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BUDGET BUILD: i3-3220, 4GB (DDR3) RAM, 320GB HDD, Win7. £59.99 @ ebay - refurbedit
Found 11th AprFound 11th Apr
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Thanks mate


You can easily run it on an i3. As I said above, I'm running it on a Raspberry Pi 3. Just bear in mind the newer gen will be more power efficient.


Can anyone please advise if an I3 processor or i5 could be ok for PLEX server? There are so many generations of above to choose it’s hard to know where to begin. Would an I5 generation 3 or 4 do? Or an I3 generation 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 do?


Sorry for the late reply, most good fan brands get their fans tested by various people; do a search for low noise fans, and you will find a lot of sites that review and rate them; often divided into sizes and price bands as well. Noctua make some of the best quiet fans, also very reliable, although not the cheapest. You have to balance how much air they move (CFM), against noise (dbl), and RPM. High RPM usually means more noise, but if it is a high CFM, you can run usually it at 50% and it can be very quiet, and yet still push more air than some of the "silent" fans.


Is there a way of knowing how quiet a fan is before testing? My current desktop sounds like a 747, but unsure what to replace it with?

Cashback up to £75 on Fujitsu Scanners at
Found 5th Dec 2017Found 5th Dec 2017
ScanSnap models are bundled with a host of productivity enhancing software including: ScanSnap Organizer allows you to view, manage and edit PDF and JPEG files. Organizer allows… Read more

I have the ScanSnap iX500 and it is a brilliant bit of kit if you need to scan lots of documents - I've done at least 10,000 pages with mine. The automatic feed is very reliable and its detection of multiple page errors (usually due to missed staples) is very accurate. It's also quick at 20+ two sided page scans a minute and the images it produces are very good. It can be set to automatically detect colour too, in order to keep file sizes down. Haven't used the the OCR software a lot but when I have it has produced good results. One thing I would add though is that the iX500 seems to be £20 cheaper at ebuyer (and still with cashback).

Fujitsu AAA HR03 Ready to Use NiMH Rechargeable Batteries 1000mAh - Extra Value 8 Pack (Made In Japan - Like Eneloop?) £11.79 Delivered @ 7dayshop
Found 7th Oct 2017Found 7th Oct 2017
Read through this HUKD post, looking for Eneloops - came up with these. It's suggested these Fujitsu batteries are made in the same factory as Eneloops** (see my Edit at the bottom… Read more
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I wonder if the AmazonBasics LSD (low self-discharge) rechargeables are rebadged Eneloops? They appear to be made either in Japan or China, which suggests Panasonic/Eneloop, if indeed that's who manufactures them. Also, White Ikea LADDA (LSD) Batteries are also rumoured to be rebadges as well - some speculate they are actually FDK/Fujitsu. AAA £2.40 4/pack (Brown) 500mAh AA £2.90 4/pack (Brown) 900mAh The Brown above are apparently made in China. AAA £4 4/pack (White) 900mAh AA £5.50 4/pack (White) 2450mAh White are being compared to Panasonic/Japanese Eneloop Pro in this Youtube video (at 6:20). The White LADDA batteries are made in Japan. White LADDA batteries are discussed here too: LADDA (White sleeve) AA 2450mAh tested: Apparently the discharge curves look identical to the Fujitsu (FDK) cells as well, so it's rather confusing. In any case, the LADDA White could be a great, cheaper alternative. Edit: The Youtuber in the above clip (AirbourneSurfer) actually replied to me: "FDK manufactures all Eneloop-spec batteries under license from Panasonic--including branded Eneloop cells. The factories in Japan are still tooled for the "Eneloop Pro" spec so any NiMH cells made in Japan are made at one factory, owned by FDK, and licensed to various brands." Man, I'm probably more puzzled than I was before I started compiling this Deal post :p :D !! On other forums it's implied that Panasonic (Eneloop) and FDK are completely separate from one another. Perhaps it is true that Japanese Eneloop (Panasonic) and FDK Fujitsu batteries are made in the same factory. Not a lot of love out there for Chinese Eneloop (Panasonic), though.


