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Updated 8th JunLast updated 8th Jun by chocci
Hello, I had sky for a long time and was only using the free channels to record. I got a youview box (without the BT subscription) but has recently stopped working. Would anyone … Read more

Bt dtr-t2100 500gb is excellent and around £40 from cex with a 2 year warranty


Get another you view box often free on Facebook marketplace.

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Updated 3rd JunLast updated 3rd Jun by marc1982
Hi all So I have posted a couple of questions before but having looked around I think I may be able to use an app but here goes from the start... I have the stick & the pro a… Read more

Having previously owned a shield before mine broke I heard that the homerun hd recorder works, check it to to see if it works in the UK though I am not 100% sure but I know in the USA they use it, on Amazon uk it’s almost £100

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Updated 7th FebLast updated 7th Feb by arwkright
50" 4k Freesat TV.
Help needed with my purchase, didn't want to spend loads so all but decided on the Samsung UE50TU8500 (£549) Is there any better bang for your buck out there?

Thanks, This is missing some catch and a fair few negative reviews, I'm considering Samsung q60t for £70 more ?


For Freesat, you're basically looking at Samsung or LG. Samsung's VA panels have better contrast, but LG's IPS panels have better viewing angles. I picked up a LG 49NANO866NA a few weeks ago for £599, and it's great. Though it is still lacking some of the streaming apps (UKTV Play and All4 in particular).


I got this TV before Xmas and love it. Viewing angles aren't the best, but apart from that I think it's a great TV, especially with the 5 year JL guarantee.

hc4eva Might be worth considering? Probably not quite as good quality as the Samsung but a good brand none the less, and a whole lot cheaper.


Samsung UE50TU8500 is currently £549.

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Updated 27th JanLast updated 27th Jan by Haylhoo
Hi, hoping someone can help. Just installed our TV to the satellite dish to use Freesat function. It's installed 700+ channels (many unavailable) and they are in no useful order, a… Read more


It should be back, hopefully & good luck with trying to take on these corporate clowns.


Cheers I'll check as I gave up. Currys gave me a partial refund of the TV in the end toward a Freesat box after many calls and many promises of call backs that never came which were supposed to help me with getting a box sent out.


Try looking again on your TV, it appears the favourites option on my model TV has returned & I didn't even realise it! I have now created a list of favs, might have been a silent update in the background & Philips have caved in to demand.


Just to update, Currys are being an absolute nightmare with many calls and hours later speaking to various people in various teams. Different story with everyone I speak to and never a call back. I spoke to a guy this morning who promises to help me with a call back on a decision and his extension number, but as a backup I've now contacted trading standards for advice as Currys customer services are pretty much useless. I had a guy in the tech team arguing with me this morning that the advertising is clear that it is not built in, the TV is compatible and you have to buy the Freesat box (no mention of this in the hardware section and nothing anywhere on the website saying that TV Tuner: Freesat HD = compatibility only. I also asked him if that was the case for every other TV of any brand advertised the same in the Currys website, of which there are many, and his answer was yes they don't have it built it .

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Updated 23rd JanLast updated 23rd Jan by jnrcocobean
Giving up on Sky - Recommendations for a 4k TV with Freesat Built In
I am driving myself mad trying to find a budget 40 or 43" TV with Freesat built in, recently posted a deal which I missed out on (don't ask) and I am kicking myself, most of the br… Read more

Same here, I like open source, with VIX, I can customize my box how I like it. Currently have Tiviar Alpha in the lounge and EDISION OS MEGA, in the bedroom. Whatever I record in the lounge I can watch in the bedroom and vice versa.


That's about 15 years ago, the more modern boxes have slots for internal HDD, the two I use both have 1TB internal HDD.


A lot now have slot in drives, 500GB for £40, 1TB for £60 or even USB drive


You have sent me down a rabbit hole now....there is some amazing kit out there, quite a fan of open source, run Linux Mint on another laptop as does my middle daughter, but I think this is for the future! Such good value! For now, it is upgrade TV over the next couple of weeks, then if funds allow, invest in a twin tuner 4k OPENViX box.


I am going to go for the Roku through Argos Ebay to take advantage of the 24 months 0% - just waiting for a bit nearer the end date! Thank you.

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Updated 13th JanLast updated 13th Jan by Mendoza
Freesat/TV channels needed - advice please
As the title says! Don't have an aerial so Freeview isn't an option. Currently using old sky box with no subscription but it's terrible. Prefer not to spend too much. So any sugges… Read more

thanks for responding, you’re a star (y)


Assuming your talk talk box is Youview, and it's connected to an aerial, then yes I believe you should be able to record Freeview channels. I have the BT Youview equivalent which behaves this way. Certainly if you already have the box then try it out before shelling out any money on a new box. Nothing to lose.


I hope this thread is still alive, so I don’t have to start a new . I currently have the option of using a old sky+ box, or TalkTalk box . I was reading online, and think I can use the TalkTalk box to record, unlike the sky box, but I expect I’ve read that wrong? . if I was to buy another box, I might as well go 4k recordable, I don’t mind if it only has 500gb, WiFi enabled . I have been looking all day, and found some preowned on eBay, but I just wondered what model I should be looking for? . thank you


can you use a old TalkTalk tv box to record tv? without a TalkTalk subscription . thank you


An Openbox can be got real cheap since they are no longer used for snide Sky