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Gaggia anima prestige automatic been to cup coffee machine £499.99 @ Costco
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Posted 28th Mar 2018Posted 28th Mar 2018LocalLocal
Gaggia anima prestige automatic been to cup coffee machine £499.99 @ Costco
£499.99Costco Deals
From 02/04/18to 15/04/18

Looks good voted hot


Very good brand. I’m using the classic one and we are extremly happy with that even after 7 years of use. Keep it clean then will last forever (or at least 7 years but I will be back once I got to forever)


You can get a costco card if you just have any type of work Id card. Even if youre self employed.


Heat added, pity I don't have a Costco card :(

Gaggia ri9700/60 Freestanding Fully Automatic Espresso Machine - Amazon - £884.70
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Posted 17th Feb 2018Posted 17th Feb 2018
Gaggia ri9700/60 Freestanding Fully Automatic Espresso Machine - Amazon - £884.70
£884.70Amazon Deals
A deal that was too awesome to last long. Gaggia ri9700/60 Freestanding Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Awwwww, welcome to the Internet bud


Don't see any of that on this post, only idiots trolling who don't have a clue what they are talking about (not aimed at you).


With the same money you could get something like an Oscar Nuova Simonelli and separate grinder giving a far better result and it would last longer...


How does this compare to similar priceed auto delonghi? Genuine question. Mine hasn't set a bean wrong in the few years I've had it...


I think it’s more about the people who post high end items then go on to condescend and belittle the people who they think can’t afford, or somehow aren’t worthy of the product.

Gaggia Accademia Coffee Machine. RI9702/02 £887 Amazon Germany
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Posted 16th Feb 2018Posted 16th Feb 2018
Gaggia Accademia Coffee Machine. RI9702/02 £887 Amazon Germany
A coffee machine . The price shown in £ is approximate. Obviously the machine's price is denominated in Euro €980.80 at Sold & Supplied by Amazon Total incl' deli… Read more

If you fancy spending £900+ on a coffee machine, PLEASE do some research! :/


I have a Gaggia Classic which is totally useless until you replace the thermostat with a temperature sensor and solid-state relay with a PID controller. I've also swapped the cruddy plastic milk frothing wand with one from a Rancilio Silvia. It is a completely different beast to this, but what would I have to replace or upgrade to make this one useful?


Cold for poor attitude from OP


Yup, what's your point? Breville outside the UK, not the rubbish Breville they sell here. Sage is a premium product and I'd buy one if money were no object.


Having the RRP and average selling price in your description might help determine if this deal is good value for this model.

Gaggia ri9700/60 Freestanding Fully Automatic Espresso Machine - £925.97 at Amazon
32° Expired
Posted 14th Dec 2017Posted 14th Dec 2017
Gaggia ri9700/60 Freestanding Fully Automatic Espresso Machine - £925.97 at Amazon
£925.97Amazon Deals
Expired due to huge demand driving up the price. You could always look at one of those pod machines. I'm only kidding, of course. Leave those to the Yankee Candle crowd.

I'd look at buying one, but my lever La Pavoni is brilliant too. That gets used 4 times a day. No Nespresso and definitely no coffee powder in this house.


This is Saeco Exprelia machine with Gaggia sticker on... Amazon's rrp is a total joke


Yes. I started off with a cheap machine, then a 400 and now the Melitta TSP. A good automated machine is worth it


Seems expensive yes, but they really do work out worthwhile. I paid £1000 for a jura machine earlier this year. Its used about 10 times a day


Wow, talk about haves and have nots.- there will be people in many parts of this country who buy one of these and rarely use it (fair enough if they work for the money they're entitled to spend it how they like), but at this time of year there will also be parents in tears because they cannot afford more than a hundred pounds in total for children's presents, dinner etc on xmas day............... and I mean parents who don't smoke or drink, but have various problems which means they honestly cannot afford xmas with children who will go back to school and dread being asked what santa brought them, when they listen to classmates reeling off the hoverboards, x boxes etc they received. I listen to a few near me who 'boast' of getting a new pair of warm boots or a coat from santa, when I realise their parents have to do that or they'd have very little to unwrap.