Thanks for the info (y)


It is a result of reduced materials to get more electrolyte inside. It is the high quality that still allows a decent and real 500 cycles.


Here's a test/data sheet on "Fujiloops" (AA variety HR-3UTC) as mentioned on here AA HR-3UTC 1900mAh (White) UK.html The 1000mAh batteries in my Deal post are "HR-4UAEX", trying to find more details about this specific variety. Even FDK themselves only advertise "Standard Capacity - White" (2100 cycles) and High Capacity - Black" (500 cycles) 7dayshop also sell these Fujitsu AAA rechargeables in 4 or 8 packs: Fujitsu AAA HR03 Ready to Use NiMH Rechargeable Batteries 900mAh - Extra Value 8 Pack (HR-4UTHCEX) £10.59: (weirdly, these also say "rechargeable up to 500 times")Fujitsu AAA HR03 Ready to Use NiMH Rechargeable Batteries 750mAh - Extra Value 8 Pack (HR-4UTCEX) £10.19: these say "rechargeable up to 2100 times") This post is from July 2017, and it's a comment from ChibiM who collates the site. "The eneloop trademark is not in hands of a Chinese company, but a Japanese company called Panasonic. Since 2014 Panasonic has a Chinese factory that makes eneloops, but for the Asian, Oceanian, South American market. If you are in the US you get your Eneloops still from the Japanese factory, the same as which they originally came from. So they now are produced in 2 countries. The factory is owned by Fujitsu, so your batteries are the same as eneloops and therefore good. If you want to read more about eneloops, I would suggest taking a look at my website, and specifically this: " Can't see anyone specifically commenting on these HR-4UAEX 1000mAh "500 cycles" Fujitsus (which is a bit of a "d'oh!" on my part, as I assumed the equivalent Panasonic Eneloop 1000mAh/AAA would have the same number of cycles!). "What is the difference between FDK's NiMH battery (HR-4UTA(4B)) and eneloop?" (translated from Japanese, August 2012)


They can only be charged 500 though compared to the eneloops at 2100

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Fujitsu (same as Eneloop - holds 70% charge for 5 years, made in Japan) Ready to Use AAA HR03 NiMH Rechargeable Batteries 750mAh - 8 Pack £9.99 delivered 7DayShop
Found 21st Apr 2017Found 21st Apr 2017
You can save money with this 8-pack of quality rechargeable batteries, which are pre-charged and ready to use out of the packet. These Fujitsu batteries are made in Japan, meanin… Read more

Fair point, I was looking at the 2 bay vs the 4 bay. Not really a fair comparison.


It's Liitokala for anyone wanting to follow that up - but the ones that do the job properly seem very little, if any cheaper.


Good chargers but you don't need to spend anywhere near that amount for a decent charger. Littokala is a pretty good budget brand from GearBest.


if you leave something which requires batteries alone for 5 years who cares about the charge amount, you are a hoarder.


Buy a decent charger for these - they deserve it. One of these should suit very well: The XTAR may well be available more cheaply elsewhere, but the Multismart 3000 can only be obtained from 7DayShop - though there are similar ones (usually dearer).

FUJITSU E420 COMPUTER PC 4th Gen i5-4460 @ 3.20ghz 8GB RAM WINDOWS 10 PRO USB 3 REFURBISHED £159.99 london-digital / Ebay
Found 3rd Nov 2016Found 3rd Nov 2016
Hardware Specs Fujitsu Esprimo E420 4th Generation i5 -4460 intel i5 -4460 @ 3.20GHZ 500gb sata hard drive 8gb ddr3 ram installed. Dvd writer. wifi enabled through usb Comes w… Read more
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​oh i didn't know you could compare with cpu benchmark! i normally put in individual processors. will have to work out how to do that.. particularly on my phone as always replying to people on here !


​thanks...seems there's plenty of life in the old dog yet :)



i use cpubenchmark


Nobody should check CPU boss, it trawls the internet for data and posts misleading comparisons.

