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Share the magic of Hollywood by giving a movie-related gift for whatever special occasion is on the horizon. There's a galaxy of gifts for movie lovers around, from DVDs to costumes, posters, computer games, books, and electronic equipment, and all of them can be found at big discounts by shopping with HotUKDeals. Read more
Multicoloured Star Wars Pyjama Joggers £6 free delivery w/code + app (100% cotton) at New Look
Found 18th DecFound 18th Dec
Use the app and promo code SANTA for free delivery. Multicoloured Star Wars Pyjama Joggers XS,S,M only left available. May the force be with your dreams- in these pyjama joggers… Read more

Ordered on the app with the free delivery code thanks :)


It is i just made an order. Make sure Capitals SANTA ;)


Delivery code not working on ap


Managed it now. Doesn't calculate till the last page. Thanks


Have you downloaded the app?

Jumanji 1 & 2 4K HDR ( DOLBY VISION & ATMOS ) £9.99 @ iTunes
Found 15th DecFound 15th Dec
iTunes Link Jumanji 1995 - Click below for Trailer Jumanji 2017 - Click below for Trailer
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It wasnt a remake. Lay off the pot and use your brain


I like that the original is being showcased again. Robin Williams would always bring a smile to my face.


What a Muppet....


Yet, here you are. :/


Loved it. Totally surprised me.

Incredibles 2 HD £7.99 - iTunes
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
This has been £13.99 since launch. £7.99 for HD download. Also in a bundle with The Incredibles but it’s the same price as buying individually I think.
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First one is one of my favourite films of all time , was worried this wouldn't live up to the hype but so glad it did (y)


Same price on Amazon.


Thanks 8)


Already got it.. but heat



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2 for 1 Cinema Ticket/meals  £1 for year
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
2 for 1 Cinema Ticket/meals HACK via Comparethemarket. Just over £1 for a year! £1.01 Comparethemarket HACK! I think everyone is aware that Compare The Market has 2 for 1 Cinema … Read more

It only cost 1p for a year worth of code mate Surely times are not that hard (annoyed)


Hi could someone please message me 2 codes thank you


Forgot I posted this but nice to see everybody’s enjoyed the deal 😁


It is good to share, nowhere have I complained, it's an observation - I'm not a rude person. I've seen lots of Deals recycled on LatestDeals, 10ways and all the usual suspects. Sometimes they have their own, often there's lots of HUKD links. Where have I encouraged others to change the wording and not mention the original source? I said I clearly cite sources, make Deals my own and add information. You're making huge assumptions, nowhere have I said or implied that.


Make it more my own???? I would hate it if somebody took my deal and made it look there own, which is why credit to the OP for directly copying the deal and Mentioning the deal was found elsewhere and crediting the source. Many people get deals from other sites but make it look there own by changing the wording and never even mention the original source and that’s what you seem to be encouraging others to do 😏 :/

Die Hard (HD) £1.99 to own @ Amazon prime video
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
Another good deal I spotted on Amazon video. Perfect for this time of year! :D

Yes, you still have access to any movies you buy. :D


Yippee ki yay, thanks OP, will download for Christmas Day night.. As it is the best Christmas film.. Gremlins firm second.


People will never agree on this. It's not a film about Christmas (like Elf), but set at Christmas. Does that make it a Christmas film? I always thought 'Batman Returns' is a very Christmassy film, albeit a rather Gothic one.


If I give up my amazon prime will I still have access to this if I get it? If its a daft question then obviously I'm asking for a friend ;)


Is it a Christmas film?? It’s the argument that keeps on giving!!

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Official Marvel Black Panther Vibranium Strike Nerf Gauntlet - £9.99 (Prime) £14.48 (None Prime) Delivered @ Amazon
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Nice little gift for the kids here. Marvels Black Panther Nerf Gun. Lowest price ever for Prime. Seen here in Argos on sale for £14.99 Link

Looks like it expired (fierce)


coming in basket at 19.99


On first pass I thought this was some sort of sex toy while skimming the first page, until I looked properly. "Black Panther Vibra..........whahhhhhhh......oh, haha, not that".


