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Updated 25th Oct 2018Last updated 25th Oct 2018 by kevnemma
Please help my phone Samsung j5 won't let me open certain apps and not functioning properly
hi so t be problem started today when I went to go on showbox it just went to a black screen then I tried to open Spotify that done the same then my internet started to play up. my… Read more

Was hoping there was another way oh well


The above would be my advice, not ideal and it usually isn't taken but it'd certainly help.


Factory reset phone and start again. Sometimes it's the only way to sort problems, however you will loose photos ect if you never had any backup like Google photos setup


Ok so now it says computing on all my apps it won't let me delete any apps just loads and loads


I have just tried going on to clear the cache and says computing I have took a pic but won't let me do anything with it when I click on select image that is black as well

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Updated 16th May 2017Last updated 16th May 2017 by deleted1533980
Brought a samsung j5 back in august
Brought a samsung j5 back in august and its bin falty for months but sent it back sat just wanting for my refund
Avatar deleted1706170

​a hahaha they are a pain in the rear huh?


OP registered HUKD account just to post this rubbish.


You won't get a refund, just repair or replace. Ignore the dictionary police. Did you buy it brand new, did it come with full 12 months warranty? **Downvoted by the 3 stooges :p


Ok. And we need to know because...?


You could always read a dictionary while you wait.