Fujitsu B24W-7 24" 1920x1200 5ms VGA DVI-D USB LED Monitor - £1.34 / £4.32 delivered @ BT shop - Price Glitch?
Found 2nd Oct 2016Found 2nd Oct 2016
Monitor for £1.34?!?!?! Price Glitch?
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BT saying they can't get one from the suppliers, I bet they have them back on at the right price! Genuine error maybe but can't stand when companies use an excuse and don't just admit they failed!


Just had a van of these arrive at my warehouse, special thanks to Frank for providing the special frank30uk discount code.


we could all do the same thing but that just spoils it for all the decent people on here looking for a good deal for themselves or loved ones , theres no harm in making money but imo not at the expense of other people missing out on one deal , i went on ebay and seen a ps4 with fifa 17 and 2 other games the same deal as argos who was selling them at £149, but on ebay the person was selling them for £299 , they are not even trying to make a little bit of profit and a person who wanted one might have missed out to this person who did not even want it to play on it its just greed , people will soon stop posting these good deals to stop people being greedy


because the greed of these people ruin it for everyone else and themselves , i think everyone should order 5 and upwards from now on so it spoils it for those who want to make money instead of having the item for themselves maybe then they will realise how they spoil it for everyone else , i just wish i could use the words i really want to write


I saw a pixie down the bottom of my garden once.

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Fujitsu Ready to Use AAA HR03 Feel NiMH Rechargeable Batteries 750mAh - 4 Pack £4.49 7dayshop
Found 23rd Jun 2016Found 23rd Jun 2016
Product Features Ready to use out of the packet - 4 pack of pre-charged AAA rechargeable batteries. Made in Japan - quality batteries manufactured in same factory as Eneloop batte… Read more
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it states on the OP batteries recharge over 2100 times, on the batteries you posted it only says 500 times! also the same batteries are only £4.79 on 7dayshop!


These look to be better value...60/70p more but then higher rated mAh.

Fujitsu server Xeon E3-1226, 16GB, 2x 1TB, £515.94 (£335.94 after cashback) at Serversplus
Found 21st Jun 2016Found 21st Jun 2016
This has £150 cashback, so will cost you £515.94 inc VAT less £150 = £335.94 inc VAT. Serversplus are reputable and have been on here before + I've bought Lenovo TS140s with cashb… Read more

Am I going mad? How is £515 minus £150 cash back £335? Unless they are giving you £150 plus 20% extra for VAT back or someone letting you avoid paying VAT until after you get your cash back? 515-150 = 365 to me.


I nearly bought this over the Dell T20 a while back, but the killer was graphics ports - the Dell has 2 DisplayPorts and 1 VGA, whilst the Fujitsu only has 1 VGA. Shame, this would have been perfect otherwise


i personally wouldnt be too bothered about their speed as i would look to add the os drive to one of those two ports, with the other 4 having drives in raid.


Also a configurator here The 4 main sata ports run through Intel C226 chipset so that looks like a max. 4 drives for Intel RAID 0/1/10 ? Trying to see if more than 4x sata ports are 6Gbps - useful for Z-RAID etc.... Also a BIOS manual here No clue whether 5th and 6th sata are 3Gbps or 6Gbps though ...



Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4, Duplex (Double Sided) Wi-Fi Scanner. Lowest Ever Amazon Price. £282.99
Found 21st Apr 2016Found 21st Apr 2016
I have one of these for home document filing and they're great!! Product Description The iX500 lets you create editable Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files using the inclu… Read more

already posted

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 A4, Duplex Wi-Fi Scanner £282.99 @ Amazon
Found 18th Apr 2016Found 18th Apr 2016
Premium batch document scanner with many functionalities. This is the cheapest it has ever been. Not for the average user given the price, but a decent deal for those who need it. … Read more

​If you scan a lot of loose papers, you will not believe how you managed without one before - 140 pages on best quality 2sides about 5minutes. Scanning at lower quality settings much quicker


Highly recommend these devices. Got a S1500 many years ago and it's still doing a great job.


just bought one earlier. I thought I saw them on a lightning deal for £250. After spending 1 hour 45 mins scanning 140 pages on a flat bed scanner I am hoping this will speed things up alot!


