sad it never happen at tesco near me. 😔

Oral-B PRO 600 Floss Action Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush with UK 2 pin Plug for £19.95 prime / £23.94 non prime was £49.99 @ Amazon
Found 12th Nov 2017Found 12th Nov 2017
The Oral-B PRO 600 Floss Action Electric Toothbrush provides a clinically proven high clean vs. a regular manual toothbrush. The professionally inspired design of the Floss Action … Read more

I think you can be pretty confident that a deal at this price is a 'clearance' on the old battery stock. Haven't seen any of the Li-ion 600s in shops yet (I do keep looking) but there are Li-ion 2500 models out there. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/oral-b-pro-2-2500-li-ion-battery-toothbrush-travel-case-down-from-80-to-30-at-asda-2805787


How much lighter was it?


I bought a Pro 600 on Amazon last week. Sadly, I now have the hassle of returning it as it has the old Nickel Cadmium battery. I too thought I'd get one with the new battery. Sadly not. I'd either wait until you know Amazon is shipping these or buy from a retailer at which you can check.


Last one I bought was £12 on an amazon lightening deal.


Camel camel history: CamelCamel

White Glo Professional Choice Extra Strength Whitening Toothpaste £2 (Add On) @ Amazon [Comes with Anti-Stain Toothbrush & White Glo Dental Flosser Toothpicks]
Found 9th Nov 2017Found 9th Nov 2017
Out of all the (budget) whitening toothpaste I've ever used I've found this to be comfortably the best and at £2 it's a very good price, and it's an Add On too. (Other Amazon selle… Read more

Still haven't tried the White Glo I picked up from Poundland a month or two back (turns out they sold it to me for £1 in error - s'pose they were still adjusting to the over £1 stock) https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/white-glo-diamond-white-toothpaste-with-free-smart-plaque-seeker-tablet-150g100ml-1-poundland-in-store-2758709 What I can recommend though, is Crest WhiteStrips (Supreme) - usually buy them from Amazon US. Watch what variety you buy as they're all different strengths.


Hilarious hyperbole: "facial beautification" "extra strength formulation" "built-in Micro Particles" "extra-condensed USA Du-Clean Bristle" What a load of pish.


I used the pre-order of Far Cry (released in Feb 2018), added two toothpastes to my basket, and got one free due to a mysterious promotions. So £2 for two. Ace!


Whoever asks more than 3 quid for this is just wishing for a luck some idiot will pay for it.


Typo, should read:- Originally Formulated for Film Actors & Mods who require utmost facial beautification ;)

Oral-B Floss Action Replacement Toothbrush Heads x4 £7.99 at Boots
Found 11th Oct 2017Found 11th Oct 2017
Oral-B Floss Action Electric Toothbrush Heads 4 Pack
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Expired, now £11.99


Ordered these, seem great but will see! Thanks :) Hot deal op!


Ok, and when their competition go bankrupt you reckon they will price match who exactly? Good deals are available from Amazon because there are other retailers they need to look at. Somehow theyup the price within seconds when product goes OOS at other retailers - that's what will happen when they don't have to compete..


And what’s the problem with them doing that? I’m sure every store in the country price matches and nowhere near as aggressively as amazon. Which means I can shop from one place which has amazingly fast delivery and excellent customer service for the same price as me physically going to multiple shops. If high steeet stores want to compete they need to offer a better incentive other than price because it’s fairly obvious that they can’t win on that front, nor on technology. It’s like Uber’s and black cabs - not my problem one industry is dying because of poor business plan decisions and lack of innovation, I will pick the service most convenient to myself and let Boots incentivise me to go to their store if they want to receive business.


Just checked in store in Harrogate and although the prices are reduced compared to the ticket price, they are still around £4 more than the online price and they won't price match.

Oral-B FlossAction Electric Toothbrush Replacement Heads - Pack of 4 - £7.99 (Prime) / £11.98 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 11th Oct 2017Found 11th Oct 2017
Price dropped down to 7.99 for a pack of 4. £7.59 through subscribe and save.

£6.79 if you have 5 s&s items. Thanks op !


These ones seem to have a £1 off, (Applied at the checkout) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B003U9V7P0/ref=pd_luc_rh_sbs_02_02_t_img_lh?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 and look very similar. Might get these instead.


I started using Dr Kao replacement heads and they are pretty much exactly the same as the official ones but much cheaper.


Same price at boots (y)


great price @barnesy99 my kids use these so ordering now (y)

ORAL-B ESSENTIAL FLOSS 50M ONLY £1.00 @ Poundstretcher
Found 30th Sep 2017Found 30th Sep 2017
ORAL-B ESSENTIAL FLOSS 50M ONLY £1.00 ORAL-B MOUTHWASH (500ml) was £1.49 now £1.00 ORAL-B 123 TOOTHPASTE (100ml) ONLY £1.00 ORAL B… Read more
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I have an alternative reason for the naming of Oral B as it is also used for cleaning another part of the anatomy,! As endorsed by Tom Jones, if you have heard his interviews?


