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Berlin: The Downfall: 1945 By Antony Beevor - Kindle Edition 99p @ Amazon
Posted 19th AugPosted 19th Aug
Really good book, detailing the final moments leading up to the fall of Berlin during the Second World War. Synopsis The Red Army had much to avenge when it finally reached the… Read more
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Yes, me too.


The only problem I find with Kindle versions is that the maps can be very hard to read. Thx to OP for Ch5 Stalingrad headsup.


Great read. Such a beautiful ending. Hope I haven't offended anyone. (highfive)


Showing up as 5.49? Anyone with the same issue, thanks


I am definitely gonna watch/record it! Background work for when I read the book :-). Just found it, wish I had seen this series before it looks awesome at 2 hours an episode. Sadly its not on catch up so I will make do with watching this and next weeks.

Round the World Trip (Manchester / Orlando / Las Vegas / Oakland (for San Fran) / Hawaii / Sydney / Bali/Singapore/Berlin) £798 @ Skyscanner
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Excellent sounding trip here departing from Manchester this time. November departure & flights only. Hand luggage only. Credit to Secret Flying for some of these flight. 1) … Read more
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Wicked deal


what do u mean


Actually tempted.


this looks like an Amazing deal plus it's from Manchester.


6 weeks hand luggage only on the trip of a lifetime. And if one leg falls apart you lose the rest as flights not connected. If bali to Singapore gets cancelled, then good luck getting home

Round the World Trip (London Stn / Berlin / Singapore / Sydney / Hawaii / Los Angeles / London) £730 (October departure) @ Skyscanner
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
I have put this trip together which I feel represents good value. I have ensured that you get an appropriate time at each destination, although you may wish to change some dates (n… Read more
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What description of myself gives an indication of an apartment of leather bound books that smells of rich mahogany??! Grow up gang and let's get back to the deal


I assume due to the your description of yourself.


No - what would make you say that?


Do you have many leather-bound books and an apartment that smells of rich mahogany?


Yeah absolutely so just the one case. Also, peeps may want to get some booze from each place at local prices. Also, cost of seats if you're a couple.

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Liverpool to Berlin flight £32.02 return @ EasyJet
14/10/2019Starts at 14/10/2019Refreshed 25th JunRefreshed 25th Jun17/10/2019Expires on 17/10/2019
Just booked. Thought a fantastic price for a return trip to Berlin from Liverpool. Price is for 2 people to fly 14th to 17th October. With easyjet so on-board baggage won't be … Read more
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Sorry about the delay affukhsd10hot0107 Fill yeah boots


@fishpie4tea - mate can you send me one expedia code on my private message box? Ta.


Is the totum Isis card mainly used for getting you travel discounts abroad or all different discounts


Judith Chalmers that hangs


Great deal @fishpie4tea you sound like BarrysDealz who’s site posts loads of holiday bargains

2.5kg Impact Whey Protein "Maple Syrup" for ~£16.38 delivered to the UK @ Myprotein Germany
193° Expired
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Alright now, I have got one more Myprotein deal which is a little tricky since you need to order from the German website . Very important: Do NOT go to the English website or … Read more

Mine just arrived. I assume it was shipped direct from the uk warehouse - the box has a few vouchers for Ocado in it with a maximum value of £25gbp. Can't see a German company having local stock of English language flyers with gbp discount values.




Great Price, Heat.


Better have my protein than this myprotein flavour :D


Now that I think of it, the trick which I am using in my other deal should actually work here as well. Could anyone try if he/she gets free shipping to the UK by adding a 6 Layer Bar Sample for ~£2? That would then at least be somewhat cheaper than right now.

WD My Book 10 TB Desktop Hard Drive - Black £175.42 | 169.27 With Fee Free card @ (Germany)
222° Expired
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
£175.42 delivered to an UK address using your UK bank card via the default amazon currency converter or £169.27 delivered to UK using a fee free card (Revolut Card, Starling Bank).… Read more

Bought this for 169.99 10tb model. Bad sectors. Returned.


I know they go straight into a G8 no modding, I would say the N54L would be the same.