Amazon - Gaggia Descaler Decalcifier 250ml - £2.98 (Prime / £6.97 non Prime) - Sold by NegozioElettrodomestici and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 9th Oct 2017Posted 9th Oct 2017
Amazon - Gaggia Descaler Decalcifier 250ml - £2.98 (Prime / £6.97 non Prime) - Sold by NegozioElettrodomestici and Fulfilled by Amazon
Gaggia Descaler Decalcifier 250ml. £2.98 & FREE UK Delivery on orders dispatched by Amazon over £20

Fine for kettles, you can boil it up in those, but I find it isn't powerful/fast enough for coffee machines


Just buy a small bag of citric acid crystals on eBay. Cheaper, better for the environment, work perfectly, last much longer, leave no after taste.


What ^he^ said, works a treat in kettles etc and no nasty aftertaste or lingering smell in kitchen


Yeah much better to use chemicals


Good price compared to what is often charged for branded ones. However I find this one to be excellent and slightly cheaper;

Gaggia Anima XL Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine  - £499.99 @ Costco
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Posted 12th Apr 2017Posted 12th Apr 2017
Gaggia Anima XL Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine - £499.99 @ Costco
£499.99Costco Deals
Seems like a good deal to me at Costco.

hahaha is sick thats what


My Bosch machine is still going strong or I would have gone for it. I thought these normally retail nearer the £800 mark. The reviews I've read of them seem to suggest they are almost industrial quality.


Nothing wrong with it. It's just like comparing a really nice single malt whisky to ASDA smart price whisky. Both have the same effect but one tastes better.


... nothing wrong, but coffee tastes better warm and brewed than in a jar, in my experience.


What is wrong with a jar of coffee?

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Gaggia Titanium (amazon Italy) £328.88 @ Amazon Italy
47° Expired
Posted 12th Oct 2015Posted 12th Oct 2015
Gaggia Titanium (amazon Italy) £328.88 @ Amazon Italy
High end domestic Gaggia bean-cup coffee machine. Back down to this low of £328.88 (based on amazon quoted exchange rate). Best price on amazon uk currently £649 via 3rd party sell… Read more

Thats's exactly what I have at the moment, but was toying with a bean - to - cup for quickness in the mornings. In the end I upgraded the steam wand on my Classic using a Rancilio wand from ebay for £15 which makes a significant improvement. In the end the reason I didn't pick up the Titanium was because it has the same steam wand at the Classic. Thought it would be a shame not to share though! (The Brera model is also periodically cheaper on amazon Italy).


Well I'm no technician, but if the fuse in the plug has gone, about 10p.....if the machine has exploded into a thousand pieces, then I think it will be a tad dearer.


Protected by eBay money back guarantee so don't really care


broken, how much is to fix it?


As per my previous comment (that I have this machine), I don't disagree that your idea is cheaper, but the joy of just being able to press one button and have a tasty coffee delivered with no hassle is worth its weight in gold. Having said this, I do not recommend the machine for making cappuccinos or lattes as the device for doing this was never very successful in my opinion and involved a lot of faff. If you like espressos or 'normal' coffees (americano?) then this machine is superb.

Gaggia Classic - Coffe Machine- Amazon - £185.35 | Cheapest since Feb 2014
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Posted 8th Feb 2015Posted 8th Feb 2015
Gaggia Classic - Coffe Machine- Amazon - £185.35 | Cheapest since Feb 2014
£185.35Amazon Deals
For the coffee lovers out there ... I've been looking into manual coffee machines and after looking for a "While" I decided to get me a gaggia classic but it was quite pricey *220… Read more

got mine for £159 direct from Phillips before Christmas


I enjoy it, thanks


Just got mine today. Loving it so far ☺


Just fine. Hows being an irritating coffee snob working for you?