Great find. I too got one of these around the same time, and to me it's one of the best Scanners you can ever have. So if anyone is still thinking about getting one, the should get one very soon as at that price they will be out of stock very soon.


Bought one March 2014 for £370, which considering the amount I have scanned with it (ca. 400k pages to date) is peanuts for the effort it has saved me. At this price it is an absolute steal, and i am tempted to get another for the day the current one finally dies.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i for PC/MAC £137.99 @ Amazon
Found 11th Apr 2016Found 11th Apr 2016
Very compact for small office / home office. Probably not a deal for everyone but this model hasn't been at this price for ages.
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Can also automatically rotate the odd page that has been scanned upside down. Heat added!


What is not obvious from the photo is that these have an ADF that holds up to 10 pages. It's also a double-sided scanner, and fast. I have a double-sided Canon scanner, that cost over £300. I use it all the time. I file virtually nothing, and just keep scanned copies on the PC. This little machine will do the same job for £138. This ought to be boiling hot!


Agreed. Won't buy anything else, we have over 200 of these at work and they never skip a beat


I have the previous model S1300. These things are a brilliant time saver if you need to do document scanning.

4x Fujitsu Ready to Use (rebranded Eneloop) AA + AAA Batteries from £3.99 @ 7DayShop
Found 5th Feb 2016Found 5th Feb 2016
THESE REALLY ARE ENELOOPS at a much cheaper price! Anyone who who knows anything about rechargeable Low Self Discharge (LSD) batteries understands that Sanyo/Panasonic Eneloops ar… Read more

All back in-stock for anyone who wants them.


Yes, everyone else who has used, tested, and studied NIMH battery technology is entirely wrong. I bow to your knowledge.


only 750 mah rubbish


Out of stock?


Who even knows this much about batteries? You sound a bit like an advert ;) but I'll take your word for it.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Duplex ADF document scanner £149.99 @ Amazon
Found 26th Jan 2016Found 26th Jan 2016
Probably the best portable sized document scanner available to change to a paperless lifestyle or get rid of all your physical documents without losing the information! Features … Read more

Can't see why this is sub zero. Google Shopping Search doesn't find a better price. :| Would the cold voters care to say why it's cold?


I'd like to buy this but the maximum I'm prepared to pay is £50.


Yes, it was a lower price for a day or two a year ago but that price is gone. This is the second lowest price it has ever been.




Absolutely brilliant scanner. Doesn't have TWAIN support though, so if you want that, look elsewhere.

Fujitsu PRIMERGY TX1310 M1 Xeon E3-1226 V3 16GB 2x1tb Server  £498.99 @ ebuyer (£348.99 after cashback)
Found 19th Jan 2016Found 19th Jan 2016
Seems like a really good deal to me when you factor in the cashback. Intel Xeon E3-1226 V3 (Haswell) 2x8gb ECC DDR3 2x1tb HDD Also available from ServersDirect: http://www.server… Read more
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OP .. would help if you mentioned somewhere in your Deal that eBuyer was the primary Merchant for your Deal ..... lol.

Used Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH532 15.6-inch Laptop (black) - Intel Core i5-3230M Processor (3M Cache, up to 3.20 GHz) 4GB RAM, 500GB hard disk, DVD £267.39 @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 5th Jan 2016Found 5th Jan 2016
Fujitsu LIFEBOOK AH532 15.6-inch Laptop (black) - Intel Core i5-3230M Processor (3M Cache, up to 3.20 GHz) 4GB RAM, 500GB hard disk, DVDRW May suit someone as a low cost Intel Cor… Read more
huangxq2 Just checked, the price increased to £330 yesterday. If under tight budget, can buy this Lenovo business laptop with i3 and SSD for £280, E50-70 Can only find review for E50-80, the difference is 80 has a i5 and 70 has a i3. The review actually made reference to Fujitsu Lifebook when comparing screens. Lifebook has one of the worst screen, a brightness of 174 cd/m².




