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Garmin Fenix 5S SmartWatch (Refurbished) £159.99 @ stockmustgo / eBay
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Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Great watch at a great price. Only one left.

Oh how bad was the condition? Presumably very poor as you've sent it back. It's good they're refunding with no issues. Worth the risk i guess


It did! But unfortunately it didn't live up to the controller in terms of quality! Was more a C grade for sure. Came quickly and couldn't fault customer service they have already issued me a pre paid returns label and are refunding me so can't complain. Guess it's always hit or miss. Worth a shot though and I'd try again


Has it arrived yet mate?


That's weird. I purchased one of their Xbox controllers a couple of hours ago and I was eyeing up the Garmin Vivo active (y)


Will do! I got one of thier "b" condition Xbox controller today and it was in original box with manuals etc in mint condition! Box was a bit bashed but great overall! Hoping watch is the same just missing box and charger and that's why it's a "b"

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Sapphire Titanium @ £585 from Amazon Sold by Watchnation
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Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
This is pretty much the current top of the range Garmin Fenix 5 in the standard size spec. Has Sapphire screen, is the Plus model and has a Titanium Bezel. 16GB of storage so you… Read more
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I have a fenix 5 and love it. I got it on a deal for £299. I didn't need the added spec that comes on the 5 plus nor could I justify the extra cost. Both Garmin's are primarily gps sports watches with smart features. I use mine for running and I sync it to Garmin connect and Strava. IMO they are completely different beasts to Apple or Android watches.


You know Apple make watches, right?


I dont have one of these. So cant speak from experience. But the original and discount price just seem crazy. I have sapphire glass on my raymon veil watch. Sapphire glass is designed to prevent scratches from anything other than diamond. But I dont believe they have the same shock protection that gorilla glass provides. But I agree those specs would make sense for not the casual user.


I would say, much more durable (sapphire glass and titanium), a better stand-alone experience without connecting to a phone & longer battery life. Really not necessary for most casual users.


How much? Am I missing something? My Samsung smart watch was about £300 and my mates iwatch was around £400. How is this Garmin worth more?

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Sapphire Titanium @ £585 from Amazon seller
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Posted 25th JulPosted 25th Jul
This is pretty much the current top of the range Garmin Fenix 5 in the standard size spec. Has Sapphire screen, is the Plus model and has a Titanium Bezel. Dogs lobbocks of Garmi… Read more
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It's a bit like the iPhone of the sports watch world. People own £1100+ iPhones on contracts and no one bat's an eye.


Best price so far, normally around £750 rrp


You can it directly from Garmin for £562.49 through Totum if you are a "student". Lots of other ways to get s similar discount e.g. Vitality health insurance. Still a lot of money for a watch but this is a lot of watch.


How much????!!!! Blimey


What, more then you can afford? This sites about savings, if you can find it cheaper elsewhere post your deal. If you don't understand what these watches can do, over and above telling the time, then you just don't get it.

Garmin Fenix 5 Multi Sport GPS Watch £286.99 Delivered @ Millets
Posted 19th JulPosted 19th Jul
Garmin Fenix 5 Multi Sport GPS Watch Was: £440 Now: £284 @ Millets Description Boasting a long battery life, this premium adventure watch allows you to plan, plot,… Read more
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Cex do a grade B for 140 with two year warranty if you can not wait.


I couldn't agree more. It took me so long to choose on prime day the one I chose in the end sold out. I'm going for Garmin vivoactive 3 Music. £150 on prime day, so stuck waiting price to drop. Anyone got a time machine I could borrow?!?


Also 5% TcB I believe


235 is quite old tech now. Also a bit bigger and chunkier. Personally I think the vivoactive 3 is a seriously good all round watch as long as you are okay with a touch screen which works fine but can be frustrating when wet.


Vivoactive 3 does golf and running

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Is back to £475 now. So sad 😞


Well now I don't need to make the decision I guess!