Here is where to get coffee:

Gaggia Baby ABS Coffee Machine Was £269 Now £159 Plus £5.60 P&P @ Homewares / Caffe Shop Ltd
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Posted 7th Aug 2014Posted 7th Aug 2014
Gaggia Baby ABS Coffee Machine Was £269 Now £159 Plus £5.60 P&P @ Homewares / Caffe Shop Ltd
41% off in Gaggia special offer page

Still a good price for what you posted though


thanks guys, good tip, will give it a whirl!


Agree! An aeropress gives amazing results, for less than thirty quid!


looks like a decent deal. personally I just an aeropress and get great results.

TJ Hughes Gaggia Espresso Machine £59.99 p/p £5.49 3%Quidco
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Posted 30th Jun 2014Posted 30th Jun 2014
TJ Hughes Gaggia Espresso Machine £59.99 p/p £5.49 3%Quidco
Best price I can find. I am searching for a wedding gift. Gran Gaggia Prestige Manual Espresso machine. R18323/01. My son has this. His coffees are amazing

you are correct, they do make americanos by adding hot water espresso, and long black espresso to standing hot water to keep the crema. The Americano comes from Italians in Italy trying to simulate filter coffee for visiting Americans, hence the name. I made a presumption that you might like filter coffee because you like americano, to my palette they are very similar.


He never said anything about filter coffee, which is nothing like an Americano. Joe ignore her strange advice. Yes Joe, you are exactly right you can add as much boiling water (or steamed milk for a latte/cappucino) as you like and it will be the same as a coffee shop americano


I was just going by the process in which coffee shops make americano coffee.


if you like americano then you can get filter machines for under £20. The flavor or espresso is sharper and would be bitter compared to a filter coffee as the espresso is made with steam and filter coffee water slightly cooler than boiling.


Yes if you prefer a weaker coffee.

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Posted 10th Apr 2014Posted 10th Apr 2014
Bought one of these lastnight, best price I have found online with free delivery. There seems to be no limit on the amount with free postage, not sure if this is a mistake or not ?
Get deal*Get deal*

Aren't the ingredients in this stuff simply citric acid + tartaric acid, not exactly expensive ingredients, Gaggia are milking this for all they can get. There are plenty of coffee forums with people prepared to offer suggestions of alternatives - a quick google search results in loads of comments, at £7 a time, I'd want a cheaper version. mike


Or why not go the whole hog and shove some sulphuric acid in?


I've not used one of these and I've had my bean-to-cup machine for 9 months :D But I do live in a very, very soft water area, eg the nothing was registered on the little water testing strip I got with my new dishwasher and I don't have to put salt in it.


Again why pay lots of money for a machine then to cheap out like that. That's like buying a lambo and getting it serviced at Jo blokes round the corner.


White vinegar about 60p

Gaggia Gran Gaggia RI8323/01 Espresso £69.95 @ john lewis
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Posted 1st Nov 2013Posted 1st Nov 2013
Gaggia Gran Gaggia RI8323/01 Espresso £69.95 @ john lewis
Normally around £100, other cheaper ones can be found for the same price but not as nice. Spend more by all means but i bet the internals are the same as the more expensive models.… Read more

No, the Gaggia Classic and Gaggia Baby have a heavy, commercial-sized filter holder and a solenoid valve, making them closer to the big commercial espresso machines than this one is. I'm sure there are other differences as well. As for the comment about Philips - I had a fairly new Gaggia Baby which performs superbly, so I don't believe it personally.


superb deal cracking machine


Haha yes you are right, I guess what I meant to say was similar price, was thinking about Delonghi ec152 and the like.


Surely they cannot be cheaper if they are the same price?


That's a Philips Gaggia Gran Gaggia Espresso Coffee Machine. For the same money, you can get a Classic from Amazon.

