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KFC Mini Fillet Burger 2 Hot Wings & Regular Fries only £1.99 Before 3pm at participating restaurants
11/08/2019Expires on 11/08/2019Updated 3 m agoLast updated 3 m ago by MadeDixonsCry
£1.99 lunch deal back on till 11th August

It is unclear how the flies could have survived KFC’s cooking process, which involves pressure-frying their chicken


Why are you triggered


Why does it show a corn in the picture but u don't get one?


Amazed people still eat at KFC after all the horrible news. Even the local one in our town has been found to have their drumsticks filled with maggots.


Anyone have the participation li

Golden Sunrise Pitted Dates 500g - £0.89 @ Home Bargains
Updated 3 m agoLast updated 3 m ago by saucymonkLocalLocal
Great price for 500g of pitted dates

These are quite nice. but not really for the real date afficionado

Soreen 190g - Chocolate, Apple or Fruity for only 50p @ Morrison’s
Updated 7 m agoLast updated 7 m ago by woster
Soreen 190g - Chocolate, Apple or Fruity for only 50p @ Morrison’s
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I'm pretty sure that these are on offer at 2 for £1 in Asda at the moment as well.


O’K’ T’H’AN’K Y’O’U’................


No apostrophe in Morrisons.


Chocolate one is very tasty. (y)


I might change it to £50 and £89 for a laugh (lol)

23 CookBooks (Different Food Types, cuisines and more in OP) - Kindle Edition Free @ Amazon
Updated 8 m agoLast updated 8 m ago by stressedman
A number of cookbooks covering a wide variety of food - appetiser to main course to desserts. Different cuisines from Mexican Tortillas to Dutch Oven Breads to what not, are curren… Read more
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This one isn't currently available. She must have eaten the book! The Girl Who Ate Everything: Easy Family Recipes from a Girl Who Has Tried Them All


Thanks OP.


Voted cold, all but two books are going to make me fat(ter) ;) heat! Thanks @matwalaboy




Heat, thanks :)

50% off £30 spend at Dominos Pizza
08/09/2019Expires on 08/09/2019Updated 19 m agoLast updated 19 m ago by flipper118
50% off when you spend £30 or more online at
Read More

Tried this a few days ago and had the same issue, said something along the lines of the order did not keep the criteria for the discount (mad)


Not working. Is there a specific deal or combination you need to order?

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Linda McCartney’s Frozen Sausages & Burgers Bundle - £3 @ Asda
07/08/2019Expires on 07/08/2019Updated 2 h, 3 m agoLast updated 2 h, 3 m ago by sledwich
6 meat free vegetarian sausages 6 meat free red onion and rosemary sausages 2 meat free mozzarella 1/b burgers

That's not the regular price


They are £1 each so this is not really a deal


Bargain, they're all good.


Or just buy for £1 a pack if you don't want all three products.

Easy Pizza Cookbook: 50 Delicious Pizza Recipes (2nd Edition) [Print Replica] Kindle Edition - Free Download @ Amazon - Free @ Amazon
Updated 4 h, 48 m agoLast updated 4 h, 48 m ago by laplap
Paperback is £6.99 - Get This Free While You Can. Homemade Pizzas. Prepared Simply. Prepared Deliciously. The Easy Pizza Cookbook is a cookbook for Pizza lovers. This is not a one … Read more



I agree... that's like having a sandwich cookbook.. it has unlimited possibilities and you just put on whatever you like.


Thanks Boz..


Never understood these cooking books... why 50 pizza recipes? All you need is 1 good and that’s it


The librarian is in the 🏚 or library ;) .

KFC colonels club offers Zinger tower meal £4.50 / Free supercharger dip with 3 Hot wings/ £4.99 Supercharger Boneless banquet
11/08/2019Expires on 11/08/2019Updated 5 h, 46 m agoLast updated 5 h, 46 m ago by mrT786
KFC Colonels club offers for this month runs till 11/08
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Got the exact same response today. Before I could even end my sentence answer was NO you have to buy the wings only dip is free. Anyways tried the dip with other Banquet for one offer. Was ok, nufin special. Hardly a deal to offer it free with wings.


When I had a question about my stamps, no word of a lie, they got back to me 7 months later! At which point they gave an extra 3 stamps to make it up 🙈


I've asked so called KFC care squad via twitter several times to clarify, but they never answer my DMS and tweets (annoyed)


I can confirm, the wings aren’t free and it’s just the dip! The lady wouldn’t even let me finish my sentence about it lol she straight up said the wings aren’t free and it costs something like £1.59. A lot of people must have asked about this. Think KFC needs to make deals more clear. Also free sauce with wings isn’t exactly a deal (annoyed)


Hi gemvis, I tried that in the past with other purchase and the small print says stamps awarded on just one visit.

