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Gaggia Gran Gaggia Style Espresso £57.90 @ Amazon Italy
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Posted 27th Jun 2020Posted 27th Jun 2020Shipping from ItalyShipping from Italy
Gaggia Gran Gaggia Style Espresso £57.90 @ Amazon Italy£57.90Amazon Italy Deals
Budget entry espresso machine with aluminium boiler, better than most of thermal block/jet coffee machine. Recommended!

Gaggia Brera bean to cup espresso machine.


You can just change the basket for a few quid.


@Kenneth131 Could you recommend a few machines? Thanks


Get a used Gaggia Classic from eBay. The old ones (before Phillips bought them) are the best.


mmmm mocha face

Gaggia anima prestige automatic been to cup coffee machine £499.99 @ Costco
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Posted 28th Mar 2018Posted 28th Mar 2018LocalLocal
Gaggia anima prestige automatic been to cup coffee machine £499.99 @ Costco£499.99Costco Deals
From 02/04/18to 15/04/18

Looks good voted hot


Very good brand. I’m using the classic one and we are extremly happy with that even after 7 years of use. Keep it clean then will last forever (or at least 7 years but I will be back once I got to forever)


You can get a costco card if you just have any type of work Id card. Even if youre self employed.


Heat added, pity I don't have a Costco card :(

Gaggia ri9700/60 Freestanding Fully Automatic Espresso Machine - Amazon - £884.70
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Posted 17th Feb 2018Posted 17th Feb 2018
Gaggia ri9700/60 Freestanding Fully Automatic Espresso Machine - Amazon - £884.70£884.70Amazon Deals
A deal that was too awesome to last long. Gaggia ri9700/60 Freestanding Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Awwwww, welcome to the Internet bud


Don't see any of that on this post, only idiots trolling who don't have a clue what they are talking about (not aimed at you).


With the same money you could get something like an Oscar Nuova Simonelli and separate grinder giving a far better result and it would last longer...


How does this compare to similar priceed auto delonghi? Genuine question. Mine hasn't set a bean wrong in the few years I've had it...


I think it’s more about the people who post high end items then go on to condescend and belittle the people who they think can’t afford, or somehow aren’t worthy of the product.

Gaggia Accademia Coffee Machine. RI9702/02 £887 Amazon Germany
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Posted 16th Feb 2018Posted 16th Feb 2018
Gaggia Accademia Coffee Machine. RI9702/02 £887 Amazon Germany£887£8971% offAmazon Germany Deals
A coffee machine . The price shown in £ is approximate. Obviously the machine's price is denominated in Euro €980.80 at Sold & Supplied by Amazon Total incl' deli… Read more

If you fancy spending £900+ on a coffee machine, PLEASE do some research! :/


I have a Gaggia Classic which is totally useless until you replace the thermostat with a temperature sensor and solid-state relay with a PID controller. I've also swapped the cruddy plastic milk frothing wand with one from a Rancilio Silvia. It is a completely different beast to this, but what would I have to replace or upgrade to make this one useful?


Cold for poor attitude from OP


Yup, what's your point? Breville outside the UK, not the rubbish Breville they sell here. Sage is a premium product and I'd buy one if money were no object.


Having the RRP and average selling price in your description might help determine if this deal is good value for this model.

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Gaggia ri9700/60 Freestanding Fully Automatic Espresso Machine - £925.97 at Amazon
32° Expired
Posted 14th Dec 2017Posted 14th Dec 2017
Gaggia ri9700/60 Freestanding Fully Automatic Espresso Machine - £925.97 at Amazon£925.97Amazon Deals
Expired due to huge demand driving up the price. You could always look at one of those pod machines. I'm only kidding, of course. Leave those to the Yankee Candle crowd.

I'd look at buying one, but my lever La Pavoni is brilliant too. That gets used 4 times a day. No Nespresso and definitely no coffee powder in this house.


This is Saeco Exprelia machine with Gaggia sticker on... Amazon's rrp is a total joke


Yes. I started off with a cheap machine, then a 400 and now the Melitta TSP. A good automated machine is worth it


Seems expensive yes, but they really do work out worthwhile. I paid £1000 for a jura machine earlier this year. Its used about 10 times a day


Wow, talk about haves and have nots.- there will be people in many parts of this country who buy one of these and rarely use it (fair enough if they work for the money they're entitled to spend it how they like), but at this time of year there will also be parents in tears because they cannot afford more than a hundred pounds in total for children's presents, dinner etc on xmas day............... and I mean parents who don't smoke or drink, but have various problems which means they honestly cannot afford xmas with children who will go back to school and dread being asked what santa brought them, when they listen to classmates reeling off the hoverboards, x boxes etc they received. I listen to a few near me who 'boast' of getting a new pair of warm boots or a coat from santa, when I realise their parents have to do that or they'd have very little to unwrap.

Amazon - Gaggia Descaler Decalcifier 250ml - £2.98 (Prime / £6.97 non Prime) - Sold by NegozioElettrodomestici and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 9th Oct 2017Posted 9th Oct 2017
Amazon - Gaggia Descaler Decalcifier 250ml - £2.98 (Prime / £6.97 non Prime) - Sold by NegozioElettrodomestici and Fulfilled by Amazon£2.98Amazon Deals
Gaggia Descaler Decalcifier 250ml. £2.98 & FREE UK Delivery on orders dispatched by Amazon over £20

Fine for kettles, you can boil it up in those, but I find it isn't powerful/fast enough for coffee machines


Just buy a small bag of citric acid crystals on eBay. Cheaper, better for the environment, work perfectly, last much longer, leave no after taste.


What ^he^ said, works a treat in kettles etc and no nasty aftertaste or lingering smell in kitchen


Yeah much better to use chemicals


Good price compared to what is often charged for branded ones. However I find this one to be excellent and slightly cheaper;