If you have a Home Bargains close by Oral B Floss slightly less @ 79p. :D


I can see why they didn't use a T now.


Thanks to Google. Learnt something new myself. Braun, also part of the Gillette group at that time, started to use the Oral-B brand for electric toothbrushes. Oral-B has been part of the Procter & Gamble company since 2006. A company representative has stated that the "B" in Oral-B stands for "brush".


What the heck does the B stand for ????? (embarrassed)

Glamza 4 New Oral Floss Action B Compatible Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads 19p Dispatched from and sold by GLOBAL COSMETICS - Ship From UK. @ Amazon
Found 15th Sep 2017Found 15th Sep 2017
Similar to the other deal posted but saw they are now unavailable so found these from the same seller and these are available for 19p as well

Just started using mine a couple of days ago. A lot better than I was expecting...A bit hard, even tho it says soft...but certainly good brushes.


Got mine today lol, never thought they'd be delivered


Thanks, ordered, only one per customer


Says Currently unavailable  We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.


Oos ;(

Panasonic EW1411 Oral Irrigator Flosser £49.99 @ Argos
Found 3rd Sep 2017Found 3rd Sep 2017
From the Dental Flosser Menu page it is listed at £69.99 but click through to the page and it is £49.99. M dentist had recommended I get one (not this specific one though). Bo… Read more

Cold votes on HUKD can mean anything - often it's ignorance. I had a very well researched and great deal on some Samsung headphones voted cold as they were Samsung and not a popular brand like Bose. Then had comments to get a Bose etc. from people that didn't even know what the deal was about and didn't take the time to read the description. And then I've had a Stanley knife - admittedly a decent deal - get 1000 degrees. Cheap things often get a lot of heat. This deal has expired though. Need to use mine again, but I liked it. Main criticisms are needing to refill it with water, and some say it lacks power. I found it powerful enough personally. It takes up less space and is less effort to set up than a Waterpik, and you can use it travelling. If you want decent toothpaste I'd highly recommend Taylor's 32. Currently £4 at Waitrose, or £5 at Amazon. Only sweetened with Xylitol (which is great for your teeth), no nasties, and the guy's that make it confirmed it's not tested on animals and they're working to get the leaping bunny logo added. Normal toothpaste is trash in comparison, and full of rubbish. I really struggled to find a natural toothpaste that does contain fluoride available in the UK, and then found Taylors 32, which totally fits the bill. For floss I've found Sainsburys dental tape to be good. Used to use Oral B Pro Expert dental tape but they test on animals. Although they do add unnecessary perfume to it which I can notice and can cause me to sneeze. Sainsbury's, Co-Op, M&S and Waitrose I believe are good for own brands as they don't test on animals. They normally have a no questions asked returns policy if the product is rubbish too, which is useful for dental floss as it can be very hit and miss. Anyway, if you've got it already give it a go, if it's no good for you you can perhaps return it. I'm now using a Sonicare Flexcare platinum and it's much better than my old Oral B electric toothbrush I'd say. Worth getting anything that'll help your teeth - prevention is better and cheaper than fixing issues (dental work).


Is it worth getting the Panasonic? I just purchased this one. And I don't know why this is cold. Is the device useless or price too high?


How is this one? Is this deal cold because device is useless or price too high?


Of course you need to rinse before you drink water/eat food in the morning. I'm not talking about at night or right after brushing, I'm talking about before you consume water/food. Otherwise you're consuming flouride and a load of cleaning and foaming agents. I specifically make sure I don't need to any water after brushing for that reason at night, so I don't need to rinse. I didn't slag off interdental brushes, I just stated that they don't clean under the gum line - so they're not a replacement for flossing. My dentist said I had the best oral hygiene he'd ever seen. I asked him about interdental brushes as I felt I wanted better interdental cleaning too, mentioning TePes, but he told me to floss instead. Dentists, their advice, and their abilities will differ. I've got nothing against interdental brushes, I'd still like to try some. Flossing will clean a bit under the gumline, unlike an interdental brush. Personally if I were to choose one over the other, I'd choose floss. I needed to brush the back of my front teeth more, that's the feedback I got. Still learning and improving, but your reply is rather rude. Was only trying to be helpful.


From the amount of advice that you offer you sound as if you're a dentist which I don't think you are from the errors in your comments. You slag off interdental brushes without ever having used them. I suggest you have a word with your dentist/hygienist and then review your teeth brushing habits which I'll wager will then be substantially different. Rinse after brushing? The BDA recommended against that many years ago! To clean under the gumline - properly - requires an expert and not just a piece of floss. I've had it done and it's bloody painful. Not something I'd want to repeat in a hurry!!

Wisdom Fresh Effect Mint Burst (expanding) Dental Floss 30m 38p at Asda in store
LocalLocalFound 26th Aug 2017Found 26th Aug 2017
just picked up a few of these- Wisdom Fresh Effect Mint Burst (expanding) Dental Floss 30m 38p from Asda living Cortonwood
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Thanks Beryl I paid over £2 for them last week so I will grab some of these.


It's the last time I'm gonna use expanding floss. (embarrassed)

Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush and Airfloss at John Lewis for £75
Found 24th Aug 2017Found 24th Aug 2017
Really good deal on Philips Sonicare Electrice toothbrush and Airfloss on John Lewis website - price for both of these sold separately is £120 (£60 each), so great value as a bundl… Read more

£100 now unfortunately. Good deal at £75.


I thought that was for just the airfloss, seems like its for both. Cheers anyway.




Cheers OP, anyone know the model number of the brush? I can see the airfloss one, but not the brush.


Congrats on your first Deal post :)

Oral-B 50m dental floss 79p @ Home Bargains
LocalLocalFound 11th Aug 2017Found 11th Aug 2017
50m dental floss instore at Home Bargains Chadwell Heath. Guessing it's nation wide.

Been using this from Homebargains for ages, they sell dental sticks for £0.59 per pack as well


I struggle with dental floss. Dental sticks are for me.


This is sometimes 49p in HB every now and then

Free @ Amazon George Eliot Six Pack - Middlemarch, Daniel Deronda, Silas Marner, The Lifted Veil, The Mill on the Floss and Adam Bede Kindle Edition
Found 2nd Aug 2017Found 2nd Aug 2017
George Eliot Six Pack - Middlemarch, Daniel Deronda, Silas Marner, The Lifted Veil, The Mill on the Floss and Adam Bede Kindle Edition This illustrated anthology of George Eliot no… Read more

Agreed - heat added.


How can a pack of 6 books that are FREE be voted cold? Anyway heat added.





Hangsun Rechargeable Water Flosser / Oral irrigator HOC210 £29.99 @ Sold by HANGSUN-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 19th Jul 2017Found 19th Jul 2017
Recently bought a basic hangsung flosser and am really impressed with it. This is a much better model with a large water tank and multiple different nozzles and is much cheaper th… Read more
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Haha, yeah pretty much!


So it's effectively a pressure washer for your gob?


When I had my sinus surgery many years ago, I used the waterpik water floss machine to clean my sinuses. Attach a grossan sinus irrigator tip and you have got yourself an useful irrigator to clean your sinuses. :P


u dont need this junk


It's gonna be a long day ;)

8 Oral B Cross Action, TriZone or Floss Action brush heads - £16.13 / £18.98 delivered @ Groupon
Found 13th Jun 2017Found 13th Jun 2017
Choose from the following options for Braun Oral-B toothbrush replacement heads: £7.65 for 4 Oral B Precision Clean brush heads £8.50 for 4 Oral B TriZone, Cross Action or Flo… Read more

Do these special heads actually do anything extra over the basic Precision Clean or is it just a gimmick?


Delivery: £1.99 (not included). Allow 7 working days.

Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro Power Flosser - White Edition 2nd Generation X8472/03 £59.99 WAS £100.00 @ Amazon
Found 27th May 2017Found 27th May 2017
More effective than string floss for improving gum health** so you can achieve healthier gums in two weeks*** Up to 99.9% plaque removal* in just 60 seconds. Point, press, clean! H… Read more
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Expire and heat


Love my 1st generation one. Stopped using floss and teepee brushes and my dentist and hygienist have been more than happy. Spent less time and money on appointments and had less plaque since using it. YMMV.


Much better to use a tepe brush. These are expensive and poor at doing their job.


​How so? I have been recommended one of these by my dentist after having a brace fitted. Are they not as effective as conventional flossing?


How much better than the first generation is it?

smyths giveaway -  27th May. Free gift bags with Lego and other toys inside plus candy floss and face painting
Found 14th May 2017Found 14th May 2017
Smyths toys are doing a national giveaway on 27th May. Free gift bags with Lego and other toys inside plus candy floss and face painting. This May we invite you to visit Smyths To… Read more
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Thanks to the OP for this. The Wolverhampton store were also giving away free Disney Infinity 2.0 figurines so we got 4 of those as well.


that's what this site is all about, glad I could help


Just wanted to say a huge thanks to OP for this. My sister took my nephew on Saturday and managed to get a goodie bag and candyfloss (although it turns out it was lego - for girls. Whoever thought such a thing existed). Anyway. Much appreciated.


my son's birthday...great


Yes they are cool about it at ours in Edinburgh. :) If you're a kid, you're a kid! (Unless perhaps you are a 6 foot tall hairy kid at heart.)

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