Rowse Manuka Honey 15+ and 10+ reduced in Asda - £4.97
Updated 7 h, 8 m agoLast updated 7 h, 8 m ago by Precious321LocalLocal
rowse manuka honey 15+ reduced from £19.99 to £4.97 Rowse manuka honey 10+ reduced from £13.97 to £3.50 Also other honeys and peanut butter reduced Asda woking
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£10 for 454g jar of local honey in Glasgow. This looks cheap and should be great. Thanks for posting (y)


Go for it (y)


Oh right I didn't know this. I never eat honey so doesn't really effect me but useful for others on here to be aware (y)


Consuming sugar syrup has the same health benefits and is much cheaper, just mix sugar and water


Also proper honey isnt clear Clear honey is filtered, which removes the good stuff

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Electric Bottle and Toddler Food Milk Warmer - White £14.99 @ Clearanceshed
31/08/2019Expires on 31/08/2019Updated 7 h, 15 m agoLast updated 7 h, 15 m ago by NotBruceJustWayne
New tommee tippeer closer to nature bottle warmer Brand new bargain coud not believe it super fast delivery for a few pounds
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I can’t work out why this is showing in my keyword list.


Would buy a different brand. Tommee tippee are rubbish. But I have given heat for the price


Or, get one for free, or up to a fiver on FB Marketplace. Obvs providing collection is in your convenient vicinity, I appreciate that isn't always the case. (y)

Halo Top Peanut butter ice cream £1.04 instore @ Asda
Updated 7 h, 54 m agoLast updated 7 h, 54 m ago by yomanationLocalLocal
Halo top Ice cream reduced from £2.50.
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The salted caramel one is quite good.


Not tried this flavour but have the salted caramel. Nowhere near as nice as proper ice cream but it's only 380 calories for the whole tub. Still very nice, just slightly different.




You didnt like it then (lol)


How the hell am I going to return 5 tubs of icecream back to Asda in the heatwave forecast for next week. I've had a beer and icecream doesn't go well with beer.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) + 10 Pack of 6 Nutella B Ready Bars  (or other items) + Free 2 Hour Delivery - £20.79 for New Prime Now Customers
Updated 7 h, 58 m agoLast updated 7 h, 58 m ago by jamie15
i just got 1x amazon echo dot (3rd gen) + 10 pack of 6 nutella b ready bars and pack of bagels (i really wanted a bagel) plus free 2 hour delivery for £20.79 the nutella bars are… Read more

Got my Echo Dot delivered today, £15.48 including 9 trays of 4 pack Kinder Buenos and 1 Nutella B-ready :D


Excellent find ! Ordered! You dont have to buy the nutella bars just any cheap chocolate or other item will do for this offer. Btw just cancelled my order for echo dot which I ordered on prime day cuz this was cheaper and I get a bunch of stuff with it ...


Great but can only get it down to 35 quid now . Great deal though op. I’m just late to the party :o


All the £1.50 items have been removed!


Anyone found an expiry date for this 10now40 deal?

‘CAMP GOOSE’ CanadaGoose Jacket £569 reduced to £399 + Extra 20% off - Flannels
Updated 8 h, 33 m agoLast updated 8 h, 33 m ago by Dennis.Bell
‘CAMP GOOSE’ CanadaGoose Jacket £569 reduced to £399 + Extra 20% off - Flannels
’CAMP GOOSE’ CANADAGOOSE PBI CAMP HOODED JACKET Colour: Royal PBI Blue Extra 20% discount code: EXTRA20

Wow, I have an internet stalker. Would you like me to send my comments directly to you to save you valuable time ?


A bit like “Investing” time in replying to your comments, pointless!


Yeah, and that's where you've narrowed down the stereotype of a Chav, from your personal experience. But if you go back to the description of one, you'll see it encompasses a much wider spectrum of society.


Yeah, all those chavs cycling around on their Sports Direct dual suspension mountain bikes, wearing Nike Air Max 95, and Aquascutum suits.


What just like they don't wear Burberry.