£19.99 now :/


is it bullet proof

Skyscraper (4KUHD + Blu-ray) [2018] [Region Free] for £15 Prime /£19.49 Non, Delivered @ Amazon UK
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Bluray £14.99 3D £11. 25 Actors: Dwayne Johnson, Neve Campbell, Chin Han, Roland Møller, Pablo Schreiber Directors: Rawson Marshall Thurber Format: 4K Language: E… Read more

Seen this in the cinema. Genuinely thought it was one of the worst things ever made. It’s the most soulless film in recent memory. Not an ounce of creativity or fun in it. Poor show from the rock on this cash grab in the China market


One of the best films, much more enjoyable than The Godfather which was boring as hell


Anyone who likes this needs their head checked


If The Rock is the only thing that doesn't look cheesy and poorly acted, the rest of it must be truly awful indeed.


Absolute cabbage of a movie...simply dreadful. I watched about 40 min and couldn't take any more. And I've sat through some awful rubbish.

Clint Eastwood Collector’s Box Set Blu-Ray ONLY £13.50 W/ Code @ ZOOM
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
Speaks for itself! Great price for 8 films in a nice looking collector’s box on Blu-Ray!

Legend (lol) (lol) (lol) Clnut Eastwood


Not much overlap, get both!


I think I cried a bit there - I was laughing so much. It’s actually a bit true too although loved his films.


This is a pretty good alternative deal


No Kelly's Heroes (annoyed)

Batman Begins & The Dark Knight Double Pack Steelbook Blu-Ray WAS £8.99, NOW £5.39 delivered @ 365games
Found 9th NovFound 9th Nov
What a bargain (shock) over £3 price drop (y) Batman Begins & The Dark Knight Double Pack Steelbook Blu-Ray Batman Begins explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Da… Read more
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Thank OP. Was looking at dark knight on Google Play and Prime this recently but put off the price so this is perfect. Never used this retailer so hopefully a bit nervous it will not come but hopeful.


Cheers. This'll go very nicely with the copy of Dark Knight Rises I picked up in Poundland.



Thanks for posting. Ordered ! Have some heat !

LocalLocalFound 9th NovFound 9th Nov
Reposting as it’s been 6 months since the last time I shared this with you guys. This isn’t a deal so much as an awareness raiser. If, like myself, you are of the bespectacled per… Read more
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Ouch! Or you could get the standard 3D glasses they hand out!


You clip them to your eyelids of course


If you have no glasses what happens?


IMAX or 2D. 3D is too dark for me. but hot!


Had no idea, quite often why i dont choose 3D! Cheers! 8) (popcorn)

Batman Begins & The Dark Knight Double Pack Steelbook Blu-Ray £8.99 delivered @ 365games
Found 31st OctFound 31st Oct
Batman Begins & The Dark Knight Double Pack Steelbook Blu-Ray Batman Begins explores the origins of the Batman legend and the Dark Knight's emergence as a force for good in Go… Read more
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Not sure about that... BvS & Justice league were met with cripplingly bad reviews. I gave BvS a chance but the film was near unwatchable, it was cringy and full of bad dialogue, now that's not that uncommon for a super hero film, but there was way too much else wrong with the film - Affleck was so wooden and Luthor played by Jesse Eisenberg is one of the worst casting choices of the entire history of cinema. Throw in a pointless cameo of Wonder Woman and a very ropey plot and you've got one perfect recipe for disaster.


Think your the only one- in the whole world!


If this were the trilogy I'd be all over it. What a fantastic set of film. Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer (GOD) really produced a master piece together. I've enjoyed the new superman/ Batman movies etc. Not as dark as the Nolan series but most entertaining none the less.


Nolan picked Snyder. How good is he really?


I think you mean how good Christopher Nolan is compared to Zack Snyder?

Ghostbusters models £9.99 - B&M Altrincham
LocalLocalFound 30th OctFound 30th Oct
Never seen these before (Diamond Select, series 5 models). Did some research (as in google did it for me) and it looks like they’re online for approx £20/30 so £9.99 is a bargain! … Read more

Think it’s a mix of them as the zombie taxi driver was 2, Library ghost the original , I think


Just been into King's Lynn branch, they had a slimed Peter Venkman, Walter Peck and Gozer!