Probook 450 G2 with i5 5200U, brand new is £300. It is a proper business laptop which are high quality. The i5 5200U is used in most of current i5 laptops. It has a passmark of 3515 behind 3230M. But only consume 40% power, less heat. Why would anyone waste time with this old lifebook?


Supercold. bulky, urgly, thick old style laptop, old model with bad screen, bad battery, bad case, bad quality overall. no SSD or FHD and refurbished at £267. There are some classic models which are good, Lifebook is not one of them.


Why? CPU performance has stagnated since Ivy Bridge (well, actually Sandy Bridge) and this i5-3230M is still faster than the Skylake Ultrabook CPUs like the i5-6200U. Here are the Passmark scores: Intel Core i5-3230M @ 2.60GHz = 3,919 Intel Core i5-6200U @ 2.30GHz = 3,912 Having said that, if this was something one of their premium business class ones like the like the E733: this wouldn't be a bad deal. However, it is only for one of Fujitsu's cheap consumer laptops: So, not a good deal IMO.

** Fujitsu ESPRIMO P420 85+ MicroTower PC (Intel Core i3 4170 3.7 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Windows 7 Professional) - £56.29 @ Amazon **
Found 9th Nov 2015Found 9th Nov 2015
Possibly an early Black Friday deal from Amazon ;) Fujitsu ESPRIMO P420 E85+ Desktop Computer - Intel Core i3 i3-4170 3.70 GHz - Micro Tower - 4 GB DDR3 SDRAM RAM - 500 GB HDD - D… Read more

One thing worth mentioning, is that I had 3 "add-on" items in my basket already when I added the Fujitsu to my basket...maybe this had an effect on whether it was fulfilled? Who knows!


It does happen all the time oO Nice going for getting one though :DD Give you a tenner for it :p


I'd have to be pretty sad to dig up a week old post and falsely claim the receipt of a deal! But stranger things have happened...still chuffed! Pics to follow after moderation.





Fujitsu LIFEBOOK S710 14" Core i5 Core i5 2.4GHz 2GB RAM 160GB HDD Windows 7 Pro Laptop £169.99 @ SVP
Found 18th Aug 2015Found 18th Aug 2015
Been looking for a cheapish laptop for my son, looks good not sure ... Fujitsu have packed it full of the best technology including Intel′s Core i5 processor a vast 2GB DDR3 RAM, … Read more
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By the time you've upped the memory to a reasonable amount and replaced the knackered old battery you're into new laptop territory and while the best built machines are worth buying at this sort of price this doesn't appear to be one of them:


Grade 2 -  Used Good - Showing minor signs of use, the odd mark, scratch or buff to be expected This item comes with a 3 Months Return To Base Warranty which starts the moment you sign for your parcel.


agree with comments above. Although CPU is strong enough and with extra memory it might be an extra desk top replacement. I find 14" laptops better to use and it is easy to plug a large screen or cheap external HDD if you need more space. I haven't even mentioned a possible ssd upgrade.


1366x768 blergh


That's not too bad for a second hand laptop.

Fujitsu 24" E24T-7 1920x1080 5ms D-SUB DVI HDMI LED Monitor £22.83 @ Dabs
Found 5th Aug 2015Found 5th Aug 2015
Out of stock but can still order Came across this deal Not sure how long it will last but at that price it is a bargain especially as it is a HD screen! I have ordered two and… Read more
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​Yeah me too, I've ordered a couple from both websites, received the email from dabs first and few minutes ago from bt. Was expecting it but you know..hope is the last to die.. :(


Sally doesn't :p Just got this at 11.30pm Hello, I am contacting you with regards to the above sales order. Unfortunately due to a pricing error we are unable to fulfil the order at the price you have purchased it at. The item has been removed from the site until the price has been corrected. Once this has been done the item will be available to order again and should you wish to pay the correct price a new order can be placed through your online account. Your order has been fully cancelled and no payment has been taken. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience you have been caused. Best wishes Sally Customer Services BT Shop


Some people work normal hours?


Taking their time in cancelling it aren't they? I cant access the money in my paypal account while its still 'pending'


​But I am sure you will still conveniently spam me to death now you have my email address...

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