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Posted 27th Aug 2013Posted 27th Aug 2013
For those with a Gaggia coffee machine, apparently this is a must-have since the stock milk wand is rubbish (I can confirm it really is rubbish!). This is a frothing arm for the R… Read more

Honestly... yes, it makes a huge difference. I was getting big ugly bubbles with default one, but this has been producing some nice microfoam. You still need to have a good frothing technique, but once you get it, this will provide professional cafe results. Watch the youtube videos for it and watch ones at cafes - they use the same style wand.


Is it really that good? make huge difference? using the default one, I always end up with quite large bubbles collapsing very quickly. not those thick and fine foam.


Right, everyone with a Gaggia needs to get one of these milk wands. They also need to buy Starbucks Espresso Roast beans and grind them fresh. Then add a drizzle of Monin Caramel syrup!!


Mine arrived today (very fast delivery!!). I fitted it in 5mins, but need to pop out so will test it out this evening.


I keep meaning to change the wand on my Gaggia Classic, very tempted.

Gaggia RI8154/80 Espresso Coffee Maker in Red was £199.95, then £159.95 & now £99.97 del @ Sainsbury's
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Posted 1st Aug 2013Posted 1st Aug 2013
Gaggia RI8154/80 Espresso Coffee Maker in Red was £199.95, then £159.95 & now £99.97 del @ Sainsbury's
Seems to be quite a bit more elsewhere, good reviews @, scores 8.8/10 from 8 reviewers This iconic Gaggia Coffee Maker is absolutely striking and will make an exceptiona… Read more
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Seems it!


it's been OOS since first thing this morning?


HOT deal! Shame oos though :(


doesnt it use beans? edit scrub that so grounds but no beans...


Are the pods similar to ones that you would find on a Tassimo machine?

Philips Gaggia Espresso Machine Black - - £99.99
41° Expired
Posted 25th Jul 2013Posted 25th Jul 2013
Philips Gaggia Espresso Machine Black - - £99.99
A Gaggia Espresso Machine for under £100. Reviews seem good from the few that I can find. This is my first venture into home espresso so it seems a great deal. Free delivery in 3-… Read more
GAGGIA UNICA Fully automatic espresso machine RI9933/70 £226.25 @ Philips Online Shop UK
76° Expired
Posted 28th Jun 2013Posted 28th Jun 2013
GAGGIA UNICA Fully automatic espresso machine RI9933/70 £226.25 @ Philips Online Shop UK
If you are after Bean to cup coffee machine , Philips online shop selling GAGGIA UNICA Fully automatic espresso machine RI9933/70. Use discount codes HOUSEHOLD25 (25% discount) an… Read more

It hasn't even been dispatched yet! :(


Let me know how you get on....I'll have my eye on the next bean to cup deal. Gutted this morning I don't have one on the way....still cant understand the payment thing but hey ho. Time to get the Nespresso machine out of the box as consolation I guess!


Thanks, I will. Just ordered some Illy and Lavazza beans, and trying to drink all of my ground coffee, can't wait for it to be delivered!


Vouchers no longer work


Caved and went to order.....still not processing "A problem has occurred with the payment step. Please try again or contact the Philips Online Help desk". Sod it....wanted to pay with my Nationwide card to get and extra years warranty...and now cant be bothered to try the other card options....oh well.

Gaggia Cubika Refurb - £106.50 with Delv inc 1yr in Coffee Club worth £120 (Caffe Shop Ltd)
83° Expired
Posted 14th Jun 2013Posted 14th Jun 2013
Gaggia Cubika Refurb - £106.50 with Delv inc 1yr in Coffee Club worth £120 (Caffe Shop Ltd)
Gaggia Cubika Expresso and Steam Wand machine. Refurbished stock. I bought one a few months back for the parents and I have to say it was a good as new with all accesories. Ye… Read more
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had one for 6 yrs, still going strong. hot.



I bought the black one brand spanking new only a few weeks ago for £110, and as I don't know how much extra the stainless version one is, I'm not voting either way, but doesn't smack of a good deal to me - and that coffee club membership doesn't look up to much. Certainly can't see anyone paying £120 for it.


Streaming Hot!

Coffee Machine - Gaggia Baby Twins (RI8159/40) only £183.75 delivered! RRP £399.99 using codes @ .philips-shop.
169° Expired
Posted 14th Jun 2013Posted 14th Jun 2013
Coffee Machine - Gaggia Baby Twins (RI8159/40) only £183.75 delivered! RRP £399.99 using codes @ .philips-shop.
Been looking at the Gaggia range of Coffee machines but have been put off a little by the price... However found this one on the Philips website and by using the promotional code i… Read more

Yes I also bought my classic on ebay second hand, and modded it with digital temperature control. Couldn't be happier!


I was hoping........ But alas it is now Out of stock! Last time I ordered this from Philips during their sale after Xmas, I had confirmation mail and then received a second email to advise a refund due to an error!!


Bought a second hand gaggia classic for cheap off ebay and love it. Getting nice frothy milk is not as easy as it seems so be prepared to read and watch you tube. Everyone disagrees on technique too and recommends mods or upgrades. Be warned if this is a new hobby then you will soon discover that to get the most out of your coffee machine investment, you will definitely need to buy a grinder to match (as mentioned above). This means more kitchen worktop space (electric grinders £130 to match) or a decent hand-grinder (£30 ish) if you can take the additional faffing. Rave Coffee do good value beans too. Good bargain price - hot from me.


Both this and the Classic are good machines and the £180 mark is a good price. I bought a Classic after owning a Krups and it's a step up into decent home machines (now have a Rancilio Silvia). A boxed, barely used Classic on eBay will cost you half the price again delivered and may be worth considering? The comment above about an Aeropress/ brew methods is a fair one. People can get hung up on shiny espresso machines when the quality of your beans and your grinder (a good burr one) will be as/ far more important in determining the quality of the cup of coffee you make.


OH accidentally got rid of the metal rack on top of the drip tray. I have not been able to find another one anywhere, any ideas?

Gaggia Baby Ivory £138.50 delivered (RRP £235) BHS using codes (+27% off all other coffee machines)
46° Expired
Posted 21st Apr 2013Posted 21st Apr 2013
Gaggia Baby Ivory £138.50 delivered (RRP £235) BHS using codes (+27% off all other coffee machines)
Good price, may not be honoured but worth a try! Carrying on from JohnnyRoller's deal here, many thanks and heat for that!… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

my got cancelled was hopeful for a while there :-(


Expired as said above. Probably won't be honoured anyway, but a good price.


codes are no longer working


Tried the codes not buying one though good price if they honor it


S'ok...Magnifica is only £280 at amazon though, so not a massive saving on that one. Better than a kick in the chops if you're in the market for that model though

Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine - £93.50 @ Amazon Warehouse
77° Expired
Posted 2nd Apr 2013Posted 2nd Apr 2013
Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine - £93.50 @ Amazon Warehouse
There is a couple remaining on Amazon warehouse - Used 'Good'. - I had one which was used - like new in my basket but somebody pipped me at the post so thought i'd take a punt on … Read more

It arrived the other day and it was brand was very slightly squashed, that's all. Very impressed!!


I agree but if it keeps the price down I'm not complaining.


I've had a really negative experience with Gaggia customer service following an uncharacteristic break down of this machine. Long story but they sold their warranties to Phillips who weren't in a position to repair. It broke within warranty but I couldn't get a repair without paying huge costs (£105) despite it being a minor fault. This is a great price for a usually great product but people should be aware that customer service can be an issue. Amazon no doubt will be a reassurance x


All gone now!


I don't know why Amazon have to say 'used' at all on some of the stuff I have had.. Pentax K-5II and Gaggia Classic I recently purchased were both mint new unused, just in Amazon packaging

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