Is this original Ghostbusters?


Yeah there’s 15 in total! Unfortunately they only had the 3 though... the main photo has all 15 on the back. I didn’t mention the roof part, as you’d be missing the 12 unfortunately to complete the roof set piece (angel)


Not models...they're action figures (y) and they all come with a piece of the rooftop from the movie so you can build it as a set ..does take buying about 15 figures to do it though (lol)

Peter Rabbit Letter To Santa Figure (was £17.99) Now £12.49 / Peter Rabbit Personalised Bookends (was £24.99) Now £17.49 at Very
Refreshed 7th NovRefreshed 7th Nov
So this Peter Rabbit Christmas postbox decoration / Letter To Santa Figure is lovely! It's been reduced to just £12.49 at Very, which really is a good price. Would make a lovely g… Read more

Haha ... well you never know!


How do we know it's a letter to Santa? It could well be a letter to Charles Manson.


So, so, so, so.............................................. (annoyed)

Lego Movie Minifigure Edition Blu-ray + digital hd ultraviolet £4.99 delivered @ 365games
Refreshed 29th OctRefreshed 29th Oct
Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett and Morgan Freeman lend their voices to this CGI-animated comedy based on the line of toys made by Lego. The wicked Lord Business (Will Fe… Read more
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same for me :(


£6.99 now


Does anybody know which languages are included on the disc? We are living abroad and my son doesn't speak English yet. Are German and/or Portuguese included? Cheers!


The UV vode will most likely be expired. The movie has been out for a few years


Everything is awesome!!!!

Make your own Christmas Hamper - Kits from £3.20 with code @ The Works - code takes 20% off with no minimum spend
Refreshed 22nd OctRefreshed 22nd Oct
I love this time of year - it's when I start to put together the various themed Hampers I give as Christmas Gifts - I always tend to buy the kits from The Works, they have excellen… Read more

Normally i would say hot, but these wicker baskets use wicker that is so very very dry and disinticrates in little pieces over time, i have them and they leave little bits on the floor all the time, my own suggestion would be to either treat them/remousturise the wicker or look for some not so brittle. Or If you aren't too picky and will not be reusing them much it's a good deal for the look.


Used the£2.50 Quidco bonus and it is also 12% cashback for theworks so I am hoping for a total £2.88 cashback.


Heat added (highfive)


This 25% off code (SAVE25) works for some items too:


This is a super deal as if you bought these items seperately it would cost a lot more. Thanks very much for sharing.

Ocean's 8 (HMV Exclusive) Limited Edition Steelbook - £19.99
LocalLocalFound 15th SepFound 15th Sep
You can Pre-order now if you want the HMV Exclusive limited edition. Ocean’s 8 is a 2018 American heist comedy film. The film is both a continuation and a spin-off from Steven Sode… Read more
Avatardeleted1973883Get dealGet deal

Must be difficult. So many groups. So much enduring


Ghostbusters, black panther, oceans 8, crazy rich Asians. All being sold as 'all female, all black, all Asian' Why can't they they just be good films? Or in the case of Ghostbusters, terrible films.


One film. You call that having to 'endure'?


Crazy rich Asians. Clues in the title.


Except they were in actual good films

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Blu-ray - £14.99 @ Zavvi
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Cheapest price I’ve found so far from a legitimate website! During an adventure into the criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future co-pilot Chewbacca and encounters Lando Cal… Read more
Avatardeleted1973883Get dealGet deal

It was awesome... You find out why he has that stupid name Han ‘SOLO’, how he met Chewbacca (the Beast), how he really won the millennium Falcon, how he really beat the Kessel Run and most importantly Han shoots first (screw you George Lucas)... glad Disney finally confirmed his true background origins!


Fantasic addition to this site this comment, but do tell us where this will be at a 'bargain' price in 2 weeks?


Bomb of a movie won't pay a quarter of this price wait 2 weeks and search the bargain bin. That's if you can be bothered


If anyone hasn’t seen it then don’t bother. Easilythe most boring film I’ve watched at the cinema this year.


Just because it's the cheapest at the moment doesn't make it a good deal.

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