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NEW Fujitsu S26361-F2567-L561 Windows Server 2016 CAL - 1 User £9.99 ebay / cheapest_electrical
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Posted 17th Dec 2020Posted 17th Dec 2020
NEW Fujitsu S26361-F2567-L561 Windows Server 2016 CAL - 1 User £9.99 ebay / cheapest_electrical£9.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Grade of Product This item is Brand New Item is brand new, in original packaging, supplied with all accessories. 12 months warranty supplied.

to avoid any confusion.... This is a CAL (Client Access License) Not a Windows Server OS License


Well, I hope whoever bought these knows what a CAL (Client Access Licence) is. it's not a copy of Windows Server, it's a licence to access a Windows 2016 server. I love the "supplied with all accessories" - it's a licence key!


Last one left

FUJITSU LIFEBOOK E544 - i3-4100M 2.50GHz - 4GB RAM - 250GB HDD - Grade C £139.50 with code @ Stone Refurb
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Posted 6th Dec 2020Posted 6th Dec 2020
FUJITSU LIFEBOOK E544 - i3-4100M 2.50GHz - 4GB RAM - 250GB HDD - Grade C £139.50 with code @ Stone Refurb£139.50Stone Refurb Deals
FUJITSU LIFEBOOK E544 - i3-4100M 2.50GHz - 4GB RAM - 250GB HDD - Grade C 2.55% topcashback 6 month warranty FREE DPD delivery

Cold. You buy promise of frustration and disappointment. Get a new chromebook at that price.


I don't see the deal here. When they say refurbished they mean they formatted it. You could get a better second hand laptop for your money than this.


They have the same model at £135 before discount here: I’d be wary of the specs anyway as there are a lot of machines with specs that don’t exist or wrong model numbers so you might end up with something else.


And save yourself 700g in weight and some bulk. These older laptops are OK if you never move them but they can't compete with the design and size of current ones.


This feels a bit too dated to me at this point. Personally, would prefer to spend slightly more on a used Acer Swift 1 with Pentium n4200. Similar processor performance, but more modern features and a better FHD IPS screen etc.

Fujitsu Esprimo E400 Desktop PC Core i3-3220 4GB 500GB Windows 10 £99.99 at ITZOO
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Posted 1st Apr 2020Posted 1st Apr 2020
Fujitsu Esprimo E400 Desktop PC Core i3-3220 4GB 500GB Windows 10 £99.99 at ITZOO£99.99 Free P&P FreeITZOO Deals
Grade: A- Grade Desktop PC Minor Scratches + Dents to Case Brand & Model: ESPRIMO E400 E85+ Processor: Intel i3 3220 3.2GHz Screen: N/A Memory: … Read more

Yeh agreed, way too pricey, at least a 4th gen i5 with 8gb ram at this price, even that you could get a far better price on eBay.


You can get a 4th-gen i3 machine for half this with a little looking, so cold for me I’m afraid OP! Itzoo have seriously jacked up their prices since they started getting attention on here sadly - not that I can really complain as I’ve had some good deals from them in the past. Hope they go back to being reasonable some time soon!


How is this going hot? You could pick up a just as powerful or more powerful laptop for about £20 more on ebay (maybe even £10 less than the desktop if you get lucky),


Great bit of kit for emulation PC! Saves digging all those old consoles and arcade cabinets we all have.. coff..


Oof. If this were haswell era i3, heat. But these days Sandy / Ivy era is harder to justify at this price. Proprietary PSU connector in some of these, as well. But this would make for a solid basic system, particularly with an SSD (even 120GB!), andit'll probably run for many more years. Fujitsu's business line are hardy.

Fujitsu KB410 PC/Mac, Keyboard (Very Good) - £3.26 (+£4.49 Non Prime) [Amazon Warehouse]
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Posted 9th Feb 2020Posted 9th Feb 2020
Fujitsu KB410 PC/Mac, Keyboard (Very Good) - £3.26 (+£4.49 Non Prime) [Amazon Warehouse]£3.26Amazon Deals
Another keyboard.. but hear me out, this one is black!! "Item will come in original packaging. Packaging will be damaged. Small cosmetic imperfection on the bottom or back of item… Read more