This is the best price at the moment. I ordered one from at £159.99 a couple of weeks ago when they were out of stock. They've just been replenished and will ship tomorrow (y) Thank you for the 3.3V pin link! I'll be shucking mine to go in one of the bays of a HP N54L server and didn't know it wouldn't be a straight swap. I appreciate you sharing the knowledge. (highfive)


Yes. Not a drive fault, but a sata quirk. (Regular sellotape cut with regular scissors)


To clarify is the power pin issue is not actually an issue with the drive but that the pin specification shuts the drive down when 3.3v is supplied to the pin and on some psu that pin is always high?

2 days in Bremen £31 p/p (£62 total) June departure (Departing London Stansted / Including central accommodation) @ Ryanair /
559° Expired
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Good price for a short break to Germany. The flight times are good too (shown in the image below) allowing you to maximise your time exploring :) The accommodation I have selected… Read more
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You know you’ve got a good deal when the taxi to and from the airport costs more than the whole holiday.




Are there any european cities where there isn’t a brewery tour? (lol)


There's a hip, arty sort of district in Bremen called Das Viertel which is worth checking out. I recommend to go for a long breakfast at one of the cafes, sit outside and watch the world go by. Very nice.


Sadly the return flight has now gone up to £24. So the deal has expired :( shame as I was just about to book it!

Round the World Trip (London Stn / Berlin / Singapore / Thailand / Osaka / Hawaii / Los Angeles / Barcelona / Majorca) £748 @ Various
623° Expired
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
October departure (no room in title). This looks amazing :) If you would prefer slightly less or more time in a certain destination feel free to edit the dates, just be aware that… Read more
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You dont get a lot in your checked bag these days, for me and to be fair I'm 2m tall its maybe two days of clothes and electronics. Thats a bit too far in terms fo being able to rent things, what are you going to do rent suits for going out for dinner or swimwear for the pool? Some of these places are pretty equatorial, but Japan at least will need modest cold weather clothing and as a European that's not the easiest to find in Japan nor cheap.


Yep. Airlines should pay the carbon offset on any empty seats.


Don't the planes go anyway even if you are not on it?


Are you serious?


Great find!

Womens Germany Home Primeknit Sweatshirt £153.96 @ Adidas Shop
-335° Expired
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
GERMANY HOME PRIMEKNIT SWEATSHIRTA LONG-SLEEVE, KNIT VERSION OF THE TEAM'S HOME JERSEY.Take your support out of the stadium and onto the street with this limited edition Germany Ho… Read more
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Are you two having a competition to see who can get the most cold votes in 1 day? (confused)


OP's having the mother of 'mares!


I think some OPs think they are being funny - :( Not .


Is this loo roll?


Are you purposely finding all the sh1tist deals possible to put on here tonight?

2 Week Flights to Majorca & Berlin £48.79 (August Departure / Incorporates August bank holiday / Departing London Stansted) @ Ryanair
240° Expired
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
I think this is an excellent price for an August trip to Europe which includes a trip to Majorca! This trip goes through the August bank holiday so you will not have to take off as… Read more
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Yep in the hand luggage


Bring a tent


Flights are a great price however I suspect that hotels in Majorca might be expensive for this time of year


Superb deal!

FREE to VIEW Manchester united  1999 treble winning squad vs Bayern Munich
49° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
FREE TO VIEW Sunday May 26th 2019 Bt sport 2 from 2:30pm Kick off at 3pm Manchester United 1999 treble winning squad vs Bayern Munich to relive 20 years ago.
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it does look like man city will dominate the premier League for years to come, a bit like Liverpool in the 70s and 80s and utd in the 90s and 00s. Not saying every year will be theirs but they won't be going away, last two seasons they really have stepped it up and now teams need to be perfect to even challenge.


Yeah one defeat and still not win the league is funny! Face it, you will never win the league ever again. If it ever got to the stage that Liverpool was about to win the league, Jesus would probably return and put a stop to it lol. And I am not sure how spurs even got out of the group stages when they had 1 point from the first 3 games. The problem spurs have got in the final is to play harry kane or not when he clearly will not be match fit. We know as England fans in past years, selecting players to play in tournaments who are not match fit and coming back from an injury never works. Anyway my faith is in Pog to make the right decision, come on Tottingham!