Princes Corned Beef (Lean) @ Morrisons £2.00
Updated 9 h, 11 m agoLast updated 9 h, 11 m ago by smp
You can get corned beef cheaper but this is low fat for slimming world recipes etc usual price 2.74

will you just check for me next time you are in thats its the lean as that would be cheap thank you


Poor deal. Never pay more than £1.85 for this in Home Bargains.


I cant' speak for everybody but im 14 stone down 12 with slimming world so worked for me


if slimming world and weight watchers worked wouldn't everyone whos ever been be a normal weight?


If it isn't Swan it shouldn't be anywhere near your cupboards

CLUBROOMS Lounge Luton Airport Unlimited hot or cold food, beers wines and spirits 41% off - £22 @ Groupon
Updated 9 h, 23 m agoLast updated 9 h, 23 m ago by hooray.henry
The Clubrooms provides the ultimate first-class departure experience, with its hosted table service, hot and cold seasonal dishes, a wide range of wines, beers, spirits and classic… Read more

Why do so many of us need to get pished to get on a flight ffs?


Food isn’t great, more of a light snack/nibbles. Don’t go with the expectation of a meal & you won’t be disappointed. Drinks are decent & some of the lounges have showers (handy if you are transiting). The main benefit though is just to get you away from the mayhem & crowds.


Just did the number one lounge club room at Gatwick..... Unlimited drinks including premium spirits, cold drinks, tea coffee etc. Snacks and also a la carte menu to order hot food from Peaceful, good service and decent drinks and food for up to 3 hours


I emailed the other day and asked - they sent me a scan of the Luton menu - I think you can have anything from it. See here:


I would never use one of these. At least in proper lounges you normally avoid the people just going to get hammered.

Cheese Tuc 12x24g £1 instore @ Poundland
Updated 9 h, 57 m agoLast updated 9 h, 57 m ago by daz1969LocalLocal
The cheee tucs are £1 in poundland think they are reduced from £2.



No not at all! But thought tasty :D


But did they look like this ? (confused) .... with the bacon bit in the middle.? (y)


Had them last week 49p from HB enjoyed, Added Heat


I knoww

Frank Cooper's No Peel Marmalade 454g reduced to 50p Asda Bordesley Green
Updated 10 h, 7 m agoLast updated 10 h, 7 m ago by Broc_MudflapLocalLocal
As the title says no peel Marmalade 50p I hope it tastes good. Apparently reduced from £1.99
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Greb (highfive)


Still the best marmalade out there but for me the peel is a must. Great price for those who don't care though!


Great deal - normally best discount is to around £1.80 and on sale at Waitrose for £2.20. Best version in my view is the muscovado but these marmalades are the best you can get if you dislike sweet marmalades.


Had this before IMO NICE for me this is a HOT DEEEEEAL thank you Op will check my local Tom (y)


You know what I mean....

4 days of Freebies with Vodafone Veryme Rewards - Tesco Sweet Treat, Greggs Sausage Roll, Iced Costa Coffee, Free cookie from Millies
Refreshed 19th JulRefreshed 19th JulUpdated 10 h, 48 m agoLast updated 10 h, 48 m ago by jamie15
Tuesday 16th July - Free Tesco Sweet Treat. (£1 GIFT VOUCHER - CAN BE USED ON ANYTHING) Wednesday 17th July - Free Greggs Sausage Roll Thursday 18th July - Free Iced Costa Coffe… Read more
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Last time the GC was only worth £1.55. I have used my Tesco GC 1 week later, maybe more. I used a few of the £1 ones on Thursday but still have more to use.


Hmm but I spent more than the giftcard. I kept trying the giftcard because £2.70 or any amount was not being deducted from my £6 total. Did your giftcard card work and how long did you have it before you used it?


On self checkout, it will say £0 balance left but that's because it applies to your shopping. Check your receipt ;) I was confused about this at first.


I scanned the gift card at self checkout and it said there was £0.00 on the gift card. I tried a few more times but there was still nothing on the giftcard:(


I doubt staff would accept it even if the till did.

PRUTA Food container Set (X17) £4 @ IKEA (Free C&C)
Updated 11 h, 1 m agoLast updated 11 h, 1 m ago by Juggsy
A decent price for a large set of food containers (y) The transparent jar makes it easy to find what you are looking for, regardless of where it is placed. Several food conta… Read more
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Agreed these are a bit flimsy compared to some brands.


I have bought 2 sets a year ago. The good thing about them is they close (almost) airtight but they don't last very long and break easy..


Amazing price - great selection of size


Got a few of these sets. Really good variety in each set

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