Great price for that watch - hence it is now sold out.


Damn I want this, but can't justify it!


Amazing price, can't understand why it's cold !

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire Multisport GPS Watch from Amazon @ £369.18
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Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
This is the Sapphire version of the Fenix 5 watch and cheapest I've seen it for a few months. From Amazon themselves so proper return and support. Here's the link on Garmins webs… Read more
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I don't even think they support any UK banks, certainly not HSBC anyway


Music feature is nice on the 5 plus but wouldn't spend the extra £100 or so for maps or pay. Maps is pretty useless and pay is poorly support by card vendors at present. For most people the 5 is more than adequate. I would have snapped one up for £220 given the chance.


Really? That's a steal at that price!


I have the fenix 5 BNIB which I picked up here with the JL misprice at 220. For the life of me can I flog this thing on in anyway for more than what I picked it up for.

Garmin Fenix 5 Multisport GPS Watch with Outdoor Navigation and Wrist-Based Heart Rate - £299 @ Amazon
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Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Good price for this sports watch. Key features Stainless steel EXO-antenna as bezel and forged steel back. Wrist heart rate with fully integrated sensor. Activity profiles for a… Read more

There was only one in stock for £284.99 I saw... did it go lower?


Prime day paid off :)


Haha I'm fighting my impulses, let's see how that works out for me!! Enjoy the new toy (I mean essential tool)


I couldn’t wait for prime day (lol)


The Argos one? I was worried about stock levels so I’ve purchased it from Argos at £299 (still a great price) and they have a 30day no questions return policy if it does go cheaper on amazon prime day next week. We shall see (y) 🏼

Garmin Fenix 5S Multisport GPS Smart Watch - Black £299.99 Delivered @ Argos
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Nice price drop, £350 most places, drop of £50 is good. Connectivity 64MB memory. Proprietary operating system. Bluetooth 4 connection. USB 2 connection. Display informat… Read more

Thanks again @plewis00. I prefer the look of the Slate Grey, and from your comments and a friend who has it, I think that's put my mind at rest :-)


I can show you mine with 2 years use and other than a small scratch to the slate grey bezel near the bottom I have worn it every single day for every single event (including Spartan Trifecta and Tough Mudder) and you wouldn't see a lot of use on it at all. There's no chunks taken out of the bezel and I have banged it into stuff like you do with watches inadvertently. The glass is unmarked (mine is the Sapphire) but I think the mineral glass version is pretty resistant too - better than the Apple Watch anyway, as the bezel is proud of the glass. I don't know - but GPS on, with GALILEO and with music I've heard 3.5-4hrs is a push. You could probably get a week out of the Garmin with normal use. I haven't used the BIP before.


Is the battery life really that bad? I'm used to a bip, that lasts 45 days as a watch/heart monitor and even using the GPS for a few hours a day I got nearly a week out of it on holiday last week.


Think you've just about convinced me @plewis00 - some really helpful insights on here and on the amazon deal thread. How have you found the bezel and screen for scratches/nicks? I've reserved the Slate Grey model as the Silver isn't available locally, but read that damage to the bezel is more obvious on this one? I'm fairly careful with watches, so hoping it's nothing to worry about.


I'd take the 5s Plus from CeX if I were you. I won't myself (even though my 5s Sapphire is from there) as I: a) don't want to lose the Sapphire glass b) don't want or really need any of the Plus features c) want to suffer what I've heard is terrible battery life from the 5s Plus - and then the possible GPS issues too My 5s is on the verge of what I can handle in battery life, it should scrape a fast Ironman whereas the 5s Plus can barely manage a marathon - bigger display and faster CPU don't help.

Silver Garmin Fenix 5 multisport GPS watch £295 @ Blacks
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
The silver edition of the Garmin fēnix® 5 lets you track and improve your performance in unique style. The high resolution display is encircled by a metallic bezel that gives a sop… Read more

The Fenix range is I would say is much more durable and premium compared with the Vivoactive. If your a very active person I would highly recommend it.


No I had the garmin 3 (think its called the vivoactive) not the Fenix 3 thats the trouble now there are so many models no wonder people get mixed up.


Software is pretty much the same as the Fenix 3 with a few extra features. I never had any problems with the Fenix 3 and the 5 works great for me too. I just wanted the newer version.


Whats the software like with the 5 I brought a garmin 3 but took it back with various software bits like it freezing randomly but do like the look of the 5


Yeah I think that is an issue just with the newer plus model. I have the Fenix 5 which I am really happy with, upgraded from the Fenix 3. So decided to get the 5s for my wife

Garmin Fenix 5 Multisport GPS watch £349 Amazon
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Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Multisport GPS Watch for Sport, Adventure and Style Compact (47 mm) multisport GPS watch with Elevate™ wrist heart rate technology1 Steel Grip design with stainless steel EXO-Anten… Read more
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It was. But John Lewis do also have the 5S at the same £299 price, for those who prefer the smaller size.


It was exactly the same model as this one.


Wasn't in stock when I posted amazon deal in the morning.


Thanks for letting me know. It was £ 349 when deal was posted


That was different model... GARMIN FENIX 5S

Garmin Fenix 5GPS Multisport Watch - £299.99 @ John Lewis & Partners
Refreshed 26th JunRefreshed 26th Jun
Not as good as the misprice from JL a few days back. But certainly the best price at the moment for a brand new watch with 2 year warranty.
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I have amazfit stratos 2, was looking to upgrade not because of the watch but because sync software for garmin seems to be better supported. Just seems a steep price differential.


I was looking for added protection against scratches


It can do but what do you expect from the screen of its sapphire? I’ve only had the normal one and never had any issue with the screen. Possibly just a sales gimmick


Does this version come with the sapphire screen?


It feels great, doesn't really feel any larger than the Gear s3. I do miss the screen on the S3 but given the issues I was having with the battery I don't mind. I only want to screen notifications and this does a fine job of that. I've already got used to the screen but seeing another S3 or Gear watch makes you realise again how low resolution the fenix 5 / 5 plus is. The auto workout detection on the S3 was good but the information it tracks is fairly useless anyway so I'm happy to start the fenix when I ride as I used to use Strava on my phone anyway

Garmin Fenix 5 with 2 straps from Amazon DE for £315.03 (€333)
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Posted 12th JunPosted 12th JunShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
I am on the hunt for a Fenix 5 (not S) and this is the cheapest I could find (sold by Amazon DE). I didn't buy one myself because I couldn't find a similar price for the black bez… Read more
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It’ll be 2020 now most likely as they’ve missed Tri season. Battery life is still good compared to other smartwatches but not compared to 3 or 5 before it, GPS on-time will not last an Ironman any more and it’s about a third on the 5s. I have the 5s now so I’d have to move up to the 5 Plus and probably sacrifice the Sapphire display too. I’m annoyed that I had a 5 Plus Titanium and sold it, in hindsight I should have kept it for myself.


I was thinking along the same lines regarding the 6, but didn't wan't to wait as there still seems no release date. As far as ther battery life goes I'm pretty impressed, mine lasts around 5 days depending on how much gps I use.


feni I was planning on doing that, in fact all my Fenix watches have come from there as you get a better warranty anyway and the saving is well worth it. Just not up for the 5 Plus yet, they are faster and have good features but significantly worse battery so will probably skip that generation for the 6 or whatever and when it comes out. CeX have the normal 5 and 5s as low as £200 at times (which is a great price).


I have a 5 with a glass screen protector- great watch


You can get a grade A fenix 5 plus at cex for £340, I know cex is not everyone's cup of tea but with 14 day returns might be worth a look. Someone asked me about a watch face, this is the one I use.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Multisport Watch with Music, Maps and Garmin Pay, Silver with Black Band  £399.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Appreciate it's a lot of money etc etc, but just dropped from £479.99, lowest price ever on Amazon

Splus is perfect. Battery life is fine as well as I charge it up every couple of days. Having Spotify was the main reason for picking this watch.


I have baby wrists too (170mm (6.7") hows the 5s look on your wrist? (not super keen on dropping battery life for the 5s)


Gutted I missed out on this deal.. How are you enjoying the F5+? Does the silver bezel look good?


Almost bought the last year model (fenix 5) but for an extra £70-80 I've decided to go for this


If I were you, I'd have alook at the standard size as well, the battery is meant to be a lot better and it's not as big and clunky as you might think... PS Easy returns at Amazon.

Garmin Fenix 5S Plus Compact Multisport Watch £399.99 at Amazon
12/10/2019Expires on 12/10/2019Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Cheapest since release. Top of the range Garmin sports watch.
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This is a very good deal - John Lewis have price matched this so I got it for £350 with discount.


Sorry, yes, friend bought it back from the States for me.


Nice. You probably missed it, but asked earlier where you got a 5Plus for £340?


This is the watch face I use, nice and simple but still plenty of data.


Agree completely horses for courses, if there wasn't a market for it then they wouldn't exist....I run a huge amount, train altitude for when I go mountain hiking, do loads of mountain biking ....I find it indispensable, I would miss the features but get why your average user wouldn't. From an aesthetic perspective I think the 245 looks cheap V fenix 5s sapphire that I have but again I get that's my subjective opinion. I like that the watch looks good as well. I don't like the silver bezel on 5S but Sapphire is all black, looks good.

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire Multisport GPS Watch - £370.45 from Amazon
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Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
This isn't as good as the deal a month back when they were doing it for £334, but the price dropped from £389 yesterday so it's possible there will be further falls over the next c… Read more
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agreed. They now have 600,000 customers within just 2 years.


Not true, I opened a Starling account and it works with it just fine :)


I normally wouldn't have a problem saying back it to the store, but I love JLP and they're the only high street retailer that I regularly buy things from as their customer service leaves the rest in the dust.


But Pay only works if you have a Santander account, most people won't. Maps on that screen are crazy small and not worthwhile if you're an old f*rt like me with fading eyesight.


Dam it I literally bought a fenix 5 from John Lewis last week for 350.

Garmin fenix 5s smartwatch £200 CeX - B condition
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Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Garmin fenix 5s smartwatch £200 CeX - B condition
Fenix 5s - £200 Fenix 5 -£260 Fenix 5 plus - £340 Absolute steal from cex obviously these are pre owned but come with cex warranty. B condition are normally pretty good from my ex… Read more
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Not done yet, don't forget you can by a cex voucher from time to time on eBay often at 10% off face value saving potentially another 20 quid.


And one more thing garmin pay in the UK is pretty much santander only


I should day I don't wear both devices out and about but when out for a run only, I wouldn't want to look like a dweeb.


5s has a smaller screen, resolution and battery life. Maps can be had using paid use of dwmap which as an app on garmin connect iq. Only ten pounds a year. Having owned pretty much every iteration of garmin for the past 5 years, this is a very good price for a very good watch. Personally the 5 is just a little too big on my wrist and the 5x too much. When getting the 5 plus it is worth knowing that using GPS and music really hammers the battery the 5s plus claims 4 hours only on garmins website even. I am planning on using a 735xt and a gear fit 2 Pro (literally just for the music) total cost on CeX for that is 210 is grade B but a you get music on one wrist and b your battery isn't hammered on the main unit. As for maps I have learned that a 1.2" screen for maps just isn't suitable for me. So I got an edge 820 for the bike at 110 off the bay and am a happy little customer with all three. Finally for what it's worth, I spend a lot at cex on hardware such as smart watches and sat navs and only 10% are unsatisfactory that are graded B, with free returns it is not too much hassle either. And as to the concern about dirty watches and used goods, it can be washed since it has 10atm waterproofing


Yuk, B grade and you wearing something that’s been on someone’s sweaty wrists for many years - not for me bud

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Sapphire Multisport GPS Watch £560 @ Cotswold Outdoor
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Sapphire Multisport GPS Watch £560 @ Cotswold Outdoor
This is the latest plus version with garmin pay and music. Not to be confused with the non plus or non-sapphire.
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Just checked and none in stock around me :(


Reading reviews this isn't a UK version and doesn't come with maps


Can’t see the 5s plus sapphire for £549. Only the 5 plus. The size differences may matter to people with smaller wrists


I’ve seen it at this price in store so if you want one and have a store near by you could try brick and mortar


£549 on Amazon

Garmin Fenix 5S Multisport GPS Watch with Outdoor Navigation and Wrist-Based Heart Rate - Silver with Black Band  £347.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Garmin Fenix 5S Multisport GPS Watch with Outdoor Navigation and Wrist-Based Heart Rate - Silver with Black Band £347.99 @ Amazon
£349.99Amazon Deals
Garmin fenix 5 Multisport GPS watch for fitness, adventure and style. Beat yesterday all day, every day. Garmin fenix 5 is the multisport GPS watch with wrist-based heart rate, adv… Read more

Now I've read the DC rainmaker review of the 245 Music I think I've saved some more money. Garmin Pay works with virtually no banks so although it's a feature I'd like, it won't work for me.


and now just to keep things nice and simple, Garmin chuck another three forerunner models out there...


The 5 has quite low specs. You'd be better off with a forerunner unless you need the battery life


The Fenix 5 on that link with current exchange rate(usd to gbp) is £267, my bro in law lives in the states


Thanks RobP(y)

Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire  multisport GPS watch  - £332.04  Amazon
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire multisport GPS watch - £332.04 Amazon
£332.04Amazon Deals
Garmin Fenix 5 Sapphire on Amazon. The amazon description doesn't specify it, but this came up as a deal on CCC as the Sapphire version. A quick Google on the item code comes back … Read more

Same here, and it’s amazon in the end. Mine arrived today, chuffed with it (y) 🏻, especially for this (miss) price. Already sold on the old 235 also


I'm not really too fussed about what region it is to be honest. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the watch I'll look into how to get it resolved, but ultimately I'm very happy getting the Fenix 5 Sapphire at this price - in my mind it surely has to be a misprice!


Did you get it sorted out in the end?


This may be useful. Product Support 0808 238 0000 (UK landline free phone) 03708501242 (standard geographic charges) Monday-Friday 8:30 - 17:30 GMT. Closed weekends and national holidays.


Also, don't know if you looked on the Website? They're launching a new MARQ range in the next quarter, pretty much destroys any value in some of their Avaition and other existing specialist versions As I said earlier, I do love their products, but they're the only thing I know that loses money faster then my ex wife.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Multisport Watch with Music, Maps and Garmin Pay, Silver with Black Band - Amazon Flash Deal - £429.99
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Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Multisport Watch with Music, Maps and Garmin Pay, Silver with Black Band - Amazon Flash Deal - £429.99
£429.99£499.9914%Amazon Deals
Dont know why the link isnt showing properly, but this is a cracking deal on this watch. Can pay interest free over 5 months aswell. I got mine last year and love the thing. Dont … Read more
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Sometimes there is no need for justification :p I toiled with spending this amount of Money, and ultimately, what price for happiness (lol) Personally for me, I couldn't live without garmin pay and music. Nevermund everything else. But those 2 especially.


This or (old model) 5 for £130 less? I know the answer but me justify it?


Really wish it had a black bezel, like my Fenix 3 (and not paying for a sapphire version just to get one!)


No it's not that. I'm not a Prime member but get the installments option.


Are you a prime member? I am, so wondered if that's the reason?

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