It would be a third European final loss on the spin so would be very disappointed, not sure how I could say it would of been a bad season, just a very odd one. Something seriously up when you can finish second in the league with one defeat and reach the champions League final with four defeats.


hmm i think ill watch the teletext page. and count how. many times it. refresh while on pause


arsenal fans for sure, Chelsea fans is a bit more debateable. A question dave, if you lose to spurs has it been a bad season?

Two Brothers by Ben Elton - an excellent, moving drama set in WWII Berlin only 99p on Kindle at Amazon
232° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
I read this a couple of months ago, and it really was excellent. It depicts the run-up to the Second World War and how the changes in German society promoted by Hitler had ever inc… Read more
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Really enjoyed this, very good book imo


Thanks. Ordered.


Didn't know Elton John wrote novels.


Loved this in hardback, may get for kindle to read again


Cheers OP ordered. Looking forward to getting stuck into this. Looks like an amazing read. Thanks

[Round the World trip] Visit Berlin / Singapore / Perth / Bali / Beijing / Los Angeles (September departure) £796 @ Various via Skyscanner
1051° Expired
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
[Round the World trip] Visit Berlin / Singapore / Perth / Bali / Beijing / Los Angeles (September departure) £796 @ Various via Skyscanner
So after inadvertedly creating a communist trip last time, I have included a few more exotic locations this time. !Wonderful option for a round the world tour here. Hand luggage on… Read more
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Anyone wants to go with me together? 8)


this is great work


Owned by singapore airlines though (lol)


Singapore looks nice however I don't trust Scoot they get 5/10 from lots of reviews. Looks like a complete barebones airline who can cancel flights without even telling you.


Might be useful for someone to look !!

4 Night Full Board Cruise (MSC Preziosa) departing Southampton (Visit Bruges, Amsterdam & Hamburg) £126.70 p/p @ ABCroisiere (MSC Cruises)
840° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
4 Night Full Board Cruise (MSC Preziosa) departing Southampton (Visit Bruges, Amsterdam & Hamburg) £126.70 p/p @ ABCroisiere (MSC Cruises)
Good price here for a 4 night cruise! Inboard cabin. You'll need to use Google Translate to book unless your English is good :) The website is being a little unresponsive - if th… Read more
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It’s a fabulous cruise. Good room, good ambience and a lovely ship!


Easier said than done when it’s a global problem. Equally if the Philippines looked after their citizens better then they probably wouldn’t be willing to work on the cruise ships for the low wages that most get. It’s all government, but that’s life. People only pollute at all because it’s the easiest route.... nothing is perfect


In that case government legislation needs to be changed fast in order to deter the economies of these dinasaurs.


The real problem is that cruises are only so appealing because hotels on land are taxed so much more and therefore there is a standard that can be offered on a largely tax free cruise ship at a much lower price than a land based hotel. It's a great example of how government legislation influence way of life in a dramatic way....


I can't imagine why anyone would want a holiday in a ship that looks like a floating battery-hen barn. To be confined in this vessel with over 4,000 other passengers is my idea of hell. I always said cruises are bad for your health, they are definitely bad for the environment. The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) has announced their 2011 “Dinosaur of the Year” award to the Cruise ship industry. NABU President Olaf Tschimpke claims cruise ships emit particle pollution equivalent to 5 million cars driving the same distance as the cruise ship travels. For all would be cruise passengers.... find something better & less damaging to the environment to do. Cruises are from a bygone era. I just can't see the fun in paying loads of money to go on a cruise with 4,000 plus other people in the sea, just look what happens. What is commendable is the 70 year old guy with two hip replacements & a knee replacement who climbed Everest

Round the World Trip (London Stn / Berlin / Moscow / Beijing / Los Angeles / London LGW) £540 @ Various Airlines
382° Expired
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Round the World Trip (London Stn / Berlin / Moscow / Beijing / Los Angeles / London LGW) £540 @ Various Airlines
Great price for an around the world trip. Hand luggage only. You may be able to alter the dates slightly compared to the example given below, but this may add to the overall cost. … Read more
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If I was going to pay for a Russian and China visa I'd be spending longer than this deal and expect your itinerary to be analysed when you apply for a Russian visa, especially with that route. I spent 3 weeks in China and that wasn't long enough. Also perhaps work looking at transiberian route for part of this instead with stops in Lake Baikal and Mongolia instead, that way you have accommodation too for some of your route.


Round the world? Are they not aware that there is a southern hemisphere?


Add the cost of visas as well


If only these countries had washing machines. A boy can dream...


Flying round the world in budget airlines. Oh what fun!

Visit Frankfurt and Havana (Cuba) £200 (May Departures / Departing London Stansted)  @ Momondo (Condor / Ryanair)
309° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Visit Frankfurt and Havana (Cuba) £200 (May Departures / Departing London Stansted) @ Momondo (Condor / Ryanair)
Excellent price for a 2 country tour, including a visit to Cuba! Hand luggage only. [Condor is a sister airline of Thomas Cook] Example itinerary: 1) Book London Stansted to Fra… Read more
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Yes lots of places still! Many a bit random and my OH is like (skeptical) when I mentioned Iran, Rwanda, Uganda and Turkmenistan as on my radar for a future trip..... Haven't really done much of Europe to be honest as I prefer to do long haul. Something a friend once said who got very ill and passed away quite young about travelling long haul while you are younger, fit and able and can get travel insurance stuck with me so generally we tend to go further afield and spend 2-3 weeks travelling round a country as oppose to just visiting briefly to say we have been to a country ....


Is there anywhere you haven't been? :D


probably expired, cannot find any cheap ones anymore, but good deal tho


If you go to Cuba definitely visit Vinales and also Trinidad. Trinidad was one of my favourite places I think we pay just over £300 for flights with KLM to Havana from Manchester around Christmas time. That included luggage and also we had a very long stop in Amsterdam which enabled us to have a city break too. Adding luggage (I'm not sure hand luggage allowance with Condor) will probably bring this price closer to £300 but still worth considering.


showing now for me too

Visit Berlin, Moscow and Seoul £260 (May Departures / departing STN) @ Ryanair / Pobeda / S7 Airlines
191° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Visit Berlin, Moscow and Seoul £260 (May Departures / departing STN) @ Ryanair / Pobeda / S7 Airlines
£260£45042%Ryanair Shop Deals
Great price to visit these three cultured cities. Please play around with the dates there are lots more options available. Please bare in mind you need a Visa to enter Russia - if … Read more
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Yup. Either include the price of getting home, unless it is being suggested that once in Seoul, you actually stay and live there permanently. In which case, include the cost of a Visa to live there as well.


Exactly, that'll be another £200-£300 at least. Moscow visa and hotel prices included all in all this is looking to be a holiday well over £1000


I had a similar issue with teletext holidays...booked me and Mrs away for a valentines treat in Istanbul at a fancy hotel with roof top restaurant...arrived and they threw me into a hotel that wouldn’t be far off the one in rising damp. Never use them again as they blame every agent and sub contractor on planet without accepting any type of responsibility.


Should we not be including a price from Seoul back home in this?


Moscow needs a week, just on its own, however hotels are VERY expensive, especially if you are in the inner circle; 15 years ago I was paying £100 a night for a basic room after Expedia stitched me up by confirming my booking at another hotel, but not ACTUALLY booking it with the hotel!! (They did it several times over two trips, so I wont use them again). The best place back then - not sure now; was the Gamma Delta complex, in the old Olympic Park; always book well in advance though. There was a huge open air market almost next door, and it is right on the metro line into the centre of the city.

Visiting Berlin in 2019? 5 top Attractions £27.15 adults /£23.65 kids Incl.Madame Tussauds, Berlin Dungeon, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre & more
188° Expired
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
Visiting Berlin in 2019? 5 top Attractions £27.15 adults /£23.65 kids Incl.Madame Tussauds, Berlin Dungeon, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre & more
£27.15£5450%365 Tickets Deals
Heading to Berlin this year? I thought this was pretty good value for a Merlin's Magical Berlin Ticket You get to visit 5 top Berlin attractions costing £27.15 adults / £23.65 kid… Read more

Good value. Have done Berlin with the kids a couple of times and Legoland and the Sea Life are good. Tussauds isn’t my thing but seems OK for a waxworks. Heat from me


So cheaper than London? Well guess you can get cheap flights to Berlin Airbnb Food Total:£100 And also tick of Germany in your travel Worth it !


Are you sure these places are in Berlin? Sounds like London to me....


V good value. Just for info my 10year old and I loved little big city.


Excellent value :)

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