About the picture. You are right, it does show a 'not uk' keyboard, I needed my spectacles on. However if you drill down at Fujitsu, you find that the same basic model number followed by K relates to a number of keyboards S26381-K511-L480 does not exist there. AFAICT Anyway it will be interesting to see what anyone here actually gets I've tried to unexpire the OP as there seem to be more avaiable if anyone wants to chance their arm :)


I know it is, and that picture shows a German keyboard. And I am speaking about the specific model number shown under “product information” (S26381-K511-L480). I am aware that this model (and most models) of keyboard comes in a variety of layouts - and the model number given relates specifically to a Spanish layout, while the picture shows a German one. Google that number and look at the results that come up. I won’t be responding further, as you’re clearly either a few sandwiches short or just trolling. Either way, what a bizarre argument to pick


a gamer admit defeat? in an online forum? is this your first internet?


Why don't you just admit defeat?


Because it means nothing, I have a gaming hat - What does that tell you about the hat ? nothing at all. Same with a keyboard adding the word gaming to it means nothing. There is no technical defination as to what a gaming keyboard is it can mean anything. Companies put the word "Gaming" in front of products to make you think it is better. It does not mean it will have backlighting, special switches and oddly as you suggest anything to do with weight of the keyboard.

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Refurbished Fujitsu A357 7th Gen Core i5 Laptop 2.5ghz 8gb Ram 500GB HDD Windows 10 Pro £229.99 + £10 postage- tradetrading / eBay
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Posted 1st Jan 2020Posted 1st Jan 2020
Refurbished Fujitsu A357 7th Gen Core i5 Laptop 2.5ghz 8gb Ram 500GB HDD Windows 10 Pro £229.99 + £10 postage- tradetrading / eBay£239.99eBay Deals
Good refurb laptop specs for the price Features & details OS : Windows 10 Pro Product information Brand Fujitsu Product Dimensions 25.6 x 37.8 x 3.1 cm Item model number … Read more

Mad how the ratings go on this site, completely skewed ratings based on it being just cheap, funny or people clicking on autopilot because of what others are doing. 1. You could get a new laptop for about £300. 2. It’s second hand. 3. Its eBay as cold as they come (poo)


We have these at work. Decent corporate machines but battery life will be shot and I wouldn't buy one for home use because of the the screen.


It's not that great really, you can get a Ryzen 3 laptop with an SSD and full HD for similar money (maybe a little more) if you're patient and that'll be new. HD vs full HD is very noticeable, mostly because the full HD displays are typically higher contrast and better gamut - I'm yet to see an HD (TN) screen that is anything but bottom of the barrel - you might find the odd HD IPS panel on tablets or touchscreen laptops but that's it. I don't think the lack of USB C is a problem. The Coda Spirit is just going to be slow, this'll run rings round it - banned account?!


You're welcome, good find


It’s an 7th gen i5 (2 cores). HDD not ssd Screen a bit issue as mentioned earlier And it’s refurbished (ex business use) which could mean it is quite battered I wouldn’t have thought all these things make this a good deal. But it is quite cheap to be fair.

FUJITSU ESPRIMO E420 - I5-4440 3.10GHZ + Free Shipping £100 @ Encore-pc
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Posted 15th Aug 2019Posted 15th Aug 2019
FUJITSU ESPRIMO E420 - I5-4440 3.10GHZ + Free Shipping £100 @ Encore-pc£100£19549% offStone Refurb Deals
Found this while searching for a good refurbished desktop to replace my ancient 2nd gen i3. I didint want a ultra slim form factor like the dell, as I wanted to put a graphics ca… Read more

How come this deal is now unavaliable there seems to more of these item's in stock ?

Folks, this cup is throttled on its boost speed, is it not? I'm sure an i5 3470 in, say a Dell 7010 is a quicker cpu than this later gen cpu? Both only take half height GPUs, so it's a toughie to recommend? 3.2 ghz max on a single core v about 3.5-3.6 ghz on the older gen i5


Only Refurbished Grade B now available at this price


What like are the outputs on this cant see the spec does it have a HDMI Ect ?


Depends how many clients you'll have connected simultaneously. But for comparison, I've an HP Proliant N36L with a dual core AMD Athlon II Neo N36L (1.3 Ghz) K325 CPU that I bought back in 2011 and use for Plex. I mainly stick to 720p and it serves to two or three local clients fine. It'll transcode 1080p content to one client just fine but struggles above that, I wouldn't touch 4K with it. Here's a performance comparison: